Rebecca Found Her Daddy Pt. 01


It was the weekend of Rebecca’s first homecoming game at college. Western didn’t necessarily have a very good football team but the fact that campus was in the middle of nowhere the only thing that the students ever found themselves doing outside class was partying. Rebecca knew this would be the type of weekend she would remember forever and she was looking forward to partying the weekend away with her friends. Most of the friends she had made were all upper classmen, juniors and seniors and just about every guy she hung out with was a brother of the TKE fraternity. They weren’t the douchebag types with Polos and popped collars, they were more laid back and if they weren’t wearing their colors they were usually wearing t-shirts of bands like the Grateful Dead. It was a hippie type school and for the first time in her life, Rebecca felt like she finally found home.

In high school Rebecca was popular but she was never one of the girls that the boys wanted to date, or even have sex with. She was short, only 5’5″, and she had always been big for as long as she could remember. She wasn’t unattractive by any means. Her pretty face was always framed nicely by her silky long red hair and she had greyish blue eyes that seemingly could see into your soul. Her breasts were large and still had the firmness of young age with the softness of fat mixed in. Her ass and hips were large and round and only widened when she bent over.

She had always been very sexually inclined. During the summers when her parents were at work and her older brother was off with his friends, she spent the entire day naked in bed, watching porn and endlessly getting herself off. She never quite felt satisfied and she ached to feel a real penis spread her tight, pink hole. She had always imagined it as something that would mirror stories found in risqué romance novels, that is – romance with animalistic lust. However, she did find herself in the same position as she had always been – the friend zone. There was one guy in particular that she found herself drawn to and though they had been quite friendly, she doubted he was interested in much more. His name was Kevin but everyone called him ‘Dad’. Rebecca assumed it was something to do with the fraternity because they all had nicknames, some of which had no rhyme or reason behind them.

Dad was tall and handsome but not in the overly obvious way. He had a full beard and dark hair and while he was somewhat thick he was also muscular and strong. He played rugby for one of the intramural teams with some of the other brothers. Rebecca constantly found herself near him at parties since meeting him over the summer. She wanted to entice him, she thought he looked like the kind of guy who could ravage her for her first official sexual delight with another person. Whenever there was a party at Brian’s house, one of the fraternity brothers, she always dressed in her tightest jeans that showed the curvature of her wide ass and the deepest cut shirt she could find to flaunt her large breasts in hopes that she would earn his attention. They weren’t huge but she was a very full 44D and she delighted in the attention they attracted.

The big game was on Saturday so there was a massive party at the TKE house off campus. Rebecca mingled with all the brothers she knew but as always, she spent far more time close to ‘Dad’. She loved the way his arms slightly flexed as he pumped the keg effortlessly. He always smelled good and seeing as she had never been kissed she was excited to imagine what his beard must feel like. That night Rebecca was dressed in her dark wash jeans that hugged her round ass and a tight, low-cut sleeveless top that left her boobs all but exposed. The only downside to the top was that it hugged her enormous and soft ‘spare tire’ as she liked to call it. The jeans always tucked in her lower belly but she couldn’t hide the big soft tummy regardless what she wore. She thought that was probably what the problem was and why ‘Dad’ probably didn’t want anything to do with her. Sure, he wasn’t a small guy but he could have any girl on campus that he wanted. He had that old fashioned nice guy sense to him and a presence that seemed to exude dominance. When she locked eyes with him that night she felt her special spot begin to ache and she wondered if he could really be the one to finally own her. She flashed him a smile and walked over to refill her cup.

“Hi, Daddy.” She giggled as she looked up at him, trying to flirt but the look he gave her reminded her of her place. He still hadn’t spoken but he looked pissed so she scrambled, stuttering and stumbling over her own tongue as she apologized.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it in a weird way, I was just trying to be funny. I won’t say it again. How’s your night Kevin?” She looked at him without realizing she hadn’t taken a breath yet, hoping his stern look would melt away. He finally gave her a smile and she remembered to breathe. They stood there for the better part of an hour talking about the plans for the weekend, who would end up in who’s bed, and if Western could sincan escort pull of a W or not. He was so easy to talk to and so handsome, she barely heard anything he said because of the overwhelming lust she felt for him. She just wanted to kiss him right there on spot and beg him to take her to his room, but she knew better. Eventually, she realized his gaze had shifted to other girls at the party and she took that as her cue. Rebecca wandered around the house, socializing and partying. Eventually people started to leave so she searched the house for her roommate, Kelly, who was supposed to be her ride.

After searching for what felt like an hour she finally found Kelly, wrapped up in the sheets with Brian in one of the bedrooms upstairs. As Rebecca closed the door to the room, leaving the two to enjoy their splendor, she cursed to herself. Silently calling Kelly a bitch even though she wasn’t, Rebecca was just jealous that her own sexual needs weren’t being satisfied. Rebecca sighed and made her way out of the house, she was borderline upset and she could feel the tightness begin in her throat so she left without a word. It was late and the night air in the mountains was cool that night, she suddenly regretted dressing so inappropriately to show off so much cleavage when clearly none of the guys were interested in her just like they weren’t interested in high school. It was a long walk back to campus from the TKE house and although she was sure someone would have given her a ride, she just wanted to walk and collect her thoughts.

Walking along the bank of the cold Tuckaseegee River she let her mind wander to how good it would feel, just to have a thick cock probing her insides and she began to feel warm again. She shook off the emotions and decided it would be much better when she got back to her dorm room anyway, she could play with herself a few times and get a good night’s rest for tomorrow’s big game. She wrapped her arms around herself, feeling the warmth of her belly through her shirt and she watched her boobs jiggle as she walked. Suddenly, headlights appeared so she stepped off the road as far as she could but as the car approached it slowed down and eventually came to a stop next to her. Rebecca felt nervous, this overwhelming fear welling up inside her as she raised her gaze to the strange vehicle, she felt her breath catch when she realized it was Kevin and she sighed with relief. He offered her a ride back to campus and she struggled to lift her soft, yet massive body into his lifted jeep. She felt his eyes on her stomach as it jiggled and her breasts swayed slightly, her exposed fat arms quivering with the struggle as she sank into the passenger seat. She suddenly felt embarrassed about her size and resigned herself in that moment to the idea that he was probably disgusted by her.

Kevin flashed her a grin as the two took off, “So, Kelly ditched you, huh?”

“Well, no not really. She just found something a lot more fun to do with Brian.” Rebecca shrugged, remembered the sight of Brian standing over Kelly with his cock down her throat and she felt that familiar pang of jealousy in her stomach and at the same time overwhelming arousal.

Kevin laughed, “Yeah, that’s something you’ll have to get used to around here. At the TKE house almost everybody always gets laid.”

Rebecca forced a smile, “It doesn’t bother me. I’m glad everyone is having fun… I just wish I could one day find myself in one of those rooms instead of going back to an empty dorm.” Oh no! The words had left her mouth before she even realized what she said and her entire body tensed up but her pussy, wanton with desire, betrayed her. She could feel the wetness soaking into her panties and she gripped the door handle, ready to spring free at the very moment they were in front of Scott, the dorm where she and Kelly lived.

Kevin made no response and she cursed herself silently for sounding so forward, guys didn’t like that, she told herself. Suddenly Kevin reached across and laid a big, warm, strong hand on her thigh and she tensed even more. She didn’t understand where this might be headed but she didn’t care either. His hand felt reassuring and it suddenly occurred to her that he kind of was like a Daddy, she felt safe but at the same time she felt unsure in his presence and she didn’t know what to expect. She couldn’t bring herself to look at him, though she wanted to desperately, she didn’t want to ruin the moment. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, they pulled in front of the dorm. He hadn’t spoken a word to her since touching her thigh and his heavy hand still laid there. Rebecca forced herself to man up, she looked at him and smiled, “Well, thank you for the ride Kevin. I really appreciate it.”

He still didn’t speak, he just looked at her and she could see his eyes wandering over her body, her chubby, soft arms that had rolls in such a way that it looked like she had biceps. Her breasts that were far too exposed and the freckles along her chest, down over her jiggling belly. She was firm but she was still soft ankara escort enough that she would jiggle with every move. She felt embarrassed again and pulled the door handle, thanking him one more time as she turned to get out. Suddenly, his strong hand grabbed up under her hair, right at the nape her neck, and forced her lips to his. She felt his beard, soft on her face as she lost herself in her first real kiss. His other hand jerked her closer to him, he was so strong although she was so large. A soft moan escaped her lips as he jerked her head back firmly but not too hard, exposing her soft neck to his lips. He kissed and nibbled at her skin, causing her to squirm while he fingers played in his hair. She wanted to feel him so her hand started sliding down his chest, feeling the soft muscles that were there. She wanted to rip his clothes off and be taken right there but she knew that she had to take his lead. Suddenly, he stopped her hand and pulled her face back to his. He had that same stern look he gave her earlier at the party and she felt aroused but confused by it. His dark eyes seemed to pierce into her and finally he spoke.

“You want me, don’t you?”

Rebecca nodded, her breath caught anxiously.

“You want me to fuck you, Rebecca?”

She nodded again and softly bit her bottom lip as she squirmed in the passenger seat, forcing herself to answer him, “Yes, Kevin… I really do.”

She leaned in to kiss him again but he kept her firmly held in place by her hair which caused her to moan. “I’ll tell you what,” he said, “You wear something sexy for me tomorrow, and I’ll think about it. Come by the house and go tailgating with us before the game.”

Rebecca remembered Kelly already made plans for them and she began to protest, “But, I have…” His look hardened and she felt her stomach do a flip. “You’ll do as daddy says, or you’ll get nothing.” She nodded and he released her, reaching across her big belly to open the door for her without a word. She felt stunned and she slid her chubby body out, she looked at him, his face still stern and she closed the door. As she began walking toward the dorm he shouted after her, “Don’t you dare touch that pussy tonight, or I’ll know.” Rebecca’s face burned from embarrassment and her heart raced as she frantically searched the area for anyone to hear, she had never been spoken to like that before by any man. She was kind of annoyed but at the same time extremely turned on by it. A few moments later she found herself in her room, having stripped out of her clothes she laid on the bed, aching to touch her pussy. She rubbed it slowly through her soft panties and felt her nipples harden. Rebecca sighed, she didn’t know how he would know but she didn’t want to risk not experiencing whatever Kevin had in store for her so she rolled over and drifted to sleep…

The next day Rebecca woke up to quite a surprise. She felt this incredible wetness in her panties and she suddenly felt panic, thinking her monthly visitor had showed up and was about to ruin any plans she had with Kevin. She tossed on her short, black satin robe, causing her nipples to immediately harden as she quickly trotted down the hall to the bathroom. Instead of finding aunt flow, she found that her panties were soaked. Her clit felt swollen and she ached. She was almost tempted then to give some relief but instead she got in the shower to get ready. She spent a long time massaging every soapy roll and fold, shaving until she was silky smooth all over. She had already decided she would wear a dress. She rarely did because of her size but thought that might entice Kevin even more. She did her hair and makeup and slipped into a low cut short sleeved purple dress, representing the school colors. Kelly still wasn’t back but she would have to figure things out on her own. Just as Rebecca was about to slide on her panties she decided not to. She wanted to surprise him and she knew wearing panties would only add to her discomfort, after all they would be soaked the entire day. As she walked down the hall to the elevator she was suddenly all too aware of how much bounce her wide, soft ass had to it without being confined by her usual pair of tight panties.

When she got to the TKE house the brothers were already pre-gaming as they packed various vehicles with tailgating essentials. Rebecca hadn’t seen Kevin yet and she was almost thankful because she wasn’t sure how much longer she could go without touching herself. She walked into the house to find Kelly who was freshening up in Brian’s bedroom. The two talked for a few minutes and Rebecca wanted to tell Kelly of her encounter with Kevin but she was worried he would get angry. Wouldn’t he want it to be a secret? Surely, he was just drunk or even if he did find her attractive she was certain that he wouldn’t want other people to know about it. Suddenly, she felt a shiver up her spine and a presence standing behind her, that feeling you get when you know you’re being watched. She turned and there was Kevin, his eyes fixed on her as Bart and Paul excitedly talked to him etimegut escort about the plans for the evening after the game. She stared right back at him, she couldn’t help it. She felt her stomach tighten as he motioned her over and as she stepped close to him, he grabbed her hand and pulled her up the stairs. People noticed. Brian, Bart and Paul all saw as he pulled her upstairs and she suddenly wished she had remembered to wear panties as the cool air rushed across her wet pussy. Kevin still hadn’t spoken to her as he swung the door open and pushed her inside forcefully, closing it behind him.

“Kevin, I didn’t tell anybody. Not even Kelly, why are you mad..”

He shook his finger at her to quiet her and she felt annoyed yet aroused at his dominance over her at the same time. He grabbed her, wrapping his strong arms around her surprisingly well as his big strong hands squeezed her soft ass. She felt the wetness sliding back toward her ass as he manipulated and spread the cheeks apart, pressing into him, panting and aching for more as their tongues softly danced and massaged each other. Suddenly a loud smack echoed through the room and her ass felt warm yet stung from the heavy slap he delivered. She squealed as she broke from their kiss and looked at him, “Kevin, that hurt!”

She reached back to rub her ass but he caught her soft wrist in his hand and pulled her hand away, restraining her almost as he slapped it again, “I don’t recall having given you permission to call me Kevin, and I don’t recall saying you could speak.”

She raised her eyebrows at him, giving him an annoyed look but the desire between her warm thighs was enough to make her obey.

He released her and told her to get on the bed. Suddenly, she was very nervous and very aware of her size. No one had ever seen her naked before. As badly as she wanted him, could she go through with this?

“Did you play with yourself last night?”

Rebecca felt her face burn with embarrassment, sure that her skin must be the same color as her hair but she shook her head, “No… I didn’t.”

“Let me see.” He said it so matter of fact like that she was unsure what he meant so she didn’t move. He gave her that stern look again that made her both afraid and terribly horny, “I said let me see, Rebecca.”

She felt embarrassed as she slid up onto his bed, pulled the dress up over her hips and very slowly spread her big, squishy thighs to reveal her pussy. She trembled at the cold air and the fear of having exposed herself. She thought she had a gorgeous pussy. She had been looking at her father’s adult magazines since she was a kid and from all the porn she had watched she was sure that she had a pussy to be worshipped. Kevin had no reaction and suddenly she felt unsure of the gorgeous pink folds of her cunt and the smooth, soft mound of fat above it.

Suddenly, he walked to the end of the bed and instinctively she put her knees together. This was a mistake, he immediately pushed her legs together and her feet back toward her head to raise her big, wide ass from the bed. There it was in all its glory and she couldn’t move, she was powerless under him. He held her feet in the air and back toward her face as if changing a baby’s diaper and she felt so aware of how fat she was. It was difficult to breathe as he folded her up and she was embarrassed by the dimples on her enormous ass. He softly caressed her smooth milky skin and she relaxed. As soon as Kevin noticed this he gave her a strong slap, causing her to squeal but she couldn’t pull away. Her ass tingled and the warmth of his hand print was almost too much to bear. He unfolded her and spread her legs, gazing back down at his prize.

“Don’t ever hide that beautiful pussy from me again. Do you understand Daddy?”

She had to bite her lip to keep from moaning although she wasn’t even being touched and she nodded quickly, “Yes, sir. I understand, Daddy.”

His strong hands slid down her soft, plump thighs as he kneeled at the foot of the bed and she began to involuntarily rock her hips with anticipation. She could feel his hot breath on her, his fingertips digging into her fatty thighs and spreading them even further. She had never felt so aroused or exposed. She tensed and gasped loudly as he blew air across her soaked, smooth pussy and she felt her clit throb with excitement.

She was so horny; the buildup was intense but eventually she felt it. His soft beard, then his wet lips against her pink flesh and she rolled her hips out instinctively as a loud moan escaped her lips. Her fingers grasped his sheets as his tongue slipped between her chubby pink lips to find her swollen clit and she almost screamed as lips closed around her clit. She felt the pressure, all too familiar, but she wasn’t ready to cum, she didn’t want him to stop. Her belly shook as she struggled to breathe through the excitement of his tongue gently and slowly lapped at her gorgeous cunt. When she felt the tip of her tongue slide across the opening of her wanton hole she gasped, screaming out loudly as her body jerked involuntarily. It was over, she felt the flood of her orgasm wash through her body, causing her round belly to shake and jiggle before his eyes and her thighs trembled as he continued to coax the orgasm out of her with his tongue.

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