Rest stop

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Rest stopA few days ago I was at work. My building has no AC so I sat in my office on my computer sweating to death. The end of the day finally arrived and I took off for my 45 minute ride home. The hot summer day was holding into a hot summer evening. I drove along a rural route in Southern MA. Passing several state forests. My cock was stirring in my shorts, I hadn’t cum in a few days and felt the urge starting to cloud my better judgement. I wanted to stop into one of the turnoffs on the winding road and walk into the forest, strip down and walk around the woods in the nude, stroking my cock, and find a place to relax and cum all over the place. I don’t know the area too well so I decided against that. I needed to touch my cock, free it from my tight briefs. As I drove I unsnapped my shorts, unbuckled my seatbelt and took off my shirt. I figured a guy with no shirt on was common enough to see in this weather. bahis siteleri I continued to drive, the wind caressing my bare torso, my shorts undone. I thought about how much fun it would to drive naked. I pulled my shorts down around my ankles and started stroking my cock. I grew harder as I drove. I love the way my skin goes over my cock as I rub it. Pre cum started to ooze, I took it in my hand and fed myself. Slippery and salty. The wind blew around my balls and between my legs, nothing between my leather car set now. I let go of my cock and watched it as it bobbed when I hit the bumps in the road. I came to a downtown area, thought about pulling over and pulling up my shorts, but remembered the highway was just on the other side of the town, and there was the rest area I thought about stopping at. I let go of my cock, sat up in my seat and hoped no one could see into my car. I looked out the canlı bahis siteleri windows as I drove, pants bunched around my ankles, no one around me knowing that I’m not wearing anything.I got to the other side of the downtown and headed for the interstate. I knew there was a rest stop just as I got onto the highway. I pulled in, looking around. I’ve never stopped here, but I’ve seen plenty of cars parked at dusk and in the middle of the day. I wondered what went on but could only imagine after watching videos and reading stories on xhamster. I slowly drove to a parking spot, thought of one of the movies I had seen where the guy exposed himself to someone walking by his car window. My cock got harder. I looked around, it was around 8 pm, the summer sun just at the horizon, too light for me to get out in this condition. I thought for a moment, the traffic was coming from behind my car and past, if canlı bahis I opened the rear door people would only get a quick look, probably never seeing that I had my pants around my ankles. I opened my door, swung my legs out and stepped out of my car, making sure there was no one around. I stroked my cock in earnest, cars whipping by, my hand roaming all over my torso, I felt that amazing tingle, I was about to shoot my load. I looked around quickly, thinking of where I was going to shoot it when I heard a truck pull up and park a few spaces over and on the other side of my car, too late, my cock throbbed, my hot seed shot out of my cock, all over the back door of my car, my legs and pooled in my shorts, several volleys of cum all over the parking lot I yanked my shorts up. I saw the older guy get out and walk over to the tables and light a smoke. My underwear was stuck down but I was able to close the doors, pull my shorts up and jump into my car, put it in gear and drove off slowly. My cock was still throbbing in my pants. Oh what a feeling. I think I’d like to try that again. Any comments I’d gladly read them, thanks for reading!

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