Reluctantly Pleasurable


Note: I drifted from Literotica a few years ago. I am back with fresh copies of stories I wrote – newly edited, and a few new ones. As always, I appreciate feedback as well as ideas. Should you have an idea you want to put down on paper, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Katie’s heart jumped as soon as she walked into the living room. Her mother had left for a three-day work trip, and having arrived home from college for the summer, Katie intended on spending quiet weekends with her father, Randy. They’d planned for the day. In the morning, after she’d gotten up, they’d cook breakfast together as they had done on weekends since she was a child. Afterward, they would go for a walk on the beaches of Santa Monica, catching up and enjoying time together, making up for the time they lost since she left for college nearly a year ago.

Those plans were the last things on her mind the moment she walked in the living room. Her father sat on the couch, his hands up on the air as a masked man, standing just a few feet away from him, held a gun toward him. Still shaking, Randy jumped as he acknowledged Katie’s presence, then darted his eyes to the masked man again, looking as helpless as Katie, in her 18 years, had ever seen her father.

“Oh, dad! What’s going on?” she screamed and took a step back, her knees wobbly, as soon as she saw the scene unfolding in front of her. Never in her life had Katie been so scared. In the peaceful family in which she grew up, where her father and mother taught her to use words and denounced all forms of violence, no guns were ever seen or considered; she hardly heard a harsh word from her parents, whether directed at her or each another. Yet, here, her father sat with a gun pointed at him.

“Shut up and sit down,” the man commanded, his voice crackling and filled with rage as he pointed the gun at the couch, signaling for Katie on the chair across from a father.

“Before you say anything stupid,” the man began, his eyes glaring at the both of them. “I don’t want your money.”

He stopped for a second to let the words sink in, yet it didn’t make it any easier on Katie’s heart. The college freshman from American University could feel her heart pounding, not knowing what to expect or what was to become of her family. In that moment, she wanted Mom. While she loved and always got along with her father, her mother had always been a source of comfort, and deep inside, she wished Mother would all the sudden show up, and call the police, and hold her and dry her tears. Katie snapped back into reality by the intruder’s voice, and jumped, as the man continued.

“What I want is to see you naked,” the man said to Katie, staring at her up and down and focusing on her chest, hidden from view by her arms. Still wearing her pink and yellow pajamas, Katie didn’t look at all like the confident, intelligent 18-year-old freshman who led many volunteer and community projects since she was a pre-teen.

“Now, stand up, and start stripping, and your dad and I are going to watch,” the intruder commanded, his eyes as serious as his tone, while making motions with his gun.

“She … I …,” Randy stammered, his hands trembling as he tried to protest.

“Shut up and just watch,” the man interrupted. “I know you want to watch her,” he man barked in an accusing tone, one that all the sudden made Katie sick to her stomach.

“Do it now!” the man said, pulling back the charging handle, as he chambered a round and pointed it at the teen, determined to prove to them he wasn’t bluffing.

Reluctantly, Katie stood up and with her eyes to the ground, began unbuttoning her pajama shirt, her hands shaking from both fear and shame as she stood between the man and her father. For Katie, there was still a moment of salvation. She could turn away from her father and he would never have to see her naked. She would never have to be so openly naked in front of her dad.

Shame washed over Katie. Sure, she was comfortable with her dad, but to display her body for him in such a manner, she could never live with herself. She could never live with the idea of allowing her father to watch her strip, showing her tits, and then, even worse, having him look at her nakedness from the front, able to look at what was between her legs.

On the couch, Randy trembled as his eyes focused on his daughter, hoping, wishing she weren’t so scared and that somehow he could reach out to comfort her and make her fear go away. Even just a few feet from one each other, father daughter felt like they were thousands of miles away, unable to comfort each other, or reach out to hug each other to make their world right again.

One button at a time, Katie began to undress, her fingers shook and her knees buckled with a new feeling of fear and shame she’d never experienced before.

If I think about something else, maybe this wouldn’t be so bad, she convinced herself as she unbuttoned the top button to her PJ top, slowly exposing the skin on her chest, and with each bursa escort button, her cleavage and breasts came into view.

She’d gone to sleep the night before without a bra and now, with half of her buttons already undone, Katie was exposing to her father a part of her body he had not seen since she was a child. The result of many hours in tanning salons began to show itself for the first time to her father. To Katie’s surprise, her nipples began poking out in reaction to the cold air, her areolas filled with goose bumps. Two more buttons. She kept her eyes on the ground, focusing on each button, taking her time to undress as to not rush herself into embarrassment, and half hoping the man would change his mind.

When, at last, all the buttons were undone, Katie stood in front of her father, feeling like a child being judged, hands still shaking as her breasts pushed out of her chest, her eyes stared at the carpet as she reached up to get out of her PJ top, and dropping it on the floor.

“Now, your bottoms, too,” the man screamed, once again waving his gun toward Katie, who flinched and moved back, startled at the man’s sudden movement.

“Oh. No, no, no. This was bad enough, but my bottoms, too? Her mind screamed, weighing the meanings of being naked in front of a stranger as well as her dad. For Katie, the body was such something to be proud of – to be loved, but at the same time, also something private – not to be shown to just anyone. Trust. That’s what had to happen before she exposed her body to any boy in college; yet, with both trust and intimacy nowhere to be found, she stood half exposed, with orders to show the stranger and her father more of herself.

Reluctantly, she reached for her either side of her waistband, just right above where both sides of her hips were, and began pulling down, half an inch at a time as if trying to bide her time, hoping if she went slowly enough, she would eventually make the man go away. She continued to pull at the waistband, just exposing the front, and Randy continued to stare at his daughter, first at her chest again and then at her crotch, part of him curious at the exposure of his daughter’s body.

Then, it came into view. First just the fleshy lips, just the top of the lips, delicate and a hue of pink. As Katie began pulling her PJ bottoms down farther, her entire mound came into view, exposing the pouty lips, the long dip that bookended by either side of her neatly folded outer lips, gently covering the tiny hole within, still hidden from view. From that distance, Randy swore he saw a bit of shimmering light between her legs, perhaps a sign that she’d been a bit wet at the attention. His mind began to wander in places many fathers often visited, but so few ever admitted to doing such. Closing his eyes, Randy unsuccessfully pushed the image out of his mind. Imprinted within his mind were the beauty between her legs, and the pair of breasts that he never imagined he would ever get excited over. He shook and opened his eyes again.

As Katie stepped out of her PJ bottoms and stood naked and trembling in front of her own father and the intruder, the PJ bottoms, still hot from he body heat laying bunched on the floor, she began to wonder what her father thought of her. Was he judging her body? Was he upset that she’d so easily stripped, despite having done so under duress?

The young girl didn’t have a chance to think to herself for long, as her thoughts were interrupted by yet another command, jolting her back into reality again.

“Now, touch your pussy,” the man commanded as he sat down, gun still pointing at her, not giving a damn that she’d barely turned 18, after having graduated high school early, or that her father was also in the room.

“Uh … I can’t…” Katie stammered, knowing that would cross the line, that it was one thing to expose her own pussy in front of her father, and it was another thing to play with her own pussy in front of him. Of course she’d masturbated before, many, many times, and in fact, had done so just the night before, but never had she ever considered playing with herself in front of her father.

Yet, the 18-year-old had no choice, for as soon as she started to protest, the man pointed a gun at her father, prompting her to sit down on the empty chair next to her and giving in to the man’s demands as he smiled and motioned with his head to her father, telling him to watch.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this. During the times Katie masturbated, it’d been in front of her lovers, men she wanted to see her masturbate, and in her own room, with privacy. An act so intimate, she reasoned, was only meant for those she loved, and for herself, not for the whole world to see. Of course she loved her father, but that was a different type of love. She’d never considered him a lover, and to sit there, already exposed, and now about to touch herself, sent a repulsive feeling down her spine and deep in the pit of her stomach.

But masturbate she must. She had to do what it took to get that man bursa escort bayan to go away, to leave her and her father alone, and when Mother came home from her trip, they would be a happy family again, forever leaving behind this incident. At that moment, she didn’t even consider that they would call the police, because of the shame, and fear that her face would be exposed all over the news. If no one knew, if they kept quiet, Katie thought she could deal with the turmoil by herself.

Slowly, she reached for her slit, her tiny lips still neatly folded and tucked inward, hiding and covering the tiny hole that often leaked with her own juices when she touched herself. Her middle finger got there first, gently parting her lips as she pushed a middle finger into the entire slit, letting her hand, cold and trembling, slide down the valley that, at the top, featured her clit, still hidden from view, and below, the dip that at times became moist and wet, drooling with hot juices. But she found it to be dry and lifeless, partly because of fear, and because she wasn’t turned on.

Katie listlessly moved her middle finger up and down the slit, her palm against her clit as she moved her middle finger’s knuckle up and down over her tiny hole, her knuckle taking a dip each time she did so. She swallowed hard, knowing that soon enough, she would probably physically turn herself on, though emotionally, Katie was miles away, back at college, where she was loved and respected, looked up to and adored, lusted after and viewed as a world changer.

As if having an out-of-body experience, Katie continued touching her pussy, stimulating her clit, and letting her knuckle move over the fuck hole, sometimes making circles around it, completely ignoring her audience. As she did so, both her father and the man glued their eyes on her fingers, following each movement as the scared teenage girl continued to explore her folds. Partly feeling guilty, Randy swallowed hard and realized that he’d gotten excited. My God, Katie has a beautiful pussy, he thought, before chastising himself for looking.

Dipping her knuckle into her hole, just a fraction of an inch, Katie shocked herself and snapped back to reality, remembering all the sudden that she was masturbating in front of her father and a stranger, as she could feel a slippery, warm substance stick to her knuckle. Was she getting turned on in front of her father? Was she getting wet while masturbating in front of her dad, despite not wanting to? As if egged on by an unseen force, Katie continued to masturbate. Pushing her palm harder against her clit, and with a quicker pace now, the teenager ran her knuckle over her dip once again. As if by magic, the walls inside her pussy began to leak; thin, hot trails of lubricant exited her body and onto her finger.

I am wet. What’s wrong with me? And dad can see me wet, Katie thought to herself, admitting to herself that she’d been turned on by touching herself, whether it was also because she’d done so in front of her father was another story. The first step – admission, was all that was needed to open the floodgate as her speed increased, and all the sudden, Katie could feel the lust building inside of her as each touch produced more lubricant, helping her hand glide much easier on her crotch, while sending shivers up her spine.

No, no, no, this can’t be happening, her mind screamed, yet part of her also let it all go. Perhaps if she made herself cum, she thought, the man would leave them alone, and better yet, she’d be able to satisfy herself, her now-fogged mind thought. Then she and dad would talk about it, and it would all be over. They’d return to their normal lives, dad going on to love mom as he always did, and Katie continuing with her college career.

The more she focused on the fact that her father was watching her, which Katie simply could not get out of her head, the more wet she somehow got, as her juices began to coat her insides at first, and then inch by inch, ran down her pussy and wetting the opening of her tiny opening. Her knuckle became slick with each dip it took inside her hole, no matter how shallow, and the young girl felt a hot flush over her entire body as she looked down, realizing that her chest were flushed red, and her nipples pushing out of her the mounds on her chest, excited by the pleasure she was giving to her other body parts. As if resigned to accept her fate, Katie pushed her crotch out at the direction of her father, exposing her sopping pussy and she let out a hiss.

With her breathing becoming more shallow, Katie closed her eyes, hoping, thinking that perhaps if she didn’t see her father in front of her, she wouldn’t get as turned on. It didn’t help. She’d given up now, she’d given up on trying to pretend it wasn’t her father watching her, because in reality, he was; all the sudden, accepting the fact made it easier to masturbate, but she still didn’t want to see him in front of her.

“Ugh!” a tiny gasp involuntarily escaped her throat as her knuckle took another dip, taking escort bursa with it the slick, hot lubricant now seeping out of her pussy and running down her slit and onto the chair. Deep inside of her, more juices had built up, and they needed release; they needed her help to exit her body, through her pussy and onto her hands and the chair she sat on, even if it meant doing so in front of her father.

Opening her eyes again, Katie looked directly at her dad to find his eyes were glued to her, on her pussy, on the way her hand and fingers danced between her legs. Momentarily, as he realized that Katie was looking at him, Randy guiltily looked up at her. For a second, a mere second, their eyes locked. Katie sighed as he looked at her, because in his eyes, she could see it all. She could see the guilt of a father’s helplessness, and for the moment, she felt an intense love for him. Yet, she also saw the eyes she’d seen in so many lovers – lust, the burning desire to be with her, to be inside her, to grind his crotch against hers as they both orgasm. Katie shuddered at the idea of her dad being turned on by her. Yet part of her, a small, little part deep inside of her, accepted it, knowing that it was natural for a man to be turned on at the sight of a woman in sexual needs, especially one as good looking as she was.

He wants to fuck me. I turn him on. Dad is hard because of me, Katie realized as her fingers continued to dance, and though the idea made her sick, Katie could not help but eye her father from where she sat, letting her eyes rest on his crotch and realizing that in between his legs, a bulge had developed.

Her heart beat faster, not out of fear anymore, as she’d learned to accept the situation, but because she’d never been in such a situation. To her knowledge, she’d never turned her dad on, and all the sudden, the idea seemed a novelty to her. Her own father had gotten hard watching her, and she, too, felt guilty. Yet, it somehow made her wet, as Katie increased the speed at which she rubbed her pussy.

“Ugh,” she softly moaned, closing her eyes and biting her lips as she leaned back, preserving in her mind the image of her father with his lusty eyes and bulging cock, staring at her as she masturbated. Is he still staring? She thought. As if to find the answer to her question, Katie pushed her middle finger halfway inside herself, sending pleasurable shockwaves to the nerves inside her hole, now slick and warm as it expanded to welcome her finger. She let out a moan. Is he watching now?

“Ohhhh, shit!” she dragged out the word, letting her finger linger before pushing it in all the way and gasping as she did. The idea that her father was still watching made her more wet as Katie tensed her body while her finger, almost on its own, thrust in and out of her body.

How hot was it that her father had lost all sense of fatherly love and protection and was turned on by her body, she thought. How hot was it that all the social constructions of family, thousands of years of defining and redefining what was moral and immoral were all gone, replaced with only the pure lust a father had for his own daughter. How hot was it that her father probably wanted to fuck her.

She could feel it building deep inside her, a few more minutes and she would explode all over the chair, not caring if her father were there or not.

A she approached closer and closer to the familiar feeling, young Katie was snapped back into reality again, forcing her to take her finger from her pussy, still slick with her juices, and look up.

“That’s enough!” the masked man said. “This isn’t just for you.”

All the sudden, guilt came over Katie as she remembered the danger of the situation, that there was still a man with a gun, and worse yet, she’d masturbated, and gotten wet, and gotten close to an orgasm in front of her own dad.

“You! Drop your pants!” the man commanded as he pointed the gun at Randy, who began to protest, but only to give in, as he shot a guilty look at Katie. The man probably wanted her father to masturbate in front of her now, Katie thought to herself, and all the sudden, was brought back to the feelings of shame and embarrassment she felt when the whole ordeal began.

Standing up and unbuckling his belt, Randy unsnapped the hook to his pants and got out of them, as Katie kept her eyes on the ground, remembering that Randy, after all, was her father, and no matter how hot a situation she’d mistakenly thought this was, he was still her father. There was no staring at one’s father – especially at his crotch, no matter how turned on a daughter might be. This wasn’t in any social guideline rulebooks; it just was.

“Look at how hard you’re making him,” the man said to Katie. As she brought her eyes up, almost like a scared child peeking into the closet at night and checking for monsters, Katie passed her father’s crotch and stared into her father’s eyes for a moment, giving him a look of guilt and then brought her eyes back down toward his crotch. With his underwear still on, Katie could see her father’s cock poking against his gray underwear, his sexual excitement evident by his cock creating a tent in his underwear and a large, wet spot where the head of his penis rested.

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