Relaxation Studio


I’d got bored with posing. Glamour modelling no longer appealed to or turned me on, well not often. It all became a little repetitive. I mean there are only so many ways a girl can take her panties off, flash her pussy or play with her tits as she simulates having sex or an orgasm, though sometimes simulation wasn’t necessary. Alright, when ‘extras’ are added on another dimension is brought into the game, but then again, how many men do I want to rub me off, play with my tits or give bjs to.

So that’s when I stopped my raunchy photographic modelling and became a hostess, an escort an occasional partner or whatever other term you want to use to describe a high class hooker. That was fine for a while. Lunches, dinners, clubs, casinos, London’s top hotels and restaurants and all on top of a fee that could reach a thousand, pounds that is, for a night, plus a gift, like a watch or a trip to AP or Janet Regar. It was hard work though. Working generally two all nights a week and a couple of afternoons being fucked and licked, giving head and playing the part of businessmen’s girl friends wasn’t easy. It also became a little risky so I began to tire of the action, but still loved and wanted the money.

And that is when I decided to become a masseur and open my own massage parlour, I suppose you would have to call it, although I preferred the term Relaxation Salon.

It seemed the logical natural extension of my career built on sex. Why not? My ‘business model’ was to set myself up somewhere, build a good clientele, take on a couple of other girls and then effectively live off them. Pure and utter capitalism, exploit the worker or, in other terms become a madam as brothel keepers are called, or so I’m told.

So, whilst still busying myself around London’s West End with visiting Americans, Germans, Aussies and other European businessmen, ok there was the occasional Arab, but not much more, I didn’t understand Chinese, India or Pakistani cultures, and this is not at all racist, so I tended to avoid guys from those countries, I also went to massage classes. Dead straight, nothing dodgy, but classes that would lead to a diploma in massage therapy. I wanted to know all about massage; if I was going to sell it, I wanted to be good at it, I wanted to be the best and sell the best. So, on top of wanting to give a hugely erotic massage, for sex would inevitably be at the heart of it, I also wanted to provide a genuine effective and quality massage. Just imagine, you have a bad back or you pull a muscle at the gym or playing golf or tennis and you can go to a ‘clinic’ staffed by youngish, twenty something blondes, wearing crisp white tunics or coats who not only cure the strain but also give you, male or female sexual relief, if you want it that is? Or the alternative, you want relief and you get that along with a superb, proper body massage. Seemed a sound proposition to me.

Being a bit of a perfectionist in some things, but a total drop out in others, I browsed the net looking at the muscular build up of bodies, the way that nerves, tendons, ligaments, cartilages and bones react together. All this complemented what I was learning at the classes.

As I was still escorting I had ample practice opportunities. I added massage to the services I provided to my clients and a lot of them went for it big time. As it happened it often made my job easier too. I would sometimes suggest a massage early on in the date. I would use oil and give him firstly a fairly strong deep tissue job; naturally we would both be naked, after all he was paying for my body and, in any case I didn’t want to get oil on my ‘glad rags.’ I would gradually lighten the massage, especially when I did his upper legs, and would occasionally just touch his balls or let my fingers slide into the crease of his bum. That was usually sufficient to have him hard when I turned him over. Being, as an escort has to be, a sycophant when on duty, I would mutter about how big/long/thick/hard/lovely it was and would then start to caress it. Generally, without even using my mouth on it, I would be able to get him off pretty quickly. Often I would be murmuring as I masturbated him ‘God I am so going to love having this in me later’ or ‘I can hardly wait for this to fuck me.’ Some would retort by suggesting that they fuck me then, but I would stop them by saying how marvellous I found it to wank a man and suggest ‘Why don’t you cum on my tits.’ It usually worked, but if it didn’t then I let them fuck me; most would do it sooner or later in any case. Sometimes though, especially with the older guys, once was enough, so by giving a little more, I got to do a little less and sometimes the ‘date’ was over in a couple of hours.

I finished the diploma course and got a good grade, see what lots of practice does, and then needed to put to work all I had learned.

I managed to get a job at a local gym that had a beauty and spa section. Again it was very straight and I learned all about how to keep the ‘intimate bits’ on both ladies and men covered at escort sincan all times and to use towels to cover most of the body, exposing just the part I was massaging at the time. I was taught how to turn away when they turned over and how to avoid touching any sexually sensitive places.

As I was working for a pittance during those few months I had to supplement my earnings with some escorting and a little modelling so it was a very busy period indeed.

Obviously there were some incidents at the gym that could have got dodgy, but I managed them as I had been taught. A couple of guys got hard, but said and did nothing, whilst two others asked if there were extras, I said firmly no. Several blokes ‘accidentally’ touched me and one girl slid her hand up my tunic. From chatting to the other girls, this was pretty much par for the course. Whilst I was there two girls did get dismissed for providing extras, but I wasn’t tempted for the idea of jacking off some bloke for twenty quid or so has little appeal.

Now feeling pretty well trained, but not quite ready to start my own place I looked for work in a massage parlour, but at the same time kept my eyes open for premises for my place.. That was remarkably easy to get. I simply phoned up a few places some way away from Essex where I was, and still am living with my mum and asked if they had any vacancies. I told them what I look like, five six, 34b 23 35, long blonde hair and blue eyes and look younger than my twenty four years and I got an interview every time.

Most of the places were pretty sordid and didn’t appeal, but there was one in Watford, about thirty miles from where I live, that I liked. It was run by a mid thirties woman, whose husband I subsequently found out was serving time for being a gangster. She kept it spotlessly clean, always had two girls and a receptionist on duty and made sure that all the girls were fully trained. She interviewed me and seemed impressed by my diploma asking if I could let her have a copy to put behind the counter, ‘Gives us a bit of class Sam’ she said putting her arm round my shoulders and adding “Come on I’ll give you your first lesson.’

It was just after ten in the morning. The ‘massage spa’ didn’t open until noon so Karen used the mornings for interviewing, training and her admin work.

“Ok first” she started very officially “You do understand that you have to provide extras.”

“I assumed that yes.”

“And that includes full sex, are you ok with that?”

“For everyone?”

“No” she smiled “Not if you don’t like them and in any case you couldn’t’ ‘service’ ten or a dozen clients a day could you?”

“Shit no” I replied totally horrified at the thought of being shagged by a dozen different blokes in a day.

“Don’t worry, only about two or three a day will want it and you can be selective, so do a couple a day of you want.”


“Most will want you to undress and give them a hand job while they play with your tits. Ok?”

“”No problem.”

“What about them touching your pussy, you ok with that?”

“Yes as long as they are clean.”

“Don’t worry too much about that, the receptionists are trained to get rid of the wrong types and we have security pretty close by.”

“Sounds fine,” I told her actually feeling quite impressed.

“It’s really up to you what else you offer.”

“What do the other girls do and what do the guys ask for?”

“Everything. Blow jobs, massaging you, anal, kissing is really big. A lot of the clients are really quite lonely and to have you as their girl friend for half an hour is all they really want, the sex is almost secondary,” she told me, reminding me so much of what I was told and subsequently found to be true when starting to escort.

“What do I charge or do they pay you?”

“No they have to pay you. There’s nothing illegal about being paid for giving sex, but there is about organising it and then ‘living off immoral earning’ stupid fucking law.”

“So how much?”

“A full strip hand relief is thirty and if they want to touch you it’s forty. Blow jobs are fifty, full sex sixty and an exec package as we call it is seventy five where they get a bit of everything.”

I made appreciative noises about how impressive the prices were, but in my mind I was comparing them to what I had been earning as an escort. I worked out I would have to do six exec packages, which would probably take from when the place opened at noon to when it shut at mid night to earn what I would get for one fuck in the afternoon in a top class London hotel as an escort! Still you have to invest if you’re to build your own business I told myself.

“So how do you get your cut?”

“You have to pay us an agreed amount per day you work for the use of premises.”

“I see and I assume that works at a percentage of what I earn?”

Smiling Karen replied “Oh no darling that would be living off immoral earning, it’s a percentage of what we expect you to earn and that’s the subtle difference.”

We both ankara escort laughed “And what’s the percentage I pay?”

“You pay us twenty percent of the estimated earnings of three hundred a day during your first six weeks as you build up your clientele then fifteen percent of five hundred pounds a day after that.”

It sounded fair, but I didn’t really care for I didn’t expect to be there more than a few weeks.

“Ok sounds good to me.”

We shook hands on the deal agreeing that I would work one long day noon to midnight, and two short days, either noon to six or six to midnight a week for three weeks, then review it.

“You see love the more full services and exec packages you provide the more tired you will get, and with your looks and body you’ll get plenty.

“Let’s start the training shall we?”

“Sure, what do we do?”

“It’s two part; today will be the theory and some explanation from me and tomorrow the practical.”

“How’s that work?

“Well we have a few clients I guess they are who we give free massage to in return for the training.”

“So would I massage a guy?”

“Yes tomorrow, with me watching and training you.”

It sounded efficient and sensible and I was impressed for it appealed to the pedant perfectionist in me. Karen went on to show me round the place and explained all the processes and procedures for keeping to time, looking after the rooms and towels, cleaning up and other stuff like that.

“Ok Sammi, next thing” she said when we were in one of the fours massage rooms.

“What’s that?”

She put her hand on my shoulder and said quietly “Will you undress please?”

I looked into her eyes, smiled I think and raised my eyebrows as I thought she was coming onto me.

“No, don’t worry I’m not like that luv, I’m strictly a cock girl.”

“Ok, sorry.”

“No problem at all. Are you by the way ok with that sort of thing?”

“Well I have dabbled a little bit,” I told her.

“We do have a demand for two girl massage, would you be up for that?”

“Maybe depending on the other girl,” I replied as I undid my blouse and removed that and my bra.

The undressing and the talk of two girl massaging was getting me a little horny and as Karen said. “Panties as well if you don’t mind,” I was almost starting to regret that she didn’t play.

She inspected me very closely looking for studs and piercings I guess as well as cleanliness she told me later.

“You’re a very pretty and very sexy girl Sammi, I’m sure you’ll be very successful and will build a big client base. Come on let’s have a cup of tea.”

I went to get dressed. “No it’s ok stay like that.”

“What naked?”


“You sure you aren’t………” I smiled.

“No I just need to measure you for your uniform and chat about what to wear.”

We went to the office with me feeling a little light headed at being totally naked. Karen explained that I had to sign a no compete agreement that particularly referred to making dates with clients at other locations.

All the girls need to wear a white tunic like this she explained handing me one. It was made of rather nice, but quite thin white, cotton that had obviously been chosen so that it fitted tightly and showed a goodly part of what it was covering. She held it up against me and said.

“That must be about your size Sam, try it on.”

It was and it felt good. “Do we just wear this?” I asked.

She laughed. “No what do think this is, a knocking shop?”

I joined the laughter. She went on to explain that it was pretty much up to the girls what they wore under it, but stressed that sexy undies were preferable. I agreed with that for I have a stack of them from both my photographic modelling and escort work.

“Oh and white holdup stockings are cool too,” she called out.


“Tom, this is Sammi, she’ll be joining us soon, Sammi meet Tom” Karen said the next morning at ten.

After the fitting yesterday she’d explained that both of the girls on duty if not busy would be introduced to the client in the sitting room which was off the reception. “It’s your chance to eye them up and their opportunity to decide which girl suits them best.” She explained that if I felt a strong aversion to a punter than I could drop out, but if both girls did they would have to come to an arrangement. “So try and have a little chat in the sitting room, make eye contact and look them up and down” she’d told me.

“Hello Tom,” I replied shaking the hand of the pleasant looking man who I placed in his mid to late forties, possibly even early fifties. He was a little older than I’d expected, but that was not an issue with me for many of my escort clients had been around that age and some older even into their sixties; I quite enjoy older men actually.

“Hi Sammi,” he said looking into my eyes then down to where the white coat parted showing my modest cleavage. I was wearing a white AP underwear set; hold up stockings, thong, and bra.

“How are you today?” I asked etimesgut escort bayan holding onto his hand and smiling at him.

“Just fine thanks.”

I decided to improvise. “Let me introduce myself Tom, I’m Sammi, I’m twenty three and love massage. I am firm and gentle, will use oil or powder, or nothing if you want a particularly light and sensual time.”

“Gee great.”

“Have you been here before?”

“No this is my first time.”

“What about to massage salons?”

“Nope never, I’ve only just plucked up the courage.”

I put my hand on his arm. “Well you have come to the right place for we will look after you very well…………” I paused before adding with a smile “We’ll be very gentle Tom.”

I was half expecting Karen who was standing off to one side to interrupt, but she didn’t.

“So would you like me to massage you?”

“Yes please.”

“Ok follow me then,” I advised him as Karen had instructed me.

We went into one of the nicely appointed, warm rooms that were all scrupulously clean. I gave him a big, white fluffy towel, opened the door to the en suite shower and suggested “Why not have a lazy shower then ring the bell and I will come to you?”

“That was very good Sammi,” Karen said when we were back in the sitting room.

The bell rang shortly after and we went back, Karen sat on a chair in the corner and I went up to Tom, he was wrapped in the towel.

“Why not take that off Tom,” I said turning my back and walking over to the table holding the oils and wipes and powder “And lie face down on the table?”

He was lying flat and naked when I turned, he had quite a good body and I knew it wouldn’t be unpleasant massaging him or, even doing other things with him.

“Ok Sammi, off you go,” Karen said from the side.

“Would you like oil or powder Tom?”

“What do you suggest?”

“I always think oil is better myself, although some people prefer nothing, just my soft fingertips.”

“Ok oil it is then.”

“I poured some of the slightly warmed oil onto his shoulders and back and then into the palms of my hands, which I then rubbed together. I started working quite firmly on his shoulders and neck trying to relax and loosen him. It worked for not only could I feel his muscles relaxing, but he moaned and sighed a few times.

“Mmmmm that’s good.”

I worked fairly slowly, but purposefully all over his back down to his waist. I did each arm, hand and fingers, which I feel is always nicely intimate. I didn’t touch his, quite pert and firm bum for that was for later and went straight down to his feet and ankles.

I massaged each leg properly, alternating digging quite deep into each cluster of muscles with skimming across them with more of a caress. I purposely avoided going too far up his legs and finished each upward sweep some six inches or so beneath his sizeable pair of balls. I had worked out that there are two ways to move the action form a massage to sex. Which one to use depends on the customer. You can start touching his balls as he lies on his front and get him hard and then turn him over or do nothing particularly come on until he’s on his front. Of course with special customers you can do both.

So as my fingers slid up his leg I slowly let them go nearer and nearer to his balls and bum. I knew he was working out what I was doing and was probably hoping that I would let them go all the way. Tom had clearly been massaged many times as a part of Karen’s training and knew the score. That gave me a challenge to be different. I slowed my movements and ran my hands very, very slowly up his right leg edging nearer and nearer to his balls. I got to no more than an inch or so and then stopped. I took my hands off and walked from the side of the table to the end. Taking hold of his ankles I said. “May I Tom?” And without waiting for an answer, I pulled his ankles wide apart so that his feet were right at the edges of the massage table. Still standing there I deliberately slowly started to run my fingertips up each leg. From his ankles, along his calfs, over his knees, onto his upper legs, along his thighs and on and on and on until the fingertips on both hands met his balls, which I touched very lightly. He grunted. I rubbed them, he moaned and I ran my fingernails across his scrotum I took them away and then went back this time sliding my fingers under his balls and up to his cock which had hardened. I held it, he was big and it felt good.

“Would you like to turn over Tom?” I asked removing my hands from his cock.

He rolled over and I saw his full erection. He was big and he had a nice looking cock.

I smiled down at him as his eyes roamed over my breasts inside the white tunic. I was wearing a size too small white bra and that pushed my B cup tits together making them look bigger than they are and creating a great cleavage.

“Are we having any extras today Tom?” I asked smiling at him.

“What’s on the menu?”

“What would you like?”

“A blow job?”


“How much is that?”

“With me dressed like this fifty, but with me with no clothes on seventy.”

“And can I touch you?”

“For eighty you can,” I said easing the top button undone and showing him most of the white bra.

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