Subject: Rebuilding the Bond Chapter 6 Chapter 6 The pickup sped down the highway for the next few hours as Dad and I made small talk. He explained that he had gotten a job driving for a local trucking company. These would be mostly regional deliveries, so he would be home every night, but there may be some cross country opportunities over the summer. “You could even come with me.” Dad said excitedly. “Doesn’t that sound like fun!” I wasn’t sure it did, but I agreed. He went on to explain that he had rented a house from an old friend on the south side of the city. It wasn’t far from the basement apartment he had rented when he lived there last time. I remembered his small apartment, I hoped the house was slightly larger than that, or we would be tripping all over each other. It sounded like he had been settling in nicely. He had even managed to meet up with several old friends he had made when he lived here last. One thing I started to notice, unlike most of the grownups, Dad talked to me like an adult. He didn’t talk down to me, or make me feel like a child. I was just another man he was having a conversation with. This made me feel really good. I wiped the sweat off my forehead, the A/C in his truck didn’t work, as we finally pulled off the highway. We had clearly turned into the city’s industrial zone. All around us were warehouses, trucking bays, and machine shops. After a few miles we passed the entrance to an auto recycler place called, ‘U-Pull It’. Dad slowed down as we turned off the main road onto a smaller road. This road seemed to be home to a few smaller businesses in older, slightly rundown, buildings. I could see a gas station, a bar, and another business on the corner with all its windows covered. Dad made another turn, we were now in a residential neighborhood. “Neighborhood” was too strong of a word. On one side of the street were a series of small, older houses, some abandoned, but most unkempt rental properties. On the other side, was the back of the U-Pull It place. The green slates interwoven in the tall chain link fence didn’t hide the piles of junked cars in what appeared to be quite a big gravel lot. The street reached a dead end. It had been blocked off by the back of a large self storage facility that probably faced the highway. Dad parked in front of the very last house. I got out of the truck to take a good look at the house. It was a small, story and a half setup, framed by two grubby looking pine trees. A driveway ran down one side of the house. The roof seemed fairly new, but the paint was chipping and the front porch was sagging a bit. The small yard was mostly dead pine needles and crabgrass that had also grown in the cracks of the sidewalk. Dad had gotten out too and walked around the truck. “What do you think? My buddy said we can do some fixing up if we wanted, that could be fun.” He reached into the bed of the truck, grabbed my duffle bag and handed it to me, then went back for a box. “Come on,” he said, gesturing toward the house, “I’ll show you to your room.” Dad held the front door open for me as we entered. We had stepped into the living room, matted down brown carpet covered the floor, while old sheets on wires covered the front and side window. Dad had placed some two-by-fours on cinder blocks to make an entertainment center. Clearly he didn’t want to spend too much money decorating. The large flatscreen TV sitting on top was quite nice though, it even had a big soundbar at the bottom. istanbul travesti This touch of modern technology however, greatly contrasted with the orange plaid couch, and the coffee table that needed a new coat of varnish. Dad had clearly splurged on the TV, but must have gotten everything else from thrift stores. Dad started climbing the stairs, so I followed. “That’s my room,” Dad nodded to the room at the top of the stairs. I only took a moment to glance in, all I saw was a mattress laying on the floor covered with laundry. “Bathroom is in there”, as we turned in front of another door, “and this will be your room.” He stepped inside the only other door on the floor and moved aside so I could get in. The room was small with slanted walls, not any larger than my room at Chet’s. But this was nothing like my room at Chet’s. Dad had set up a double bed, with a nightstand and lamp on one wall, a dresser with a mirror on the other, and a desk with a chair on the third. A beanbag chair and floor lamp filled in the corner, while a red lava lamp on the dresser was illuminating the room in a bubbly red glow. “So, what do you think?” He asked, a grin on his face. My heart had swollen for Dad at this moment. He had clearly put a lot of effort, and money, into this room. True everything was outdated and mismatched, but that didn’t matter, he didn’t have to do any of this, but he did, just for me. “It’s great Dad! Really great, thanks!” He was beaming. “Let’s get the last boxes from the truck.” Dad said as we set our loads down, “You can unpack later. We need to go out to dinner to celebrate. I thought we could go to that spaghetti place, it’s your favorite, right?” “Sounds great Dad.” I said with a smile. The spaghetti place wasn’t actually very good. I hadn’t liked it since I was a kid, but I didn’t have the heart to break it to him. I had been a little nervous about moving in with this man who was a bit of a stranger to me. But my appreciation, respect and even love for him was quickly growing. *** We walked back into the house, laughing about how bad the food actually was. Dad said he had some dessert for us, so I followed him into the kitchen. The yellow linoleum was not appealing to the eyes and the dark brown `70’s cabinets had seen better days. Dad went over to the fridge, as I leaned up against the round wooden table lined with plastic folding chairs. “Heads up.” He said, tossing me a can. “Dad? This is beer.” “Yeah?” He said, popping open his own can. “I’m 16?” “So, you telling me you don’t drink?” I looked at him as he took his first swig. He really was treating me like an adult. I smiled, “of course not.” and popped open the can. “That’s my boy!” he laughed. We went out back and sat on the cheap plastic lawn chairs he had on the back porch. There wasn’t much to the back yard, just a chain link fence around a square of dying grass. The slightly dilapidated garage took up a large amount of the space. As I looked around, I noticed that there was actually a lot of privacy back here. The tin siding of the back of the storage unit, while not pretty, provided privacy to one side. A thick grove of trees blocked the view to whatever was behind the house, and the garage blocked the view from the rest of the street. This is actually kinda nice, I thought, despite the sound of traffic on the nearby highway. Dad and I sat and talked over a few beers for the next few hours. The beer was clearly relaxing Dad, he kadıköy travesti seemed a little more open. He even brought up his brother, my uncle Ben. Uncle Ben had always been a taboo subject. But before Dad said too much, he changed the subject and I didn’t want to press him on it. I was just starting to feel a bit of a buzz when we both decided it was time for bed. Dad went into his room, so I slipped into the bathroom. It was a small, tiled covered room, with pedestal sink, toilet, and tub/shower. As I allowed the water in the shower to heat up, I undressed, and checked myself out in the medicine cabinet mirror. I wasn’t skinny, but I wasn’t buff. I need to work out more, I thought. I was also smooth, except for a patch of hair growing in the middle of my chest.. I wonder if I will get as hairy as Dad one day? I stepped into the, now steaming, shower, and pulled the clear plastic shower curtain closed. As I lathered up my body, my dick slowly started getting hard. It wasn’t long before I was stroking my hard dick under the warm water. The image of Dad laying naked on the rocks by the lake came to me. I never thought I was attracted to my father before, but maybe, having him so close, my feelings for him were growing more than I expected. The slippery soap was really feeling good on my loins. As I continued to work my cock with one hand, I took the other and grabbed my butt cheek, then slid my middle finger into my butt crack looking for my hungry hole. The tip of my finger played with it a little before I applied pressure. My tight hole eagerly accepted it. “Oh yeah,” I whispered to myself, “fuck me.” “Sorry buddy, gotta take a leak.” Dad had burst into the bathroom door without warning. Fuck! I thought, quickly pulling my finger out of my ass and turning toward the shower wall so Dad wouldn’t see my rock hard cock. I looked back over my shoulder. There stood Dad, completely naked, hands on his hips, facing the toilet. Then there was the trickle of piss into the bowl. He finished, shook off, and walked out saying “flush that when you are done. I’ll toss these in the hamper.” He had picked up my clothes off the floor and walked out leaving the door wide open. Fuck, I thought, my dick was soft again. The door was too far away to close without getting out. I sighed, and started to rinse off. After drying off and using the toilet myself, I wrapped a towel around my waist and headed to my room. Upon entering my room, I noticed something seemed different. Then I realized, my laptop was on the desk, a few old trophies were on my dresser and the boxes were gone. Dad had unpacked for me while I was in the shower. Aww, I thought, that was really nice of him. Then a horrible realization came over me. Oh fuck! Dad had unpacked for me! There was a reason I had never unpacked at Chet’s. I quickly looked around the room, desperate to find another box. I pulled open the dresser drawers, looked under the bed, then opened my night stand drawer. There it was, an old blue shoe box. I picked it up, took a deep breath and opened the lid. Inside was exactly what I had left in it, a bottle of lube, a few burnt DVDs of porn, two yellow sponges rubber banded together with a rubber glove between (a homemade Fleshlight), a crusty old cum rag, and several bits of erotic gay materials I had gotten my hands on over the years. I took a deep breath. Dad must have just taken the box and put it in the drawer without looking at it. Yeah that is what bakırköy travesti happened I told myself. “Hey,” came Dad’s voice. I dropped the box, the contents spilling all over the bed. I frantically started to re-collect them, as Dad let out a chuckle. “I just wanted to say sorry about barging in like that. There isn’t a lot of privacy up in the oil fields. I kind of forgot about it. I’ll try to do better.” I was clutching the box, still hoping he hadn’t seen what was inside, though I knew he had. “Oh, uh, it’s okay Dad. Not a big deal.” It was then that I realized he was standing in the doorway, still completely naked. He shook his head and laughed. “Don’t be so nervous boy.” He said moving into the room. “I saw what you got in that box. I had just as much smut around when I was your age.” He reached out and took the box from me, and sat on the end of the bed. “Let’s see what we have here.” He pulled out a bent up magazine I had found in the trash. It had a beefy hairy guy in a leather harness on the cover. He nodded and looked up at me, “this what gets you off?” I just stood there as he flipped it open. “Not my taste, but not bad, not bad at all.” The next page had the guy on the cover fucking another guy over the hood of a car. He adjusted the magazine, now just holding it with one hand, and started stroking his flaccid dick. What is happening, I thought, this can’t be happening. My own dick began to grow under my towel. “Sit down, relax” Dad said as casually as if we were watching TV. I sat down next to him, still unsure of the situation, but seeing his dick getting harder, made mine stand at full attention. I couldn’t hide it under the towel. Dad flipped the page only to find they were stuck together. “Something good here I see,” he joked as he pulled the pages apart. Two cowboys fucking next to a tent and campfire. An image I had jacked off to many times since our camping trip. Dad’s cock was getting so hard, the foreskin gently moving up and down over the head. I couldn’t take it anymore, I reached down, and started stroking my own cock. I saw Dad’s eyes dart from the magazine to my dick and back again. Dad suddenly put the magazine down on his knee, and reached back into the box. He brought the bottle of lube up, clicked the top and poured some over his dick head, then he reached over to me, doing the same. The cool lube flowed down my dick and under my continuing stroking hand. Dad looked at me, smiled, tossed the bottle back in the box, and picked up the magazine again. With another turn of the page, a tattooed biker in a leather jacket was fucking a blond twink on a motorcycle. My eyes, however, were now firmly fixed to Dad’s glistening, lubed up cock, his balls resting against the edge of my bed. This was more than I ever expected, my heart was racing. “Oh fuck” I said, much louder then I meant to. I shot my load straight up with so much force a glob of it landed on my chin. The rest splattered on my chest and belly. “Nice boy,” Dad said, dropping the magazine on the floor and bringing his free hand up to his cock head. With a loud grunt Dad blew his own wad into his hand, the cum pooling in his palm and between his fingers. We both sat on the edge of the bed for a few moments, Dad with his eyes closed, still milking the last few drops from his softening cock. Me still looking at him in all his naked glory. With a deep breath, Dad took his hand off his cock and reached back into the box and pulled out my cum rag. After he wiped off his own hands, he handed it to me. Silently I started to clean myself off. He stood up, “You have a little here” he said touching his chin. As I wiped off my chin he said, “sleep well, see you in the morning,” and walked out. K. Porter

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