Red and the Big Bad Wolf


It was the party of the year, or so she was told by her best friend Melissa. The two had been friends for a long time, each practically knowing what the other would say before they said it. Nothing uncommon amongst close friends, especially two who shared so much with each other.

Roxy and Melissa had already planned their trip to Vegas; even before Melissa found out about the Halloween party that would be held at the Palms Resort. Live music, costume party, prizes and lots and lots of people would be involved.

Melissa wasn’t normally the one to indulge, usually Roxy had to talk her into things, but for some reason, it was the other way around this time.

“C’mon Rox. It’s Vegas! You know. What happens there stays there! It’ll be fun.”

Roxy wasn’t one to shy away from a good time and she needed a break from work. Long hours were spent on her business. From inspections to quotations to finalizing the sale. Roxy did it all. She was a female in a male dominated business which she felt that gave her an edge. She could more easily relate to the wives or girlfriends of the perspective customers.

“Hell. Why not?” She told Melissa, knowing full well she couldn’t say no anyway.

The weeks passed uneventfully for Roxy. Not having a man in her life was a boon and a bust. No man, meant not being tied down. No unnecessary commitments. No drama. Men can be so over dramatic at times she thought.

Unfortunately, it also meant little to no sex. Unless she was looking for a quickie, she just wasn’t getting it enough. Roxy’s good looks, long brown/auburn hair, toned body and infectious personality allowed her to be choosey as she had male suitors anytime she would go out. With Melissa as her wingman, the two were frequently surrounded by men.

Melissa was a bubbly, long blonde haired spark plug. Flighty at times. Typical blonde Roxy would say. But someone she could lean on at a moment’s notice. The two went online and booked accommodations and flights. Checking the web site, they found a deal at the Polo Towers and Diamond Resorts.

Given its central strip location and unbelievable price, the two women quickly booked their trip. Friday to Monday. A weekend they were sure not to forget. At least that’s what they promised themselves. They even upgraded their room. The online photo read:

“1 king and 1 sofa bed, 600-sq-foot room, balcony with city views. Layout – Bedroom, living room, and dining area Entertainment – WiFi, flat-screen TV with premium channels, and DVD player Food Rick, Tony and JD. She assumed they were made up, but she didn’t care. They were going to use made up names too. After all, it’s Vegas baby! Nobody uses their real names.

“You were speaking with the one they called JD.”

“YES! That’s it. I remember now. He was cute!”

“The other two weren’t bad either Rox. So get showered up. We have some shopping to do.”

Roxy quickly undressed and showered. She didn’t bother washing her hair as it was going to get messed up later anyway. They knew of a little costume shop, Paradise Costumes, that was near downtown. They offered angels wings, showgirl costumes, roman soldiers, Latin lady fruit hats, and much more.

They took their time and Roxy found the perfect costume. Red Riding Hood. She showed Melissa who burst out laughing.

“Perfect!” she exclaimed.

“Look what I found,” she held up a Chicago flapper dress, with matching turban with feather trim, and a bead necklace. They made their purchases and went back to the hotel for a little R & R by the pool.

By nine that night they were ready to party. They took a taxi, even though it was expensive, it also provided the best means of transportation other than a limo. Neither wanted to splurge that much for what proved to be a fifteen minute taxi cab ride.

The driver, from some foreign country, tried to ask questions, but the girls only gave cursory answers. He dropped them off at the Palms and drove away, satisfied with the nice tip they gave him.

It wasn’t what they originally expected when they first made plans to go to Vegas, but they couldn’t have picked a better place to go.

The Crib was a large complex at 20,000 square feet. It’s “High Society” atmosphere would make any hip-hop mogul jealous. It featured a DJ sincan escort booth with a salt water fish tank, a hydraulic bed, and show shower. It had all the amenities necessary for a good time.

They walked in to find the place already packed. The doorman stopped them saying there was a strict limit to the number of people that could enter. Disappointed, they both flirted with the gargantuan man who remained unmoved by their feminine whiles. They were about to leave when a man dressed as the Big Bad Wolf approached.

He greeted the doorman by first name and asked if it was okay if the girls came in with him.

“Sure Mr. Daugh. I didn’t realize they were with your party.”

“Thank you,” was all he said before turning towards Roxy and Melissa.

“Ladies. Come on in and have some fun.”

He looked at Roxy in her Red Riding Hood outfit and smiled.

“Allow me to introduce myself. I’m The Big Bad Wolf and you MUST be Red Riding Hood.”

“How could you tell?”

“Well, the hood’s a dead giveaway.” he said before adding, “Welcome to the party. If you need anything, just ask. The DJ will be playing around ten, the bar is open all night, and there’s a limit on how many people can be here at any one time, so when you leave, you probably won’t get back in.”

He added, “I’m glad you could make it. After last night I wasn’t sure you’d want too.”

“Oh, so you’re the guy I was hitting on,” said Roxy.

“C’mon Rox. Let’s go party and leave the poor man alone,” Melissa said as she pulled Roxy’s arm to the bar.

JD watched them walk away before turning to the doorman.

“Mike, if you see them leaving, try to stop them. Just tell them I wanted to say goodbye or something.”

“Sure thing Mr. Daugh.”

Roxy and Melissa went straight to the bar and ordered their first drink. Minutes later, a couple of guys approached. They were from Oklahoma, or so they said. Their costume was a minimal attempt at being cowboys. Hat, with a flannel patterned shirt and boots. Roxy and Melissa were unimpressed, but played along.

“Howdy cowboy,” said Roxy in her alluring way.

“Ma’am,” said cowboy number 1 as he raised his hand to touch his hat.

“Where’s your gun?” purred Melissa to cowboy number 2.

“They wouldn’t let us bring them in,” he said, missing the opportunity that she laid out for him.

“Too bad,” she said and motioned for her and Roxy to move away.

Cowboy 1 looked at cowboy 2 and shook his head.

“What?” said cowboy 2 again missing the point.

“Next time a girl asks “where’s your gun,” just tell her it’s tucked away. She’ll know what you mean. C’mon, let’s go talk to that girl over there by herself.”

Roxy and Melissa surveyed the room. There was beefcake man, no shirt, full of muscles and clearly more into himself. Several couples wearing complimentary outfits to each other. A couple of women were dressed as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. Heavy on the dumb thought Roxy.

Of the close to 250 or so people that were there, only a handful were of any interest. Roxy searched the room for Wolfie. Her pet name for the man who seemed to be the host of the party.

Lights suddenly turned down low, strobe lights taking their place and everyone whooping and hollering. A crowd of people pushed towards the dance floor as a spotlight came on. There was JD next to the microphone surveying the crowd

“Good evening and welcome to The Crib’s Halloween bash. Our DJ will be starting in a few minutes, so grab a drink and get ready to party!”

For a small number of people they made a very loud noise. At that same moment the music started and people started dancing. The crowd was full of attractive people, men and women alike. It was pretty close to a 50/50 split of men to women. Melissa and Roxy found a booth and sat down.

Once again, the vultures circled. The girls took it all in stride and made the most of it. Drinks were flowing and the party was fun. They danced, drank, and laughed to the point of almost falling down. But still, something was off. For Roxy at least, Melissa was getting hit on by so many men that Roxy lost track of who was who.

She saw a furry hand place a drink in front of her. She looked at it, wondering how they knew her favorite drink, Whiskey on the rocks.

“You ankara escort strike me as a hard liquor kind a woman Red.”

She took the offered drink, raised the glass to his and replied, “I like more than just my drinks hard.”

Her eyes met his as she threw the double shot down her throat. He stared back, paused, watching Roxy put her drink away like a sailor whose spent time in every corner of the world drinking whatever might be in front of him. He raised his glass and slammed down the faint flavors of charred oak barrels.

“I hope you’ll be staying though the evening,” he said to her.

“Depends on how much fun I’m having.”

“I’ll have to make sure you and your friend thoroughly enjoy yourselves then. I’d hate for you to leave early.”

He turned to walk away, but Roxy put her hand on his.

“You’re leaving already? That’s no way to entertain a girl.”

JD sat down and they talked for a while about the party, which eventually moved to jobs and ultimately how long they were in Vegas. He explained that he’s actually the host for tonight’s party. Something that his company set up nearly a year ago to entertain a bigwig customer.

Roxy was about to ask who, when Melissa showed up at the table again. She had been spending a lot of time with two guys each dressed up as pickles with a note attached saying. ‘Tickle my pickle’. Corny but fun she thought.

“C’mon Rox, let’s tickle some pickles.”

Roxy could tell that Melissa needed to be watched over, before things got out of hand. She excused herself and escorted Melissa to the ladies room.

“I’m so drunk Rox.,” Melissa laughed and almost fell over. She grabbed ahold of the sink to steady herself.

“Do you think they put something in my drink?” a look of concern suddenly came over her.

“Those bastards. And I was going to tickle their pickles. Ha!” Melissa burst into laughter.

Roxy knew that the situation was close to getting out of hand. She told Melissa to stay put and she’d be right back. She exited the ladies room and found JD.

“My friend needs a place to sober up. Is there someplace I can take her for a little while?”

Roxy took a chance that JD could be trusted. She felt something during their conversation that made her feel so.

“Yes. There’s a room that connects to this that offers quite a bit of privacy. Let me take you there.”

He led her back to the ladies room and patiently waited while Roxy went in and took Melissa by the arm. Together they worked their way through the crowds of people dancing and drinking. Melissa tried her hardest to convince Roxy she was okay, but Roxy just kept walking.

JD led them to a private door and down a short hall. There were three doors all marked private with the suite names on the door. They walked past the Directors Suite on the left and the Celebrity Suite on the right. He held open the door to the Erotic Suite for Roxy and Melissa.

The room was immaculately decorated. A red love seat and curved couch with black lacquer finished armrests and chairs to match. A giant big screen TV in the living room, complete with wet bar, sound system and a view to kill for. The floors were a bronze colored marble and chandeliers throughout.

The hall led to two bedrooms, each equally adorned with a giant king size round bed, another huge TV and all sorts of switches that Roxy could only imagine what might be controlled by them. Roxy took Melissa into one of the bedrooms and helped her get comfortable. She figured her friend would be out for a while.

“Well, thanks. I don’t think I should leave her here alone. Is it alright if I stay with her until she wakes up?”

JD looked at her, paused for a moment, before saying, “Of course. I’ll come back and check on you two in a little bit.”

He walked out the door without saying anything else. Roxy felt suddenly uncomfortable and wished that Melissa wouldn’t have drank so much so quickly. She’s usually the responsible one. Roxy decided to relax on the round love seat and turned on the TV while she waited for Melissa to recoup.

JD soon returned. A bottle in his hand and two glasses. He had a devilish grin on his face. Roxy commented on the beautifully decorated room, and the special fixtures. She especially liked the large etimegut escort phallic shaped sculpture as she strode over and caressed it with her hands while looking at JD.

“Hard to compete with that,” he commented.

“Oh? Maybe we’ll have to see about that.”

Roxy didn’t know why she blurted that out. Yes, she enjoyed being aggressive when it came to getting what she wanted, but she couldn’t recall being so bold before. She didn’t waste time trying to figure herself out, she just went with it.

“Would you care for another drink?” he asked holding up the bottle and glasses.

“I really shouldn’t. Or are you trying to get me drunk to take advantage of me?”

“Well, if you’re going to wind up like your friend, then no, I’m not offering anything to drink.”

Roxy laughed out loud thinking about how many times she was the one passed out on the couch while Melissa had all the fun. Well, not ALL the fun she reminded herself. Just maybe a little more than herself.

“I don’t know what happened to her. She’s usually pretty good about handling her liquor.”

“Have you checked on her? Maybe she’s awake.”

“Oh, I think we’d know if she woke up.”

Roxy liked the man in the wolf costume, maybe a little too much having only spoken to him for a brief time. But again, she was in Vegas and, well, you know the saying.

JD walked over to the wet bar, put the glasses and bottle on the countertop and grabbed some ice. He placed three cubes in each glass before pouring the golden brown liquid into them. Roxy sauntered over to the bar, took one ice cube and placed it on her skin.

She seductively put the cube to her lips before moving it down her neck, across her chest and into the halter top. She never took her eyes off the Wolf-man and he watched her every move. He sat back, took a sip out of his drink before placing the glass back on the counter.

“I do believe Red, that you’re trying to seduce me.”

“Is that a problem?” she asked.

“Depends. What will your friend think if she wakes up?”

“I’m not worried about it.”

JD put his drink to his lips, savoring the smoky aroma before finishing it in one gulp. He put his glass back on the counter, walked around to Roxy and pulled her close. Their lips met, their tongues twirled, their hands caressed each other all over. Each helping the other out of their costume. Roxy’s was simple. Pull a string and the halter top fell lose exposing her breasts.

JD stripped himself from the Wolf costume, the furry hands and feet, the wig of wild hair, and his cape of fur. He stood before her, naked. His cock already rising as he returned to her breasts taking each into his mouth. Her sensitive nipples hardening from excitement. She threw her head back as he sucked on them.

He scooped Roxy up in his strong arms and easily carried her to the red round love seat. Slowly, they touched, slowly kissed, the passion between them was undeniable, as if they were long lost lovers, reunited after years of separation. Never before had Roxy felt so comfortable, so passionate, so aroused.

JD removed the rest of Roxy’s Red Riding Hood outfit, tossing it aside. He continued to lick her body, to caress her skin, to nibble where she needed to be nibbled and suck were she needed to be sucked. Her pussy was wet, her heart raced, her mind on nothing other than the pleasure she was receiving. Any thoughts of Melissa where pushed aside as she became lost in the moment.

He nimbly touched, kissed and caressed Roxy and her body was responding the way an aroused woman’s should. Her skin tingled, her breasts and nipples sensitive, her pussy wet. Every fiber of her being was in a state of excitement. She tried to prolong her orgasm as he buried his face in her pussy. His tongue expertly licking, his mouth sucking on her clit. His hands all over her body.

Roxy bit her lower lip, her head tilting back as she arched her back and moaned loudly as her first orgasm hit her like a tsunami. She shook almost uncontrollably with each spasm of her loins. She put her hand on his head, holding him there as she ground her pussy against his face.

“Oh Fuck! Oh My God!. That feels sooo good!. Don’t stop!”

Her words were like cheers for the home team after scoring the go ahead touchdown and JD doubled his efforts, faster, harder and longer his tongue penetrating her. He was driven to make her cum again and again and Roxy was only too receptive to his efforts. Roxy came two more times before she begged him to stop.

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