Reconnecting Ch. 07


Wendy became very excited when Mike announced at dinner a few nights later that he was being required to attend an out of town conference for work. It was just about a week or so after Wendy and Cindy had their conversation and Wendy had been looking for an opportunity to take the next step with Cindy.

About a day or two after Mike’s announcement Wendy casually suggested to Cindy that they should have a “girl’s night” while Mike would be gone. Cindy agreed and Wendy began to very much look forward to their night out.

It seemed that her lust had been growing daily since she and Cindy had talked. The very idea that she might again be able to fuck Mike was driving her wild. If her plan worked out as she hoped it would open up a whole new world of pleasure to her and she and Mike could more or less openly resume their deviant relationship. She knew that she was taking a risk by doing this, but after seeing Cindy and Kate together and hearing Cindy talk she couldn’t help but think that Cindy would ultimately be a willing participant.

Over the next few days Cindy and Wendy eagerly planned their big night. Mike would be out of town for a total of three nights and ultimately they decided to use the second night as their “girl’s night”. Wendy had originally wanted to do it on the first night in the hopes that something would happen and she would then have two more nights alone with Cindy to explore.

Although the choice of dates didn’t work out as planned the rest of Wendy’s idea worked perfectly. She suggested that they should go to a spa resort that catered to women and offered a huge array of massages, facials, manicures, and other fun pleasures. Cindy eagerly agreed saying she had never been to such a place and had always thought it would be fun. They decided to spend one night at the spa so they would have one full day and night of pampering. Wendy very much hoped that it would help set the mood for something more intimate.

Cindy too was also anxiously awaiting their trip. Ever since she and Wendy had talked Cindy had been wildly horny and had initiated many wild fucks with Mike. The very idea that Wendy had watched her fuck Kate and, it seemed, had really gotten off on it really turned Cindy on. A couple of times she found her fantasies revolving around fucking Kate once again with the strap on while Wendy sat and watched. At first Wendy merely watched but soon she was fingering her pussy and it didn’t take long for her to join the sisters in bed.

It initially surprised Cindy how turned on she became when she thought of being with both Wendy and Kate. For a few days she felt really weird about having these desires but she eventually convinced herself it was fine. Besides, Wendy had already admitted to her of her own incestuous relationship so clearly Wendy didn’t think it was that bad.

As their trip approached Cindy began to think more of Wendy’s own incest and wondered who she had been with. She pictured an 18 year old Wendy staying over with an aunt and uncle and the aunt “teaching” her about sex. The idea of a young Wendy being tutored by her aunt made Cindy’s pussy ache. Maybe that had been the one experience with a woman that Wendy had mentioned.

Something about Wendy’s expression and tone when she confessed her incestuous affair made Cindy believe that it wasn’t just a one time fling, so she began thinking of other relatives that Wendy might have fucked. As far as she knew Wendy didn’t have any siblings, but in case she did Cindy also thought about what Wendy might have done if she and her sister or brother had been college roommates.

These thoughts never failed to make Cindy very wet and horny. It also sparked something in her that made her start to view Wendy somehow differently. Cindy became very aware of exactly how hot Wendy was for someone old enough to be her own mother. They had become fairly regular work out partners and Cindy found that she couldn’t resist letting her eyes scan Wendy’s body as they dressed after their showers at the end of their workouts.

More and more Cindy became aware of Wendy sexually and found herself very drawn to her. She didn’t know if it was simply her imagination but she couldn’t help but feel like she had detected some chemistry or tension, whatever one would call it, between the two of them at certain moments. Cindy had no expectations that anything would ever happen with Wendy, but the mere thought of it made her so horny she could have fucked Mike over and over until he begged her to stop.

After Mike departed for his trip Cindy and Wendy went about business as usual for the first day. After dinner that night they both sat down and started watching TV together. Wendy’s pussy had been wet all day and she couldn’t stop thinking about what she hoped would happen on their trip. As they watched TV they chatted excitedly about all the different things they could do at the spa. As they talked of massages, milk bathes, and other luxuries Cindy became aware of some growing tension in the room. Something in Wendy’s tone and speech had excited her and she found that she suddenly bursa escort couldn’t wait until the next night.

Despite her lustful desires Wendy simply said “goodnight” and went up to her bed. As soon as she shut the door she fell on her bed and quickly played with her soaking pussy until she came. She had to silence her moan as she came because she heard Cindy walking by her bedroom door.

Once left alone Cindy wanted to slip her hand down inside her shorts and relieve the excitement in her pussy but she decided it was too risky. She shut off the TV and hurried to her bedroom making sure the door was closed behind her. She pulled her shorts off and stood next to her bed with one foot on the bed and one on the floor. When she quickly brought herself to her own orgasm her knees practically buckled and she collapsed on the bed as soon as she finished cumming. She had tried to be quiet but couldn’t help but let out a groan as she came.

Across the hallway Wendy was still lying in bed softly playing with her own pussy when she heard the stifled moan from Cindy’s room. She smiled wickedly to herself and thought that she couldn’t wait until tomorrow.

The spa visit had so far been better than Wendy could ever have imagined. It was still before dinner but they had already received decadent manicures, pedicures, and facials. Now they were lying on separate tables in the same room as each was getting a fabulous massage from one of the good looking masseuses. By the time the massage was done Wendy was feeling completely relaxed and pampered. She was also feeling incredibly horny. Massages had always had that effect on her but now her memories filled with visions of Mike teasingly massaging her on the cruise.

As the handsome masseuse worked over her body she remained still and reflected on everything she had done and shared with Mike both during and since the cruise. She longed to feel his hard cock again and she yearned for the way he could make her cum by licking her pussy. By the time the massage ended her pussy was drenched as she began thinking about what she hoped to be able to do in the future.

In addition to whatever other feelings they might be having, both women also found their day of utter pampering had left them feeling very sensual. “Nothing like a day of complete decadence to really make you feel like a woman,” Cindy mused as they lounged in their room after their massages. Wendy agreed and knew that she was a little on edge sexually after their various treatments. Having her body lavished after had definitely left her feeling soft, pretty, and more than a little horny.

Their dinner that night was wonderful. The healthy, light portions perfectly filled them without making either feel too full. The warm night air felt wonderful as they lingered at their table on the large patio of the restaurant enjoying their one indulgence with dinner, a bottle of wine. They ordered a second bottle to be delivered to their room as they left the restaurant.

The waiter arrived with the wine and two glasses just seconds after they got into their room. They took the bottle and went out to the secluded patio off their room. They leisurely sipped their wine and chatted about their day.

Both admitted to feeling very much “alive”. Wendy knew that when she used this word she really meant that she felt very horny. Cindy eagerly agreed with her saying she too felt very “alive” and relaxed and Wendy could almost feel her pussy growing wetter. She took a silent, deep breath for strength and then decided it was time to make her move.

She shifted the conversation to the manicures and pedicures they had received. Both had been given samples of beautiful nail polish but because of some process they had done their nails had to be left unpolished for an hour so the salon didn’t apply the polish. “Wouldn’t it be fun to put on that polish now and see how it looks?” Wendy asked.

“Sure,” Cindy agreed, “let’s go in and get it.”

Wendy waited until they moved into the room before she suggested, “Hey, I’ve got a goofy idea. Why don’t we do each other’s nails like some kind of old fashioned sleep over?” She really hoped the idea hadn’t sounded corny and held her breath as Cindy stopped with her back to Wendy and seemed to pause as she thought about it.

The bright smile on Cindy’s face gave her answer away when she turned around even before she said, “That sounds fun! Let’s put on those big, fuzzy robes they left for us in the bathroom.” Cindy disappeared into the bathroom and shut the door behind her.

Wendy could feel her stomach knot slightly as she smiled to herself in the mirror. “You are one twisted, horny woman,” she whispered very softly to herself. If someone had told her a year ago that she would have fucked her own son several times she would have thought they were out of their mind. Now, not only had that happened but here she was effectively trying to seduce her daughter in law with the ultimate desire being to again fuck her son.

“These are just divine,” Cindy moaned as she rubbed the plush material of the robe on bursa escort bayan her cheek once she emerged from the bathroom. Wendy took her place in the bathroom and stripped completely naked before pulling the luxurious robe on.

She stepped back in the room to find Cindy sitting at one end of the couch in the room. She had arranged the polish on the small table in front of the couch and said, “I think this will work perfectly. This way we can do each other at the same time.” The double meaning in her words sent a chill down Wendy’s back even though she was sure that it hadn’t been intentional.

“Shall we do our fingers first?” Wendy asked. Cindy agreed and Wendy started to lavishly put the polish on Cindy’s fingernails. Once she finished Cindy did the same to her. Wendy could feel herself growing more and more excited. For her the act of having someone else apply her nail polish had always been a turn on. The act itself is nothing overtly sexual, but it always implied an intimacy that drove her wild.

A few times right when they were married her husband had tied her up and painted her nails. She always grew so wildly excited that the moment he untied her she would pounce on him and fuck him until they both were exhausted. Near the end of their marriage he wouldn’t even consider doing this for her.

Now, as Cindy softly held her fingers and perfectly applied the polish Wendy could feel her sexual tension and energy growing. She desperately wanted, as wrong and foolish as it may be, to push Cindy down and kiss her deeply, but she knew the time wasn’t quite right yet.

They sat and let their fingernails dry before moving to their toes. They sat on opposite ends of the couch facing each other with their feet in the other person’s lap. They began to paint each other’s toes at the same time and Wendy was now so excited she feared that Cindy would feel the heat from her pussy with her feet.

Neither woman spoke as they each softly repositioned the other’s feet and tenderly applied the polish. Wendy was keenly aware of the closeness and intimacy of this moment and act and she wanted it to last. She hoped that Cindy too could detect the same things she was feeling. Wendy began moving particularly slowly as she wanted to make sure Cindy finished before she did.

“All done,” Cindy whispered softly when she finished Wendy’s nails. Wendy thought, or at least hoped, she had detected something in Cindy’s voice. Was it excitement?

“I’m not quite done,” Wendy whispered back, “sit back and let me finish you off.” She hoped her tone hadn’t betrayed her true intentions as she returned to Cindy’s toenails. She slowly finished off the last bits of the nails and set the bottle and brush down. She immediately moved her hands back to Cindy’s feet and held one of them softly as she started to give Cindy a tender foot massage.

Wendy had been secretly afraid Cindy would stop her but instead Cindy let out a long moan of satisfaction as Wendy’s fingers moved over her foot. Wendy took her time with the foot before letting her hands slip up over her ankle and onto Cindy’s calf.

This was another moment that Wendy had felt was risky, but her actions were again met only by a satisfied moan from Cindy. With renewed confidence Wendy now continued softly massaging Cindy’s feet and her lower legs. She kept this up until her own growing lust caused her to move.

She slipped out from under Cindy’s feet and knelt on the floor in front of the couch. When she first moved Cindy looked up inquisitively and watched as the older woman knelt before her. Without a word Wendy moved her hands back to Cindy’s calves but quickly began to edge them higher and higher up Cindy’s legs.

Wendy stared at Cindy’s legs even though she could feel the younger woman’s gaze. She desperately wanted to look up into Cindy’s eyes hoping to see a gleam of lust or some other obvious signal, but she resisted for fear of seeing something else.

Had she looked up Wendy would have seen Cindy’s eyes and expression were a mask of lust. Cindy too had been excited by their mutual nail painting and at first she couldn’t believe her mother in law had seemed to be coming on to her. When Wendy’s intentions became obvious Cindy felt her heart beating heavily in her chest and her pussy grow wet. The feelings of this moment being wrong only reminded her of being with Kate and how wonderful that felt.

As soon as Wendy started massaging her feet Cindy knew that she wanted to be with her mother in law more than anything. This night seemed, at the same time, sensual, erotic, forbidden, and lusty and it was driving her wild.

She briefly thought of Mike and how this was technically cheating on him, but two things quickly drove that thought out of her mind. The first was the feeling, just as she had experienced with Kate, that somehow this didn’t really count as cheating. Somehow fucking a member of her own family had been twisted in her mind so it wasn’t cheating. The second was that she was doing this with Mike’s own mother. She knew Wendy and Mike loved and cared about each escort bursa other deeply, so if she was willing to do this Cindy wasn’t about to stop her.

Wendy’s hands were now caressing Cindy’s upper thighs. Cindy had spread her legs to give Wendy easier access and there could now be no mistaking on either side that both were willing participants in what was happening.

Wendy slipped her hands out from under the robe and slowly moved them to the knot holding the robe closed. With a single pull she opened the knot and began to slowly push open the robe. She gazed lustfully down at the body she had watched incestuously fucking her own sister with a strap on and could feel the tension in her own pussy growing. It only struck her then that Cindy hadn’t put on anything under her robe either. The idea that Cindy had wanted this to happen as much as she did wildly excited her.

Wendy didn’t try to remove the robe completely but merely pushed it open far enough to expose Cindy’s body to her. Wendy began to caress and explore Cindy’s stomach and sides skipping over her tits. She softly explored Cindy’s chest and neck and prolonged the moment where she would finally touch Cindy’s excited tits.

Finally the sight of Cindy’s hard nipples standing out excitedly drove Wendy to slip her fingers down her daughter in law’s chest until she held Cindy’s tits in her hands. Cindy let out a sensual moan as Wendy began teasing and fondling her tits. Wendy hadn’t done anything like this in decades, but somehow it all felt completely right and natural and she seemed to know just what to do. She lingered over Cindy’s tits and hard nipples for a long, long while. Before she finished Cindy had started to squirm in her growing excitement and her soft moans had become more regular and more lusty.

Cindy seemed to know Wendy’s intentions when Wendy released Cindy’s tits and moved her hands down the younger woman’s stomach. Cindy spread her legs as wide as she could and let out a long sigh when Wendy’s hands brushed through her pussy hair.

Wendy herself moaned when her fingers reached the heavy wetness surrounding Cindy’s pussy. The idea that she had excited Cindy this much drove her wild. Wendy began to explore her pussy carefully teasing and exciting Cindy. Wendy prolonged the moment as much as she could but she knew Cindy was on the verge and she wanted to watch her cum.

With two fingers inside Cindy’s pussy and a finger from her other hand teasing Cindy’s clit, Wendy quickly pushed Cindy to her orgasm. She moaned repeatedly as her desire built and then cried out when her orgasm hit her. Wendy gasped at how tightly her pussy clenched at her fingers and watched excitedly as Cindy’s whole body seemed to quake under her touch.

By the time she finished cumming Cindy lay back breathing heavily trying to regain her composure as Wendy leisurely continued to explore her pussy. They stayed like this for several more minutes before Cindy began to stir and finally sat up. She looked at Wendy and said two words that made Wendy groan with anticipation, “My turn.”

Cindy quickly slipped off her robe entirely and positioned Wendy so she was sitting on the couch looking straight ahead. Cindy pushed Wendy’s legs apart and knelt on the floor between them. She untied Wendy’s robe and slipped it off Wendy’s shoulders and arms until the two women were both completely naked.

Starting as Wendy had done Cindy lifted one of Wendy’s feet off the floor and began giving her a soft, sensual massage. She slowly worked her way up Wendy’s leg until her fingers were mere inches away from Wendy’s clearly excited pussy. Cindy resisted and jumped her hands up to Wendy’s surprisingly tight stomach causing Wendy to moan. Cindy smiled to herself that she had gotten Wendy so excited and looked forward to making her cum.

The truth was that Cindy’s touch had caused much of Wendy’s moan, but at least a part of it was caused by Wendy thinking back to the massage with Mike on their cruise. She remembered how much she wanted him to touch her pussy but how he hadn’t. Now her daughter in law’s hands moved over her in much the same way and Wendy couldn’t wait to have Cindy make her cum.

Cindy didn’t linger long on Wendy’s stomach or shoulders and seemed to focus quickly on Wendy’s tits. As Wendy moaned eagerly Cindy’s hands perfectly caressed and excited her. Wendy gasped loudly when she felt Cindy’s tongue flicking one of her hard nipples teasingly before Cindy closed her mouth over Wendy’s whole nipple and started to suck. Cindy’s touch felt so perfect, so right, that Wendy was going out of her mind with pleasure. The thought ran through her mind that it was no wonder Mike ended up with her if she was this good in bed.

Cindy continued sucking and licking at Wendy’s excited nipples and soft tits for a long time before she changed her position and moved lower kissing her way down Wendy’s stomach. Cindy pushed Wendy’s thighs apart widely and drove her tongue all the way inside her mother in law’s pussy in one motion. Wendy moaned and moved her hands to the back of Cindy’s head. She didn’t even try to guide the younger woman as Cindy seemed to instinctively know how to move and when, but just feeling Cindy’s motions at the same time she felt her lips and tongue on her pussy heightened the experience for Wendy.

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