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I’m still shaking from your touch. We have history. Many years before… We shared many adventures with our naked bodies tangled up together in the early morning hours when we lived together. Yet, you and I did not belong to each other.

I was married, and you more a brother than a friend to my husband. Being so young to marry, and the fact that we spent so much time together, I began to find myself very drawn to you sexually. And you also to me.

Our affair spanned several years. And now, close to a dozen years later, here it was starting up again. You were now married as well, and we both had started our families. The stakes were considerable now, so we needed to be very careful lest our secret be found out.

We had exchanged some playful texts and emails, and a long phone call discussing our mutual desire to reignite things between us.

The idea of fucking each other again was so exciting to us both. We sent flirtatious, sexually-charged emails which built up the excruciating tension even more. We agreed on a time to meet when your wife was away.

When the time came for us to meet up, I was so nervous. I knocked on the door and you answered smiling. We hugged, and then you closed the door behind us.

We fervently kissed the first kiss we had shared together in years. It took my breath away. My heart raced uncontrollably and I went in to kiss you again, with my eyes open to re-commit you into my memory.

We talked a little. You asked if I was comfortable and I joked that yes, I was under the circumstances. I actually was more at ease then I’d even expected considering the chemistry and tensions shared between us.

You escorted me to the bedroom, we chatted, and you offered me a drink. Then, you suggested sincan escort I lie down while you got me something to drink.

When you returned, we resumed where we’d left off. We hungrily kissed, nibbled and explored each other like it was our very first time together. Your hands trailed over the curves of my body, under my top, finding my breasts and then back down my back, to my hips and over my ass.

I marveled at how – despite the time that had passed – amazingly enough – our bodies still fit together perfectly.

I said something about feeling overdressed. You laughed and deftly removed my jeans in one motion and also did away with your pants. I smiled at the fact that you still wear boxer briefs.

I gradually removed my top layers and bra. You took off your shirt. We continued our exploration of each other.

At some point those boxer briefs joined the growing pile of discarded clothing.

All that separated your growing hard-on from entering me right then and there was my purple satin panties. The thin barrier was stretched across my wet pussy and you grinded against me with your cock while we kissed. It set off the first of many involuntary gasps – and I came – releasing the first wave of climax while I pushed upward to meet your hardness.

This went on for a long while. I was so turned on and my juices were soaking right through my panties. I commented on your amazing restraint.

You said you’d been wanting to go down on me for the last 20 minutes. And go down you did, burying your talented tongue into my wet pussy. You plunged your fingers inside of me while your tongue worked its magic on my clit. I came again, shuddering and curled my toes in ecstasy. I was putty in your hands. You licked me expertly, ankara escort and I’d missed it so very much. More than I had even realized until that very moment. I wanted to slow down time. It was as close to heaven as I imagine I’ll ever have the pleasure of knowing.

I was hit with another wave of pleasure and you finally came up for air to kiss me again. Tasting myself in your kiss turned me on even more. You told me I was sexy and remarked at how hot the anticipation of our encounter was. I rolled over on top of you, pinning you down playfully. I asked you what you’d like to do, and to be quite honest I would have been perfectly content with the fabulous foreplay. I suppose, I was actually giving you an “out” should you have had second thoughts about fully sealing the deal.

You had other ideas, and I was more than happy to hear about them. You mentioned you’d like to be harder, so I straddled you and set to work teasing your cock with my tongue and mouth while coming up occasionally to be delighted by you caressing, sucking, and nibbling on my nipples. I placed your cock between my breasts and rubbed it against them, while I teased and sucked you. I tickled your balls, and kissed and licked them. You moaned appreciatively. You were rock hard and ready to play in no time at all.

You offhandedly made a remark about your wife never liking to be on top. I was incredulous. Being on top for me is my most favorite.

I immediately said “That’s what you want then?” and I took the foil-wrapped condom package out of your hands and opened it. Then it occurred to me I was pretty out of practice with such things, and you took over that preparation.

I straddled you once more and we kissed again deeply. You ran your nails across my back, etimegut escort sending shivers of pure pleasure down my spine.

You guided yourself into me and I lowered my pussy all the way down onto your hard cock. I gasped because I was so wet and ready for you. I just couldn’t believe how amazing and familiar you felt inside of me. I slowly, and rhythmically rode you and was rewarded with another spasming climax.

We switched positions to facing each other sitting, which rocked my world again when you leaned back on your arms and arched your hips toward mine.

Eventually we grew tired of the yoga-like exertion. We rolled over and you pushed yourself deep into me with my legs up in the air and slightly crossed. Oh dear God. You were making me absolutely crazy with every thrust – you would hit deep inside me, into my g-spot. It was so fucking hot, and I wanted you so badly.

I whispered into your ear that I wanted you to fuck me as hard and fast as you could. You obliged and joined me in an amazing finale – our climaxes synchronized – finally enjoying your own release.

One of my very favorite parts was when you stayed inside of me afterward. I had another mini-aftershock orgasm and felt my pussy tighten involuntarily around your semi-erect cock. I smiled wickedly and challenged you to another round. Despite our best attempts, we couldn’t get certain body parts to completely rise to the occasion again so quickly.

Afterward, we continued to chat – sweaty and spent. I considered requesting a shower with you but I thought better of the idea because then we’d get nothing else accomplished otherwise. You had to return to work and I needed to pick my kid up from school.

We did make promises to get together as often as possible, and shared another deep kiss before I located all of my clothing and re-assembled myself.

I’m left with a smile on my face and fresh memories to complement the existing ones that live in my innermost thoughts.

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