I pulled the zipper of my black cocktail dress with some difficulty. It had been sometime since I wore this one. I was pleased to see it still fit like it used to: hugging my curves at the right places, the thin straps sitting sensually on my shoulders, descending into the promising cleavage of the plunging neckline. It was the definition of an LBD and I loved it. It was short, sexy and black: all of my favourite things. I arranged my hair in an artful mess around my shoulders. It was waist length, growing wildly in waves and gentle curls.

Picking up my purse, I took one last look at the mirror. I didn’t know if putting an effort to see your ex was good or bad. Either way, I think he’d be surprised on seeing me. Last we spoke, I was a typical nerdy good girl, wearing tee and jeans everywhere I went and having my nose buried in books for the majority of my time. Now I was completely opposite in some ways. The tees made way for eye grabbing tops and the jeans were replaced by mini skirts. I was never one for makeup. Red lips was the only thing I ever really put effort into.

Satisfied with my inspection, I headed out of the door into my car. I drove myself everywhere. No one was allowed to pick me up, even for dates. It’s something that empowered me, in a way.The bar we were meeting at was in the heart of the city. He was in town for about a week and we decided to catch up. He had booked himself a room nearby.

I parked the car in the parking lot and walked over to the ornate doors of the bar. The night was chilly and wind nipped at my bare skin, hardening my nipples into little buds below the silk of the dress.

I walked in and instantly spotted him, sitting at a table by a window overlooking the bustling street. He must’ve felt me gazing at him, because he looked up from his phone right then and stared right back at me with a look of confusion and poorly concealed awe. I smiled at him and walked over to the table. Taking my seat, I eyed him closely. He hadn’t changed a bit. His shirtsleeves were rolled up to his elbows, showing off his arm tattoos. His hair was still neatly styled and he still smelled of the musky perfume he used two years ago. His stability was one of the things I loved the most about him.

“Hi,” he said, somewhat nervously.

“Hi,” I replied, at a loss of words.

“You look gorgeous,” he said after few seconds of silence, looking me in the eyes.

“Thank you,” I said, smiling a genuine smile. “You look good too. You haven’t changed one bit.”

“But you have,” he said, with an undertone that I couldn’t recognise.

“Yeah, well…” I shrugged and looked away. I felt him looking at me for a few more seconds before looking away.

The waiter arrived and we ordered our drinks and starters. After the initial awkwardness wore off, the conversation flew smoothly. We still shared the same sense of humour, the witty sarcasms and the occasional kinky comments.

“Oysters! Are you trying to be suggestive, sir?” I giggled with a wink, pointing at his plate.

“Maybe,” he replied, with a playful wink and a smile of his own before bursting into a fit of laughter.

“I miss you,” he blurted suddenly out after a couple minutes of silence. The hand holding my fork froze midair, spaghetti dangling off it in spirals.

I looked up to meet his eyes. I don’t remember him looking so vulnerable ever. He looked at me and looked down at his fingers. He had placed his cutlery on his plate and was toying with his hands in his lap.

I put my fork down and looked down with a sigh. We had broken up about a year and a half ago because long distance wasn’t working for us. We decided to end things before they took an ugly turn. It was he who had suggested we do so. The quicker the better.

“I thought this is what you wanted,” I said with a sad smile. “I thought you were happier.”

“I’m sorry,” he mumbled, looking at me from behind his lashes. “I was stupid. I didn’t realise how much I cared for you till you were gone,” he confessed in a low voice. I wanted to hug him then. He looked like a lost kid.

“Anyways,” he straightened himself, clearing his throat. “I shouldn’t have brought that up, I’m sorry. It probably ruined your mood. What’s in the past should-“

“I miss you too,” I cut him off abruptly without even realising it.

Now it was his turn to freeze. He looked up from his plate to stare at me, his mouth agape. He held my gaze, clearly at a loss for words.

“Nothing has been the same for me either,” I told him.

It was hard speaking it out loud, accepting that I still cared. I had always convinced myself and everyone around me that I didn’t really care. That nothing really bothered me. But somewhere inside I knew that wasn’t the truth. Coming out of denial was something I didn’t expect facing tonight.

I was toying with my food when he reached across the table and grabbed my left hand. He gave a gentle squeeze and when I looked up, he smiled a smile that sincan escort silently said it’s okay.

We finished our food and the waiter cleared our plates. When the bill came, we started arguing over who pays, just like old times.

“It’s not a date! And I can pay for my own food!” I complained like a petulant child, crossing my arms across my chest. I don’t know what infuriated me more, him not listening me or him laughing at me like doting adults laugh at angry kids.

“It was a date and I’m totally gonna pay,” he declared, before placing his card in the folder and handing it over to the waiter before I could do or say anything else.

“Hmph,” I huffed and looked away. He laughed at me and tapped my nose with his index finger.

“It’s okay baby girl, I won’t go broke,” he said smiling just as the waiter arrived with his card.

I rolled my eyes and stood up to leave. He moved beside me and put his arm around my waist, pulling me into him. The heat from his body seeped into my side, producing a delicious warmth. I sighed and gave in to his embrace. I didn’t realise how much I’d missed this until that moment.

We walked into the chilly night arm in arm and I realised it was late and he didn’t have a ride.

“I’ll drop you off,” I said, turning round to him.

“Thank you milady,” he smiled and bowed playfully.

I laughed at his silliness and turned to walk to my car, ahead of him. I trotted at a steady pace, with him following behind. My dress barely reached my thighs and I could feel his eyes on my behind.

“Enjoying the view, huh?” I turned around and winked at him.

“Thoroughly,” he winked back with a devilish smile.

I walked over to my car, unlocked it and before I could open the door on the driver’s side, he closed in from behind me and held it open for me.

“After you ma’am,” he said playfully.

I swatted his arm with a laugh and took my seat. He got into the car as well and I drove out of the parking lot. It was only a short drive to the hotel.

I looked over at him while stalling at a red light, surprised that he was looking at me. I smiled and turned towards the road again.

“You know, being in the car with you only reminds me of one thing…” he trailed off.

I knew full well what he was referring to.

It was another winter evening few years back. We were returning from a road trip, both of us incredibly turned on with the way we kept teasing and touching each other constantly. We saw the neon sign of a food court by the highway.

Fuck it, he mumbled under his breath and drove straight into one of the empty parking spots in the parking lot of the eatery. It was almost deserted at the late hour.

He unbuckled his seatbelt.

Come, he beckoned me onto his lap, grabbing me by the arm.

I unbuckled my seatbelt and climbed onto his lap, his hardness evident under me. He grabbed me by my ass and pulled me into him.

You’ve been a naughty girl, darling, he whispered in my ear, trailing kisses from my earlobe to my collarbone. I couldn’t help but moan in pleasure.

I remember I wore a short skirt with thigh high stockings that day. The panties had come off earlier.

He had kissed me fervently, played with me till I all but melted in his arms and then fucked me into oblivion, then and there in the parking lot.

Somewhere in some distant corner of my consciousness, I realised that the signal had turned green. That brought me back to the present. I sighed and started the car. He remained silent the rest of the way.

I parked the car in front of his hotel and waited for him to say goodbye. He looked out of the window for a while and sighed before turning to me.

“Sri, stay with me tonight?” he asked softly.

I looked over at him, at the face I’d loved for so long, the man who used to be my first and last thought everyday, for years. He still had the same earnest eyes, the same tranquil manner about him.

I tore my gaze away and stared into the night to think. I had been with many men since we broke up that fateful day. None of them touched my soul the way he used to. None of them satisfied me, really. Would it be so bad if I selfishly allowed myself to be with him?

“I’d love to,” I told him with a smile. He gave me a dazzling smile and grabbed my hand from atop the gearstick, squeezing it.

We left the car and walked to his room. The hotel was a 3 story building with no more than 40 rooms for guests. His room was on the 2nd floor. A cozy space with a queen size bed with a bedside drawer and table on the left and a couple couches at the foot of the bed with a coffee table. A window looked out to the usually busy street, now quiet, heavy with the late hour.

I placed my purse and phone on the bedside table and sat down on the bed. He closed the door quietly. My eyes followed him as he moved about the room, emptying his pockets, removing his belt, drinking water.

He came and sat beside me ankara escort at last. He grabbed my hand and brought it to his lips, kissing the back of my hand. I grazed his face lightly and sighed. I had missed this, this gentle, quiet bliss. He quietly pulled me into him and held me in his arms, enveloping me in his warmth. I could feel his breath on my cheek, his stubble on my shoulder and I relaxed into the familiar feeling, closing my eyes.

We stayed like that for Lord knows how long. My head swam with thoughts, while being completely aware of his warmth, his smell and his arms around me. He had buried his face in the crook of my neck and was breathing steadily.

He raised his head then and lightly kissed the sensitive spot behind my ear. It sent a shiver down my spine. I turned around in his embrace, placing my legs on either sides of him, my dress riding up to my waist. He placed his forehead on mine and I looked up to meet his eyes. They were happy, content and excited, with lust or love, I didn’t know.

I traced the bridge of his nose with my index finger, trailing it down onto his lips. I traced the gentle curve of his lips, forming a little bow. He closed his eyes and sighed. I moved in closer and he looked at me, I met his gaze for an instant, before planting the lightest kiss on his lips. They looked way too inviting to let go but I wasn’t sure if I’d be welcome.

When I moved back, he was staring at me, eyes wide and breathing heavier than earlier. Suddenly, he pulled me closer to him, our bodies fused into one and my legs wrapped around his waist. In one swift move, he was kissing me like a hungry traveller devouring his first meal in weeks. One of his hands were on my back, holding me close and the other was buried in my hair.

I had my arms around his neck. His kisses sent a delicious tingle throughout my body. I could feel my arousal soaking through the lace of my thongs. We kissed till our lips were swollen and red. He pulled back and stared at me, all the while running his hands along my curves like he was trying to memorise every bump and dip of my skin.

I could feel him grow harder and harder beneath me. It only turned me on more, if possible. My nipples had hardened into small, sensitive buds, every rub against the silk of my dress sending pleasure waves through me. I closed my eyes and sighed, trying not to moan at all the sensations my body was experiencing.

I felt him move closer again. He lowered his head and placed a soft, sensual kiss on my neck, eliciting a low moan from me. He trailed kisses down my neck, moving to the top of my cleavage. I weaved my fingers through the mess of his hair and held him. He moved back up and kissed my throat before biting softly.

“Ah…” I half moaned, half sighed. “Damn, I missed this,” I whispered.

“Me too,” he breathed into my skin.

He kissed the tops of my breasts, before placing his hand at the top of the zipper holding my dress together.

“May I?” he asked softly.

“Yes,” I whispered without a second thought.

He pulled the zipper down in one move, my dress coming undone around me. He stared at me straddling him, sitting on his lap. His eyes were clouded with desire and an unnamed emotion dancing in the background.

I climbed closer onto him and our lips met in holy union again. His hands roamed my skin, pinching, squeezing and caressing. His fingers combed through my hair, gently tugging me even closer while mine deftly worked to undo the buttons of his shirt. I broke away for a moment to pull his shirt out of his trousers and off of him, at last.

I marveled in wonder at him. He was the perfect combination of lean and muscular. I ran my fingers over the light smattering of hair on his chest and over the hardened muscles of his stomach. He sighed in pleasure and passion. He grabbed me and turned us over, landing me on my back under him. He pulled off the dress from around my waist, leaving me in only my thongs.

I stretched for him, playfully displaying myself. He smirked and dived onto me, kissing every inch of my skin, worshipping my breasts with his tongue and lips, biting and nibbling his way south.

“Mmm…you haven’t lost your charm,” I commented, half moaning.

“And neither have you,” he replied, sliding one finger along my pussy over my thong. “You’re drenched wet for me, it seems,” he added, cocking his head.

“Ohh…yess,” I moaned, arching my back, becoming even more aroused.

He pulled my legs apart and placed them by his sides, exposing me and my obvious arousal to him. He pulled the thin fabric aside and looked at me mischievously.

He ran a finger up the slit slowly, till he reached my clit and dragged it down again, exquisitely slowly before inserting it inside me, my walls clenching around him involuntarily.

“Ah babe, that feels so good,” I moaned to him.

He bent down and kissed the apex of my pussy, his eyes looking up at me. I felt like I was about to etimegut escort spontaneously combust. I grabbed his head and pushed him closer to my pussy. He took it as a sign to begin his full assault. His tongue flicked my clit deliciously in quick succession, his fingers pumping in and out of me, equally slowly. The combination of slow and fast was driving me insane.

“Ah…yes, make me cum, baby…” I moaned and urged him on.

One of my hands played with my nipple while the other held him steady. I felt myself riding the wave of pleasure only he could conjure. My body responded on its own and my back arched in preparation for the earth shattering orgasm that hit me next.

“Ah,yes baby! I’m coming!” I screamed as my orgasm hit, wave after wave of all consuming pleasure and I came all over him.

He rose up with a final kiss to my clit and a weak whimper from me. I opened my eyes to see his lips glistening with my juices. It was possibly the hottest thing I had ever seen. I sat up to embrace him and he cupped my face.

“Open your mouth,” he whispered huskily.

I obeyed, closing my eyes. He placed one salty finger on my tongue. The very finger that was inside me minutes ago.

“Suck,” he commanded.

I sucked on his finger, looking him straight in the eyes. Something overcame me and I released his finger from my mouth only to jump at him, grabbing his face between my hands and kissing him wildly, now sucking off my arousal from his lips.

“Easy there, lioness,” he said between kisses. “We’ve got all night.”

I laughed softly against his lips. I pushed him gently so that he lay flat on his back and straddled his hips. I trailed kisses down his throat, over his chest and along the middle of his torso. I sucked on his nipples while my nimble fingers were busy trying to finally let him free.

“Mmmm…babe, be a bad girl for me,” he urged me with his moans.

I moved down with my kisses, with his hand grabbing me by my hair, guiding me. I pulled his boxers down with my teeth and his hardness sprang forward, standing in its full glory. With pre cum glistening on its top deliciously, it beckoned me to get a taste.

He was looking amused at my awestruck expression. I grabbed his dick in my hand and started rubbing the precum around the top with my thumb.

“Ohh…fuck…” he moaned, throwing his head back with eyes half closed.

I stroked him, slowly at first, just like he had, with me. I bent down and took the head in my mouth, giving it a light lick and a gentle suck, while my hands worked on his shaft.

“Babe…!” he moaned and grabbed me by my hair again.

He held me steady and started fucking my mouth from below. He started into my eyes and I stared back while his dick assaulted my mouth and throat.

“Ah…” he would moan with every thrust.

His dick throbbed under me with the urgency of his release. I squeezed his thigh gently and he let me go. It was our old code.

“What?” he asked impatiently, panting slightly.

“You really thought I’d let you off that easy?” I giggled at him, taking off my now drenched thong.

I placed my hands on his chest and positioned myself over his dick, lying hard and throbbing over his belly. I slowly lowered myself on him and rubbed my pussy along his hardness.

“Fuck…” he groaned, grabbing my hips. “You torture me so good babe,” he moaned softly, caressing my body.

“You love it, don’t you?” I asked him, still rubbing myself on him.

“Oh yes babe, I do. I love you,” he replied through his moans, digging his fingers into my ass.

I bent down and kissed his lips.

“I love you too,” I whispered in his ear as if it was a well kept secret, and I increased my pace.

Just as I felt him starting to throb again below me, I stilled. He groaned in mixed pleasure and dismay. I toyed with his fingers.

“Let me cum, babe, please,” he pleaded breathlessly.

I smiled at him wickedly. I raised myself and grabbed his hard dick, positioning it below me. He was still oozing precum. I looked up to meet his eyes. He waited, holding his breath. I lowered myself onto him slowly, all the while holding his gaze.

As I sheathed him completely, he closed his eyes, his mouth open in a silent Ah. He felt exquisite inside me, filling and stretching me in ways I hadn’t been, in a long, long time. I closed my eyes as well and just relished the sensation of being full of him.

I felt him sit up and pull me closer as his dick penetrated me even further. We loved this position, me fucking him sitting on his lap. He ran a finger down my spine and my back arched in response, my hard nipples rubbing on his chest deliciously. His finger made its way down between my butt cheeks till it rested above my hole. He teased it and entered me, filling me from both ends and making me moan into his neck.

We started moving at a slow pace, cherishing every thrust, every moment. His finger moved in and out of my asshole as I rose up and down on his dick.

I grabbed my breasts and played with my nipples, twisting and pinching them, caught between our sweet torture.

“Oh babe…fuck me harder…” he whispered and moaned into my ear.

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