Reprogramming Melanie


Reprogramming Melanie – She Needed Help

My arms were locked around her torso beneath her breasts. She was struggling, but no match for my weight room muscles. My sister was holding her legs vertical.

Melanie couldn’t speak because of the pink lollipop strapped to her lips, but her eyes were wide and dilated as the largest cock she had ever seen approached. Earlier, she had been shaved and her rectum flushed.

I asked my sister, “Should she be blindfolded so that she only experiences the feel of his cock? Wouldn’t that activate a higher level of stimulation? We are doing this to trigger her orgasms, you know.”

The owner of the cock, which was well lubed, smiled down at us, waiting for an answer to my question.

Karen acquiesced, “Yes, I guess you are right. Max, the blindfold is in the drawer of that nightstand.”

Melanie protested the blindfold with a new round of struggling. I soothed her, “It will be over soon, Melanie, and you will be a new woman. A woman who wants and enjoys sex. A female who has left all her inhibitions behind. A partner with her offspring in love and lust.”

Karen leaned to me with a kiss on my cheek. “If this doesn’t work, she may put a contract out on us.”

Max the cock artist was back in place, his enormous tool now only inches from the engorged lips of Melanie’s sex. My sister and I nodded at him. This was costing us a thousand dollars, but would be a good investment if the experiment worked.

We had put up with a prudish single mother all through high school and finally decided to use our summer job savings to address the problem head on, so to speak.

The bulbous purple head of his shaft now rested within the outer circle of flesh guarding her private domain. Melanie’s body was rigid with tensed muscles. This was the moment we had waited weeks for, although she had known about it for just a few hours of misery since earlier today. When Max drew back and pushed further inside, it was easy to see the additional liquid dripping from the great cock, deposited by a body which was not following its owner’s strangled demands.

Max looked at us once more, and we nodded again. We could hear Melanie slurping vigorously on the lollipop, which would shortly help send her to sexual nirvana. The cock resumed its forward march, driven by a two hundred pound male who was in demand for sex services almost every day.

A muffled scream rose from our restrained mother. At least six inches of cock was tickling her insides, although she probably wouldn’t call it tickling. More likely rape.

Max knew what to do in cases like this. The patient’s inhibitions, for whatever reason, left her with no knowledge of her body’s proper responses to sexual intercourse. That ignorance was about to be ended. Max’s metronomic back and forth thrusts were having an effect. Melanie seemed paralyzed by a sea of new sensory inputs. The lollipop had been consumed, so I removed its strap and the remaining wooden stick.

Karen spoke quietly, “Mom, doesn’t that feel good? Max is an artist. A special artist with a special cock. He helps women with your type of sex hangup.”

“My type of hangup? He is wrecking me!”

I spoke up. “That’s right, Mom. He is wrecking that little voice in your head that has been saying you can’t enjoy a big cock exploring your fancy cunt. In another minute or so, you will have an explosive orgasm. You can already feel the welling up of nerves shooting off, can’t you? Concentrate on letting it build and flow. Build and flow.”

Karen released the legs which had gone limp and fallen, even more widely, to the side. Her fingers grasped Melanie’s prominent and now very stiff nipples, pinching gently, and then not so gently.

Melanie opened her mouth as Max pounded fully into the juicy cunt. “Yes, there is something happening. I’ve never felt like this before. I have to answer him. I have to make him drive that giant thing into me. Ahhhh.”

I removed my arms because there was no more struggle, except the struggle to consume all of Max’s cock that she could. She reached for his shoulders and he drew her to his lap, then quickly turned her 180 degrees and allowed the body to slide down the cock once again. He nuzzled her neck at the same time he began a series of upward thrusts, each of which caused Melanie to emit a low grunt of pleasure.

“Melanie,” he said, “the treatment is working. Your wonderful cunt has come alive. It’s squeezing me and jumping around. Your nipples are hard as diamonds…”

He was still talking when she screamed into a new climax. “Oh god, I’m coming. I’m coming.”

The spasms rolled through her and she collapsed, eyes closed, on his chest. “Oh Max,” she gasped breathlessly.

Karen and I were hugging. Our homegrown sex therapy seemed to be working. The book we were using warned of retrograde behavior if there was insufficient reinforcement of the new behavior patterns. Melanie needed to find herself on the end of a vigorous cock several times a day. She needed to be reprogrammed to think she needed orgasms every day. Max was hired for today, tonight, and tomorrow through bursa escort lunch. After that, Karen and I needed to assume treatment responsibility, or come up with another thousand dollars.

Right now, Melanie was getting a shower, a rubdown, and a meal at a nearby restaurant. Underneath the new and fashionable dress that Karen had purchased would be bare skin. My sister had whispered that she thought Melanie probably didn’t even know what commando meant. I had responded that commando, plus an application of the special cream which made your cunt tingle, was required.

It was a warm evening and the restaurant seated us outside. Melanie’s face was flushed, and her body still twitched every now and then. Her dark eyes stared at us. “Was I really that much of a bitch that you had to do this?”

Karen and I looked at each other and then nodded. “Yes, Melanie.” We had decided to deny her our use of “Mom,” until things improved.

“You know, things haven’t been going well at work, either. Do you suppose I am having early menopause?”

Karen’s voice was sharp, “Probably not. Can you tell us how you got to be forty years old and still not in sync with your own body?”

“You are trying to fix me, aren’t you?” Her eyes looked everywhere around the room except at us.

“No, Melanie. We aren’t trying, we ARE going to fix you. Remember, Max is meeting us back at the house after dinner for a nightcap.” Karen’s voice was low and hostile.

She blinked at us and looked as though she were going to cry. “Please, not more today!”

My sister had suffered through a lot of nonsense about sex from her mother, and wasn’t about to be nice. “Don’t worry, he is a professional therapist and has only your best interests at heart.”

I put money down for the bill and rose, walking around to her chair and helping her up with a firm hand on her shoulder. The three of us walked to my car. I opened one of the back doors and they got in. By the time I took the driver’s seat, Karen had her mother’s dress around her waist and was working more of the special love cream from a tube into the exposed sex.

“Oh. My. God. I can’t take this.” The car was in a dark corner of the parking lot and I left the ignition off so I could turn and watch. Karen’s fingers worked vigorously in and around Melanie’s fine cunt, straying to pinch an aroused clit every so often.

“Ohhh, I’m coming!”

This was just what the rejuvenation program called for. I drove away with high pitched wails coming from the back seat.

When we reached home, Max was striding down the driveway, a smile on his face and only a loose pair of dark shorts on his athletic torso. He had been an engineering student when an older instructor at a student mixer noticed the large bulge in his trousers and took him home with her, only to discover a humongous cock that kept her screaming half the night. Afterwards, his sudden girlfriend Sophie shopped him around as a cure for anything sex-related. When one of his dates, whom he realized were really patients, offered a payment, he took it and started suggesting a fee for services rendered. He only mentioned this after a treatment had occurred, and the women never refused. Mostly, they gave him more than he asked for, which paid for a lot of engineering education.

Max took Melanie into his arms and carried her to the house. Karen and I were no longer required for the rest of the evening. But there was one problem. Karen was so hot from working on Melanie that she needed instant attention from my cock, which was not in the same league as Max’s, but had a 100% success rate in drawing wailing orgasms from my partners.

Karen had my hand in a death grip. “We are going around back to the garden house.” I smiled and tweaked the boob tip poking out of her blouse. “A little horny, are we?”

“You’d better be ready with that thing, I am dying.”

It was a warm night and she handed items of clothing to me as we went. There was a big moon, and my sister’s curvy body was more than sexy enough to get me going. I stopped at the first redwood bench in the garden and drew her nakedness down across my legs. She kissed me wildly.

“Can’t wait for privacy? It’s nice out here in the moonlight.”

I asked, “Do you suppose she is riding that monster cock already? Will we hear screams out here? What about you? Will my inadequate cock get you off?”

She fished out my stiff weapon and plunged herself down.

“Ohhh. Better. Much better. You are a nasty tease. It’s a good thing this cock does such fine work, or I would be beating you.”

She kept on teasing, suggesting perhaps I was not adequate after all. In the middle of her babbling, I heard noises coming from the house. I kissed Karen hard, so we could hear.

“Oh Max. Ohhhh. I’m coming again, I can’t stop!” A long dying wail followed. My attention snapped back to the body in my arms, which was shaking and coming and moaning quietly in my ear. “Oh damn, Kevin, his treatment is getting to me too. Will you promise me sex every day?”

“I’m going to get a swelled head if you keep talking like that.”

We decided to bursa escort bayan walk up to the house and see what condition Melanie was in. Karen poked me, “The medical program says her new sex behavior will need frequent reinforcement. Are you going to provide that?”

I decided to give Karen something to think about. “Yes, but you have to provide backup if necessary. I’ll help you select the right strapon at the sex shop.”

There was a silence and then a sharp rap on my arm. “You actually mean that, don’t you?”

“Yes. You ever tried girl sex?” I decided not to mention using a strapon for anal with a male. She would get around to that idea fast enough.

“You are invading my sisterly privacy. I suppose you want to watch?”

“I wouldn’t mind. I’m thinking that once Max gives her back to us, there is going to be threeway sex.”

We were approaching the French doors on the patio, so all I got for that remark was a nasty frown. We went inside, where noises were coming from upstairs. Karen was headed that way when I stopped her.

“You and I are taking our clothes off. If she says anything when she sees us, the answer is that a few things have changed around the house, including the dress code.”

“You are serious? The three of us are going to be naked?”

“For a few days at least. She can’t help thinking about sex if we are naked and she sees herself naked in the mirrors. She’ll notice that when she is around me, I get hard.”

We were dropping clothes in the library and Karen was pressing me against a bookcase. In a low voice, she asked, “What about when you get hard looking at me?”

I pushed back against her front. “I am hard looking at you. What should happen next?”

Her arms went around my neck and she had my stiff cock against her belly. “Kevin, this program is getting to me. The answer to your question is that your cock goes inside me. Are we going upstairs or not?”

I picked her up in my arms and took a seat on the leather sofa. “What if we act out a little competition. Whenever I get hard around her, you make a pre-emptive move in my direction. If she doesn’t respond to take me first, you say something like, “I’m sorry Melanie, he makes me so hot, but you are first.”

“So I play second fiddle. How many days does that go on?” Her hand reached down between us to see how hard he was.

“I promise that you are free to take me down anytime, anywhere after a week of fixing her.” Saying that, I lifted the amorous body and eased it in place, filled with hot cock. She squeezed and sighed. “Damn, this is nice. I guess we can’t run away together until after she is fixed?”

I subdued the needy sister with a long, long kiss, after which I said, “She is our loving mother and the three of us are sticking together from here on out. If one shared cock is not enough, we will find more.”

We climbed the stairs hand in hand, alternately frowning and giggling. “This is so bad,” Karen whispered.

By the time we got to her bedroom, Melanie and Max were in the shower. “What if we join them?” I mouthed.

Ambling into the bathroom, we said, “Hi,” and stepped into the very large shower with the giant waterfall head. Max smiled and Melanie squealed, “Oh!”

I asked, in a pushy voice, “Max, how is your client?”

Melanie was trying to hide behind Karen, but her daughter kept a firm grip on mommy tits and faced the wet body towards me. The beautiful shaved sex was pink and showed signs of hard use.

Max said, “Her time to orgasm is less than a minute. That’s a lot of progress from not coming at all!”

“Max, you are being nasty. I don’t know any woman who wouldn’t come on your monster.”

Karen was looking at a flaccid Max cock and I noticed her eyes widened as it began to grow yet again. My sister’s body and brain were warring over whether she was going to feel Max inside. I laughed and made a vow to see that she did.

“Are you done for the night?”

The involuntary lovers looked at each other. “I’m here until noon tomorrow. We’ll be spending the night and morning in her bed.”

I embraced my mother and gave her a warm kiss. “Melanie, I’m so happy you are doing well.”

“Get away from me, useless fucker. I’m never forgiving you.”

Karen still had tits in her hands, and squeezed them in reproof of her mother. “Melanie, you can’t talk to Kevin and Max that way. Look at those magnificent tools. They’re rising up and saluting!”

* * *

The next morning, Karen rolled out early, saying, “Make the coffee, please. I will take orders for breakfast in bed. I am required to be naked, is that right?”

I waved a morning stiffness at her and nodded. She gave a chopping motion with her hand and left.

The coffee was dripping and I was assembling ingredients when Karen returned. The morning sun in the kitchen gave her skin a rosy glow. The plump tits and elegant lower lips made me instantly hard. She giggled and said, “I thought that is only supposed to happen in front of her?”

“I’ll happen you. How are they this morning?”

“Come over here and I’ll tell you.” She was seated on top of escort bursa the butcher block table, legs widespread. It was obvious that he wanted a ride too. I growled my way across the room and straight in.

“Oh Kevin! Give me more. Please more!”

We were naked and I was hard. Karen was losing it, warmed up by the scene with Melanie and Max.

“Oh, oh, oh, aieeeee!”

I released her carefully and went back to the breakfast duties. The upstairs lovers wanted scrambled eggs with ham and toast. That we could do. Karen mopped between her legs and said she would take it up. I said it was my turn and she should sip her coffee until I got back in a minute.

A devious plan had formed in my mind. When I got to the room, Melanie and Max were side by side and smiling. I placed the tray on Melanie’s lap and asked Max to step outside with me for a moment.

“Hey, last night Karen couldn’t take her eyes off that big cock of yours. I think she needs a treatment. What if I stay here with Melanie and you go to the kitchen saying you have been instructed to be nice to her?”

“Nice to your sister?

“Yes. She is going to go completely gaga watching you walk across the kitchen, the weapon pointed directly at her.”

“Do I have to ask?”

“Only if she gets antsy. I’ll bet she looks at it, and looks in your eyes, and says “Please?”

We high fived and I slid in alongside Melanie. She looked at me, sipping her juice. “I woke up wanting him.”

“Are you still mad at me?”

“I should be. What an awful thing to do to your mother.”

I looked into her eyes, which were very dark and wide. The tip of her tongue peeked out. “You are thinking about my cock this very moment, aren’t you?”

“Is that why you traded with Max, to test the cure?”

“Partly. I decided Karen’s curiosity about his cock needed to be satisfied.”

Melanie was putting the tray to one side and crawling into my lap, having pulled the sheet down to expose a very stiff shaft. “So this is the way it is going to be? You take either one of us as you please?”

Before she finished, she was most of the way down my cock. For the first time, I was having sex with my mother. Wonderful, loving sex that felt out of this world. She was full of Max’s early morning come, and sliding freely. Our lips collided and the kiss went on for a long time. Through the bedroom doorway, we heard a long wailing cry.

Melanie nipped at my ear and said, “She will need him more than once.”

“What about you?” Does monster cock have to be in your future?”

She pushed me down and stretched full out. “Let’s not worry about that now. Hold me.”

When Max and Karen poked their heads in the bedroom doorway, I was smiling at them and Melanie was dead asleep on my chest.

Max waved goodbye at me. Karen pointed at her impressive bare chest and pointed at Max. The message was unmistakable. Karen was leaving with the cock artist. I would get the details much later, if at all.

Later, Melanie woke me and said, “What happened to the others?”

“While you were napping, they came to the door and waved goodbye.”

Her tongue worried my lips. My limp cock began to lengthen. She laughed, almost a giggle.

“What’s going on?” I asked.

“He had me panting for that enormous cock. My mind was a blank. When I came for the umpteenth time, he said that after he left, I would need your cock frequently.”

She kissed me again and flexed her hips. I flexed back and murmured, “So soon?”

“Whatever got you and Karen into this fixup program?”

“Climb onto my cock and I will tell you.” She frowned but sat up, noticing my gaze fastened on her fine tits. “I can’t accuse you of perving anymore, can I?”

“No, you thank me for admiring your perfect body with its perfect breasts.”

Her frown gave way to a laugh and a quick move above my hips. Her sex was red and totally puffed up. “Be a good lover and hand me that tube on the nightstand.”

She took my hand and laid a thick ribbon on my middle finger. I didn’t need instruction on what to do. The recently violated vagina was loose around my finger and the lube went in easily.

“What do you think, will I ever recover?” She leaned down for a kiss as my cock slid quickly into place.

Her cunt was still elastic and tightened nicely around me. I thrust up gently and she answered. The eyes closed and I knew her son’s cock was being measured against the cock artist’s.

“You are in there, answer my question.”

“It could take a while. Are you patient, sitting up there?”

“You’ll find out when you need to. Tell me”

“We were tired of you bugging us about so many things. Even after we gave you credit for being such a good single mom, it was too much hassle. Then Karen saw a reference on the Internet about suppressed behavior syndrome and we were pretty sure you had it. The nurse at Karen’s high school is very good and helps couples with sex problems on the side. We went to see her. She asked how much sex you were getting and we said it didn’t appear you were getting any. She said she needed to take some clinical information from us before she could recommend treatment for you. We followed her into the next room, which had a big bed in it. She started dropping clothes and said we were all going to get naked and talk about sex.”

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