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RealityThere I was, leaning back on a picnic table watching him pull my underwear and shorts down my legs. My little cock was swaying around out in the cool air as the rain storm hammered down on the small shelter. He threw my soakened clothes down onto the wet concrete. I remember the slapping sound they made. I stared intently as he removed his shirt. I was in a trance, I struggled getting my wet t-shirt off me….I gave up and froze my gaze on his enormous meat stick emerge from his shorts. It bounced up out, looking straight at me. He moved in between my open legs. He gripped my shirt at the collar and in one quick motion, he ripped it down the middle. An electric current swept over me and I shuttered…. I was going to get Fucked!To go back just a few hours earlier. I happened to be masturbating to porn, like usual, and chatting with various men in a gay chat room. It was always fun masturbating while guys watched me. I had my regular guys watching me, mostly guys twice my age. I liked the attention I got from them, they would let me watch them jerk off and send me a variety of pics ( some of themselves or really sexy pics of guys in action ). I needed to finish up and get going to my afternoon college class. I finished ejaculating onto a table to show off my loads of cum and begun cleaning up. I like shouting out one of the guy’s names as I climaxed. “Mark! Mark! Mark!” As I pumped out the last drops. I ran my fingers into the cum and raised it to illegal bahis my mouth to lick them off. Like I said earlier, I like an audience.But one guy, this time, called me a tease. He wasn’t very kind and called me a few other things too. Normally, I’d ignore and block him but I felt “frisky” and got my online courage. We sparred for a few minutes. Then he got really graphic on how he would fuck me so hard and make me beg for him to stop. I got aroused. I never had anyone be so descriptive. I could see the picture he was painting in my mind. I got hard and started playing with myself. I forgot about the time for several minutes. Then I looked up and panicked… I needed to leave right now or miss the class. I told this guy, I had to go now and it was too bad we couldn’t get together in person so he could have his way with me. Then he told me where he was from, I froze. He was just over thirty miles away. He told me to meet him at a park on the east side of town and the shelter number. I was standing still in front of my camera with my cock in my hand. He told me he could be there in forty-five minutes. I said ok. I forgot about my class and gave myself an enema. I grabbed a few condoms and a small bottle of lube….after I squirted some up into me. I drove to the park as it began to rain. I hid my keys under a rock and ran for the shelter. The park was empty as I waited. Thoughts of how crazy I was to meet a guy I didn’t know crept into my mind. My body illegal bahis siteleri shivered more and more the longer I waited. Then I saw a red truck pull in next to my car. It stopped and I waited. It was probably only a minute before he got out but it felt like an eternity. He slowly made his way towards me. The rain was coming down harder. I got scared as he strutted towards me. He was taller and more muscular than my slight framed skinny self. I recall thinking, he might just be hear to kick my ass. But then, like metal to a magnet, I walked out into the rain towards him. When we got toe to toe, he looked down at me. Our eyes locked and I could see the fire in them. He then spoke in a much softer tone than I initially expected ” Get on the table.” I backed towards it as he followed.Back to the present, I held my legs up as he moved in. He pressed them down and ordered me to turn around. I turned around with just my socks and sneakers on and bent over the table. He yanked the remains of my shirt off. He ordered me to spread my cheeks apart. I quickly thought of the condoms but dashed the idea of asking …as it might tick him off. He pushed his thick darkened tip into my hole. I grunted hard as he bore deep into me. He pressed further and further into me until his shaft was in deep enough. I struggled to keep a safe distance from the edge of the picnic table digging into my hips. With all my strength, I barely kept my body away as he began canlı bahis siteleri pounding me. He wasted no time slamming hard into my ass. The slaps echoed in the small shelter but we’re nothing against the storm around us. I grunted louder the harder he punished my hole. It was painfully uncomfortable and my legs were shaking against the onslaught of his furious strikes. His breathing got harder and heavier. He kept asking me “do you like that you fucking tease?” ” Bet you never had a real man before!” The degrading comments only aroused me more and made me grunted harder. It began to hurt, alot! My grunts turns into pleas. But the more I begged, the harder he punished me. My grip on the bench gave out and fell over the table. His grip dug into my boney hips as he plunged in and out of my exasperated hole. My legs were barely holding on as I felt like my body was be pounded into the wooden table. My cries rang inside the tiny shelter but were answered only by the thunderstorm surrounding it. Finally he let out this horrific sound and pressed his shaft as deep as he could. His grip on my hips dug deeper Ashe deposited his reward into my newly formed hole. His body jerked and twisted with every convulsion. My body ached and felt weak as he ordered me to turn over and lay on the table with my legs up. I could barely get my legs to lift up and had to lock my hands under to help. He plunged fingers into me and then made me lick them off for his amusement. “I know you like cum you f’ing tease!” I was so weak I just shook my head yes. It took me weeks to recover. Over the next few months, I let him and his friends abuse me until they grew bored with me. I was tossed away as trash and I liked it 🙂

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