Rekindling a Flame


Dominic’s heart raced. He couldn’t believe his eyes, which were trained on the screen of his iPhone. The letters of her instagram handle jumped off the black background, flooding his mind with erotic memories of days past. His mind flashed back to their last dalliance, that rainy spring day three years prior. He spoke her name out loud, “Dana,” the “n” lingering on his tongue. Blood started flowing to his groin at the mere vocalization of those two short syllables.

Months had passed since their last conversation. The heat of summer and cooling of fall had slowly trickled by. He had yearned for her but thought she was gone forever, back into the realm of wedded bliss, no longer needing his lustful desire. Now in the cold depths of winter, her heat had returned with one simple notification and the hopes for further contact.

Dominic, rousing from the memories, clicked on the notification and accepted her request, responding with a request to see her latest pictures. He was hopeful that soon a message would appear from Dana. The seconds moved by slowly, feeling like hours, until finally the message icon lit up and his heart leapt. “Hey! How have you been? It’s been a long time,” he read. Though this message gave no indication of her desires, he remained hopeful that she still needed him. How could she not? He made her cum like no one else could. At least, that’s what she had said.

After exchanging formalities for a bit, she finally offered the message he had hoped for, “I’ve missed you. I’ve missed the way you can turn me on with one sentence. You make me feel more desired in five minutes than Jim has made me feel in the last five years.” She was more desirable than Dominic could say. She was a fantasy for most men – pretty with large breasts and porcelain skin. Playful and adventurous, her libido was on par with most men and some of her fantasies even made Dom blush. Poor Jim was just unable to see the gem that he had laying his bed every night.

Dominic had helped her explore some of her fantasies, but he was still eager to explore more. This eagerness boiled over as Dana explained that Jim was out of town for a few nights. She had rented a room just ten minutes from the furniture store which Dominic managed. There were only thirty minutes until closing time, but he knew it would feel like days before he could lock the door and head over to room 321.

Heart pounding, he drove a little faster than usual, eager to arrive at his destination. He couldn’t seem to calm his nerves and could sincan escort feel the muscles in his strong thighs twitching in anticipation. He didn’t look as good as he had in his college hockey days, but he still had extremely muscular legs that Dana loved to rub and squeeze while she teased and pleased him with her oral talents. Years of skating also provided him with the typical hockey player ass, plenty for Dana to grab as she pulled him deeper into her wet warmth.

Finally, he had arrived at the DoubleTree hotel in which he knew his fantasy girl waited. He checked himself in his rearview mirror and stepped out of the car with extra pep in his step. As he walked through the lobby, making a beeline for the silver elevator doors, he fantasized about what Dana might be wearing behind that hotel room door. Would she be in bed, on the couch, or in his favorite place: the shower? It didn’t really matter, he would have her in all three before the night was over.

Dom stepped out of the elevator doors onto the third floor, his excitement building. He could feel the engorging of his thick cock as he passed the various rooms. 315…317…319…his manhood was fully erect as he tried to calm his mind. This was not the night for an early curtain call. All calming efforts went out the window as the black numbers practically jumped off the golden plate next to room 321. As he raised his hand to knock, Dominic noticed that Dana had left the door cracked so he could walk right in.

“Hello,” he uttered hesitantly as he entered the dimly lit room. Silence.

Stepping around the corner, his eyes grew wide and a giant smile filled his face. Dana was lying on her side in the bed. Her porcelain skin was a stark contrast to the lacy black boy shorts and matching bra. Dom stood there frozen unable to decide where he wanted to begin.

Dana shifted and crawled to the end of the bed where Dominic was now standing. She grabbed his tie and pulled him close. Their lips met and in seconds they were kissing passionately. His powerful tongue twisted with hers and filled her mind with thoughts of his oral prowess. Dominic, who was self conscious about the size of his cock, took pride in making a woman moan and scream with powerful orgasms while his tongue was buried deep in her folds.

As if he was reading her mind, Dominic shifted his mouth to her neck, kissing softly down to her collarbone where he applied more pressure and sucked lightly. Dana sighed deeply. She had been longing for his touch for years. ankara escort No man ever made her feel the way that he did. When they were together, she felt like the most desirable woman on earth. His sole focus was to make her feel wanted and he wouldn’t stop until she was left breathless and quivering on the sheets.

Dominic wrapped his strong arms tightly around her frame as she seemed to melt at his teasings on her hot skin. She could feel his fingers deftly undo her the clasp of her bra and felt the lacy fabric slide over her sensitive breasts, brushing her hardened nipples, sending sparks of electricity through her body and to her swelling clit. She shifted her hips slightly to stimulate that sensitive bulb against the bulge in his pants. Dominic quickly pulled his hips away to keep the tease going.

He could feel her desire building which turned him on even more. Her heavy breathing and flushed skin told him everything he needed to know. He eagerly kissed her breasts and ran his tongue in circles around the slightly rigid skin at the edge of her nipples. He loved her soft pillows of flesh and was encouraged to keep teasing them with every sigh and soft moan that escaped her kissable mouth, but he was just dying to taste the sweet nectar between her legs.

Dominic loved eating pussy. There was something so thrilling about making a woman squirm, buck, sigh, moan, and scream with the slightest movements of his tongue. He had spent many nights fantasizing about slowly licking and kissing Dana’s lower lips. Many years ago she had told him she didn’t like having that done. It made her uncomfortable and self-conscious. Three years ago, after just ten minutes and two strong orgasms that had all changed. He had loved changing her mind and her newly found eagerness to receive it made him even more excited to perform.

Dom kissed his way down her torso until his face was pressed against the lacy fabric of her panties. He could feel the heat radiating from her and pressed his tongue against her through the black lace. Her hips jumped off the sheets at the thrill of his touch. She was shaking, desperate for him to remove the thin fabric separating his lips from hers. Sparks shot up her spine as she felt his hands move up her thigh to grab them and she sighed deeply as he teasingly pulled them down her freshly shaven legs.

The cool air of the hotel room air conditioning felt like ice against the heat of her sex. Dana was shaking as Dominic kissed and licked his way from her ankle, over etimegut escort her calf, up to her upper thigh. He could feel her shifting in anticipation and stopped just an inch short of her glistening lips. He nibbled and sucked on the inside of her thigh. With exasperation in her voice, she begged, “PLEASE do it!”

“Do what,” Dominic asked.

“Lick my pussy!” she practically screamed.

He loved that she vocalized her desire and happily obliged, licking from the very bottom of her entrance up and around her hardened clit. Once he had circled that sensitive bulb a few times, he squeezed it between his lips and hummed lightly, his mouth acting as a natural vibrator on her. Her moans filled the quiet hotel room driving him to suck hard on swollen nub. As her moans got louder, Dom teased her entrance with his pointer and middle fingers and thrust them inside of her like a little cock. His pressings against the front wall of her vagina drove her over the precipice. A strong orgasm flooded her body and she gripped the back of his head, pulling him away as the stimulation became overwhelming.

Dom, smiling with self-satisfaction, laid down next to Dana and kissed her deeply. Dana loved tasting herself on his lips and she knew how much it turned him on, but Dominic needed no more motivation. She could feel his hardened rod pressing against her leg through his pants. Still not ready to move out of her post-orasmic stupor, she said, “Get out of those clothes! I shouldn’t be the only one naked.”

Dom followed instructions and stripped down next to the bed. Dana loved watching each layer come off. She crawled over to the edge of the bed as he got down to just his red cotton boxer briefs. His dick made the fabric tent out from his body and there was big wet spot at the tip from the flood of precum created while he was eating her delicious pussy.

As he stood straight up with his boxer briefs still around his ankles, Dana’s eager mouth was waiting and quickly enveloped his swollen head. She sucked softly at first and lightly dug her teeth in just behind the end of his rod. His precum filled her tongue with the familiar taste that she had missed so badly. Dana loved sucking Dom’s cock. It was the perfect size – long enough to get the job done and thick. She couldn’t wait to feel his thickness inside of her. In one swift motion she took all of his member in her warm mouth. Pulling all the way back, she whispered, “God, I’ve missed this cock.”

And that quickly it was over. Dom was moaning her name and his delicious, warm cum was slipping down her throat. She was slightly disappointed that it went so quickly, but she knew he would be hard again in less than five minutes and they had a whole night with no other plans.

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