Retirement Interrupted Ch. 05

Big Tits

This story depicts incest, non-consensual sex, and abuse of authority as part of a fantasy tale, but it does not promote or endorse these behaviours in real life. All characters are the age of consent or older.

As the story makes references to plot and character elements from earlier chapters, reading the story from the beginning is recommended.

***** MONDAY DAYTIME *****

*** Getting to School ***

Dressed in her school bra and panties, Miori jumped onto Peter’s bed. What woke him up was either the bed moving or her voice in his ear. “Uncle Pete,” she said, landing at his side. “Your wife says I have to move out.”

“My wife?” he said. “What wife?” He looked around the bed, seeing that Eva was no longer lying with him. Then he noticed her standing beside the bed in the kitchen apron.

Also dressed in her school bra and panties, Eva cradled in her arms a huge pregnancy bulge under the apron. “If we’re going to raise this child,” she said, “we need that bedroom.”

“What the fuck?” he said, blinking at her, trying to wake up. He stared at the protrusion under the apron and then looked back at Miori, who broke out laughing.

“Oh no,” Eva said, pulling a couch cushion out from under her apron. “He doesn’t think it’s funny.” Bending down to kiss his cheek, she said, “I’m sorry, Peter.”

“It is funny,” Miori said, cackling.

“What time is it?” he asked. Both girls cuddled up to him on the bed.

“It’s seven,” Miori said as Eva kissed him on the mouth.

“There’s lots of time,” Miori said as she turned his chin to kiss him.

“You should be doing your wifely duty,” Miori said. Smiling, Eva ducked under the covers. While Miori kissed him, Eva took his cock in her mouth.

“Seriously though,” Miori said between kisses, “When’s the wedding?” Eva’s sucking was slow and wet.

“Wedding?” he said, not fully awake yet. “What wedding?”

“You and Eva,” Miori said, playing with his tongue as she kissed him. “I need time to plan it.”

Eva emerged from under the covers. “You know the school has a chapel,” she said, taking over kissing him. “We could do the ceremony there.”

“What are you talking about?” he asked as Miori slid under the covers to take her turn on his cock. “Who’s getting—” pausing to appreciate Miori giving him a big suck. “Who’s getting married?”

“We are, silly,” Eva said, giving him a rapid series of playful kisses on the lips.

He tried to argue between her kisses. “We.” Kiss. “Are.” Kiss. “Not.” Kiss. “Getting—” Kiss. “Oh god.” Miori gave him another intense suck.

“Of course we are, Peter,” Eva said. “Because of what we did last night—unless you don’t really love me.”

She slid under the covers to join Miori. One of the girls sucked on his cock a few times followed by the other one and then back again. Looking down, he watched the covers rising and falling.

He wanted so much to enjoy what they were doing, but his mind was racing. Throwing back the covers, he started to say, “Where did you get the idea that—” Then he realized the time.

“Wait, seven o’clock?” he said. “We have to get going. I have to shower, we have to eat, there’s going to be traffic.”

“I told you,” Eva said to Miori as she jumped off the bed.

“Here, I’ll finish making breakfast.” Miori took the apron off Eva. “You need to take care of your man.”

Pulling him by the hand off the bed, Eva dragged him to the bathroom, his erection waggling in front of him as he stumbled along. In the bathroom, she stood him in front of the toilet and tried to angle his erection toward the bowl.

“I can do this,” he said. “That’s not going to work.”

“What can I do to help?” She sat down on the toilet, bringing his cock down toward her and kissing its tip.

“I … uh …” Kiss. “I should just jump.” Kiss. “In the shower.” Kiss.

“Really?” she said, kissing down his shaft.

Suddenly, Miori opened the door. “Okay, future aunt, where did you put the spatula?” she said. “Hey! What are you doing? You’re a sex fiend. We have to get going.”

“Oh, all right.” Eva let go of him to start the shower.

“Not you,” Miori said. “Mr. Pokey Poke here.” She batted at his erection a couple of times before Eva pushed him into the jolting spray. Then the girls left to solve Miori’s problem.

With a sigh, he began to soap himself. The day was certainly starting off crazy, but the whole weekend had been crazy. He knew they couldn’t keep up this pace all year and hoped that school life would settle things down. He was a bit worried about this new wedding meme that the girls were on to, but he wrote it off as one of Miori’s jokes.

His time with Eva last night had been quite intimate, though, and very passionate. Soon, his soaping became less about cleaning and more about pity jerking.

“What are you doing?” Eva said as she suddenly peeked around the end of the shower curtain. “Come here. I should be doing that.”

With a smile, he shuffled down the shower, his erection bursa escort pointing the way. As shower spray splattered her, she squealed and zipped the curtain closed but left her arm extended inside.

“Don’t get me wet,” she said, holding out her hand. He placed his erection into it and watched as her fingers curl around. Then she began stroking him, her hand lubricated with the soap and water. Having a disembodied arm jerk him felt incredibly naughty. He closed his eyes to savour it.

“Eva, help,” Miori called out. “Something’s burning.”

“Sorry,” Eva said as she darted out. His erection pointed angrily up at him. He couldn’t catch a break this morning.

Time was getting short, so he just finished showering. When he pulled back the curtain, he saw Miori standing at the door. Throwing a towel at him, she had in her other hand a pair of blue underpants.

“Have you always got a stiffy now?” she said as she twirled the underpants around playfully on her finger.

“What are those?” he asked, drying himself off.

“They’re what you’re wearing today.”

“Who says?”


As he tried to snatch them from her, she jerked them away, but he finally grabbed them.

“What the hell is this?” He inspected a long tube of cloth protruding out from the front panel of the shorts.

“Lauren says it’s called a bulge pocket.” She snatched the shorts back. Bending down, she lifted them over his feet and up his legs.

“I’m not wearing that,” he said as she stretched the shorts around his ass. Then she stuffed his balls into the pouch.

“It’s a good thing you’re hard,” she said with some giggling as she inserted his erection into the cock sleeve.

Standing back to take in the spectacle of his tube-encased erection, she said, “Oh my god, they’re perfect.”

They felt strange—confining but oddly sexy. “I’m not wearing these to your school,” he said as Eva poked her head in the door.

“Oh my goodness,” she said, holding her hand up to her mouth.

“Uncle Pete,” Miori cried, “you’ve got a handle.” Grabbing his cloth-covered erection, she pulled him into the dining area. With time short, he decided to sit down and eat, determined to change before they left.

Miori kept trying to grab at him under the table, prompting him to say, “Stop it,” each time she teased or played with him. It kept him hard. Eva gave him a kiss of sympathy on his cheek as she served them.

When they finished eating, the girls went in their room to put on their uniforms, and he raced to his room to change. He selected a polo shirt and jeans, but when he opened his underwear drawer, he found it empty.

“Miori!” he yelled.

“What’s up, Uncle Pete?” she said at his door, doing up her blouse.

“Where’s my underwear?”

Looking in the drawer, she felt around dramatically with her hand. “Huh. Where could it be?”

“What’s wrong?” Eva said, appearing at the door.

“Uncle Pete’s underwear is gone.”

“That’s weird,” Eva said, a little too emphatically.

“If you let us stay home from school today,” Miori said, grinning, “we can help you look for it.”

“Out!” he yelled.

“Oh Peter, no one is going to see your tube shorts,” Eva said, caressing his cock sleeve with her hand, “but we’ll know you’re wearing them.” Winking at him, she ran out of the room with Miori.

“His penis tube,” Miori said over her shoulder. “No, his cock sock.” The girls both laughed as they went back to their room.

He got dressed in a huff. Storming out of his room, he found the girls waiting for him at the door. Seeing how cute they looked in their uniforms took some of the wind out of his sails. Both of them had on their white blouses, plaid skirts, knee socks, and loafers. Miori was also wearing her cardigan unbuttoned and her fake black-rimmed glasses. She had tied her hair into ponytails on each side, while Eva had gathered her hair in the back with a hair clip.

“Why are you wearing those,” he said, indicating to her glasses as they left the apartment.

“I like to look smart.”

“Yeah? Well, take them off before the dean’s office,” he said as she ran ahead to push the elevator button. “She wants to inspect you first thing.”

As Eva walked beside him down the hall, hugging his arm, Miori lifted her skirt, flashing him to show that she knew about the inspection.

“Put your skirt down,” he said as they entered the elevator.

On the road, Miori kept bugging Eva to turn up the radio, but Eva ignored her, spending her time petting his leg and gazing at him. He was about to say something to her when Miori reached into his lap from the backseat.

“You know, Uncle Pete,” she said, unzipping his fly and pulling out his cock sleeve. “You could walk around like this, because you’re still clothed.”

Slapping her hands away, he tried to stuff himself back in his pants, but he couldn’t while he was driving, so Eva took over. She gently stuffed his cock sleeve back, but instead of zipping him up, she wrapped her hand bursa escort bayan around it and massaged him.

“Eva, stop that,” he said, to no effect.

“I didn’t finish doing this this morning.” Resting her head on his shoulder, she continued stroking him. He tried to pull her hand out, but it felt good and admittedly he was not trying as hard as he could have.

“Your wife is a freak.” Miori giggled behind him. “Here, put these on. It’ll get him hard.” She handed Eva her glasses.

Putting the glasses on, Eva looked like an aloof runway model sitting in his car jerking him off. It did get him hard. But when the school came into view, he tried to get her hands out of his pants.

At the gate, the guard must have recognized him from their previous visit because he opened the gate as they approached, but as they drove by, he gave them the dirtiest look seeing Eva’s jerking in his lap.

“You’re going to get us in trouble,” he said, pulling her hand out.

He parked by the administration building. Two passing girls looked in the car at them as he was doing up his pants with Eva’s hand still on his lap. He sighed as they walked away laughing.

*** The Dean’s Office ***

Pacing around the dean’s outer office, he bided his time looking at photos on the walls. He had expected to accompany the girls in to see the dean for what he thought was just a dress inspection, but he was asked to wait outside.

Most of the photos were team pictures of girls in sports outfits. Searching for Eva’s face, he finally found her in a school volleyball team photo, standing with her young, fit, innocent teammates in front of a volleyball net. Dressed in their tight-fitting jerseys, stretchy bloomers, and knee-high sports socks, they all seemed unaware of their adolescent sexuality.

At the desk, Ginger worked quietly at her computer, glancing up at him occasionally through her oversized, red-rimmed glasses. When their eyes met, she smiled with her vibrant red lips, looking both embarrassed and coquettish at the same time. Her low-cut white blouse offered glimpses of her inner curves, while her grey, knit shrug covered her outer curves. Her hair bun said business, her black velvet choker said play.

At one point, she took some paperwork to a nearby filing cabinet, giving him a chance to admire her tight black miniskirt, sheer black stockings, and black stiletto heels. She likely knew he was staring at her because, when she bent over the cabinet drawer, she did it slowly, allowing the black lace tops of her stockings to slide into view. When she shut the drawer, he tried to look away quickly, but out of the corner of his eye, he saw her smirking.

What was taking so long? It was supposed to be just a quick dress inspection. Fortunately, he had taken away the fake glasses and gotten Miori to do up her cardigan before they went in, and based on the girls’ half-dressed cavorting this morning, he knew that they were both wearing the proper underwear, so he couldn’t figure out what the delay was.

The intercom finally provided him relief. “Would you ask Mr. Summers to come in,” the dean’s voice said.

As he entered, the girls passed by him on their way out. Eva covertly brushed her fingers across his hand, as if to show him sympathy, while Miori puckered her lips at him in a silent whistle, as if to warn him about the dean’s mood.

Leaning back against her desk with her arms crossed, Dean Payne looked at him sternly. She had on black high heels, black stockings, and a tight-fitting, charcoal grey, skirt suit.

“I just had an interesting discussion with Miss Skygghetsen,” she said, glaring at him through her wire-rimmed glasses.

“Really?” he said, his skin suddenly tingling with dread as he sat down.

“I don’t believe I gave you permission to sit.”

“Oh, uh, sorry.” He returned to his feet. “I … uh …”

“Mr. Summers, don’t slump.” She marched toward him until she stood below his gaze. “What do you have to say for yourself?”

Good grief, he thought. Is that what they were talking about? His guts clenched into a knot. “Well, she is … uh … She is an adult,” he said, feeling her stare, “and I thought—”

“Yes, she is an adult, but her parents are major patrons of the school. They pay for us to care for and protect their daughter. They rely on me to look after her safety and well-being. Did you not think to ask my permission first?”

“Oh, well I didn’t realize,” he stammered. “I just thought— Wait, your permission?”

With her hands clasped behind her back, she paced away from him. “Yes. I would have considered all the consequences, done a background check on you, and inspected your home to ensure its suitability, before granting my approval.”

“Approval?” he said, staring at her in disbelief. “Approval for us to have sex?”

She stopped mid stride. Spinning around, she said, “You had sex?”

“No … um … We … uh … I mean … What were you talking about?”

“I wanted to know why you had moved her out escort bursa of residence to live with you,” she said, striding back to stand under him again. “You had sex?”

“Well, you see, dean. She is an adult, and we—”

“Stop fidgeting, Mr. Summers.” She pressed up against him. “Her mother is phoning me in 10 minutes. She wants to know why she couldn’t get hold of her daughter this weekend. What do you think I should tell her?”

“I don’t know. Everything is fine, really.”

“Fine?” Grabbing his collar, she pulled him around the desk to her chair. “Fine? ‘Hello, Mrs. Skygghetsen. The man who kidnapped your daughter assures me that he only ravaged her, so everything is fine.’ ”

“I wouldn’t say that,” he responded as she pulled him down to his knees. He thought about getting back up until he caught the seriousness of her stare.

“I can make this right, but I don’t think you understand the situation that we are now in.”

“I do. Look, I really want to apol—”

“No, I don’t think you do understand, Mr. Summers,” she said, twisting his earlobe, making him flinch. “The situation is that you are gadding about defiling my girls while I am having to face the wrath of their parents. You get all the pleasure, while I suffer all the consequences.”

“It’s just one,” he said sheepishly, resulting in her yanking his earlobe down until he fell forward onto his hands.

“Just one? How do I know that?” she barked. “Spread your hand out.”

“My hand?” He did what she asked. Slowly, she stepped on top of it.

“The problem is that our situation is not reciprocal,” she said, transferring her weight onto her foot.


“You see? Now I’m doing something that I enjoy, and you are having to deal with the consequences,” she said. “You see the problem when there is a lack of reciprocity.”

“Yes. Ow, ow.”

“Yes what?” she said, really leaning on him.

“Ow. Yes, I see. Ow, uh, I mean yes, ma’am.”

“Now you’re getting it.” She let up a bit. “So how do you propose that you reciprocate for your depravity and my acquiescence?”

“I don’t know, ma’am. Ow. Uh, by stopping? Ow. By thanking you? Ow. By doing something you enjoy?”

“There you go.” She removed her foot, and then she unzipped her skirt. Wriggling it over her butt, she let it fall to the ground. “Well?”

“I’m sorry?” he said, marvelling at how her black stockings highlighted her shapely legs. The lace tops ended partway up her toned thighs and were held up by a black garter belt.

“Pick that up and fold it.” Slipping her black thong over her firm, petite butt, she let it flutter to the floor.

“Miss Skygghetsen informs me that she is staying with you for the year,” she said as he moved her thong onto the folded skirt. “So I guess we should consider this a running tab.”

Approaching him, she positioned her dark patch of trimmed pubic hair in front of his eyes. Her full inner lips protruded out her pussy like little curtains.

“Do you agree?” she said, combing her fingers through his hair.

“I … uh … She doesn’t have to stay all year if it’s a problem,” he said, causing her to step on his hand again.

“Ow. Yes, ma’am. A running tab. Ow.”

She released his hand. “Good, I’m glad we agree.” Then, she pressed the intercom. “Miss Daniels, no interruptions until Mrs. Skygghetsen’s call.”

His eyes traced along her garter belt straps as they laid over her tight butt, over her firm thighs, and down to her lace tops. Then his eyes followed along her sheer stockings as they hugged her shapely calves down to her sharp high heels. She looked like a 1950s pinup girl posing at a desk.

“Yes, Dean Payne,” Ginger said as the dean sat down in her office chair. Hiking a knee over an armrest, she undid her jacket, revealing full breasts drooping into a black lace bra over top of a flat, toned stomach.

“Come here, Mr. Summers,” she said, pulling aside one of her pussy lips. “I want to see your commitment to our agreement before Mrs. Skygghetsen calls. I need to consider what to tell her.”

“Yes, ma’am.” He crawled over to her lap.

He tentatively licked her pussy before she grabbed his head and mashed his mouth into her lips. They were wet and soft, and she smelled aroused. He licked around, trying to orient himself.

“Mmm,” she purred, manoeuvring his head with her hand and then massaging his scalp in satisfaction.

He licked all over, listening for feedback. He licked inside and outside her lips, along her slit, in her opening, around her clit, beside her clit, on her clit. She hummed and moaned as he went.

“Your call, Dean Payne,” announced the intercom.

As she picked up the phone, she held his face against her pussy to keep him going.

“Yes, Mrs. Skygghetsen, thanks for calling,” she said in a surprisingly composed voice. He zeroed in on her clit, licking on its side, causing her to cup the receiver with her hand as she let out a moan. She squeezed his head with her thighs as he licked.

“No, I apologize for not contacting you sooner, but I have paired Eva with a sponsor family who live in town,” she said before cupping the phone again to let out a long moan. Her lower body shivered. “A wonderful family with a niece who goes to the school.”

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