Renee and Jack


So a few weeks ago, I had written about how I masturbated while watching Renee fuck Jack in the window across the back alley. Since that time, I hadn’t heard or seen either one of them, slightly disappointed but not exactly surprised. We have been here for a couple years in this house, and they hadn’t made a move in this long, I had just hoped them watching me masturbate to them would have in some way broken the ice.

Kathy and I have an agreement that we would always tell each other who we fuck, and although I technically didn’t fuck either Renee or Jack, I still told her that I had masturbated while watching them, knowing she would still find it hot. She did find it hot and fucked me real good after I finished telling my story. Kathy told me how she had noticed Renee watching her when she was outside, but hadn’t saw anything like that. We have tried to be outside as much as we could since them, to try and entice them into action. So far we have not been successful.

Tonight we were watching another bisexual couples sex video, and this one was more of a homemade version. The host couple you could see had plenty of experience but the second couple always had their faces blurred out. I had just made the comment to Kathy that I don’t understand why people are embarrassed to have some sexual fun and had to blur out their faces, when suddenly behind us we heard a voice saying that is how they had felt for a couple years.

We looked behind us and there stood Renee and Jack. They were wearing bathrobes loosely tied shut. Jack’s erection was poking through and Renee had her breasts exposed, her nipples very hard. I was amazed at how large her nipples were, I don’t think I have ever seen any that big, and I have seen plenty.

Kathy got up and walked over to them. First she gave Renee a hug, making sure to rub her own large breasts against Renee’s. Then she walked over to Jack, gave him a quick kiss in the lips, then grabbed his cock and let them over to where we were sitting.

I got up and got us all a beer, making sure I brushed my own hard cock against their shoulder and hair as I walked around them. As I sat back down, I jokingly told them the beers may be old as they have been in eryaman escort the fridge waiting on them for a while.

Usually the women open up more at first but this time it was Jack who started talking first. He told us how they had been watching us for quite a while. At first they tried to stay in the shadows so as to not be seen, but the last few months had made more of an effort to be seen. He told us it wasn’t until Renee caught Jack masturbating outside looking through one my peepholes in the fence as I was fucking one of my friends that they knew things had finally changed and they were ready to take it further. She had always suspected Jack had some bisexual tendencies but could never get him to admit it. It took catching him for it all to come to light. Once he couldn’t avoid it any more, they had went and bought the strap on dildo that I had watched her fuck him with.

Renee at this point had found her voice. She started explaining how she was always curious about wanting to have sex with another woman, and they would often watch lesbian videos as part of their love making sessions. She blushed as she said how when Jack would go down on her, she often closed her eyes and imagined it was Kathy between her legs. She even said there were a few times when she orgasmed that she had yelled out Kathy’s name.

Jack was playing with his cock as he listened to Renee tell her part of the story. He agreed how much of a turn on it was, and knew eventually Renee would have probably joined us on her own. He was kind of hoping to catch her in the act having sex with Kathy in our backyard, wanting to masturbate while he watched. He said one day he came home and didn’t know Renee had gone to the store, he thought maybe she had finally gone over to our place. He said how he had quickly stripped and stroked his cock as he walked upstairs toward the back window to watch. As he looked out he actually saw me and my friend Dave sucking and fucking each other. He said how astonished he was, realizing his cock was getting harder in his hand as he watched us, and wanted a better view. He had gone downstairs and crossed the alley, never crossing his mind anyone might see him, and not caring if they did. escort ankara He said he was so caught up and so excited he just acted out of instinct.

It was at this point Renee had come home, noticed his car was in the driveway, but didn’t see him anywhere in the house. She had climbed the stairs looking for him and saw through the back window I was fucking Dave. She forgot about looking for Jack and quickly stripped, playing with herself as she watched. For some reason something had caught her eye, and she looked down and found Jack. Bare-assed naked, looking through the fence, stroking his cock.

She had walked down and watched him masturbate, playing with herself and excited at the thought of her husband getting excited about watching two guys fuck. In a way it was a validation of her own feelings of wanting to be with a woman. She knew it would eventually happen, and when Jack finished and turned, seeing her naked, fingering herself, he knew she knew, they both knew, the future was inevitable. They had retreated into the house, only making it to the kitchen, until Jack picked up Renee and sat her on the counter, and fucked her hard.

For the last couple weeks, Renee had been fucking Jack regularly with the strap on. They had talked on and off about the right time to approach us, and watched us, especially our Saturday night orgies. They said they might eventually want to join us for that, but just opening up to us now is a huge step for them.

I went to get us all another round of beers, and Kathy got up to help hand them out. She took Renee’s beer and leaned over to give it to her, purposefully brushing her breasts as close to Renee’s face as she could get. We both saw the glimmer of lust that crossed Renee’s eyes and she reached for the beer without taking her eyes off Kathy’s breasts. Kathy handed off the beer, continued down and spread apart Renee’s legs. Getting on her knees, Kathy leaned in and gently started licking Renee’s pussy. You could hear Renee gasp as Kathy’s tongue worked that magic.

Jack had grabbed his cock and had his eyes glued to the women. I watched him pull on his cock for a couple minutes until I decided I needed to help him out. Jack sincan escort didn’t even notice that I had walked up beside him and knelt down myself. It wasn’t until I moved his hand off his cock and pulled it into my mouth that he even realized it.

I had been sucking his cock for a couple minutes when Renee looked over at us. I saw her ass lift up as she orgasmed at the sight of me sucking her husbands cock. Jack must have saw this too, as he started to jerk under me, suddenly shooting his first load of cum of the night into my mouth. Renee couldn’t stop watching as I sucked it all in, then licked around the shaft to capture any that had spilled.

Kathy pushed Renee back and flipped into a 69 position. Renee immediately went to work, grabbing Kathy’s ass and pulling her pussy to her mouth. Kathy reached down to the toy box and pulled out a dildo, and started fucking Renee with it. I saw Renee look down at the toy box, and reach for something. Then Renee slid around Kathy and inserted part of the double headed dildo into herself, then the other half into Kathy. They fucked each other for about the next ten minutes, until they both had orgasmed a few times and were to tired to continue.

Jack had put his robe completely on, I could tell he wasn’t still quite sure he wanted more than what he had that night. It was okay by me, I knew later Kathy would fuck me good, that was another part of our ritual. As much as I enjoy sex, it is just as important that it is not forced, what happens is fun. I know when he is ready for more he will be back. There are very few that once they start an experience, they don’t return.

I had to get ready for work, and I was about to excuse myself when Renee said it for me. She knew I needed to get ready for work, so pulled up Jack to his feet and headed to the back gate. As Kathy walked them out and gave them each a kiss goodbye, I cleaned up the toys and put them back in the toy box. Then I collected all the beer bottles and put them in the recycling bin. Kathy said it was late and didn’t have much time so she pushed me down the ground and climbed up on top. She fucked me hard and fast until I exploded deep inside her. She leaned down, kissed me and told me to get my ass to work. She had plans to buy a new toy, but didn’t tell me what, she wanted it to be a surprise. Grudgingly I got up, showered, and went to work, sad the night had to end, but hopeful it will one day pick up where it left off.

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