If asked, Kathy and Phillip would have said they had a normal life. Normal for them meant the usual sibling friction and devotion. They had loving, responsible parents and never wanted for anything that really mattered. Their father always worked hard and provided for the family well. Wanting a bit of discretionary income, their mother decided to take part time employment and this compelled them to look to each other for support. Kathy, being two years older than her brother, met life’s experiences before Phillip and he depended on her from that standpoint. For her part, Kathy discovered in her freshman year of high school that Phillip had his own value. When a rude upper classman crossed the line with her, she complained to Phillip. He confronted the boy a few days later, and even though smaller and younger, ended up teaching the malefactor that consequences always followed actions. Thus, as both youngsters entered young adulthood they came to share a common reliance.

When his sister went to college out of state, Phillip did not appreciate how her absence would impact him. For two years Kathy would be home on holidays and brief periods during the summer. Due to his own college ambitions, Phillip spent most of his summers prepping at a nearby academy. Then Phillip entered a distant university and their contact became even more intermittent. When their father passed away at the beginning of Phillip’s sophomore year, the brother and sister found themselves interacting intimately for the first time in a long while. Their mother was not incapacitated by her husband’s loss, but Kathy and Phillip directly handled many of the arrangements for his burial out of compassion for their mother’s situation. As they walked to the car from the graveside, the days of little sleep, emotional stress and general grief took their toll on Kathy. It was a chilly winter day and she shivered as Phillip opened the car door for her. Noticing, he reached out and embraced his sister softly. She looked into his eyes, her elfin face showing sadness. Kathy closed her eyes and let her brother’s strong arms envelope her. Laying her head on his shoulder, she felt her tears slide over cheeks as she released the restraint on her feelings.

“Ok, Kath.” Phillip said. “I know it hurts.”

Those simple words of shared grief uttered with a lack of embarrassment, melted Kathy’s heart and she drew her brother closer with her own embrace. They drove home in silence, each contemplating their own pain while mindful of the other’s.

The next few days brought a little relief. Kathy and Phillip decided to take time from college and stay home.

“I’m telling myself it’s for Mom. But, it’s as much for me as her.” Kathy admitted to her brother.

“I feel the same way.” He said. “I couldn’t face school right now.” Winter eventually turned to spring and the family’s loss softened. Kathy approached her brother with an idea.

“You know Mom needs something to get her mind on life. The church is having a weekend retreat and I think it would be good for her to get out. To experience others in a, you know…sympathetic surrounding.”

Phillip thought for a moment. “I think you’re right. Do you think she would go?” He asked.

“She would if we both told her it was something that she needed.” Kathy answered.

Their mother resisted at first, but she gave in as both children expressed their opinions over several days. She reluctantly agreed and the plans were finalized. They drove her to the church on a Thursday and saw her off. They were encouraged by the fact that their mother was in good spirits and greeted her friends warmly.

“I’m so glad she’s feeling better.” Said Kathy, as they drove home.

“How ’bout you, Kath? How are you feeling?” asked Phillip.

Kathy looked over at her brother smiling. “As long as we have each other, I’ll be fine.” She replied. Her outlook was much improved by seeing her mother experiencing a small bit of happiness.

On their arrival home Kathy and Phillip were in such good moods they decided that they would spend an evening on what they used to call “dates”. Whenever they were not spending time with their “steadies”, they would order pizza or Chinese and watch movies together. This seemed a perfect time. Neither had felt the yearning for outside company as they grieved for their loss and strove to support their mother and each other. As the heartache eased the siblings felt a natural need for diversion.

Evening came and the food arrived. Phillip had rented the DVD’s they settled in the family room to eat in front of the TV. The movies were lighthearted entertainment. They laughed and teased each other as they shared the time together. It was just what they needed to distract them briefly from life’s harsh intrusions. Between movies Kathy decided to change into her sleepwear. Her brother took this opportunity to go to the kitchen and pour himself a Bacardi and coke. He had taken a few sips and felt the alcohol warming his mood before his sister returned. Kathy came into the room and sat on the couch near him. She had donned her warm weather usual; loose fitting PJ shorts and an oversized tee. bursa escort Both garments pink but in differing shades.

“No wonder you don’t have a boyfriend, Kath.” He laughed. “That’s not what I’d call a flattering look.”

Kathy scowled at her brother. Noticing the drink, she could smell the rum. “What’s the matter? Those don’t come in pairs?” she feigned anger.

He chuckled. “I’m not your slave. You know where the stuff is.”

Kathy groaned as she rose to go to the kitchen. “You’re mean.” She stuck her tongue out at him as she left. Phillip watched her butt jiggle as she strutted away from him. He shook his head and thought to himself what a nice ass Kathy sported.

When Kathy returned with her drink she decided to take Phillip to task. “Since when did you worry about what I wear? You must be one of those freaks that like women’s clothes.”

He laughed. “I’m no panty boy!”

“Oh, I bet you fantasize about underwear all the time!” she shot back, laughing.

“Nah.” He shook his head. “But…when I used to wash clothes I’d see your panties and wonder how you ever fit your big behind in ’em.” Phillip was only joking about the size of his sister’s derriere. As he pondered the subject his mind’s eye constructed an image of a firm, smooth feminine ass.

Reflexively, Kathy punched her brother’s shoulder. “Shut up!”

Her blow jostled his arm and some of his drink spilled out onto his jeans.

“Dammit.” He muttered.

Kathy giggled. “Oops. Well, you’d better get into your PJ’s now.”

Muttering to himself Phillip rose and left the room to change. His sister giggled watching him trying to walk without letting the damp cloth of his jeans contact his body. Kathy caught her reflection in the glass doors of the china cabinet in the adjoining dining room. She got up from the couch and walked into the dining room. When she was close enough she turned slightly so that she could see her rear end. “It’s not that bad.” She thought to herself. She flexed the muscles of her legs by standing on tip toes. Nodding to herself, Kathy could see the definition in her slim but well toned calves and thighs. “When the weather gets warmer I have to get back in the pool.” She thought. She enjoyed swimming the laps knowing that was all the maintenance her body required. Kathy returned to her seat on the couch and sipped her drink.

Phillip had donned some gym shorts and a fresh tee before coming back into the family room. “You better behave, sister.” He remarked as he sat down.

“Uh, no more butt commentary.” Kathy responded.

“I call ’em as I see ’em.” Joked Phillip.

“Then you need to see an ophthalmologist, Loser.” His sister quipped.

Phillip laughed and put another DVD in the player. They watched the second movie and enjoyed it as much as the other. Each of them had a few more drinks and so they were in a fine mood by the time the movie ended. Phillip pointed the remote in the direction of the entertainment center and turned off the DVD player. Switching over to the TV he found MTV. The program was a Beyonce special and Phillip whistled as the singer swayed seductively in a music video clip. Kathy looked over to her brother in disbelief. “And you think MY butt is big?” she laughed loudly.

“What?” Phillip said. He also laughed.

“Look at that thing.” Kathy pointed.

“Ohhhhh…I am.” Leered her brother.

“You are such a freak.” She exclaimed.

Phillip laughed again. “You’re just jealous.”

“Of THAT?” Kathy asked.

Phillip thought he could sense that his sister was losing her good mood over the subject. “Kathy, I’m just joking around.” He said.

Kathy sipped her drink in silence, watching the TV.

“Don’t be mad.” Phillip was worried that he had really upset her. “There’s nothing wrong with your butt.”

“GOTCHA!” Kathy roared.

Phillip laughed again. “OK. You got me. Now hush and lemme watch this.”

“So.” She said evenly.

“So?” said Phillip as he continued to watch the TV.

“You do like my butt?” Kathy teased.

“C’mon, Kathy. You’re starting to obsess.” Said Phillip, not looking away from the TV.

Kathy was a bit peeved that her brother was not paying attention to her. She slowly slid down the couch toward him coming to rest sitting on her legs. Feeling his sister next to him, Phillip looked over. She was smiling at him sweetly. Her blue eyes sparkling, her face framed by her straight, blonde hair.

“What?” he asked.

“You do like my butt?” Repeating her question.

Phillip shook his head. “You’re not gonna leave it alone, are ya?”

In response, his sister moved off the couch onto her knees at his feet. Turning to face away from him, Kathy rested her elbows on the coffee table. Phillip was looking down at his sister wondering what she was up to. Kathy arched her back making the fabric of her shorts draw tight against the round globes of her ass. Her brother could see she was wearing nothing beneath the shorts and the garment molded itself to his sister’s body like a second skin. The rum was kicking in full bore now and Phillip let his mind approach the abyss. bursa escort bayan Not worrying about consequences, his focus was on the lithe body wantonly being displayed before him. Kathy moved her knees apart and pushed back further. Phillip noticed the hint of an outline of her pouting genitalia and could not control the blood rushing to his penis. Feeling his organ starting to engorge Phillip was startled from his reverie by his sister’s sigh. She was looking at him over her shoulder, smiling.

“You do like my butt?” Whispered Kathy.

He could only nod.

Kathy experienced a moment of pleasure knowing her brother was not only letting the moment happen but reveling in it. It was almost a rush knowing that even though they were siblings Phillip was becoming aroused. Her body shifted slightly and Phillip saw her eyelids slowly close and her head tilt back. Kathy’s breathing became labored and he realized what she was doing. Phillip’s gaze returned to his sister’s ass and he could plainly see that her hand was on her pussy, moving under the garment. He could not resist reaching into his shorts and grasping his rapidly hardening cock. He watched Kathy’s hips rocking slightly, the cheeks of her ass clenching in muscular contraction in response to the stimulation of her fingers. Presently Phillip could hear an unmistakable squishing noise as his sister pushed a finger into her wet cunt, fucking herself shamelessly. She looked over her shoulder again, watching her brother through heavy lidded eyes as he stroked his cock under his shorts.

“Oh, yeah…” growled Kathy, “Make it hard.”

The tone of her voice was so lust filled that Phillip felt his hand tighten involuntarily around the shaft of his stiff penis. He had not seen Kathy in such a state of excitement before and all his senses were totally occupied by her reckless exhibition. She was masturbating with such animation that her shorts were now just barely covering her ass, the deep crevice between her cheeks partially exposed. Phillip could plainly see her nimble fingers plying the drenched slit of her sex, and the white skin of her ass quivered in the excitement of her efforts. Kathy’s other hand was clutching the edge of the table tightly and her forehead rested on the table’s top. She was moaning softly and moving her hips with more enthusiasm as her passion increased. It only took a few more passes of her hand and her shorts dropped down her thighs. She wanted to orgasm and that was very apparent. A fine sheen of perspiration covered her ass and legs from the sexual exertion. Kathy was groaning with the pleasure of every stroke, her hand a blur as she fucked herself. With each thrust she thought of Phillip watching her passionate show and that would fuel her need for release. Kathy suddenly shoved her fingers deep into her pussy and held them there, a squeal-like grunt escaping her lips. Phillip saw the muscles in her legs flexing repeatedly as she attempted to make her fingers go even farther inside herself. Each thrust accompanied by a guttural exclamation and an exhale of breath.

“Coming.” She managed to shriek between grunts.

At last her orgasm subsided and Kathy lay across the table still except for her labored breathing. Phillip’s own arousal was accentuated by this image of vulnerability and he was on the verge of his own climax. He pushed his shorts down and leaned forward, resting one hand on Kathy’s back. She squirmed slightly and was able to mutter a soft “What?” Not answering he slid his hand up and down his turgid cock feeling the pressure in his testicles build. With just a few strokes semen shot from his rod, long ropes of scalding sperm landing across his sister’s smooth ass.

“Oh, my god.” Kathy moaned.

Her brother only grunted in response and continued spraying come on her. When his balls were drained he removed his t-shirt and, kneeling beside Kathy, gently wiped his semen from her still body. Phillip put his arm around her and turned her to face him. His sister stared at him with an innocent, quizzical look. He leaned forward and kissed her. Kathy was not prepared for this, but the tenderness of the action engulfed her and she surrendered completely. Kathy embraced him as they lost themselves in several moments of ardent kissing. Feeling her brother’s manhood beginning to harden against her body, Kathy became conscious of the moment. She rose to her feet in an unsteady motion not looking at Phillip sitting on the floor.

“I’m going to bed.” She mumbled softly.

Before she turned to go Phillip had a brief moment to see Kathy’s pussy at almost eye level. The close cropped strip of dark blonde hair matted in its post coital dampness. Her shaved labia nestled between the soft flesh of her thighs. Kathy walked from the room with slow, measured steps. His mind racing with the flood of thoughts of their carnal interplay left the living room for his own bed.


Phillip awoke about eight o’clock the next morning. He showered, got dressed and retrieved the newspaper before settling down to a breakfast of cold cereal. After eating he went to the PC in the family room and began to surf escort bursa the internet with no special direction. Two hours later he heard his sister stirring and felt a minor twinge of anxiety at facing her. He saw Kathy pass the entrance to the family room carrying a basket of laundry. Hearing the sounds of her activity his thoughts were occupied with how the morning would progress. His sister passed the entrance on the way back to her bedroom without acknowledging him in any way.

“That’s not good.” Phillip thought.

Phillip continued his computer activities for the time it took Kathy to finish her laundry. Finally realizing that she was not going to make any effort to speak to him, Phillip decided to approach her. As he shut the PC down he heard the front door open and close.

“Damn.” He muttered.

One of Phillip’s mechanisms for dealing with frustration was physical activity. He felt that he needed to find a way to deal with the burden of this morning’s disquiet. The house was not a disaster area but it definitely needed some attention. He spent some time straightening and light cleaning. Nothing major, but it still killed some time and distracted his thoughts. After lunch Phillip con- templated going for a swim. It had been sunny for several days so he looked forward to the pool water being at least tolerable. After donning his trunks and gathering a towel he walked outside. Phillip loosened up with several slow paced laps and then started to freestyle with as much effort as he could gather. Fifteen minutes later he slowed his speed to cool down and then exited the water and collapsed on a lounge. The warm sun on his body and his physical exertion conspired to induce a light sleep. A few minutes passed and Phillip roused from his nap stretching his muscles still reclined on the lounge. He heard the noise of the backdoor closing and looked over to see Kathy walking toward him.

“Here we go.” He thought.

His sister was wearing a sundress with a yellow floral pattern. The sun was behind her and Phillip could clearly see the body in motion under the cloth. The vision before him served to stimulate recollection of his sister’s form in the throes of lust filled climax. The young man’s body reacted predictably to these musings and his penis thickened, The organ moved in his trunks like an uncoiling serpent and he felt the need to sit up to mask the effect. Kathy sat on the lounge next to Phillip facing him. She seemed to be steeling herself for some excruciating task, clearing her throat and smoothing the hem of her dress.

“I’m so sorry about what I did, Phillip.” She said her voice strained with emotion.

“Sorry?” Phillip asked.

Kathy nodded. “I was…I dunno…I wasn’t drunk. I shouldn’t have…I…”

“Kathy.” Her brother cut her off.

She looked at him.

“You don’t have anything to be sorry for. In case you have forgotten, there were two people present last night.” He stated matter of factly.

“It was wrong…” she started.

“I don’t wanna think that.” Phillip interrupted. “If that was wrong then the pleasure I felt would be wrong. And I don’t want that.”

“You’re my brother.” Replied Kathy.

“Did you like what happened?” he asked.

“Oh, Phillip.” She shook her head. “That’s not the point.”

“So, you did enjoy it.” He countered.

“We can’t let that be a deciding factor in determining our actions, Phillip.” She said.

“Yes we can.” Phillip said. “We’re not hurting anybody. What happens between us is of no concern to anybody else. If one of us was taking advantage of the other, that would be bad. You did not take advantage of me. Do you feel I took advantage of you?”

“Of course not. But, it’s….incest.” the last word a whisper.

“That’s a word. Just a word. It’s not gonna make me think what we did was evil or criminal.” Phillip said. “Don’t get me wrong, Kathy. I’m not trying to convince you of anything. I’m telling what I believe. I don’t want you to have any regret about what happened. That would hurt me. We may not share anything like that again….I dunno. That would hurt me, too”

Kathy looked at her brother, her brow furrowed in concentration. Her thoughts had been so concise only a short time before. She had driven for hours going over the events of the night before. Exploring each thought and emotion. Every touch and sensation. Kathy was sure she had come to the right conclusion. She was confident that resolution, while agonizing, could be attained. Physical intimacy with one’s sibling was wrong. There was no conflict in her mind with that concept. Now that assessment was unraveling in her mind as she absorbed her brother’s words. The realization that she was trying to shore up reality with a moral stance that was, at the moment, seemingly disingenuous gradually wound though her mind. Phillip’s obvious sincerity in expressing himself presented Kathy with a sliver of freedom to separate her reality from the limits of society and convention. The young woman’s awareness was instantly and uncontrollably consumed by the prospect. Her consciousness exploded with the possibility that she wanted to fuck her brother. An image developed in her mind of Phillip’s muscled body thrusting between her widely spread legs. The image expanded to include her pushing up against her brother’s body feeling his searing cock fill her completely.

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