Replacing Dad


Have you ever had one of those moments in your life all you could think to yourself is this too good to be real? Well needless to say that was all my brain could think as I was thrusting balls deep into my Mother while she lapped at my sisters pussy like a hungry bitch in heat.

I should backup and explain first how exactly we arrived at this heavenly moment. I had come home from college for the fall break. It was honestly my first time home in the three years I had been away, not for lack of desire to see my family but because going to school clear on the other side of the states adds up in travel expenses quickly. Not to mention it wasn’t but a year back my mother had called me up with rather shocking news. After twenty six seemingly blissful years of marriage she and my father were getting a divorce.

Of course I tried to be as understand and supportive of her as I possibly could. She simply explained in a very vague answer that they had grown apart many years ago and now that I was at college and my sister had just graduated high school there was no reason to keep up the charade any longer and she promised she was much happier this way. Which was of course all I really wanted for her. Certainly not to feel trapped into a relationship that was still broken. After all she was still extremely youthful in appearance. Myself and my sister were both early life children and at her age of forty four I have to admit even I found my mother extremely attractive. Then again as I remembered my friends were always so quick to remind me growing up.

When I got off the plane I had told my mother it wasn’t necessary for her to go out of her way to pick me up and that I had more than enough to afford cab fare but as I walked over to the baggage claim there she was regardless. Guess I’ll still always be her baby boy in some ways. I made my way over to her quickly and lifted her up off the ground slightly as I wrapped my arms around her. Damn her body was as tight and firm as ever! She smiled brightly kissing my cheeks over and over as I went to sit her back down.

“God grief, I don’t think I’ll ever get used to having to look up at you!” She joked before fussing with my short hair, “You started wearing it short? When did this happen?”

“The day I got old enough to realize those emo bangs hanging in my face all the time made me look like a total tool.”

It put me at ease to see her smile and listen to her laugh. Part of me had been a little worried all this time she had been putting on a brave front for me and that she might have actually been lonely without my father. Thankfully though it didn’t seem the case at all. With a new haircut and some rather revealing low cut clothing she looked as youthful and lively as ever!

I grabbed my bag from the baggage claim and walked out to the car with her. I couldn’t help but notice she walked a few steps behind me the entire time and every time I would look back to say something her eyes would quickly be shifting back up from looking down. No…There was just no possible way. Was my mother checking out my ass?!

I loaded my bag into the trunk after she leaned down for a few moments fussing to move some clutter out of the way. My own eyes couldn’t help but look down into the low V cut of her top and admire her heavy breasts being pushed up and out for dear life by her bra. I can’t lie I had secretly hoped that one would attempt a jailbreak and come bouncing out from behind its black lace prison.

My gaze must have lingered on for too long because by the time she leaned back up she gave me a mischievous smile and asked if I saw something I liked. I ignored her question to the best of my abilities even though I could feel the sudden stiffening in my cock and put my bag away before jumping into the passenger side.

The ride home was mostly small chat. The normal questioning she would always have for me. Have you been eating well? Any special girl in your life? How’s school? How’s work? I bursa escort absentmindedly answered them all stealing a glance or two at her breasts when I could and even better the skirt she had on riding up dangerously close to revealing her panties. Her legs alone were enough to make my cock tingle as I imagined what it would be like to see those long slender legs stretched out spread eagle with her pussy dripping with cum trailing down into her ass. Still I reminded myself this wasn’t some teacher or college girl I picked up, this was my mother and it was wrong to even imagine that.

When we got to the house I was instantly ambushed by my sister as she jumped up into my arms excitedly. “Ethan! It’s been forever! You’re so big! When did you even get all these muscles?!” She chattered happily feeling at my arms and sides and even for a moment grabbing a handful of my ass nearly making me jump with surprise.

“Wish I could say the same for you,” I replied hooking the top of her bra tank top with my finger and pulling it far out to let it go so it would snap her. Of course not before I grabbed a quick glance down. My sister Stephanie inherited her many good looks from my mother, from her long amber curls to her stunning legs but tits she sort of missed the boat on. Mom’s D cups were definitely what wet dreams were made of, then again as I looked down at the small perky points of my sister’s A cups I couldn’t lie they seemed inviting too. Just imagining sucking and nibbling on those rosy little points was already starting to make my mouth water. I let the band go and she jumped back with a tiny hiss of pain and stuck her tongue out at me. “Don’t worry I’m sure they will finally come in when you’re twenty.” I joked before our mother made her way in instructing me to leave her alone and go shower for dinner.

Dinner was peaceful with lite conversation, over all it seemed like aside from my father’s absence nothing had changed at all. It wasn’t till I had gone to bed that night that things began to reveal themselves for what they truly were. I had gotten up around midnight and went to take a piss when I noticed a light on down the hallway in my sister’s room. At first I figured she was up late studying for her entrance exams for college but as I finished up and went to walk back to my room it was unmistakable, I could hear moaning and whimpering from my sister’s cracked door.

My heart raced as I felt the pent up frustration of my ignored hard on’s from throughout the day come rushing back making my cock painfully stiff again. I guess maybe my little sister wasn’t all that little anymore if she was sneaking boys up into the house to have a fuck-a-thon in her room in the middle of the night. My conscious urged me to go back to bed and just settle for rubbing one out but all the blood from the logical side of my brain seemed to be in full action elsewhere and before I knew it I found myself creeping over to take a peek into her door. Just one small look I kept promising myself. At least enough to give me something good to whack out my frustrations to. Though the closer I got to the door the more her muffled moans began to become clear and I couldn’t believe my ears!

“Hnnnnn!! Oh god! Right there! Suck it harder! Please mommy suck my clit more!” She was moaning between her panting.

My legs almost stopped working all together as I heard her encouraging the one giving my sweet sister so much pleasure. Still my mind would not believe it. Surely I heard wrong, I told myself. Maybe it’s some kind of weird fetish foreplay? Once I reached the door though and looked in there was no denying the obvious. My sister’s hands were firmly grabbing her own thighs pulling them wider and closer to her chest as she screamed and moaned watching my own mother’s fingers drilling in and out of her pussy as her tongue feasted on her swollen clit.

My cock was now beyond the point of willing to wait, I could already feel its excitement seeping out soaking a wet mark through bursa escort bayan my boxers. It was wrong, god was it wrong but my hand was quickly pulling out my cock as I stroked it eagerly watching my sister rocking her hips with joy as she began to cum. Quickly she let go of one of her thighs and gripped the back of my mother’s hair shoving her face against her pussy as she grinded it with joy while my mother’s tongue dove deep inside her greedily lapping up as much of her cum as she could get.

This is a dream, this is completely and one hundred percent has to be one of the most fucked up and amazing dream’s I’ve ever had!

After she finished her meal my mother moved up slowly giving my sister a lust drunken kiss. I watched their tongues dance together for a moment as my mother’s hands toyed with my sister’s pink nipples causing her to squirm about. My cock was about swollen to bursting when I heard the words that gave me all I needed as an excuse to include myself into the situation.

“Will you wear the strap on tonight baby? Mommy’s pussy needs to be fucked good and proper. It’s been aching for cock ever since I saw Ethan’s getting hard today.” She begged my sister who was more the willing to agree.

If this was a dream…and surely it had to be…then what could the harm be in just playing along? I reasoned with myself slowly before pushing open the door and looking at the two of them on the bed. “If you want the real thing all you ever needed to do was ask.” I said trying to sound as confident as possible with all thick nine inches hanging out for them to see.

At first my mother looked mortified to have been caught red handed, though as my words finally seemed to settle in with her I watched her eyes quickly trail down and sparkle with delight at the sight of the real throbbing flesh she had been craving, “You…You want to join us?” She asked curiously, “You don’t think this is disgusting?”

“Fuck no! It looks hot as hell!” I replied with a grin.

My sister was the first one off of the bed crawling closer to me. She didn’t waste time with words as she ran her hands along the length of my cock before she lifted it rolling my balls around playfully with her tongue before sucking one into her mouth causing me to groan with pleasure as I watched her. “Stephanie, who knew you could be such an eager slut?” Apparently my little sister had done growing of a different manner while I was away.

It didn’t take much longer for my mother to come over to join in. I pulled her close to me forcing her lips to part with my tongue as I kissed her, enjoying sucking the taste of my sister’s cum off of her tongue as my hands moved down groping her enormous breasts roughly.

By now my sister was already taking my cock into her mouth all the way to the back of her throat with only an occasional gag here and there. “You must of had lots of practice sucking cock if you’re this good little sister.” I praised her as my hand trailed down rubbing along my Mother’s slit feeling the warmth of her wetness already soaking her pussy. I definitely wasn’t going to last long if all this kept up. On the off chance it wasn’t a dream I didn’t want to blow my whole load down my sisters throat before even having a chance to finally bury my cock into my mother’s pussy. Especially after all that begging she had been doing for my sister.

“Get on the bed and get that ass perked up high mother dear, I’m going to fuck your pussy till you can’t even walk straight!” I ordered her, pleased with how she instantly obeyed. Stephanie released my cock from her lips with a loud popping noise that made her giggle with joy.

“What do you want me to do big brother?” She asked standing up quickly causing her tiny breasts to jiggle ever so slightly.

I leaned down sucking on the tiny hardened nipples drawing out a purring moan from her lips and motioned for her to come to the bed as well. “I would never let you feel left out sister.”

After escort bursa a moment of carefully positioning them I had them just as I wanted, my sister laid underneath my mother with her pussy right above her face while my mother was already beginning to lick my sisters pussy all over again. “I had no idea I came from a family filled with such slutty women!” But I was certainly thankful for it! Carefully I grabbed my mother’s hips as I got into place mindful of my sister’s head before I began to slowly pull my mother hips back as the head of my swollen cock slowly spread her pussy lips as stretch her out as it went in.

“Oh fuck that feels so good Ethan!” She shouted in praise as she moaned eagerly, “St-Stephanie how are you doing down there baby?”

Though my sister could hardly answer, I could already feel her tongue eagerly licking at my mother’s pussy juices as they dripped down my cock the further I went into her. I let out a deep groan feeling her skillful tongue teasing my balls again once I was fully inside our mother before I began to thrust hard in and out of her quivering pussy.

“Mmmmm!! It’s so thick! Come on baby boy don’t be shy pound your Mommy’s pussy with all you got!” She urged as her hips pushed back to meet each one of my thrusts roughly.

I began to buck my hips harder and faster to appease her but not before reaching forward and grabbing the back of her head shoving it down against my little sister’s pussy, “Don’t talk while you’re eating Mother and don’t tell me how to fuck a pussy either!”

I savored every moment I could of it, gripping her ass tightly and spreading her cheeks so I could watch my cock sliding in and out of my own mother’s soaked pussy, all the while feeling my balls smacking against my little sisters forehead as her tongue darted between my mother’s clit to my sack whenever she could manage a quick taste. All the while I could see her hips raised up and rocking while my mother’s tongue explored every inch of her pussy occasionally slipping further back and teasing the rim of her ass.

It was all too much, my hands went back to my mother’s hips after giving both perfect soft globes a hard smack and I began to fuck her pussy as hard as I could while listening to her screaming against my sister’s pussy with delight.

“Oh fuck!! Yesss! That’s it baby!” She screamed between moans while rubbing my sisters clit fiercely until I suddenly felt my sister grinding her head back and moaning against my nut sack as she began to cum hard raising her hips even higher. I watched in amazement as I saw a quick squirt of cum shoot out onto the pillow at the head of the bed! Holy shit did I ever love my family! I felt my mother’s pussy begin to tighten around my cock as she thrust back wildly screaming like and animal as she came all over my cock.

I can’t lie I wanted nothing more than to fill her pussy up with all the cum that had been building up in my nuts ever since I saw her at the airport but for the life of me I couldn’t remember if she had been sterilized after my little sister. Luckily though I at least knew my cum wasn’t about to go to waste. I pulled out quickly just as I felt it begin and instead point my cock right down at my sister’s face and began to cum all over her. It took only a moment for her to realize what was happening before she opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out catching some of the stream of hot jizz on her tongue to savor for herself. Exhaustedly I laid back against the bed catching my breath, curving my lips into a smile as I felt my sister and mother lapping at the cum still left covering my cock before I slowly drifted off back to sleep.

When I woke up the next morning I could smell breakfast already being made downstairs. It only took me a moment to realize quickly I wasn’t in my own room but still looking up at my sister’s ceiling from last night making it all to clear it was no bizarre wet dream I had. Again a moral voice tried to chime inside of me telling me how wrong last night was and that it should never happen again. Though as much as that voice might have had a point all I was thinking about is what college I could transfer to close enough to be able to live at home again!

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