Rebecca in trouble (part 3)


Rebecca in trouble (part 3)The guards ran their fingers gently over Rebecca’s nipples, “OHHHH, please,” moaned Rebecca. They seized her large breasts in their hands and began to fondle and maul them, paying special attention to her nipples. Fingers gripped them tightly and pulled them away from her body, stretching her tits, further and further. “OHHHH, that hurts,” she cried, but her nipples grew bigger from the mistreatment.Meanwhile, the Judge continued to lick her pussy and now began to finger-fuck her.”Tell me what these strangers are doing to you? asked the Commander, “or else I will tell the Judge to stop eating your pussy”.”Stop, no don’t stop, please, don’t make me tell you,” said Rebecca.”Obey and tell me or you will be punished,” said the Commander.”He is licking my pussy, and he started to put a finger into me. It keeps going in and out, each time deeper. The guards now have put my nipples in their mouths and they are running their tongues over them. OHHHH, that feels so good,” said Rebecca.”Since the Judge is so busy with your pussy, I am going to have the Doctor explore your anus and rectum with his fingers, don’t forget you are still going to get a very large enema soon,” said the Commander.”I feel something cold on my anus and a finger is massaging it. The finger is putting pressure on my anus, forcing it to open and let it in. AH AHHHHHHHHHH,” and Rebecca’s body tried to back away from the finger, but the straps held her tightly, forcing her anus to let the finger into her.The Doctor had inserted his finger into Rebecca’s and plunged it deeply into her.”How do you like your asshole being thrilled with a finger, I bet you are very hot and tight in there,” said the Commander. “Everyone would like to be enjoying your asshole like the Doctor is right now, but they will have their chance. You will have to give anyone access to your asshole at all times and I am sure it will be very popular.””Oh, what are you making me do, it feels strange in me, and he is pushing it in and moving it around inside me,” cried Rebecca.”AHHHHH,” cried Rebecca trying to move away from the finger in her asshole. “He put two fingers in me and is stretching me too wide”.”You can take it, and more. He is going to open his fingers when he is deep into your ass, spreading you open,” said the Commander.Rebecca was trying to move, but the bondage she was in prevented it. She was forced to submit to strangers fondling and forcing fingers and tongues into her body, while they watched her go through the throes of ecstasy.”Pleasure can also be accompanied by pain, and the pain can also be as stimulating. Your ripe, untrained body begs to be abused. We are now going to force you to have an orgasm. We will be watching you as you cum on the fingers and tongues of strangers only a few hours ago,” said the Commander.”OWWWW, he bit my nipple, hard, OWWWWW, now the other. OWWWWW, his fingers in my bottom opening me up are cramping my stomach, OWWWWWWWWW, he bit my lips and clit,” moaned Rebecca.They began to suck and lick her again, bringing her to the edge of an orgasm”Bite again, only harder,” the Commander ordered.”OHHHHHHH, my nipples are killing me, OWWWWWW, he bit my clit, OWWWWWWWW, he has three fingers in me, stretching me open,” then suddenly SPLLLATTTTT, “He slapped my pussy, they are hurting me, please make them stop,” cried Rebecca.”They will stop when you have an orgasm, and the pain will increase until you do,” ordered the Commander.”OWWWWWWWWWWWWW,” cried Rebecca as they bit her nipples and stretched them harder, “OWWWWWWWW,” as the Judge sucked her clit into his mouth and then bit down on it, “OHHHHHHHHHH,” as the Doctor continue to stretch her asshole, spreading open his three fingers when he was deep into her and not putting them together until they were almost withdrawn. SLAPPPP, SLAPPPP, the Judge hit her pussy hard, making Rebecca’s body lurch.”OHHHH, what’s happening to me, AHHHHHHH, I am cummmmming, AHH HHHHHHH,” moaned Rebecca, the Judge lapping at her pussy. He continued to suck her clit into his mouth, biting on it. “AHHHHHHH, that feels so good”.SLAAAAAAAPP, SLAAAAAAP, another two quick slaps on the lips of her pussy continued to send her over the edge.”AHHHHHHHH,” she cried, her body shuddering in orgasm, a glisten of sweat forming on her body.She finally began to come down from the orgasm. The guard continued to suck gently on her nipples, the Judge was brushing his fingers over her pussy, and the Doctor still had one finger in her ass, gently massaging her asshole.”Your young body certainly enjoyed that. Here you are bound to a table, legs spread wide, with strangers sucking on your nipples, another fingering your pussy, and a finger up your ass, while you come down from the first orgasm you ever had. In addition, you had an orgasm, while getting your pussy spanked, your asshole stretched and your nipples bitten. Soon it will be your turn to repay the debt, and you will have to use your body to pleasure others,” said the Commander.The Doctor wheeled in the machine that was going to give Rebecca the enema. Rebecca began to tremble when she saw the size of the enema nozzle.”The machine will force the enema into you, and also allows for the evacuation of it, so it has to be rather large. As you can see, it has a collar on it about 6 inches from the end. Once inserted into your anus, I will pump up the collar, preventing any leakage,” the Doctor explained. “Once inside and expanded, it will be very uncomfortable, but after having three fingers inserted into your rectum, you are not as tight as you were before”.The Doctor began to grease up the long nozzle and place it between Rebecca’s spread legs. Rebecca tensed up bakırköy escort when the nozzle touched her anus.”You better relax your anus when he begins to push it in or it will be extremely painful. Bear down on the nozzle as it is pushed into you. The beginning of the nozzle is not very large, but when the collar begins to enter your anus, it will be forced to stretch to accept it and will continue to stretch you colon,” said the Commander. “You are in no position to do anything except try to make the best of it. You are going to be forced to accept a very big enema. Once inside, we will start the machine and fluids will be forced into you very rapidly. You will be forced to keep them in you for 15 minutes so they can clean you out. During that time, your stomach will begin to cramp up”.Rebecca’s body tried to escape the nozzle but the bondage prevented only minor movement. The Doctor began to push the nozzle into her.”AAAHHHHH, its too big, it hurts, aaaahhhhh, take it out,” Rebecca cried.”You got the beginning of the nozzle, now you must accept the collar, relax your anus as it passes through,” said the Doctor.”OOOOWWWW, it hurts too much, don’t, OOOOOWWWw, it feels like a baseball bat up my bottom,” yelled Rebecca, tears falling from her eyes.The collar passed through her anus and pushed into her stretching her open as it pushed further into her. Her colon was forced to straighten out to accept it. Finally it was in her ass and the Doctor released the pressure on it.”Relax for a minute, my little girl, you now have your asshole stretched around the nozzle’ said the Commander. “You must get used to it to ease the pain. The Doctor will soon be inflating the collar, expanding your colon farther open”.”Oh please don’t hurt me any more, it hurts so bad, you stretched me open,” Rebecca pleaded.”Once we clean you out, your ass will be forced to open wider and stay that way while we inspect your insides,” said the Commander. “Your pain and humiliation bring pleasure to us”.The Doctor began to pump up the collar, expanding Rebecca’s colon wider and keeping it stretched open.”OOOOWWWW, it feels like a knife inside me, OOOOWWWW, it’s tearing me open,” Rebecca cried.The nozzle was now securely in Rebecca, with no chance of it slipping out. Everyone anxiously awaited the beginning of the enema and the suffering that Rebecca would be forced to accept. Rebecca did not know it, but she was first to receive a very big enema of hot, soapy water. She would be forced to hold it for 15 minutes before the evacuation of it would begin. This would cause considerable cramps. The evacuation would be almost as bad. It would feel like a vacuum cleaner was stuck up her ass and turned on.If she thought that would be the end, she would be greatly mistaken. A second enema would commence, this time with very cold soapy water. Each subsequent enema would be bigger than the last. Again, she would be forced to hold it for 15 minutes.Two rinsing enemas still awaited her, each bigger than the last, one very hot, one very cold.While the enemas were working, she would also be forced to accept the examination of her pussy.BBBBBRRRRRR, the machine was started. “AAAAAHHHH, it’s too hot, it hurts, it’s going in too fast,” cried Rebecca. Everyone could see her abdomen expanding from the rapid infusion of liquids. “OOOOWWW,” she cried, her body starting to cramp from the unnatural act forced upon her. “Please, that’s enough, stop the machine, I can’t take anymore”.”Almost finished, accept it,” the Commander said.The machine stopped and everyone stared at this young girl forced to accept the largest enema of her life. Her body glistened with sweat caused by the high temperature of the water. The Commander began to rub her abdomen, pushing down on, forcing more cramps on her young body.”NO, don’t push, it hurts so bad, you are making it worse,” she cried.The Commander continued to push and massage her abdomen, forcing groans from her lips. Her body jumped from the constant cramps she was experiencing and you could see her legs trying to move to relieve the awful pain.After 15 minutes, the machine roared back to life, BBBBRRRRR, and the water was rapidly forced out of her, the pain almost as bad. “AHHHHH,” she cried, as it felt like her insides were sucked out. Her abdomen quickly returned to normal. Rebecca sighed, expecting it to be over.”The next enema will begin in a minute. It will be ice-cold soapy water. It will be evacuated after 15 minutes, then you will receive two rinsing enemas, one very hot, and the last, ice cold. You will be forced to hold each one for 15 minutes. Each enema will be larger than the last, to make sure that you receive the maximum amount of pain and stimulation,” said the Commander. “But now, we will begin to open your pussy for our inspection. This will also cause you great anguish and embarrassment but it may take your mind off of the enema **** of your asshole.”BBBRRRRR, the machine again commenced, forcing ice-cold water into Rebecca’s colon. Goose bumps began to appear on her body, and her nipples hardened in reaction to the cold water forced into her.”I can’t stand this, OWWWW,” the cramping and bloating beginning again. The machine stopped, the cramps coming continually, her body jerking from the pain.”OWWWWW, you are stretching my pussy,” she cried. The Doctor had inserted a speculum into her pussy and began to open it. Wider and wider, her hairless schoolgirl pussy was stretched, exciting all that watched. Her ass was already forced to accept the enema tube and now they were opening her pussy open for all to see.Wider and wider it was opened, stretching her lips, her pink insides beginning beşiktaş escort to show. The Doctor continued to open more, eliciting cries of pain from Rebecca’s mouth. The pump began the evacuation of her colon, bringing temporary relief, but Rebecca knew that it would only be minutes before it she would again she would be forced to accept another enema, this one bigger than the last.Her pussy was now forced wide by the speculum and the Doctor placed a light between her legs so that all could see directly into her body. Rebecca squirmed from the humiliation, spread wide and open for all to see. A 14-year-old should not be forced to submit to such abuse. The Doctor began to run his fingers over her lips and inside her pussy, stimulating Rebecca again.”NOOO, not again, please don’t do that to me, OWWWW,” the machine beginning to force another enema into her body, eliciting cries of pain as the hot water rinsing enema began. The Doctor continued to stroke her pussy, especially her clit, which stood out like a small cock. Her pussy was wet from the stimulation.”OWWWW,” she cried, the Doctor turning the speculum more, opening her wider. Everyone watched the anguish on her face.Each person had a chance to exam her pussy, stroking her lips and her clit. The machine had evacuated the enema and now had begun the final and largest enema. Rebecca felt like her abdomen was going to explode and the cramps began even before it was finished. Her pussy was being abused by strangers, some stroking her gently, others inflicting pain on her virgin pussy. The Judge was the worst. He took a brush and ran it over her sensitive lips and then pushed it into her pussy about one inch and began to run it around inside her. If Rebecca could move, she would have jumped through the ceiling as the rough bristles tenderized her sensitive pussy. The final act was when he ran it over her clit, sending shooting pains in her body. As the pain began to diminish, the machine evacuated the last enema from her body. The Doctor began to remove the speculum from her pussy, allowing her pussy to shrink back.They began to remove the straps holding Rebecca to the table. Her legs were placed together and the straps removed. She tried to move, but was too weak from the enemas and the tight bondage.”We are going to take you to your cell, so you may take a shower and lay down. You have been through a lot since you came here. You have been forced to strip naked and expose your body to complete strangers and have been examined intimately. We will be joining you soon in your cell to inflict more punishment on and you must continue to submit to our demands,” said the Commander.Rebecca was helped to her cell. She gasped when she saw it and knew she was in for more humiliation and pain. If was large. In the center was a circular shower, but with no shower curtain. She would be forced to take a shower with no privacy. She had expected a prison cell cot, but instead a large four-poster bed was in the room. Attached to the four corners were leather straps. She assumed that these would be used to bind her spread eagle to the bed. In another corner of the room was a large padded stool. Again, straps were attached to the corners, so that she could be bound over it, either face up or facedown.There was a large pyramid on the side. It was made up of two large sheets of wood joined into a point. The point was very sharp and rough. Again, straps were attached to prevent movement. She did not realize that she would be forced to ride the top edge with her pussy.”You may take a shower and then put these clothes on,” handing Rebecca the satin underwear from her suitcase and her schoolgirl blouse and skirt. “Lay down and get your strength back and we will be back soon as we want to spend as much time with you before Saturday,” said the Commander and everyone left the room.Rebecca went to the shower, turned on the water and began to wash the day away. She just wanted to sleep and for them to leave her alone. She quickly dried off; put on her clothes and lay down on the bed. She quickly fell asleep from the exhaustion of the pain and humiliation should was forced to endure.It was only a couple of hours when Rebecca was awakened by the sound of the cell door being opened. In walked the six. She cringed at the thought of what they planned to do to her.”Time to awaken, Rebecca. We have plans for the next few hours to enjoy your ripe young body, so quickly come over here,” said the Commander.Even though Rebecca dreaded what was to happen to her, she knew that if she did not submit, the alternative would be worse. She stood in front of the Commander, with the rest of them around here.Even though they had all seen her naked only hours ago, she appeared sexier fully clothed. The Commander began to run his hands over her breasts, beginning the painful humiliation again.”Watch me as I enjoy your body,” said the Commander, his hands molding her breasts. “Push your breasts out again so that I may feel them.”Again, Rebecca obeyed, pushing her breasts into the hands of the Commander, submitting to theravishment of her body while the others watched, their cocks straining their pants. “We are going to take your virginity away now,” as he began to unbutton her blouse, exposing her bra. His hands returned to her bra, squeezing her large breasts. “I have the largest cock, so you will be spread out and forced to put my cock into your pussy,” Rebecca cringed, knowing that what they had done to her body before was just a prelude to what was to come. They would **** here, and she would be forced to willingly participate.”Remove your blouse and bra, hands behind your head, beylikdüzü escort and push your breasts out so we may enjoy them first,” said the Commander.Reluctantly, Rebecca removed her blouse, reached back and undid her bra and slid it to the floor. She put her hands behind her head, pushing her breasts into the faces of the others. Hands reached out to fondle them, squeezing them and pinching the nipples.”Stay very still while I stretch your tits by the nipples, keep your back arched and accept the punishment,” said the Judge. He squeezed her nipples tightly between his fingers, making Rebecca gasp and began to pull them away from her body. Her tits began to form a cone from the stretching and Rebecca began to moan from the pain, but she knew how sadistic the Judge was and realized saying anything would provoke more pain. He pulled further and the others watched as Rebecca’s 14-year-old breasts were manhandled. Meanwhile, one of the others was kneeling behind her, rubbing her legs.”Spread your legs,” he said, Rebecca spreading them wide submissively, awaiting the time when his hands would reach her ass and pussy. The Commander pulled up her skirt in the front and began to rub her panty-covered pussy. Meanwhile, hands began to squeeze and fondle her ass. “Remove your skirt,” she was ordered and she complied. Now standing only in her panties, her breasts aching from the Judge abuse of her nipples, and now her ass and pussy was being rubbed.”The panties now, get naked in front of us little girl, so we may use your body,” she was ordered. Rebecca stepped out of them and again spread her legs, giving them access to all of her intimate parts. She was now naked and humiliated again awaiting the **** of her body by these strangers. Her pussy lips were spread apart and a finger began to slide up and down, making her wet. Her ass cheeks were spread and she flinched when a finger began to run around her anus. She knew she must submit to her punishment. The finger entered her pussy and began to saw in and out, then two fingers, stretching her pussy wider, until they reached her hymen. The finger began to push against her anus and she spread her legs more allowing him access to her ass.”It is time to get fucked little girl,” the Commander said and began to remove his clothes while her body was being abused. She watched as he stripped off his clothes. When he pulled down his shorts and his cock appeared she gasped in shock. It was over 10 inches long and over 3 inches across. It was bigger than most arms.”Grab my cock and get acquainted with it, it will soon be forcing itself into your virgin pussy. You will learn to ride it like a whore,” said the Commander.Rebecca touched his cock gently and began to run her hand over it.”Stroke it and make it harder, that’s it, now grab my balls with your other hand. They are full of cum that I am going to blast into your pussy,” said the Commander.”Please don’t **** me,” she cried, but continued to stroke the cock in her hand. She knew that she must submit. His cock began to leak cum from the tip. The fingers continually plunged in and out of her pussy and ass stretching her open.”While the others are getting you wet, I think you should do the same to my cock,” said the Commander, “kneel on the floor and open your mouth to accept my cock”.”I can’t do that, it’s disgusting,” cried Rebecca, but the others were already forcing her to her knees. She was now face to face to the largest and only cock she ever saw, and she would be forced to put it into her virgin mouth.”Open your mouth, my little girl, this may be the first cock you will take into that sweet mouth, but it will not be the last,” the Commander said. Someone grabbed her arms and twisted them behind her back and someone else held her head still. The Commander pinched her nose closed, cutting off her air supply. As Rebecca opened her mouth to gasp for air, the Commander thrust his large cock into her innocent mouth.”MMMMMMGGGGGGG,” she cried, her mouth stretched wide to accept the large cock. Only the head was in her mouth and there was still 9 more inches to go.”Run your tongue over my cock and get it wet for your pussy, or I will fuck you dry. If you think my cock will stretch your pussy now, it will be worse if it is dry,” the Commander demanded. He could feel her tongue began to circle the tip. He grabbed her head and began to push his cock further into her mouth. “Take it deeper, and keep bathing my cock with your tongue”. Two inches into her mouth, then out, then back in with 3 inches. “You could be a good cock sucker if you keep this up, you might as well get used to it, because by time Saturday gets her, you will have sucked every cock in this room, some many times”.”AGGGGGG,” moaned Rebecca, the humiliation of having to run her tongue over his cock. She could taste something salty in her mouth as he began to thrust in and out of her mouth. Each time his cock would go farther than the last time. Now she understood what he meant when he stretched her throat with his fingers and fists. He intended to push his cock deeper and deeper into her mouth until he reached her throat. But that would not be the end, he intended to choke her with his big cock and push it into her throat. The choking and wrenching would begin again.”Look into my eyes as I fuck your sweet little mouth,” he said, “I want to see that innocent face with your lips wrapped around my cock”. “I’m going to push my cock into your throat, but I think you already realized that. This time you are only getting my cock wet, so I can **** your pussy, but next time I **** your mouth, I will fill it with cum and expect you to swallow every drop”.”Hold her head tight, my cock is going down her throat and she will begin to fight,” the Commander ordered the others. His cock was now going four inches into her mouth and was reaching the back of her mouth. The next time it would enter her throat. He pulled it out almost to the end and then began to thrust it back in.

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