Returning Huda Waxed, Whipped, Fucked,Tweaked


Returning Huda Waxed, Whipped, Fucked,TweakedHuda danced and went home but returns several weeks later for some hanging wax treatment and nipple torment.She woke up after a night tied to the coffee table commenting to us that she experienced the strangest dance in her life, pleasure was beyond any fantasies she had ever imagined only to go home to her hubby and leave him tied every day for the last two weeks. The wife and I invited her to visit after her hubby called asking us to tire her again, we were informed that while he was pounding her she asked him to grab several candles to drip on her body. She jerked and thrashed seeming to have endless orgasms then slept to awaken wanting it again making him late for work, then she brought lunch for him and told him to beady when he got home. Huda danced while serving dinner then lap danced turning into a deep throat session he did not know she possessed, he asked us to give her another level of what she has done as a surprise. The wife and I invited her over for snacks in the basement decorated with lots of candles giving her the idea we would watch a movie, we selected some kinky porn but before that a vanilla sex movie would be played. Huda enjoyed the snacks while the wife consumed some of them like teasing a cock to get things warmed-up, after several minutes the wife moved over and reached down her jeans and kissed her pinning her to the couch. Huda merely gripped the pillows wanting it to continue but the wife pulls away telling her she’s gonna have to earn her pleasure tonight, panting she responds she will do anything the wife grabs her arm pulling her to her feet. Moved to the middle of the room Huda gets blindfolded and told to strip while keeping one foot at the same spot, moving a foot either way will be considered disobedient so after several minutes her feet are exactly the same. Nude in the cool room I put cuffs on her wrists in front of her while the wife takes a ruler and smacks her leg to spread her feet for the spreader bar, then the “what do you have planned?” from Huda’s lips the wife reaches up and attaches clothes pins to keep them shut. You have no idea what your gonna get today as the spreader digitalbahis yeni giriş bar gets two short ropes from loops in the floor, then a rope is lowered and Huda’s wrists are attached. The slack is taken and her body is stretched upward coaxing her to tip-toes as well as inducing panting, clothes pins removed she mutters W T F did I get myself into but the wife leans over and kisses her. Removing the blindfold she looks around seeing that the candles have moved closer and we stand ready with whips, just as she wants to speak she gets a ball gag followed by a good cat tail whipping to get her squealing and panting hard. Huda tries to lift her feet but finds the spreader bar ropes limit the movement but she twists and turns only to find we get her even more, I am enjoying the view as she pants with each strike taking long breathes and exhaling to lift but the redness from the treatment is barely visible from her dark caramel skin tone.Then we stop and the wife grabs an air mask for Huda and then a face mask strapping it over her face, her eyes get big as she wonders but then the wife and I kiss her neck shoulders pausing to suck and bite her nipples. She jerks and cries ending as we end with the wife’s finger inside her pussy then replacing it with a remote vibrator. We step back and the wife give the signal and we grab the fist candle and toss at Huda’s back, her body postures at the sting of the wax but keeps the posture as we add more and pause for a short moment. Panting and jerking I take a whip and smack some wax off her back while the wife tosses small candles at her stomach just as she leans forward realizing escape is futile, she moves to one side to get whipped and then moves to avoid and receives wax.Huda pants and quivers from the stinging then begins to shake her hips as the vibrator gets turned up then freezes for a minute for an orgasm, dripping wax on her shoulders breaks the moment getting her back to quivering as the wife grabs her hair. I remove the vibrator and see her moist hungary pussy gripping the last portion as it exits replaced by my finger slipping inside easily, her juices begin to run down her inside thighs digitalbahis giriş as she continues to pant heavily as the wife lowers her arms slightly for her feet to flatten on the floor. A table is moved behind Huda and her feet are grabbed and she is lifted horizontal tied from another rope and then the wife whips her back to get a posture pose from her late thirties college tones body, the large table is moved underneath and her hips are lowered to rest and ankles secured to the legs. Huda’s leanness still has enough to grasp on each side as we pinch her getting a squealing wiggle then stop and toss wax on her chest, struggling and lifting she tenses and takes deep breathes as the wife pulls her head down by her hair while I pinch her outer pussy lips.Relaxing her body for a moment Huda catches her breath then shudders as I brush my pole on her outer pussy, her hips thrust to gather a little more but becomes distracted as the wife drips some wax on her shoulders. Panting then giving a whimper of desire the wife drips more as she tries to move her hungary pussy to my pole the wife whispers “you want it you have to earn it so arch your back”. Huda takes several deep breathes as I pull away then lifts upward enduring several drips of wax on her nipples, small yelps only coax a higher posture pleasing the wife motioning me to move closer. The deep voice of the wife scolds her to lift as she lowers her arms a little more, to receive a reward Huda lifts higher only for her nipples to become covered with the hot wax there pertness protruding as the liquid drains to the side. Her arched and stretched body and the past whipping combined with the current wax treatment has engorged her tissues, the subtle shape of her breasts topped with her wax covered nipples appears to show a yearning for even more torment. The wife reaches over Huda’s shoulders and rakes her nails down her sides then drips some wax on her stomach as I begin to insert my pole, she stretches her body while I limit and the wife tickles her chest but her mind on the prize she continues to wiggle. The wife lowers her flat on the table and holds her hands and I slowly enter her pussy digitalbahis güvenilirmi pausing just inside, the sensation gets an arch and a squeal as an attempt to gain more is unsuccessful. The distraction has given the wife a chance to add some clovers with big grip pads containing grooves to be applied to Huda’s elastic soft nipples, the grove gives the milk vein a place to go improving alignment and grip then I get to insert half way inside a soft warm cave her body wiggling from the sensation. The head gear is removed and Huda realizes that the wife is holding the clovers with a firm grip and I am sliding inside her pussy, the gag is removed and an arch and a long deep breath is taken while the wife jerks upward on the clover chain. “OHhhhh fuck” Huda growls then jerks as I push in a little more and pull out. “Oh god please please give it me hold me down good and pull the chain please please ( fading to a whisper)” , the wife gives the chain short stern jerks pulling her nipples there soft flesh stretching several inches the wife and I smile with future plans for them. I begin to push inside her moist muscular cave getting my pole hugged as I thrust, the hug increasing as the wife lifts the chain and Huda lifts her body and twists making noises as the spasms from her nipples travel through her body. Grinning at me in a devil grin the wife leans over and kisses me telling me to thrust mercilessly as she leans back producing a wide belt, across Huda’s shoulders she is now strapped to the table panting as I tease her pussy for a few more minutes. Then I thrust fully inside her pussy and hold as she gasps exhaling ending with a moan but while holding the wife grasps the clovers at the pads and squeezes coaxing out even more air with a low grunt and an abdominal crunch. Holding her down I pull out and thrust several dozen times while the wife holds the pads giving short twists sending spasms through Huda making her jerk hard each time I thrust and hold, lots of short breathes as we torment her nipples. Only squeaks come from Huda but then we pause as the wife pulls and holds the chain and I release my load filling her pussy, A mumbling from her lips she whispers she feels nothing then squeaks several more times. Each time she jerks the wife tugs the chain then kisses Huda and removes then from her nipples. The wife and I sit close by watching Huda rest tied to the table mumbling, several minutes later we untie her and help her to another room for a nap.

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