Rescuing Heather

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The violent storm quickly swept through the countryside, uprooting trees, downing power lines, and sending sheets of rain almost sideways. Heather was caught in the downpour, wishing she would have left for home earlier in the morning. Travel was treacherous, she could barely see out the windshield, and could not pick out the center line most of the time. It did not help the she took the scenic route through the country side. And even though she had slowed to nearly a crawl, she did not see the tree in the road until it was too late to stop. She swerved to avoid the obstacle, but the wet road did not allow her car to adequately respond, and it glanced off the tree and into the ditch.

Though shaken up, Heather was unhurt; however her poor car was stuck. She tried to gather her thoughts, but was nearly overwhelmed by her predicament. She got out her phone and prepared to call for help, but then hesitated. Almost simultaneously, she had two realizations: water in the ditch was rising, and there was a long driveway leading to a house just across the road. She grabbed her purse and sprinted up the driveway toward the house.

There were no lights on, and no sign of life at the place, but at least the porch offered shelter from the still driving rain. As Heather got out her phone again to call for help, the door of house opened, and out stepped a concerned looking man. “Can I help you?” was quickly followed by “my lord young lady, you are soaked through.”

As he surveyed the scene, he started to put the pieces together. “Is that your car across the road?” he asked.

“Yes” Heather responded, “I didn’t see the tree across the road until it was too late” she continued.

“Are you all right?” he asked with concern.

“I am,” she replied, “but my car is stuck, and the water in the ditch was rising when I had to abandon it.”

“Well, don’t worry about your car. The water drains into the creek at my property line” he said. “It may run swiftly during storms, but it never gets more than a foot high” he continued.

When he turned back to her, he could tell that the incident had shaken her up. Then he said with a worried voice, “I am not concerned about the car, but I am concerned about you. Please come inside. You can get out of the wet clothes, calm down, and we can see about retrieving your car.”

It was then that Heather realized what he had seen: she was trembling. She also noticed that her bra was plainly visible through her soaked blouse and her nipples were protruding through the fabric. And though he tried not to stare, she noticed that he saw it too.

He opened the door and led her inside. “My name is Jason; welcome to my home. Unfortunately, the storm knocked out the power.” He then continued, “the laundry room is too the left, I will meet you there with a change of clothes and we can put your wet things in the dryer, once the power is restored.”

“My name is Heather, and thank you for inviting me in.” She wandered past the dining room and found the laundry room. She felt bad that her wet shoes had left a path through the house. And she was thankful that the small room had door so she could change in private.

After a moment, Jason appeared with a towel, a terrycloth robe and an armful of clothes. “I brought you a towel and a selection of clothes so you can be comfortable” he said sweetly, almost embarrassed. “I live alone, so I brought what I think would fit,” he continued. And with that, he shut to door. “I’ll be in the kitchen,” Jason said as he departed down the hall.

Heather pealed her wet clothes from her body and tossed them into the dryer, toweled off her body, and put on the robe to take off the chill. She chucked to herself upon close inspection of the items he had brought: silk boxer shorts, briefs, short pants, golf shirt, and button down shirt. “There are no women in this man’s house,” she thought. She slipped on the boxers, secured the belt on the robe, wrapped her hair in the towel on her head, and left the remainder of the clothes on the washing machine. “These will do for now. Once the power is restored, I’ll get back into my own clothes” she thought to herself.

As Heather entered the room, Jason looked up and then smiled. “My robe has never looked so good” he said with a chuckle. “I wish I could offer you a hair dryer, but I obviously don’t need to own one,” he continued rubbing is close cropped hair and bald head. This brought a smile to her face, but she was still subdued by the day’s events. Then Jason’s expression again changed to concern as he said “The storm was pretty bad. Emergency services are swamped with calls, and there are trees and power poles blocking many of the major roads. I am afraid it may take some time to get someone out here to retrieve your car, if they can even reach us today. I have called in the request, but there is not much we can do but wait.” His tone then changed to that of a hospitable gentleman as he said “Heather, you are a guest in my home, and I sincan escort will do whatever I can to make you feel welcome.” Though still apprehensive about being in a stranger’s home, Heather found some comfort in Jason’s statement.

“I have to prepare for the approaching darkness of a house without power, please make yourself comfortable on the couch while I get candles and such” he said motioning to the living room. Heather settled on the couch and worked on her phone to let everyone know she was ok while Jason lit candles around the house. As he pasted the living room, he could not help but notice her shapely legs exposed from the “V” of the robe. He was quite taken by her beauty. At the same time, she thought about the recent events and what a gentlemen Jason was. He was so different from men she normally encounters: confident, but not egotistical or arrogant; caring, giving, and compassionate, not self-centered; but most of all sweet, and a nice person. These thoughts stirred emotions that were confusing to her.

He was working in the kitchen when she finished texting on the phone, so she made her way to join him, speaking as she entered the room. “I have not thanked you for your hospitality” she said with a smile.

His robe on her was slightly undone, exposing her soft skin like a plunging neckline of a cocktail dress, the sight of which made him stammer as he spoke. “I certainly was not going to throw you out in the street. And besides, it has always been a fantasy of mine to rescue and damsel in distress,” he said with a smile. He made a conscious effort to maintain eye contact as she sat down on the stool next to the counter. “I hope you like omelets,” he said as he sliced mushrooms.

Heather looked puzzled and asked, “How will you cook an omelet without power?”

“Easy,” he replied; “camp stove.”

They continued their light conversation while he cooked the eggs on the porch, and they ate by candlelight in the kitchen. At times, Jason had difficulty focusing on the conversation as he was mesmerized by Heather’s beauty. And at times, Heather had these confusing emotions about Jason. After putting the dishes in the sink, they retired to the couch.

Now the house was dark except for the few candles burning around the room. Heather felt the chill of the nighttime air, and realized her bare feet were cold. “Do you have some slippers? My feet are freezing” she said to Jason.

“I don’t think my slippers will fit you, but I think I can warm you up,” he replied. He instructed her to lie on her back with her knees slightly bent so her feet were next to him. He took one foot and gently guided under his thigh, and began massaging the other foot with his warm hands. The feeling of his hands kneading her foot was exquisite. When he switched feet and began again, she let out a barely perceivable moan. When he rubbed her heel, she curled her toes downward, and when he twisted her toes, Heather wiggled the toes underneath Jason’s thigh.

They were both aroused; Jason was hard and straining against his pants, and she was wet underneath the silk boxers. But Heather knew that he was too much a gentleman to make the first move, and she would have to be the initiator. When he moved to change to the other foot, she sat up, crossed her legs, and grabbed his arm. She looked him straight in the eye, placed Jason’s hand on her calf and slowly guided it up her leg, never breaking eye contact. When his hand reached her inner thigh, she licked her lips and asked in a slow, deliberate voice, “Are you as gentle and giving as a lover as you are a man?”

Jason was without words. What verbal response would be adequate? With his free hand, ran his finger around her face and behind her neck, pulled Heather to him, and kissed her soulfully on the mouth. Her tongue darted between his lips and she swept her arm behind his head to lock the embrace. Still holding his arm against her leg, she guided his hand toward her body. The silk material of the boxer shorts felt good against her skin under the pressure of his hand, but Jason would not allow his hand to move further.

Confused, Heather broke from the kiss and shot Jason a disapproving look. “You are not going to stop now, are you?” she asked anxiously.

He responded with a chuckle, “On the contrary young lady, I have only just begun. But a gentleman does not reach between the legs of a woman during their first kiss.” After a brief moment, she smiled at his grin, pulled herself to him in a kiss, and then straddled him sitting on the couch.

Heather kissed him forcefully, pushing his head back on the couch. His hands gently rubbed her back from her shoulders to her legs through the thick robe, which was unsatisfactory to her. She undid the belt of the robe and spread it wide, forcing Jason’s hands to touch skin if it touched her. He responded by alternatively stroking her back and cupping her ass. This was the touch she desired. When he reached around, cupped her breasts, and gently ankara escort pinched both nipples, she broke from their kiss and let out a faint sigh. Jason moved to kiss and nuzzle her neck; she was aroused by his lips and beard on her skin, he was aroused by the sound of her breathing in his ear and the touch of her lips and tongue.

Jason wanted to pleasure Heather as she had never been before; but he knew that slow, methodical foreplay would not be tolerated unless it was captivatingly good. Otherwise, she would be bored or impatient and jump his bones. The gentlemen lover would have to be fantastic.

Heather was still confused with emotions, thankful for his kindness and attracted to him in ways she had not experienced. He was not the tall, handsome, strong young man to whom she was usually drawn; her attraction to him was a different experience.

As Jason sweetly kissed her neck and under her chin, his left hand moved behind her head to grab a handful of hair, and his right hand settled underneath her thigh. From this position, he could guide her body to kiss, lick, suck, and nibble her upper torso. From her neck, his mouth tasted her collarbone, shoulders, and sternum. Sensing this was too little and too slow, he raised her body and sucked a nipple deep into his mouth, then swirled his tongue around it. She responded by pressing her body to his face and moaning. He broke from one tit to taste the other; back and forth until they were both hard and wet with saliva.

Jason retreated from her nipples and lowered her body so they would be face to face. They were eye to eye in the dim candlelight, caressing each other, and both trying to imagine what was next. Heather was willing to pull down Jason’s pants and mount him on the couch, but he had other ideas.

Jason broke the silence with his request. “I want to taste you, but I cannot if you continue to sit on me. Can we change positions?”

Heather grabbed Jason’s arm, rotated off his lab, pulled him to her. He dropped to his knees and situated himself on the floor between her legs. Heather leaned forward and kissed him deeply and she pulled his shirt up to expose his skin to her fingers. As Jason cupped her head in his hands, her tongue swirled in his mouth and her nails gently raked on his back. Once she had a firm grip on his shirt, Heather broke from the kiss and pulled Jason’s shirt over his head. He was again thankful for the dim candlelight of the room.

Tempted to return to her kiss, Jason thought he’d better move things along and instead leaned forward to take a nipple in his mouth; his hands gently stroking her upper thighs. She sank back into the couch and enjoyed the hot, wet sensation on her breast. Heather put her hands on his head and shoulders as if to suggest he move lower. Taking the hint, Jason kissed down onto her belly to the waistband of the boxer shorts. Reaching under her knees, he pulled her toward him and buried his face in the silk material. The musk that filled his nostrils and warmth that he felt on his face game him an indication of her approval and encouragement to continue.

Still holding her legs, he nuzzles her crotch, gently mouthing her and blowing his hot breath through the silk material. Heather let out a quiet “oh” in response. Jason’s desire to taste her wetness drove him to tug on the waistband of the boxers, and Heather responded by lifting slightly so the shorts slide off and rested around her ankles. Jason then covered her glistening pussy lips with his mouth and gently sucked as his tongue drove between her folds. A moan escaped Heather’s mouth in appreciation as she gently ran her fingers on his head.

Jason carefully explored her pussy with his tongue until he found her clit, hard from the stimulation. Heather jerked slightly at the attention and uttered a soft “yes.” Jason began to rhythmically lick her clit while continuing to suck her lips, but he knew that continuing this mouth massage would bring her to orgasm much too quickly. Sensing her heightened level of arousal, he withdrew from her wetness and nuzzled and kissed her thigh and lightly kissed her vulva until it partially subsided. But he wanted her first orgasm to be from the actions of his tongue.

Jason reached around her legs; spread her pussy wide with his hands, and then buried is face in her wetness. He returned to sucking her pussy lips and licking her clit, but this time forcefully and with determination. After a few moments, she uttered “Oh my God, oh my God” while her body’s muscles tightened, her clit began to throb against Jason’s tongue, and the first wave of ecstasy flowed through her. She convulsed almost violently and thrashed on the couch while Jason kept up the stimulation. After a few moments, Jason mercifully decreased the stimulus and allowed Heather to drift down from her elevated bliss.

Jason rose up from his crouching position and held Heather as she recovered from the experience. After a few short moments, she began to sweetly kiss etimegut escort his ear and neck and her hands stroked his arms and back. Then she whispered in his ear “I want to do the same to you; I want you in my mouth.”

Jason lifted his head to face Heather, and even the dim light, the lustful look in her eyes was evident. With a gentle and guiding push, she encouraged him to get up from the couch, and then stand. As soon as he was on his feet, she began to work on his belt and unbuttoning his pants. His member sprang from its confinement as she pulled down his briefs.

As his underwear hit the floor, Heather had one hand gently stroking his shaft and the other rubbing his legs and cupping his balls. As her thumb grazed his already slickened head, Jason jerked slightly and took a sharp breath. Looking up into Jason’s eyes, she licked the salty fluid from her thumb, and then took the engorged head into her warm mouth. The feeling was amazing; he let out a deep moan and felt wobbly on his feet. She then alternatively stroked his shaft, swirled her tongue around the head, and took as much as she could in her throat. Jason steadied himself with a hand on her shoulder while caressing her hair. He wanted the incredible sensations to continue, but knew he could not completely satisfy this young lady if she continued on this trajectory.

Reluctantly, he cupped her face in his hands and squatted down to withdraw his cock from the pleasure. Heather protested his actions, but once face to face, he kissed her, and then said “as much as I was enjoying your pleasurable treatment, I would rather cum making love with you.” And with that statement, she kissed him deeply.

He maneuvered to sit next to her, and guided her to again sit on his lap. She rocked forward, lifted his stiff member off of his stomach, positioned it at her wet opening, and slowly lowered herself onto it. She was so wet, she continued her downward motion until he was completely inside her and she was resting on his hips. The action yielded simultaneous moans from them.

Jason grabbed the smooth skin of her hips and with a slight motion, encouraged her to begin. She slowly rocked upward and forward until only the head of his cock remained inside her, and then descended in a deliberate motion. Repositioning slightly, she found a comfortable position and began. Her rhythmic motion was fluid. She found Jason’s mouth with her lips and kissed him deeply. His hands found her breasts and lightly massaged her pert tits while lightly pinching and twirling her nipples. Heather lifted her head back and Jason found a nipple with his mouth and began sucking and licking her sensitive erect nipples.

Heather responded by increasing her pace on his shaft. “Oh baby, it feels so good” escaped her lips.

Jason could feel his orgasm building from deep inside, and he wanted Heather to join him in the ultimate bliss, so he reached between her legs and found her swollen clit with his thumb. He slowly made small circles on her pleasure point. In a broken, throaty voice, she said “Oh Jason, you are going to make me cum again,” and she increased the tempo of their lovemaking.

They were both on the brink of orgasm. Jason began to buck his hips to meet Heather’s downward thrusts and he increased the pressure of his thumb on her clit. “Oh yes, oh yes” was uttered by Heather and Jason grunted, raised his hips and then he froze in that position. As Jason began to convulse, waves of ecstasy flowed through Heather’s body. Hot jets of semen filled her pussy and Heather’s clit throbbed against Jason’s thumb. He could feel her tight pussy contracting against his pulsating cock.

As their mutual orgasm subsided, Jason lowered his hips to the couch as Heather collapsed onto his shoulder, she still quivering from the experience. He caressed her back as she lightly kissed his shoulder and neck. “That was amazing” he said, still catching his breath.

“You are amazing” she replied.

After cuddling on the couch for several minutes, they adjourned to the bedroom, taking a couple candles and blowing out the rest. They continued their lovemaking late unto the night. Heather found she was particularly fond of Jason probing her asshole with a finger as he took her from behind, or if she was on top in a reverse cowgirl position. They both came again in a butterfly position; her ankles next to his head, him standing next to the bed pounding her pussy while stimulating her clit. They finally fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Heather awoke to the smell of bacon and the sound of the radio. The power was back on. She got up, turned on the dryer that contained her wet clothes, and headed toward the living room. She adorned herself with the boxer shorts and robe she had so willing shed the night before and found Jason cooking in the kitchen.

He greeted her with a smile, a hug, and a kiss. “How is my wonderful houseguest this morning?” he asked.

“I am fine. No, much better than fine this morning” she answered with a sheepish grin. “What is for breakfast?” she asked, her arms still holding on to him.

“I am putting together a breakfast pizza” he responded. “It should be out of the oven in about 15 minutes.”

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