Relationship Counseling


Relationship Counseling“It’s been so long since I had your mouth on my dick,” crowed five-foot-nine-inch, medium build caramel-skinned brotha as he pushed down on the head of the sissy cock sucker.“You like it,” mumbled the thirty year-old big booty flame.“Yeah,” he replied pushing the faggot back down his eight inch tool. “You ready to feel it in your ass?”“Mmhmm,” Jayshawn Terry.The five-foot-ten-inch, one-hundred-seventy-pound host stood up and grabbed his admirer’s hand. He led the guest down the hallway to sole bedroom in his apartment. He hopped onto the bed and began gyrating his ample, fleshy derriere. The young dread head spanked each cheek repeated as he stroked his throbbing member.“That ass ready,” inquired the college senior.“Yes, daddy,” cooed Jayshawn.The dominant young man spat on the slut’s tight brown hole and instantly shoved himself inside the taut anus.“Oww, oww, oww, daddy,” the bitch boi wailed.“You’ll get used to it,” he said matter-of-factly while continuing to thrust.This was the first time they had fucked in two months and Jayshawn had no issue recalling how much a of jack rabbit he was. All of a sudden, his head was jabbed into the plush queen-size mattress. The Negro planted both feet on the bed and hammered relentlessly.“Oh shit,” cried Jayshawn.“That pussy feel good,” admitted the aggressor with a huff.“Fuck my boipussy!”“Hell yeah!”The moaning sissy felt his lover’s body tense.“Come here, “ordered the fucker as he extracted his penis from the now loosened hole.Jayshawn complied and was soaked with a facial. He licked some of it and announced, “You taste good. Let me get you a towel.”After washing up the guest, Jayshawn led him to the door. He walked over to the couch and checked his phone to find a message from his cousin Brittany’s boyfriend. The beefy light-skinned man was complaining that she was upset yet again over nothing. Jayshawn was used to this.His mother was one of nine c***dren – all girls. And, to boot, out of the nineteen cousins on his maternal side of the family, he was the only boy. Much of his family lived close and they were always in constant communication. Anytime a new love interest was introduced, Jayshawn always let the guy know that he was down to get his relatives in line if they just advised him when his services were needed. He called the number.“Hello,” the baritone voice answered.“Jerome, this is Jayshawn,” he said.“I know who it is. What’s up?”“What’s Brittany upset about?”“She think I was flirting with some waitress. Man, for real, I was just trying to get some free wings.”“Is that so,” Jayshawn laughed.“Yeah. And she’s pissed so I’m out driving around,” Jerome revealed.“Well, why don’t you come over? We can blaze up this weed and talk through the plan,” Jayshawn offered.“Bet. I’m about fifteen minutes away.”“See you then.”Jayshawn jumped into the shower to freshen up a bit. He thought back to the family reunion that happened the summer before he went into the eighth grade. It was his mom’s side and his father had been killed in a car accident the previous summer. So, he was only boy there, but there were a smattering of uncles attending. All of the ladies and girls went to have a spa day. Some sarız escort of the men were playing cards and grilling. Uncle Hal, who was actually divorced from his oldest Aunt Marjorie, asked him if he would tag along to the grocery store with him and Uncle Clarence.When they got into Uncle Clarence’s 1996 Ford Expedition, Uncle Hal remarked, “You slimmed up since I last saw you.”“Yes sir. Mama says I lost my baby fat,” Jayshawn said with little concern.“How do you like,” inquired Uncle Clarence.“It’s fine.”“We were just saying that it fits you,” Uncle Hal chimed in.“Thank you!”“Do you have a boyfriend, Jay,” Uncle Clarence changed the subject.“Uh. What,” Jayshawn stuttered.“A boyfriend,” the driver repeated.“Why would you ask me that? I like girls,” Jayshawn hissed.“Oh really,” laughed Uncle Hal. “You can drop the act with us. We’re not like you uptight aunties.”Uncle Clarence added, “We been seeing switch around for years and play with dolls. We ain’t judging.”“Okay,” Jayshawn began his confession. “I like boys, but I don’t have a boyfriend.”“Why not,” Uncle Hal pressed.“I don’t know how to get one,” Jayshawn sighed.“Oh I bet you do,” said Uncle Clarence. “But I have another question. Do you like boys or men?”“I like men,” Jayshawn shared quickly.“Do you like us,” Uncle Hal quizzed.“Of course! You’re my uncles,” the effeminate nephew replied.“But, do you really like us,” Uncle Clarence prodded. “Have you ever had a dream about one of us being your boyfriend?”“Huh,” Jayshawn stammered.“I think you have,” Uncle Hal insisted. “You were staring at us all day. I caught you looking in between our legs.”“But I…,” Jayshawn whispered nervously.“Don’t worry, Jay,” Uncle Clarence reassured him. “We liked it. And, we wanted to see if you wanted to look closer.”“I don’t wanna get in trouble,” Jayshawn countered.“We ain’t gonna tell if you don’t tell,” Uncle Hal informed him.“You sure,” Jayshawn checked.“Absolutely,” Uncle Clarence said as he turned into a motel parking lot.“Okay,” Jayshawn beamed.The gold SUV came to stop in front of room number two. The two middle aged men exited the vehicle and Jayshawn followed. Uncle Hal unlocked the door of the shabby accommodation and led the way in. The uncles sat on the creaky bed and spread their legs. There was a cooler full of beer from which they asked him to give each of them one.“Now, if we show you ours, you gotta show us yours,” Uncle Clarence set the ground rules.“Alright,” smiled Jayshawn as he shuffled out of his shorts and briefs.“Shit,” laughed Uncle Hal. “That thing is tiny. And, we don’t wanna see it. We wanna see the back side.”Jayshawn twirled around.“Boy, you got an ass like a grown woman,” Uncle Clarence declared. “Now check this out.”Uncle Clarence pulled out his fat seven inch tool and then Uncle Hal produced his longer nine inch dick – though it was not as meaty as his brother-in-law’s. They told Jayshawn to join them on the bed and that he could touch their dicks if they could spank his butt. Jayshawn agreed and was soon getting light taps on bottom as he tugged at the two shafts.“That feels good, boy,” Uncle Hal said.“Do you like it,” Uncle Clarence asked.“Yes sir,” Jayshawn replied with pride.“Ever sucked on one before,” Uncle Hal queried.“No sir,” Jayshawn answered honestly.“You can if you want to,” Uncle Hall offered.“But there is one condition,” Uncle Clarence interjected. “You gotta pick a girl name. I only let girls suck my dick.”“What’s your name,” Uncle Hal tossed out.“Uhhhh…Alicia,” Jayshawn decided.“Alright, Alicia. No teeth,” commanded Uncle Clarence.As Alicia alternated sucking their dicks, the uncles began rubbing cocoa butter on her juicy booty. “Ooh,” she squealed as on them stuck his finger in her hole.“Just getting it ready to take some dick,” Uncle Hal disclosed.Uncle Clarence got up and moved behind Alicia. He pulled her to the corner of the bed. He began working his hefty dick into her virgin hole. Uncle Hal continued feeding her his dick. Once Uncle Clarence was in, he fucked her slowly and deliberately for five minutes. He pulled out and traded places with Uncle Hal. All the while, Alicia was screaming and squirming in pleasured discomfort. Uncle Hal was also gentle and gave it to her for five minutes.The uncles were now both jerking their dicks and came in near unison all over her face. They cleaned her up and explained that they could not spend a long time this afternoon, but at the next reunion, they would plan a whole night together.From that night onward, Jayshawn had regularly pleased numerous husbands and boyfriends of his aunts, cousins, sister, and mom. It was the best kept family secret. No one knew it, but he saw Uncle Hal once a month. It was he who paid for the ass shots Jayshawn got two years ago. Niggas loved seeing his cartoonish big bubble butt.Jayshawn had never been fucked by Jerome, but figured it would probably happen tonight. He answered the door wearing a white tank top trimmed with lace, some psychedelic printed leggings, and a pair of hot pink footies. He noticed Jerome’s eyes bugged as now saw that Jayshawn had a set of puffy nipples.“Come on in,” Jayshawn offered the six-foot-two-inch, husky man.“Thanks,” Jerome acknowledged as he walked inside.“Want something to drink?”“Yeah. You got some gin?”“Coming right up.”Jayshawn switched off to the galley kitchen. He returned with two glasses of ice, a bottle of gin, and a carton of lemonade. “Shall I pour it up,” Jayshawn asked.“Nah let me. I’ll fix yours too,” Jerome insisted. “Here,” he said producing a blunt.They sipped and smoked as they talked about Jayshawn’s family. During this section of the conversation, he threw in that the vast majority of the women in his family were nags and claimed to hate to admit it. The high set in and they were tipsy. Jayshawn stood up to grab the remote.“Can I ask you a question, man,” Jerome inquired.“Anything,” Jayshawn encouraged him.“This is probably gonna sound weird, but how the hell did your ass get so big?”“It’s always been juicy, but a couple of years ago I had it injected with hydrogel a couple of years back. Why do you ask?”“I was just curious.”“I see,” Jayshawn expanded. “Everyone says it’s soft just like a woman’s.”“Oh for real,” Jerome quizzed taking another sip. “I mean do a lot of dudes hit on you?”“Yeah. Most of them are married or got a girl. They say they can fuck me and I don’t hassle them about stupid shit before and after.“Yeah, I know a lot of niggas claim they straight, but somebody gotta be fucking y’all.”“True. You ever fucked one.”“Whoa! You trying to get dirt on me so you can tell Britt?!?!?”“No way,” Jayshawn replied with shock. “Every faggot knows you get more dick if you keep your mouth shut.”“Yeah. Gotta keep your business to yourself,” Jerome agreed.“So you wanna feel my ass?”“Huh?”“This,” Jayshawn said pulling down his leggings.Jerome stared at the voluptuous globes in front of him. Jayshawn wiggled his ass making it clap. “Damn, you wrong,” Jerome lamented.“How so, daddy,” Jayshawn cooed.“You trying to make a brotha wanna hit that.”“You must’ve fucked a boi before,” it was more of a statement than a question.“Hell naw,” Jerome shot back adamantly. “But goddamn I just about ready to.”“Ooh, daddy!”“You got some head game?”Jayshawn considered the gauntlet laid so he rotated quickly dropping to his knees in the instance. He tugged at Jerome’s belt then fished out a nice thick cock from the boxers housing it. Jayshawn marveled at how generously fat it was and the fact that it was a full two shades darker than its owner. He kissed the tip with his gloss covered lips and moved slowly, almost lovingly, down the solid eight inch girthy love stick. He massaged Jerome’s low hanging balls. “Fuuuuuck! Never had nobody suck it kike that,” Jerome howled. “You bout to make me nut!”Jayshawn gagged and rose up with saliva running down his face and still connecting him to Jerome’s dick. “You don’t wanna fuck my tight pussy, Big Daddy,” he purred.“Yeah I do,” Jerome intimated.“Follow me,” Jayshawn said standing his feet and reaching for Jerome’s hand.In the bedroom, Jayshawn continued sucking and slobbering. Jerome groaned, “Damn. Lemme get in that ass.”Jayshawn crawled onto the bed. Jerome looked around and picked up a bottle of baby oil that sat on the nightstand. He squirted an ample amount then massaged it into Jayshawn’s soft skin. He poked his forefinger slightly into the sissy’s hole then stroked his own shaft. “You soft just like a woman,” Jerome announced.“Wait till you feel this pussy, daddy,” Jayshawn shot back as he twerked his fat ass.Jerome entered and confessed, “Goddamn, it so tight.”“That’s cause it faggot boipussy,” Jayshawn called out throwing his ass back.“Ooh yeah. Fuck that dick!”“Yasssss, Big Daddy! Fuck this sissy boi booty hole. Fuck me like a bitch.”“You a bitch alight!”“Your faggot bitch! Do I take dick better than your girlfriend?”“Oh hell yeah!”“She can’t handle your dick like you little slutty sissy fag bitch. You can fuck me anytime,” Jayshawn screamed clamping his rectum repeatedly.“Shit, I’m bout to nut quick as fuck,” Jerome barked.“That’s what’s up, nigga. Cum in my faggy pussy. Cum in it now. We can fuck as often as you want. Cum daddy,” Jayshawn encouraged him.Jerome’s breathing changed to animated huffing. Sweat beads flooded his epidermis double-time. A river of perspiration streamed down his chin onto Jayshawn’s back. His legs stiffened. He flung himself forward and shot the biggest load of his life into the bug booty sissy boi.“Goddamn,” Jerome panted.“That was great! Want me to suck it back hard and do a round two,” Jayshawn inquired.“Hell yeah,” he exclaimed slapping the gigantic, supple ass.

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