Subject: Retirement in Brighton Harry was 60. After a long working life in the city of London he had amassed a small fortune and thought it about time to retire. His wife had died a couple of years previously and he had lost the sense of living and happiness. He needed a change. He was lonely. Harry played tennis, golf went jogging and swimming was in really good shape. He had tried to make new lady friends but it seemed something had changed in him. He simply was not interested in women and dates for sex any more. After a few months he had come to realise that his focus had shifted to men. In fact not just men but men who looked after themselves. He could not bare the thought of touching an old saggy women or man and found himself looking at the bodies of young men in their 20’s. He was not interested in the very young boy’s even though they might be over 16 and technically legal. No – he liked toned and trained young men who looked after themselves, did not smoke or drink and who also were interested in learning travelling and an education. Harry in short was looking for an interesting young companion who would maybe want to have sex with him. How did one go about finding such a young man? In the summer of 2020 he moved to Brighton having stopped work and sold his company which dealt with stocks and shares. He bought a large penthouse flat in the middle of Brighton close to the lanes. He wanted company not isolation. Brighton was full of young students and tourists. He looked forward to a busy retirement and not being cooped up in some summer house not talking to anybody from day to day! More that that Brighton was known to be a gay town! What could be better? The first week or so went very very quickly. He had to set up his new life. There were jobs such as visiting a lawyer, doctor, the post office, dentist, a new golf club, a new tennis club, and getting a builder to make some changes to his flat. Most days he went just downstairs and got some coffee and cakes in the cafe just opposite his flat. There was a selection of young people serving. He guessed these were mainly students doing shift work trying to earn some cash. Since the government had put a charge of 9,000 per year on education most kids had to work their way through college. In the main it was young girls working in the coffee shop but now and again there were some boys. He saw the same boy more than once and he started saying hello to them. They began to recognise him with a pleasant “hello, how are you today, Sir”. One of the boys was a beautiful blond with long legs and a well built torso. One or two evenings he went to a gay bar. He sat at the edge and watched and felt like an old pedo out to catch the young boys. He saw the boy from the coffee shop talking to one or two older men. One evening he even left with one of the men. “What was all that about?” he thought Harry nodded and then talked to one or two older men but he never pushed it since he was really not interested in old guys his age with saggy tits and stomachs and stinking of beer and cigarettes. He always left alone and unsatisfied. “How does one get to meet young men” he thought. He scoured the internet for ideas. Nothing sprung to mind so he spent time at his golf club and tennis club. He saw plenty of young lean pretty young men but apart from getting a polite hello there seemed to be little interest. He was after all an old guy even though he was in good shape. No – there had to be some common ground to get them talking. Even so he thought even if he did play a round konyaaltı sınırsız escort of golf with a boy then he could not just ask him out after. What 20 year old would want to eat a meal with him. No – there had to be another way. He picked up a gay mag in one of the bars and was flicking through the pages. He came across some escort adverts. Had he got to that stage he thought. Then he came to an add for “HouseBoys”. It was a website for guys to advertise both the availability to be a houseboy and for guys to register their willingness to host. He was not sure if this was just an extended knocking shop! A boy walked in. It was the blond from the coffee shop. They saw each other and the boy said hello. That was progress he thought and I was not even trying ! As he walked away Harry looked at him go. He did have a lovely arse! The boy turned round and saw Harry looking. The boy wagged his finger as if to tell him off. They both laughed. The next day harry made a point of going to the coffee shop to be able to say hello to the boy. “My names harry” he said “Oliver” replied the boy “please to meet you” Harry could not think of anything else to say so he just said goodbye and let the next customer get to the front of the queue. Harry was not getting anywhere so he risked putting an advert in “”. It read COMPANIAN REQUIRED. MUST BE ABLE TO HOLD A CONVERSION. Usual tasks such as cleanup, washing, cooking. Board and lodging offered. Under 25, clean shaven, no drugs or drink. Within a week he had got back 5 replies. The selection was hopeless. Two from guys who looked about 35, one overweight and one with a beard. What were they thinking? The days went on. Harry became very very good at golf and tennis. After two weeks harry went down to his coffee shop about 7pm. the boy he knew as Oliver was outside sitting on a bench with two suitcases by his side. He was sobbing ! Harry saw him. “What the matter” he said. After all he felt some kind of connection! The boy looked up and saw Harry “I have been kicked out of my flat. I could not keep up with the rent” “Why on earth not?, Whats the problem?” asked Harry “Well the government takes 9,000 per year for uni fees and on top of that I have to find rent and food and books. As you know I have to work in this shop to make some cash amongst other things” “What other things?” asked Harry “Well you have seen me in that gar bar. Well I actually do a bit of escorting now and again” The boy look down and was a little embarrassed. “Oh I didn’t know” said Harry “So what’s changed?” “Well with all this COVID business most of the punters have stopped coming and I can’t make ends meet” “Oh I see” said Harry “that is a problem. So what are you going to do?” “I don’t know. It’s getting on and will soon be dark. I may have to sleep on the beach and risk getting mugged” Harry thought for a minute. “Why don’t you come and spend the night at my place until you get yourself sorted out. I am all alone. There is no charge and I promise I won’t try and pressure you in any way for any escort services” “Why would you help me?” said Oliver. “Well you need help and I am all alone. As long as you are willing to talk to me a little then let’s see how it goes.” Oliver reached out to shake hands and said “Thanks harry, I don’t know how to thank you” They entered the flat and Oliver set his bags down. Harry showed him to the spare bedroom. He came out after 10 minutes and Harry had made a konyaaltı türbanlı escort hot meal for them both. A very simple spaghetti bolognese. As they ate Oliver began to relax. He said “I saw your advert in . I did not really know if i was good enough to be your companion, I don’t know much about it.” “Dont worry” said Harry “lets just see how it goes” “I go to college every day and then come back and train and do some homework” Harry told him that he had just retired and that he was looking for a companion. But of course Oliver had already read that. Harry told him about the golf and tennis and swimming. Oliver asked “are you looking for sex or just a friend” “Bloody cheek” said Harry “I am not that old. I could still give you a run for your money!!” “Sorry” said Oliver “I was not sure. I actually prefer older men. They are more stable than some of the stupid young guys on the street. “Well let’s just see how we get on,” said Harry. And with that Harry took away the plates and washed up. Oliver asked if he could use the table to do his homework and then he spread his books and laptop out. Just like having a son, harry. Just what he wanted. Things were looking up. He wondered how long this would last. Harry found out that Oliver was an orphan and had only himself to make his life work. He was very happy that Harry took an interest in him, A day passed and then a week. All was well and Oliver showed no sign of bad behaviour or of wanting to move out. In fact he relaxed more and more and took to wondering around the flat in only a pair of skimpy silk shorts. One evening They had their evening meal and Oliver had done the washing up. He brought a cup of coffee into Harry and stood by the side of him. “Can I ask you a question Harry?” “Go ahead” “Well it’s just that I have been here for three weeks now. I have been going around this flat nearly naked for a few days and you have not once tried to grope me or suggest anything more. I know you have been staring at my bum every time I pass you. I am wondering if you like me or not?” “Well it’s like this Oliver. I actually do think you are very sexy but I would not dream of coming on to you unless you really wanted me to. I am 40 years older than you. You are a good companion to me and I could not ask for more. If you wanted to though I would like to take it a step further” Oliver smiled. He sat down on the arm of the sofa and put his arm around Harry’s shoulder. He took Harrys arm and put it on his own silky lean legs. “It’s ok,” said Oliver, “I would like you to be my Daddy. I never really knew my own father and I love being here around you. ” Oliver pulled Harry’s hand up his legs until it was covering Oliver’s now hard cock! Harry squeezed the rock hard cock. “You naughty little boy but I forgive you.” Oliver lifted his shorts away from his cock and now Harry’s hand was clutching the naked erect penis. After a minute or two Harry got the courage and bend over to Oliver’s crotch and took the cock in his mouth. Oliver bent his head back in pleasure whilst Harry bobbed up and down on the erect cock. A long time later Oliver pulled Harry off his cock. He was getting close to cumming. “Take me to bed Daddy” said Oliver “Take me to bed and fuck me” Harry looked up at Oliver and simply nodded They went to the bedroom. Oliver jumped on the bed and waited for Harry. Harry took off his clothes one by one and Oliver saw the magnificence of this man. Oliver said konyaaltı ucuz escort “Wow – great body – I have waited all this time, I have been a silly boy” Harry jumped into bed and made love to the boy. Not just sex. This boy had been in his house for three weeks and the tension needed release. It was a wild passion from both sides. Oliver ended up on his back with his legs all the way behind his ears whilst Harry pumped his cum into Oliver’s arse hole. “My flexible son” remarked Harry. They both laughed. Oliver got fucked three times that night before they fell asleep arm in arm. The next morning there was no embarrassment. It was as if it was so natural. Harry got up first and made breakfast. He said to Oliver “let’s talk about your future this evening. I am very wealthy and without anybody to inherit. We might be able to work something out” With that Oliver left for college very much looking forward to the talk later. Within 10 minutes Harry had removed the houseboy ad. Harry had his speech ready for the evening. Oliver came in and sat down waiting for Harry to enter the room. Harry looked at him nervously. “Look Oliver this is just a suggestion but here goes. Why don’t you stay here with me for a while. Let’s see how it goes. I will pay for your education and you don’t have to work in the coffee shop or sell your body as an escort. Just concentrate on your studies. I will give you 500 pounds allowance per month” Oliver was in tears. “Why me?” he said “I need a companion and a son” said Harry. “Is that all? You don’t want me to have sex with you in return?” “Oliver, I would love you to have sex with me. I enjoyed myself last night but I won’t force you to. If you want to then I would love to. It’s as simple as that. You can sleep in my bed each night if you like. I would like you to be my son and my companion. I am very wealthy and we can travel and enjoy the good life.” Harry took a breath and said “And yes I want to be your lover and to fuck the arse off you whenever you will let me” “One thing though”, said Harry “Promise me that there will be no secrets. I know you are a young lad and will meet other young sexy lads. If you want to go and have some fun with them then that’s ok with me, but I want to know all the juicy details, and I mean all the details. And by the way there are plenty of condoms in the draw over there” Oliver laughed. “Deal, I will do whatever my Daddy tells me” he said and got up to go and sit in Harry’s lap and give him a great big tongue kiss. “In fact I would like to be fucked now if you want to” said Oliver “I want to,” said Harry. “You have such a naughty bottom!” “How can a bottom be naughty?” grinned Oliver. “I can’t explain it but yours just definitely is,” said Harry. Oliver was wiggling his bottom on Harry’s now stiff cock. “Seems like it’s ready,” grinned Oliver, feeling the hard cock pressing into his bum. Oliver took him by the hand and they went into the bedroom and came out two hours later and went down the road for some Spanish food while a grin on their faces! “The little waiter is really hot,” remarked Harry. “Yes I have noticed” said Oliver. “Too young though” Harry smiled and said “you naughty boy, I think I should take you home and teach you a lesson, if you know what I mean? “Do you want to spank me?” said Oliver “Only if you want me to” replied Harry “Well it could be sexy” said Oliver “I need a guiding hand sometimes” “It going to be a great retirement” said Harry Both Harry and Oliver were rock hard and had to order an extra cup of coffee until they were soft enough to take the short walk back to the flat. Oliver and Harry got into the shower to freshen up. Oliver turned his back to Harry and bent over whilst putting one leg up on the stool. His arse hole was inviting attention. He looked back and said “Happy retirement Daddy – fuck me please” Harry obliged !!

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