remodling home

remodling homeFirst a little about husband I 63 and 66 work are a very conservative company very proper dress and so on. our sex life had all but stopped my husband couldn’t get an erection and I felted very sexual actived so we try some things at home frist he got a porn video showing men and women having sex with other and with each other some of the men were very well hung black men. Then we order a few toys such as dildo and a couple of them were black as well. We did some role play and even had my husband cross dress as I used a strap on dildo on him but here is were it gets wild we video all our fun time. I put all toys and videos away in box in our closet we got to do a lot of things at work and kinda forgot everything for a while. we were wanting to get some remodling do and I had met this guy one day at the park seem very nice black man about forty as we watch the dogs play we talked I told him about the remodling and he told me he did all kinds of remodling and would be glad to look at it. So over the next few weeks I saw him offten at the park and lefkoşa escort he did firt with me which I did like I mean I am 63 so kinda felt good. MY husband and I decided to give him a try he did a great job his price was very reasonable everything was fine. About two weeks later he call me and said he really like to see me and ask me to stop by his home so my husbande and I stop on our way home. He took us in a room with a large screen tv gave us a drank he smiled and said I have something to show to see if anyone else will get to see it I still didn’t know what he was talking about until the picture came on it was our video I sat there not knowing what to do or say. He smile again and said no one else has to see this if we come to an agreement I mange to get out what kind of agreement he said you look so good on this video I like to see you in the flesh I been wanting to see those sweet tits for a while. I said I cann’t do that he smile and said sure you can or do you want this on internet I saw there lüleburgaz escort was no way out and when we had been role playing I had wonder what it be like to be with another man I slowly strip he told my husband to do the same he told my husband your can see how it excites you to see her strip for another man and it did he got a hard on as I slip my bra and panties off standing in front of this man. Our new friend you might say got up he was wearing a pair of shorts and tshirt he came to me rubbing his hands across my breast which are 40d my nipple were hard he took one in his mouth I did feel so good I made no attempt to stop I didn’t think he **** me but I though he do what ever he want he took his hand between my legs I hadn’t plan on being wet but I was he took his wet hand rub my breast then lick them then he took it a step futher he put it back between my this brought it to my lips rubbing my wettness on my lips then he kiss me I found myself wanting more he guild my hand down to his biga escort short feeling his cock it was so big and hard he slip his shorts off he place it in my hand I couldn’t get my fingers all the way around it he them took me over to my husband who was sitting in a chair naked with his cock hard for first time in long time then as I held his cock he told me to put it in my husband mouth give him a taste and get it nice and wet for me I was a little suprised as my husband suck him with ease as my husband sucked him our new friend kiss and play with me I was going crazy with lust all of a sudden he grab my husband head and shot a huge load of cum in his mouth I was almost disapointed thinking it was over but I was wrong he let my husband keep sucking and he was soon rock hard again he had my husband sit on a crouch then me laying my head in his lap I felt my husband cock on the side of my face as Our friend slowly enter me it hurt and felt so good he fuck me four more times that night I sucked his cock several times and so did my husband. As we dress to leave he told me no more panties or bra except at work and your pussy belongs to me to us as I wanthe said I have a few lady and male friends that love some of you sweet pussy and they like the way you hubby suck cock he said is there any problem with that We both said not at all I didn’t care about the video any more Ijust wanted more of him

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