Reform School Sisters Ch. 13


It had been a little over a week since Kimmie had come to stay with her aunt and cousins. Since then, the four women barely left Lilian’s bedroom. Their lesbian orgies would go on for hours, until they were either too hungry or too tired to continue.

Kimmie was quickly becoming just as skilled at pleasing another woman as her older family members, and relished every opportunity she had to make one of them tremble in an orgasmic frenzy. She would spend hours nestled between their thighs, thoroughly exploring their dripping snatches with her tongue.

After days of love making, the girls were finally taking a bit of a breather. Lilian had gone into the office for the afternoon, and Paige had taken Kimmie with her to get some much needed groceries. Bree was home alone, left to launder the cum soaked bedsheets and tidy up the house a little.

Since the day Cassie had witnessed Paige and Kimmie in the throws of incestuous bliss, Bree had tried to reach out to her older cousin. Unfortunately, Cassie didn’t seem to want to return her calls. Bree was beginning to get worried about what her cousin might do.

She had told her mother and sister about Cassie’s discovery, but the women agreed it would be best if Kimmie didn’t know.

“Hopefully a little time will ease the tension, and Cassie will talk to us soon.” Lilian had said. “Until then, there’s no sense in concerning your younger cousin.”

Bree was once again contemplating another attempt to contact Kimmie’s older sister when she was startled by a loud, insistent thumping at the front door. She stood from the table and crept into the entryway to see who it could be.

“Bree!” Cassie’s enraged voice rang out between the heavy banging. “Let me in! Right now!”

Bree fumbled with the deadbolt and pulled the door open. She was shocked to see not only her older cousin waiting on the other side, but her father, Donald, looking absolutely furious.

“Out of my way, you little slut!” he yelled, pushing his way into the house. “Lilian!” he bellowed. “Lilian, where the fuck are you?!?”

“Sh-she’s not here…” Bree said meekly. Her eyes were wide with fear and shock. Donald ignored her, running upstairs to search the bedrooms.

Cassie stepped into the house, looking around anxiously. “Well, where’s Kimmie? I’ve come to get her out of this hell hole!”

“She’s not here either… She and Paige went to the store…” Bree was trembling. “You told him?” she whispered.

“Of course I did! What you and Paige are doing is sick, and I won’t have my sister be part of it!”

Donald came running back down the stairs, then, and lunged at Bree, grabbing her by the wrist. He swung her into the kitchen, slamming her against the refrigerator. “I knew that school would be a waste of money!” he spat. “We should have just had you and your sister arrested and put in jail!”

“Ow… Daddy… You’re hurting me…” Bree whined, struggling to get free.

Donald pulled back and slapped his daughter hard across the face. “Stop fucking fidgeting!” he yelled.

“Uncle Donald, don’t hit her!” Cassie tried to interject, but he ignored her.

“Where the hell is everyone?” he barked. He swung Bree around again, this time slamming her into the kitchen island.

“Uncle Donald! Stop that! You don’t have to hurt her!” Cassie screamed. She tried to pull him off of her, but he easily pushed her away.

Tears were streaming down Bree’s stinging face. “They’re at the store! Paige and Kimmie are at the store!” she wailed.

Donald slapped her again and she started to sob.

“Donald, stop!” Cassie shouted, helplessly. Things had gotten out of hand. Despite her anger, she didn’t want to see her cousin physically harmed, and her eyes began to fill with tears.

Again, Donald ignored her pleas, and lifted his hand once more, ready to deal another blow.

Cassie fumbled in her purse, pulling out a small canister, and rushed forward, spraying mace into her uncle’s face.

Donald howled, releasing his daughter and stumbling back into the cupboard. Dishes smashed to the floor as he whipped around blindly, swinging his fists with rage.

Bree ducked, avoiding her father’s bursa escort blows. She gritted her teeth, and kicked him as hard as she could in the groin. Donald doubled over and crumpled to the floor.

Moving quickly, Cassie grabbed her cousin and led her out of the kitchen. “Come on!” she yelled. Let’s get out of here!”

Donald looked up, his vision beginning to return, and glared at them through blurred eyes. He struggled to his feet, and stumbled after them, knocking more items off of the counter.

When he was almost on top of them, Cassie whirled around and hit him with the mace again. Donald screamed, turning away in pain. Together, the two girls grabbed him and shoved him back out the open front door. He fell to his knees on the steps and they quickly locked the door behind him.

The two girls stood trembling as Donald swung around and beat violently at the closed door. He screamed and swore at them, consumed with white hot rage. “I’ll be back for you, you fucking cunts!” he finally yelled. “I’ll be back!”

There were a few more thumps, then they could hear his footsteps as he turned to leave. They stood frozen, listening to his car engine start and his tires peel out of the driveway.

After a long, quiet pause, the girls looked at each other, their chests heaving as they fought to control their breathing.

“I… I’m so sorry, Bree! I didn’t know he’d… I didn’t realize!” Cassie stammered, tears beginning to stream down her face.

Bree’s lips trembled. She nodded, beginning to sob again herself. “I-it’s ok, C-c-cass.” she stuttered. “It’s not your fault.”

The two girls wrapped their arms around each other, hugging tightly. Bree winced as her cheek pressed against her cousin’s.

“Shit, Bree! You’re hurt! Come on, let’s get you cleaned up.” Cassie said. She led the girl up the stairs to the bathroom.


Bree stood topless in front of the bathroom sink as Cassie inspected her back. “You’ve got a bit of a bruise here…” the older girl said. “Does it hurt when I do this?”

She gently placed her hand on Bree’s lower back. Bree winced, and Cassie quickly pulled away.

“I-it’s not that bad.” Bree assured her, turning to face her cousin.

Cassie frowned, and picked up a damp washcloth. “You’ve got a scrape under your eye. Hold still.” She leaned forward and dabbed at the cut with the cloth. The girls stood in silence as Cassie washed Bree’s face.

“Why did you bring him?” Bree finally asked.

Cassie froze. She looked into her cousin’s eyes and sighed heavily. “I… I was afraid to come alone. I didn’t know what to do…”

They were silent again, searching each other’s faces. Cassie hesitated before asking:

“Have you… I mean, I know Paige has, obviously… But have you and Kimmie…”

“Yes. We’ve had sex.” Bree said quietly.

Silence again. Cassie went back to awkwardly dabbing her cloth at Bree’s face.

“You know, I haven’t felt close to Kimmie for a long time… It’s almost like we’re not even sisters anymore. She’s just… distant, and resentful, since our parents died…”

“She loves you. She’s just been through a lot. You both have.” Bree touched Cassie’s cheek gently.

Cassie trembled. She almost pulled away from her cousin, but stopped herself. “I… I just wish I could connect with her… Like you have. I mean, not like you have, but…”

Bree interrupted her cousin with a tender kiss on the lips. Cassie froze, her heart pounding in her chest. The kiss was soft, and gentle, but definitely dripped with sexual desire.

After a long beat, Cassie pulled away, putting her hands on Bree’s shoulders. She stared into her cousin’s eyes, her own flashing with fear and confusion. She hesitated, then lunged forward, kissing Bree with sudden, surprising passion.

The two girls wrapped their arms around each other, and their tongues pushed out to explore one another. The kiss was wanton and passionate, their bodies pressing tightly together as they embraced.

Bree pushed Cassie back against the sink, sliding her hand down the older girl’s body. She slipped it between Cassie’s thighs, and cupped her pussy through her jeans.

Cassie bursa escort bayan let out a surprised gasp. She wrenched her lips from Bree’s and looked between them at the girl’s exploring hand. She looked back up at her cousin apprehensively, but quickly resumed their kiss. Her legs spread, and Bree began to rub deftly at Cassie’s pussy through her clothes.

Cassie’s body was on fire, alive with the thrill of performing such a vulgar taboo. Her panties squelched as they rubbed against her juicy cunt, guided by Bree’s strumming fingers.

Bree began to undo her older cousin’s jeans, and fumbled as she pulled them down mid thigh. She plunged her hand inside the girl’s panties, stroking her bare pussy for the first time.

The sensation made Cassie’s hips jolt, and she ground herself desperately against Bree’s fingers. All the while, their lips remained locked together in a wet, hungry, open mouthed kiss.

Bree’s fingers pistoned excitedly in her cousin’s swampy pussy. She shoved them deep inside, stroking Cassie’s inner walls and making her tremble with desire. Pussy juice oozed out over her fingers and dripped to the floor as she worked over Cassie’s needy cunt.

“Oh, fuck, Bree! This feels so good! Don’t stop, please!” Cassie pleaded. Her hips bucked with every thrust of her cousin’s fingers.

“Take my fingers, Cuz. You’re pussy feels so fucking wet… so fucking tight… I can’t wait to share you with Paige. She’ll love to get a taste of this sweet cunt…”

Cassie groaned at the thought of her other cousin joining them.

“You like that, Baby? You think my sister’s sexy? You want to fuck her?” Bree continued.

Cassie nodded desperately. Her hips gyrated harder as Bree fucked her relentlessly.

“What about your sister? What if Kimmie were here, begging to get on her knees and eat your sweet little pussy?”

Cassie threw her head back. Bree’s words had set her off, and she cried out as she exploded in orgasm. Pussy juice gushed over Bree’s pistoning hand, soaking it as Cassie’s cunt contracted around her cousin’s fingers.

Bree stared between Cassie’s legs, watching her cunt spasm as it came. She licked her lips and got to her knees. Cassie was still lost in ecstasy, staring up at the ceiling in a sexual haze. She was completely unaware Bree had sunk to the floor until she felt her tongue swipe through her gooey pussy.

The sensation caused her to convulse, and she whipped her head forward, looking down at her cousin’s mischievous face. Bree had her tongue shoved deep inside Cassie’s open pussy, and was thrusting it eagerly back and forth.

Cassie fell back against the bathroom counter, struggling to stay on her feet. “Oh my God!” she screamed. Her hips gyrated wildly against Bree’s face.

Bree grabbed her cousin’s ass with both hands, holding her in place as she tongue fucked her snatch. Pussy juice streamed onto her upturned face.

Cassie grabbed the back of Bree’s head, tangling her fingers in the girl’s hair. She held her tightly and rocked her hips, scraping her juicy cunt against her cousin’s open mouth. Her t-shirt clung to her sweat soaked torso as she undulated with pleasure.

“I’m gonna cum again!” she wailed, her pelvis churning.

Bree worked faster, thrusting her tongue deep in Cassie’s pussy and rubbing her nose against her clit. The sensation sent Cassie over the edge, and she howled as another orgasm ripped through her body.

Bree clamped her lips over Cassie’s open cunt, gulping down as much of her cum as she could swallow. Her tongue lashed at her cousin’s clit, prolonging and strengthening her orgasm. Saliva and pussy juice dribbled from her chin and stained the front of her shirt.

The intensity of Cassie’s orgasm had turned her legs into jelly. She couldn’t keep herself standing, and slid down against the bathroom counter, crumpling to the floor. Her jeans were still bunched around her knees, and she pushed her thighs shut, pressing them against her still spasming pussy.

Bree sat back, and looked down at her cousin’s dishevelled body. Cassie was gasping for breath. Her face was bright red, her eyes watering. Her shirt was damp and clinging escort bursa to her breasts, and her pussy was an oozing mess.

Bree grinned. She was very pleased with herself, taking in the sight of her latest conquest. She leaned forward, and pressed her forehead to her cousin’s.

“Congrats, Cuz. You’re a pervert now too, just like the rest of us.”

She pressed her lips to Cassie’s, and the older girl groaned as she tasted her pussy on Bree’s tongue. They made out for several minutes, and Cassie quickly grew to love the flavour of her pussy in her cousin’s mouth. Their kiss deepened, and she sucked Bree’s tongue slowly, savouring every taste.

The deep kissing Cassie was giving her had Bree’s pussy creaming. She couldn’t wait any longer, and pulled away, leaning back on her elbows. She pulled down her shorts, revealing her naked cunt to her cousin.

“You seem to like the taste. Why not try it from the source?” she asked.

Cassie didn’t move for a few moments. She stared between Bree’s legs, and slowly ran her tongue over her lips. “Do you think Kimmie will w-want to do this with me?” she stammered, never lifting her eyes from her cousin’s cunt.

“I guarantee she will, Babe. There’s nothing like licking your own sister’s pussy.” Bree cooed.

The thought of eating Kimmie out drove Cassie wild, and she suddenly lunged forward, plunging her tongue in Bree’s cunt. Her enthusiasm took Bree by surprise, and the younger girl yelped, her hips jolting forward as she felt her cousin’s lips.

“Shit! You don’t waste tiiiiiiiime…” she groaned, her pussy already leaking fluid steadily.

Cassie was devouring her cunt eagerly, immersed in the flavour of her juices. Her tongue probed deep inside Bree’s pussy, sending sparks of pleasure through the girl’s inflamed body. Bree tilted her head back and rocked her hips steadily, enjoying the feel of Cassie’s frantic tongue.

“Fuck yeah, Baby! God, are you sure you’ve never licked pussy before?!? Jesus fucking Christ that feels good!”

Bree’s head whipped back and forth, her hair falling over her face. Her chest heaved, and her pelvis undulated under Cassie’s slurping lips.

Cassie had a tight grip on Bree’s firm ass cheeks, and pulled her closer to her lashing tongue. She smeared her cousin’s pussy across her face, coating herself in the girl’s cream. The smell and taste consumed her, and she went wild, grunting blissfully like a pig rolling around in the mud.

The intensity of Cassie’s tongue fucking had Bree panting for air. Sweat beaded on her forehead and her brow furrowed as she struggled to control her desire. Her hips bucked incessantly, driving Cassie’s tongue to drill deeper and harder into her pussy.

“Yes!” she gasped, trembling with wild abandon. “I’m gonna… gonna…” She screamed maniacally, pleasure racing through her body as she came. Her cunt gushed into Cassie’s eager mouth, and the girl happily lapped up all she could with her devilish tongue.

Bree’s eyes rolled back into her head and her jaw went slack. Her voice rasped and her elbows gave out, sending her crashing to the floor. She laid helpless under her cousin, unable to move anything but her wildly gyrating pelvis.

“Holly fuck, Cassie… Holy fuuuuuuuuck…” She finally had to reach down and push weakly at her cousin’s head to get her to stop. Her pussy steamed as Cassie lifted her dripping face.

The older girl climbed over Bree’s prone body, and the two shared a sloppy, hungry kiss. They shared Bree’s copious juices, and groaned into each other’s mouths.

“We’d… we’d better… get washed up.” Bree panted. “W-we need… to clean… the kitchen…”

Cassie nodded, and sat back on her knees, helping her cousin sit up. “That was unlike anything I’ve ever even imagined…” Cassie moaned. She scooped some cum from her cheek and sucked it greedily into her mouth.

Bree grinned. “Imagine what it’ll be like with your sister.” she said.

Cassie’s eyes went wide, and she pulled her fingers from her lips. “I… Do you think… Do you think I could really do that… with her?” she asked.

“Why not?”

“I… I don’t know. That might be taking it too far for me…”

“Well, you don’t have to decide right away. Let’s go clean up the mess Dad made before Mom and the others get home.”

The girls stood and pulled their pants on, then headed downstairs, hand in hand.

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