‘Repaying’ Her Shortages


“Short again,” Jake grunted in disgust.

Mario looked up from the work on his desk. “Who this time?”


“The hot blonde? I know she can be a bit ditzy at times, but -“

“This isn’t about being ‘ditzy,’ Mario. I reviewed a few tapes with her in them. She’s been dipping in the till, no doubt to help support her crackhead boyfriend’s habit.”

“So how do you think we should handle it?”

“We can think of something while waiting for her to come upstairs, but this situation needs to be settled today.”

Mario nodded at the store owner in agreement. Though both had little trouble attracting attention from women – mostly bored, single women or horny housewives among many customers – Mario and Jake only invited the hottest-looking female customers to their second-floor back office to “discuss” discounts or other favors, which many of the conquests happily accepted in exchange for sex with either or both men.

They usually avoided female employees – potential allegations of sexual harassment toward owner and manager were always big risks – but Mario had had his eye on cashier Tori for a long time and couldn’t think of a better time to zone in than confronting her about the cash drawer being short.

He always fantasized about fucking a white woman, but most of them expressed more interest in his boss. Jake was successful, comparatively wealthy, attractive, and well-endowed; though he was married, he’d done more than his share of sleeping around with beautiful women.

Despite being a store manager, Mario’s own Latin good looks never failed to draw stares from the opposite sex. He’d banged plenty of Latina hotties and a few gorgeous Asian students from the local university, but never stopped fantasizing about Tori, a busty blonde with arresting green eyes, pale skin, killer curves, and rounded ass.

Mario felt his erection forming thinking about Tori coming upstairs to the office. He knew if it came down to sex being the only option to prevent her from being fired, he’d likely have to share her with Jake.

The idea didn’t bother Mario in the least; it wouldn’t be the first time he’d participated in a threesome, and certainly wouldn’t be the last.

A tiny knock came on the door.

“Come in!” Jake bellowed.

“You wanted to see me?” Tori shyly asked, already sensing she was in trouble.

“Yeah, close and lock the door. Have a seat. Mario and I have a problem we need to discuss with you.”

“If it’s about my drawer again -“

“As a matter of fact, it is,” Mario cut in. “Today marks the fourth time you’ve been short this month. Would you like to explain why?”

“I needed some extra cash quick and…”

“You could’ve come and discussed any problems with either of us, unless of course you’re supporting your boyfriend’s drug habit.”

Tori’s eyes widened. “No, no! I’m not even seeing that loser any more! If I didn’t come up with money by Friday, I was getting kicked out of my apartment!”

“Still subayevleri escort no excuse to steal from the company,” Jake said sharply. “Unless there’s some resolution to repay past shortages and give back what you took today, we’re going to have to either take you off cash or let you go.”

Tori dug in her jeans pocket and handed over a wad of bills. “This is what I have today.”

Jake studied what she handed over. “Is this everything?”

She nodded.

“Are you sure?”


“We just need to check and see if you’re not really holding out. Please get undressed.”

She gasped. “HERE?”

“Of course. If you aren’t hiding anything, you’ll have no problem taking off your clothes.”

Biting her lip to prevent any emotions from surfacing, Tori removed her shoes, jeans, and top, handing Jake everything to check. She stood before her bosses, wearing only bra and panties.

“All of it,” Mario ordered. “Underwear too.”

“But I -“

“We can fire you right now for insubordination along with the shortages.”

She tried not to cry as she stripped off the remaining garments. “See? I don’t have anything.” Both men appreciatively studied her nakedness. “Yes, you were telling the truth.”

“May I get dressed now?”

Jake shook his head. “Not yet.”

“Why? You’ve already seen I wasn’t hiding anything.”

“Do you like working here, Tori?”

She nodded eagerly. “Of course I do. Please don’t fire me.”

“How bad do you want to keep your job?”

“Enough that I’ll be happy to find a way to pay back everything I took.”

A slick smile crossed Mario’s face and he exchanged knowing looks with Jake. “You mean that?”

“Yes. Yes!!”

“Then you’ll be happy to know your situation can be settled in other ways than cash.”

It didn’t take long for Tori to figure what Mario meant. “Oh my God! You want me to have sex with you?!”

“You have three options,” Jake clarified. “Put out for both of us today and the shortages will be written off your record, agree to have a portion of your check withheld until the debt is paid, or today is your last day on this job. Your choice.”

She bit her lip again, knowing a tough choice lay ahead. “What…what would I have to do with you?”

“You made a smart choice, Tori,” Mario said as he and Jake began to undress. “Don’t worry; nothing will leave the office.”

Jake sat beside him on a sofa. “You can start by giving us blow jobs. Me first.”

Tori knelt before the pair and started jerking Jake’s throbbing cock. She wrapped her sensuous lips around his bulging head and swirled her tongue across it before gulping his engorged member. He put his hand on the back of her neck and fucked her face while she tried not to gag.

“That’s it, baby. Suck it. Give that cock a good sucking. Show us how much you want to keep your job.”

She moaned and slid her fingers under his yenidoğan escort huge balls, rubbing them while she sucked. She came up for air, flicking her tongue over his swollen head then took him into her mouth, sliding down his throbbing shaft.

His cock was less than halfway back inside her mouth when he started to push it in further, groaning with pleasure. Tori slid her tongue under his shaft and sucked even harder.

She was sucking and slurping away when Jake suddenly pulled her off him. “Mario’s turn,” he said. “Get up on the couch and suck his cock while I fuck you from behind.”

Tori did as told, performing deep throat on Mario’s own well-hung member as she felt Jake’s erection pressing against her now wet pussy. His cock soon disappeared deep inside her shaved mound and he began thrusting with firm, hard strokes.

“Oh, God!” Jake grunted and pulled out after several minutes. “Mario, shit, you need some of this pussy. She’s a great piece!”

“Damn right I’m getting some. You know how much I’ve wanted to fuck a white hottie.”

Mario lay back on the couch. “Get ready to ride some Latin dick, baby.”

Tori straddled his hips and felt his shaft spread open her pussy. To her surprise, she loved the sensation of him inside her.

He groaned with pleasure as she impaled herself on him over and over, riding him with wild abandon. She moaned and yelped as his hips met the pace of her downward thrusts.

“Yeah, you like Mario’s big cock, don’t you, baby?” Jake asked as he watched the pair from his desk. “Be thankful for the chance to fuck him. Do you have any idea how many girls downstairs would like to be in your place right now?”

“This is so good,” Mario groaned. “So damn hot…”

“Fuck, I’m going to come!” Tori gasped.

She rode Mario’s cock faster, crying out her orgasm. “Fuck me…fuck me…oh my God, fuck me!”

“Don’t get too comfortable, man,” Jake grinned at his manager. “Soon as she comes, it’s my turn to get a ride.”

“Make yourself at home, bro,” Mario replied as he pushed Tori off him. “I going to lube up and get a shot at her sexy ass.”

Tori straddled Jake and sank down on his erection, her ass in Mario’s full view. He watched her ride Jake as he lubed up his own shaft with something he’d found in a desk drawer. Exceptionally horny from witnessing the scene before him, Mario positioned himself behind Tori and slowly pushed his cock into her asshole, edging into the tight little space.

The three of them soon had a good pace going. Mario plunged in and out of Tori’s ass while she continued to ride Jake’s cock with enthusiasm, her pussy muscles gripping his shaft like a vise. Both men gradually increased their thrusts until the three of them were in perfect rhythm.

“That’s it,” Tori hissed through clenched teeth as she approached another orgasm. “Fuck me. Both of you fuck me.”

Mario smiled at Jake. “She’s got a great pussy, doesn’t yenimahalle escort she? Nice tight asshole too.”

“Don’t mind me saying, but this little piece of ass is the best I’ve had so far.”

“Are you going to keep fucking both my holes?” she purred. “I know you both love it. I never came so much with my ex…give me more of those cocks!”

“No way, baby,” Jake said as Mario withdrew from her ass. “Mario is going to watch us for a little bit.”

Jake pushed Tori onto her back and shoved his cock into her stretched pussy. He went deep as he could go and resumed his hard thrusts.

Mario stroked his shaft as he watched Jake fuck her harder and faster. Jake buried his cock up to his balls, slamming in and out as Tori’s latest orgasm approached. Her body convulsed and he never let up on the intensity of his strokes even after her climax finally abated.

“Oh, fuck!” he growled and quickly withdrew from her pussy. “I’m ready to come. Get on your knees and suck me off.”

Tori gulped his manhood, tasting herself on it. Jake stroked her hair while thrusting his cock further into her mouth. He exploded down Tori’s throat within minutes, and she swallowed every drop of semen without missing a beat.

Jake emitted a satiated sigh and pulled out of her mouth. “Thanks, baby. That was fucking hot.”

He then started putting on his clothes and grinned over at Mario. “Rest of her is yours, my man.”

Mario smiled and pulled Tori to her feet. “Bend over the desk and spread your legs.”

He entered her from behind, both hands holding her upper body against the desktop as he pumped in and out of her pussy, gradually increasing both force and speed of his thrusts. Their cries of pleasure blended together.

“Fuck me, Mario,” Tori gasped between thrusts. “Keep fucking me hard.”

“Oh yeah, baby, you definitely love my big Latin dick. I could fuck a hot bitch like you all day long!”

“Too bad none of us have all day,” Jake replied with a laugh.

Mario emitted an animalistic groan and gripped Tori’s hips, his thrusts most intense as his fingers dug painfully into her skin.

“Oh shit, oh fuck, God damn it, fuck yes!” he yelled before he pulled out of Tori, pulled her up from the desk, and forced her to her knees.

“I’m so close…so fucking close,” Mario grunted while jerking hard on his cock. “Get ready, baby. I’m going to shoot my load all over your tits!”

He hastily stroked his shaft for another moment before a large amount of sperm splatted onto Tori’s endowed chest, Mario groaning with ecstasy the entire time. When he finished, he shoved his softening cock toward her mouth, and she licked it clean.

When he finished, Mario gave a satisfied sigh and quickly got dressed.

Jake tossed Tori a roll of paper towels and her own clothes. “As of now, you’re back on the schedule. Get cleaned up, dressed, and back to work,” he ordered her. “Mario and I have shit to finish.”

When Tori was gone, Jake noticed another shortage report.

Mario couldn’t believe his ears. “Now who?”


“Brunette with the huge tits?”

Jake grinned. “That’s her.”

“Well, let’s bring her upstairs. Looks like we have another problem to solve. Hopefully she’ll be good as the one who just left.”

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