Subject: Rendezvous with Jayson – Chapter 8 Rendezvous with Jayson � Chapter 8 Please don’t forget that Nifty needs your support to keep these hot stories flowing. Donations are welcome by going fty/donate.html Disclaimer: The following story contains adult material and is intended for a mature audience. If you are offended by graphic depiction of gay sex between consenting adults please read no further. But if you want to find out the latest on the continuing story of two softball players in Belize, please enjoy this segment. And feel free to share your comments. Jayson opened his eyes slowly. As his eyes focused on the new surroundings, a dull pain in his left side told him that he was in the hospital. Back at home, Derrick was finishing up in the bathroom. He had cleaned up the blood and water spilled on the shower curtain and on the bathroom floor. When the phone rang, he quickly went to answer; but whoever was on the other end of the line, chose not to say anything. After he said hello a couple of times and got no response, Derrick hung up. When he had dressed, Derrick secured the house and then headed out the front door. He was going to check on Jayson at the hospital. The nurse came in to check of Jayson and found him trying to sit up in the bed. “No, no, no, you can’t do that,” the nurse said. “My heard hurts,” Jayson said slowly. “That is why you need to just relax and lay down sir,” the nurse replied as she placed her hand under his head and helped him back down unto the pillow. “You took quite a bump on the head when you fell,” the nurse informed Jayson. “But if you just relax a bit, the medication will help to ease the pain.” Jayson gave up trying to sit up and just lay back down. He watched quietly as the nurse adjusted the IV contraption and then inserted a needle bursa escort in one end. Slowly she pressed on the syringe until the liquid had been expelled into the bag hanging up beside the bed. “Am I going to be allright?” Jayson asked the nurse. “I think so,” the nurse replied as she wrote on a piece of paper. “But the doctor will be in and you can ask him more about it.” “Thank you, nurse,” Jayson said. A few minutes later, there was a light tap on the door. Derrick peeped in slowly, and the nurse motioned him to enter quietly. The nurse motioned to him to keep quiet as Jayson had drifted off to sleep again. The nurse finished what she was doing and left. She pulled to door gently behind her and walked away, leaving Derrick standing at the foot of the bed. He looked down at Jayson and a thousand thoughts flowed through his mind. Derrick walked slowly up closed to Jayson’s side and touched the side of his face. “I’m sorry,” Derrick said softly. Jayson looked peaceful as he slept. His breathing was relaxed and regular. Derrick sat down in a chair beside the bed and held Jayson’s hand. He closed his eyes and replayed in his mind the events of the evening, including the sight of Devon kissing Jayson; Jayson walking away from Derrick in the kitchen; their making love on the bed; then opening the bathroom door and finding Jayson bleeding on the floor. Derrick snapped out of his dream when Jayson shook his hand. “Hey, how long have you been here?” Jayson questioned. “Not very long,” Derrick said. “Do you want me to get the nurse or the doctor.” “No, don’t do that,” Jayson replied. In the quiet of the hospital room, Jayson and Derrick just looked at each other as they held hands. “I love you,” Jayson said softly. It caught Derrick by surprise and he didn’t quite know what to bursa escort bayan say. He just kept looking at Jayson. “I slipped in the shower and fell and hit my head,” Jayson said. “Oh you don’t have to explain anything to me,” Derrick replied. “I am just glad that you are okay.” “My head hurts a little,” Jayson said. “Then I should get the nurse or the doctor,” Derrick said. “No, no, they put medication in the IV earlier,” said Jayson. Derrick moved closed and gently stroke Jayson’s hair. Jayson closed his eyes and enjoyed the tender moment.But that tender moment was interrupted. A gentle tap on the door and the doctor entered. “Time for your checkup sir,” the doctor said. Derrick got up and moved towards the door; but the doctor stopped him. “You don’t have to leave,” the doctor said. “I’m going to release your friend. I just need to check some things and prescribe some medication and he could go home.” Derrick was relieved. Jayson smiled. The doctor scribbled on a piece of paper, tapped the IV bag with his finger, wrote some more on the piece of paper, then paced his stethoscope on Jayson’s chest. A couple of deliberate placements and it was done. The doctor lifted the sheet what was covering Jayson from the chest down. He lifted the shirt he was wearing and started to examine the patient. This was the first time that Derrick was seeing the injury that Jayson sustained; and he was shocked. The large bruise on Jayson’s side testified of the impact he endured when he fell in the shower at home. “A few days of rest along with the medication I have prescribed, and you should be as good as new,” the doctor said to Jayson. “Is anything broken?” Derrick asked. “No broken bones,” the doctor assured; “but he did get a nasty gash on the side of his head, his left arm is escort bursa bruised and so is his left rib,” the doctor explained. “Okay, doctor,” Derrick said. “By the way, are you a relative?” the doctor asked Derrick. “He is my spouse,” Derrick replied before Jayson could stop him. The doctor almost dropped the clipboard he was carrying. “Spouse?” the doctor questioned. “Is there a problem with that?” Derrick questioned, moving closer to where the doctor was standing. “Well,” the doctor started; but he was interrupted. “Hey can I get some water?” Jayson asked. The questioned broke the tension in the room. Derrick stared at the doctor. The doctor stared back. Then Derrick looked away. It was the perfect opportunity for the doctor to make a hasty exit. Derrick picked up a water bottle from the table and carried it over to Jayson. Jayson didn’t really want any water, he was just trying to deescalate the tension that popped up when Derrick announced that he and Jayson were a couple. “I know what you were trying to do,” Derrick said as he put the water bottle back on the table. “You can’t keep doing that, Derrick,” Jayson said, looking uncomfortable as he tried to adjust himself on the bed. Derrick didn’t respond. “I love you, Derrick; but you can’t keep acting like this. What’s changed? You are not yourself these last few days, and I am starting to get worried,” Jayson said. “I know but that doctor was just being …” Derrick said. “Being a doctor?” Jayson questioned. Derrick didn’t reply. “Derrick it is not every day that a man blurts out that his spouse is another man. Especially in this country of Belize,” Jayson went on. “Can we not argue about this at this time?” Derrick questioned. “No, we need to talk about it now,” Jayson replied. “We can’t go on like this. This isn’t the way we were before.” To offer comment on this chapter of the story, please send an email hoo. Please don’t forget that Nifty needs your support to keep these hot stories flowing. Donations are welcome by going fty/donate.html

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