Return of Lisa!!!

Return of Lisa!!!It’s mid afternoon and I’m browsing through xhamster when I receive a message of Lisa asking me to meet her again. She told me that James was busy and he couldn’t make it tonight. I replied telling her that didn’t matter and asked her when, she said she wanted to meet up that same day 🙂 It’s 8pm when I arrive at Lisa’s house and the first thing I see is James’s car on the drive. She said he wasn’t going to be here, but I’m not complaining. We had arranged to meet up for 7pm but I was held up at work. So I knocked on the door and waited patiently for an answer. To my surprise Lisa opened it wearing her trademark black thigh high boots, a pair of tight jeans that made her ass look amazing and tight red top. Her red lipstick was all smudged, I guess she had already been sucking James’s big black dick. She kissed me then grabbed my hand and led me into the front room where James was sat on her dining room table waiting for Lisa. She quickly took up her position on her knees stroking his big cock looking at me telling me to take my clothes off. So I removed my clothes and made my way over to Lisa as she grabbed me by my cock and pulled me to her mouth, teasing the end of my canlı bahis siteleri cock with her tongue, at the same she is stroking James’s hard cock and playing with his balls. As she takes it in turns of sucking both cocks, I’m playing with her big tits , teasing her nipples till there hard. She’s moaning with excitement. Telling me how her pussy is dripping wet and needs to be fucked. So she stands up and slowly removes all her clothes but keeps her boots on. She then sits down on the sofa rubbing her wet pussy, slowly sliding 2 fingers in and out then licking them, teasing me and James. I make my way over to her but she stops me and tells me that if I want to fuck her I have to suck James’s cock first. James agrees with this. So he stands up and walks towards me with his big black cock. I take my position on my knees in front of him, slowly licking up and down his hard cock right down to his balls, I can hear Lisa’s fingers sliding in and out of her wet pussy as she is watching us. She then gets on her hands and knees and crawls towards me, she grabs James’s cock and starts to slap my face with it, telling me how much she wants it deep inside her arsehole. She then bahis firmaları takes it in her mouth, gagging as she swallows every inch of his 10 inch cock. At this time I’m underneath lisa licking her wet pussy and stuffing my tongue inside her arsehole making sure it’s nice and wet for James’s cock. She then stops sucking James’s cock and sits down on the sofa telling us to come here grabbing both of our cocks putting them both in her mouth, stuffing as much as she can get inside. Sucking mine whilst stroking James’s balls. She then bends over and asks me to fuck her in the arse, so as I slowly slide my throbbing cock inside her arsehole she starts to groan, begging me to fuck her harder but I tease her pushing my dick right inside her arse and pulling it right out watching her bumhole gape open and shut. She then begs for James to put his big black cock in there. As he slides his big black cock deep inside her she starts to rub her pussy hard getting faster and faster until she squirts everywhere all over the sofa and soaking James’s dick. James then rolls her over, grabs hold of her hair and fucks her face until she can barely breathe, gasping for air she her throat is filled bahis firmaları with cock. At this time I am stood there stroking my cock, feeling it getting harder and harder, I was getting ready to cum but first I wanted her to lick my arsehole so I smothered her face feeling her tongue tickling inside my arsehole, James then crouched in front of me and started to grasp my cock sticking it inside his mouth until my balls were being tickled by his tongue, at the same time he is fingering Lisa’s wet pussy, rubbing his fingers around her arsehole getting it nice and wet. I then sit down on the sofa and Lisa slides my cock up her arse bouncing up and down on it, I can feel her big arse hitting my chest, then james climbs ontop of her sliding his bbc in and out of her wet pussy. Two cocks at once and Lisa is a very happy woman. If her husband knew what she was doing now, well I don’t think she would still be married. We fucked her for about and hour until she begged us to cum all over her face , so she got on her knees with her tongue sticking out wanking both out cocks until we cummed on her face and tits, she then pulled me down to her and kissed, so I grab her face, grabbed James’s cock and started slapping her face it with she was loving it, spreading the cum over her face using James’s cock. She then fell back on the sofa exhausted after being double penetrated and humiliated with a huge cumshot. I can’t wait to see Lisa and James again!!!

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