Josie arrived back from work on flopped on the sofa. It had been a long hard day and she was desperately in need of a stiff drink and more importantly a stiff hard throbbing cock.

Work was really tough at the moment, she was having to work long hours and there was little time left for relaxing, or her favourite hobby of surfing chatrooms in her lunch hour and having a midday cyber session to get her through the afternoon.

Josie had an extremely high sex drive, the merest hint of sex and her pussy became wet and her clit started to throb.

She got up from her sofa and wandered into the kitchen to get a glass of wine. On the table she noticed that her flatmate had put her mail. Flicking through the usual junk her eyes rested up a pack of photographs addressed to her.

She opened the package and realised that it was the film from her last holiday, the last with Ed the ex love of her life. She had sent the off for developing months before and had thought that they had been lost in the post. She opened the package and began looking through the pictures.

After seeing the usual shots of the scenery, the view from their hotel canlı bahis şirketleri overlooking the beach, she then got to a shot Ed had taken of her in their room. She was looking into the camera, eyes wide with lust, sweat dripping from her body.

Josie took the photos and went to make herself more comfortable on the sofa. She remembered the picture being taken. They had been on a boat trip, dancing over the waves drinking beer had made them both horny. She remembered Ed’s eyes as she took off her bikini top and dived from the top of the boat into the cool waters. Her nipples hardening on contact with the salty sea. He had been forced to dive in after her to conceal his obvious hard erection. He swam behind her in the water and rubbed his cock against her, knowing that this would make her hot. She turned around and kissed him deeply, sucking on his tongue.

Remembering this Josie was getting really wet; her pussy was dying to be touched, to be licked, to be caressed. She reached down into her pants and tested her wetness. Immediately her fingers were covered with juice. God, I need to be fucked she thought.

She began to finger canlı kaçak iddaa her clit, pulling her trousers off and letting them drop on the floor.

Her mind wandered back to the holiday. When they returned from their boat trip they had almost been too horny to wait to get to their room. Ed had pulled her bikini bottoms aside in the lift and had rubbed her clit. She could feel her orgasm building as the doors of the lift opened and an old couple got in. Ed removed his hand and stood slightly in front of Josie but she was already starting to come. He could feel her shuddering behind him, biting her lip to stay silent as her juices ran down her thighs. The old couple even enquired if she was OK. Ed replied that she had sunstroke and felt dizzy.

Josie was finger fucking herself hard now, thinking of Ed always made her hot but staring at his face on the pictures made her desperate to feel his hard cock again. Her cunt was dripping with juices she really needed to come.

When back in their room he had pushed her on the bed and pulled her bikini bottoms off and buried his face into her soaking pussy, lapping at her cum juice. His tongue canlı kaçak bahis hard darting inside her pussy. He then rose up and pulled off his trunks. His large cock was already throbbing hard, the pre-cum glistening on the end. He thrust himself inside her waiting cunt. Josie moaned with delight as he filled her. He loved to fuck her hard, pulling her legs on his shoulders so he could thrust even deeper inside.

Josie was so close to coming now. She wanted to remember how he felt inside her. She dropped onto her knees and rubbed her clit. She was dripping wet. Her nipples were tight at the thought of being sucked. She was fucking herself with three fingers now on all fours, bare ass thrusting against her hands.

Fuck me Ed, fuck me harder. I need to come.

Josie felt her hand being moved aside and a thick cock filling her up. She thought that she must have slipped into a dream as she remembered Ed’s cock. But no she was being fucked just like Ed used to fuck her. A hand snaked around and rubbed her clit. Josie could hold back no longer. I’m cumming, oh god Ed I’m cumming her body convulsed with orgasm, she then felt the cock inside her spurting its juices. The hot cum hitting her g-stop making her orgasm even stronger.

She turned around and saw Ed’s smiling face. So you got the pictures then? He asked. I’ve missed you.

Josie smiled and thought about their next holiday.

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