Subject: Releasing Uncle Joes Tension – Incestuous story of uncle and nephew This story is a mixture of fact and fiction. If it is illegal where you live or you are under the age of 18, leave now. As the writer I in no way condone sexual relations between adults and Little’s. In theory it is hot but that’s as far as it goes. This is my story, I hope you perverts like it. I hope you have ur boy pull that fat heavy meat out of your shorts and help you beat the life out of it. Enjoy and happy cumming! Any questions comments concerns email me at hoo Ever since I was a little boy, I’d say somewhere around the age of 9 or 10; I knew that I admired men. There is something so beautiful and erotic about all that muscle, hair and body odor. I remember going to the YMCA with my uncle as a little tot and wanting to hurry up in the pool or working out because I wanted to go to the showers. That’s where I got to see all types of man dick. I always knew that my dick was a lot smaller then other guys growing up but hey I was 10. I just remember being in awe of my uncles beautifully built well muscled body. He had the thickest meatiest things and had the most amazing pattern of hair that covered hit chest, crotch, and legs.. I know uncle joe had noticed several times I would be stuck in a trance scoping out his body from head to toe. When we were done at the Y we would usually go back to his house for a sleep over were I could play with my cousins who were a little younger than me. My uncle was a creature of habit and it didn’t take long for me to notice that after the gym he would throw his dirty jock, socks and clothes on the floor in the bathroom for his wife to pick up. As soon as he dropped them I would wait until the coast is clear and I’d excuse myself to the bathroom were I would pick up his jock and inspect it. I noticed the hairs in it were very thick but not very long. I later find out it’s because he keeps his Mr. Wiggles trimmed neatly. His socks had this most amazing smell to them, and at 10 years old it would make my hairless little dicky so hard.. I became infatuated with the smell and needed more. It was around this time that I took a special liking to uncle joe and asked my daddy if I could spend more nights at his house since he was closer to school. On the days we’re my auntie would pick me up and I would get to their house before uncle got home from. Working construction. I would just sit by Myself on the stairs and wait patiently for uncle joe to return. As soon as I heard his truck in the driveway. I would get butterflies and get all giggly. I couldn’t get the thought of my uncles smelly socks out of my head and for some reason I decided that today I was going to help uncle joe take his boots off. So he walked in thru the door and had to drop his lunch box because I was flying at him with my arms open and a cute innocent little smile on my face. Not to mention I was wearing my white T-shirt and my Superman undies.. I jumped in uncle joes arms and gave him a big huge and while I was embraced in his arms I took the time to bury my face in his arm and take a big wiff . It was like electricity in my body. I was hooked. Uncle put me down and walked in the dining room where he would tAke his beer and sit down and relax. Take his boots off and put up his feet. Well as soon as he was in the chair, I jumped down on my knees gaziantep travesti and his feet and said, uncle your tired let me help you with your boots. So I untied each lace slowly while not forgetting to look up at uncle joe and flash him my beautiful smile every now again. I pulled off the first boot and fell backwards. We both laughed pretty hard. There was that smell. That smell of masculinity and testosterone. As I pulled off his other boot. I grabbed his foot, put it to my nose, looked at him and said phew those sure are ripe. He thought it’d be funny to push his foot in my face and rub it there. I laughed but I don’t think he knew just what effect it had on my 10 year old boy dick.. then I slowly took off his two socks and rubbed uncles feet a little bit. He threw his head back in the chair, let out this amazing lion like growl, unbuttoned his top bottom on his pants, took a sip of his beer, winked at me and said thanks tiger! He told me he could get used to this, so I took that as an invitation to try to be at his house at least 3-4 days a week Before he got home from work.. I took his boots and his socks, dropped the boots by the door and stuffed his socks in my undies. I thought I was swift but my undies were tight on me, I was a growing boy, so I ran upstairs to his bathroom next to his room. I closed the door behind me and pulled his socks out of my undies. My little 3″ cock was so hard from having my uncles feet smell next to it. I rubbed his socks all over my face and lips and even rubbed them on my little woody. It was amazing. I couldn’t cum yet nor did I know much about masturbating or releasing some tensions as uncle joe later called it. When I was finished sucking the stench off his socks I threw them in the hamper. Went a little wee wee. Pulled up my undies and went to lay on the couch. When I got down stairs I felt like uncle had this twinkle in his eye as I came down the stairs. I just smiled and kept coming. I jumped on the couCh, and kept rubbing my little pecker with my thumb and pointy finger. My aunt and cousins were around the house. She was making dinner and the kids were running around the house begging me to play with them but with no luck. As I kept rubbing I noticed uncle had reached in his pants and made an adjustment. It took a lot of effort from what it looked like. My eyes bulged out of my head. Well auntie called for dinner and we all ate and had dessert. Uncle joe announced he was gonna go shower. But looked at me right before he got up. A lightbulb went off in n head. I gave uncle joe a couple minutes to run his water and get naked. I said, dang I got to tinkle.. So I ran up the stairs, when I got to the top, the bathroom door wasn’t closed all the way. It was cracked about 3 in us, and I could hear the water running. So I tiptoed up to the door and peaked inside. What I saw truly changed my life forever. And I think that was the day not only did I fall in love with uncle joe. But I also figured out that I liked men’s bodies and would later turn it into my life mission to be the ultimate worshipper to hard working ripe men. When I peaked in, I saw uncle joe sitting on the toilet with his big meaty legs stretched out and he had a piece of white fabric in his hand around his nose. He had is dicky in his hand. It was the biggest thing I ever gaziantep masaj salonları seen. It was long and fat. It seemed bigger then a can of coke. He had his hand around it and it still was like 4 or 5 inch’s longer than his hand. He was rubbing it really fast up and down. His big masculine feet were curled up and his legs were twitching. I was mesmerized. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. This is the first time I saw a grown up dicky all hard and big. Not to mention it was my uncles, my king! About 3-4 minutes later uncle joe got really stiff in his body and he looked uncomfortable. He was wimpering and breathing really hard. He still had that fabric over his nose. I thought he was hurting or in trouble. So like a good boy I am, I pushed the door open and said uncle joe are you okay.. he was startled and jumped up. That’s when I saw it in all its glory. Uncle joes Weiner was right there almost poking me in the nose. I couldn’t help but stare at it in amazement. Uncle joe threw the fabric he had on his face in the corner. When I looked were he threw it, I was shocked. I couldn’t believe that uncle joe had a pair of my whitey tighties that I wore yesterday on his face. I looked at uncle joe. First at his weiner, then up in his eye, then back to the big tennis ball sized nuts that he had between his legs. I said, ugh uncle joe, are you okay. I came up to go weewee and when I got to the door I looked in and saw you shaking and making noises. I thought you were hurt, so I came running into to help you. Are you okay uncle joe? Uncle joe grabbed me by the chin and said, hell ya sport I am great. I was just releasing a little tension that you caused in me earlier. The look of shear panic must have came over my face because uncle joe quickly, pushed me over and sat me on the toilet. He kneeled down in front of me and said, don’t worry little buddy, you didn’t do anything wrong, you actually did something really really really good and didn’t even know you were doing it. So I looked at him puzzled while I bit on my thumb. What was he talking about? I was so confused. So I looked at him dead in his beautiful light brown eyes and said uncle why was your dicky so big and swollen like that. Mine is not that big, is my pecker going to get to be as big as yours. Uncle joe laughed a little bit. He stood up and closed the bathroom door completely. He smiled at me and said look sport it’s time I talk to you about growing up to be a man. Like me. Very soon, in the next couple years I’d say based on when me and your father went thru puberty around 12-13. Your precious little body is going to start growing hair and muscles and start changing. And one day your going to be just like me. And he looked at his pecker and pointed to it with his big grin he does. So I asked him. Am I going to get all that hair on my pecker like you got? He said of course tiger. That’s what makes you a man. And another thing that makes you a man is when your dick gets hard and you get excited next time you take ur uncles boots off after work, then you can rub it just like you saw me doing before you ran in here on me. And the more you rub it and the better it feels and if you keep going eventually your dick with shoot something out that is men call cum. Cum? What the heck is that. I’ve rubbed my pecker before gaziantep escort bayan but nothing comes out. Just some times I feel like I got to go peepee. Uncle joe could see the confusion on my face which made him no for sure that I was truly a beautiful innocent and loving little boy. He knew that I loved him so much almost as much as my daddy. So he told me to sit tight on the toilet. So I pulled my undies down and sat on the toilet. I had to go poopoo and uncle joe made fun of me. He said I stink. But he didn’t use the spray and he said don’t flush it. So I didn’t. But I continued to sit there waiting for what uncle joes next move was. He sat on the edge of the tub, reached down and grabbed my tighty whiteys. He told me to keep watching and don’t blink. So I sat there patiently watching while he put my undies to his nose, he took that big meat of his in his hand. He started rubbing it up and down really fast. He stopped for a second and said, see kiddo this is how a man releases tension in his body, it’s called jerking off.i said wow that’s cool. Can I try? That question kind of threw him for a loop and it took him a minute to answer me. He sounded a little hesitant but said sure squirt come stand over here between uncles legs. I had this huge smile on my face seeing my uncle joe in all his glory.. Then he grabbed my tiny pale little wrist and told me to grab his pecker with my soft little hand just like a baseball bat. So I did it. It was hard but it was warm and squishy also. Uncle let out a little wimper when he looked down and saw that his 10 year old little nephew had his big meaty veiny cock in his hand. It was so thick I could barely get my little fingers around his whole dick. I had the biggest grin on my face. I started to copy what uncle joe was doing to himself earlier and started rubbing it up and down. He put his head back and smiled. He told me how good of a boy I was. He told me he wants me to teach my little cousins how to do this one day too. I told him I would and he just messed my hair up and said I love u kid. So I kept rubbing it up and down. As fast as I could, and uncle joe used his other hand to pull on his bull testicles hanging from the meat. He told me to keep up the good work in just a minute I’ll see that cum thing he was telling me about. As I was rubbing uncles rock hard dick I took the chance to tell him how much I really love taking his boots off for him and how I steal his socks and jock after work or after the gym and I rub them all over my boy dick.. Before I could even finish speaking uncle joe got really tense and it seemed like his dick got a little harder and firmer. It looked gigantic in my tiny little hand. But I kept doing what I was I was suppose to. His breathing got a little louder and he said squirt keep going uncle is going to cum. I said yes sir and I gave it all my might. My little arm was getting tired but before I could even complain about. Uncles dick started shooting white stuff out like a volcano. All over the place. It got all over my hand. It was really warm and thick. I took my finger on my other hand and put it in the big glob on my hand. It was sticky too. I was amazed. Uncles dick was still oozing this cum out of his pecker. His eye were closed and he had a big smile on his face. When he was done he looked down at me. I had his cum all over my chest and arms. I was just looking at it. He took my undies and slowly started wiping it all off of me. He said sorry about that buddy. Uncle had a lot of tension in there he had to release. With that he kissed me on my for head and threw my undies in the hamper. Told me to get going and go play with my cousins. I did what I was told because I’m a good boy.

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