Retired Cocktease


When I was in college, nearly 20 years ago now, I was a physical therapy major and spent my summers working as a massage therapist in a sports medicine clinic. Like most physical therapy majors, I was very into fitness, and me and my buddies worked out constantly and spent our spare time in the summer at the beach tanning our super fit bodies.

My best friend John and I worked both worked at the same fitness facility, and I was frequently at his house drinking beer and hanging out as his families pool. John’s parents home was in a very affluent area, and had a spectacular pool and grounds. In addition, John’s mother, Gwen, an absolute fox who was about 40 but could have passed for a dozen years younger, was often at the pool sunbathing.

One afternoon I dropped by to see if John wanted to go to the beach, and found his mother home alone, and sitting by the pool in her bikini. She invited me to sit and have a cold drink with her, and began asking me about my job, and my future career plans. I tried to stay cool and not be too obvious as I snuck constant looks at her bursting bikini top. She talked about sports injuries she had over the years, and mentioned that she had some stiffness in her shoulder from her morning tennis game, and frequently had soreness in her calves after her aerobics class. I tried to impress her with my knowledge of physiology, concluding that regular stretching, ice after exercise, and therapeutic massage should help. She didn’t bat an eye, asking me if I would be willing to give her a massage now. I stammered out an awkward “Well sure” as I blushed, and she led me into the house.

John’s mom led me directly to the master bedroom, and escort sincan gestured to a chair as she disappeared into the bathroom. She continued to talk about her tennis game from the bathroom, emerging quickly in a white robe with several large towels. She spread them on the bed, started to loosen her robe, and stared at me. “If I am going to be in just my underwear, it only seems fair that you do the same” she announced. She dropped the robe to the floor, and I was stunned to find her in her bikini bottom and nothing else. Her huge, full breasts were now bare, and jutted quite proudly forward. She slowly crawled on the bed, and laid face down. I, as instructed, stripped to my boxers and attempted to conceal my erection by bending at the waist to gather the bottle of baby oil. I attempted to become focused, and began applying the oil and giving a massage. However, the whole situation was hopeless as her smooth oiled skin soon had me rock hard and creating a wet spot at my waistband. I still managed to give her shoulders and neck a credible massage, and eventually set to work on her calves and feet. Fortunately I never had a thing for feet, so I didn’t totally lose my cool. Thinking I had done my job as asked I was unsure what to do, when Gwen half rolled over exposing one huge bosom and insisted I work on her thighs and butt. She also gave a purposeful glance to my fully tented boxers and smiled as she laid back down. Well her thighs and butt soon had me in pretty desperate shape, I couldn’t help but think about what lay just out of reach to me after she lowered her swimsuit bottom. Midway through the butt massage my raging boner finally sprung free of my boxers through ankara escort the front opening, and I tried to discreetly slip it back in with one hand. Gwen again glanced backward as I struggled to maneuver it back in, finally having to use two hands. She chuckled and went back to relaxing while I worked.

I was fairly certain at this point that Gwen was using this whole sports injury thing as a foreplay ploy, and was wrestling with the concept of diddling my friends mom. Any doubt I may have had about whether I should do the deed with this older vixen went away when she flipped over and insisted that I finish the job. I couldn’t help but stare at her massive breasts, openly gasping at them. Again she chuckled, and actually laughed as my erection again burst into view. “Why don’t you just leave it…” she said in a tone that was more a confident order than suggestion. She arched an eyebrow…”Can we get back to my massage…”

I held the bottle of oil, and stared at her breasts, anxious to cover them with oil and do what I had been dreaming about ever since I had known John. Gwen read my mind. She hefted a breast in each hand, and glanced down at them admiringly. “These are off limits, but then that’s what a professional like you was thinking anyway…” she stated. She gave just the slightest grin as she read the disappointment in my eyes, and again glanced down at my swollen cock. A string of pre-cum now extended downward from the angry tip. I didn’t dare reach to tuck it away, and returned to my duties with the oil. In my now desperate state every touch on Gwen’s incredible body caused my erection to jerk. While my cock had not been touched, I felt very close to an etimesgut escort bayan orgasm and knew if I even just accidentally rubbed up against her oil slicked body I would probably blow my load all over her. Increasingly, I was tempted to do this regardless of the consequences. I desperately held back, looking forward to the “thank you fuck” that I was sure was coming my way. I worked her shoulders, abs and legs; all the while her gently heaving breasts taunted me. I finally couldn’t help myself, and allowed myself to massage all around them, “accidentally” stroking the sides on occasion.

Gwen’s eyes opened. “My shoulders feel so much better, thank you so much.” She climbed off the bed, her breasts now eye level to me, as she rolled her head and neck enjoying the results of the massage. I sat with my painfully hard cock pointing straight up out of my pee hole in my boxers. Gwen wandered back into the bathroom and talked of how wonderful she felt back through the open door. She re-emerged with her robe on again, sat on a chair that faced the bed, and calmly lit a cigarette as she continued to revel in post massage bliss. She asked me about my plans for the rest of the afternoon with her son, seemingly oblivious to my still exposed intense erection. I tried to make small talk, trying to figure how to focus her energies on my cock that seemed invisible to her now. Finally she got up from the chair and told me I should get dressed, that she had an appointment and needed to get cleaned up. She watched and smirked as I attempted to stuff my painfully swollen dick into my boxers and button my jeans. I dared not protest, after all this was my friends mom, and she led me to the door. At the front door she stepped back and gazed down at my bulging groin area, obviously pleased with her handiwork. “I used to love to do this in high school and college, I guess I felt like coming out of retirement for a day…”

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