Reunited Twins Ch. 02


It had been a couple hours since my sister and I had done what we were raised not to.

As I lay there looking at her perfect face, I began to notice the small things that made her beautiful to me. The way her auburn hair flowed down the sides of her face to her back. The fullness of her lips calling out to me even though she was fast asleep. The cuteness of her nose, small perfectly formed like a button.

I had an outpour of emotions, I began to imagine this melody while staring at her. I ran my fingers across her face ever so gently. I noticed how she reacted to the smooth caresses to her cheeks, lips, eyelids. She was mine, I was hers. There was no way around it.

Glancing over at the clock I realized it was past three in the morning. Liz never slept past eight. It had been one of the only things mother took pride in, “Early birds always get the worms,” she would always say.

Funny I usually slept for four hours a night and she had never noticed that I got up early. The bitch.

The melody in my head was beginning to take more of a compositional shape. Making small moves, being gentle as to not wake her, I made my way into the small recording studio that had once been meant as a guest bedroom.

It came out naturally, though I say a bottle of Jack Daniels does add to the creative force of the mind. Before I had time to notice the clock in the hall rang throughout the house. I was nine in the morning. Liz would surely be up by now.

Shutting all the equipment off I followed the maze of hallways that led to my room. The sheets were ruffled and turned on the bed, she had obviously gotten up. I didn’t smell any coffee, that meant the front end of the house wasn’t where she was at.

I had just came from the studio end, there had been no sign of her there. It was only then that I heard her singing softly through the door.

Walking over I pressed my ears to the door, she was singing my song. “You set me free, free to fly away from the shackles of life. Oh if only you had come along.”

Gosh she sounded good. I would have to get her on a record with me one time. Ever since we were little we would sing to each other.

I didn’t want to interrupt but without thinking about it I opened the door. The kit from last night was still laying out on the counter. I hurriedly put it away, even after all these years I was still embarrassed about myself. Weirdo John thats what I was, Liz was my polar opposite.

Friends with nearly everyone in school, she never had a hard time finding friendship or keeping someone near. She just had a drawing power to her.

She was in the shower, her image through the glass was mesmerizing. The way the water ran down her body, running freely over the curves, down past her pussy, over her firm hips, finally the long trip down her dizzyingly long legs.

It was enough to drive me insane right there but I had to hold it together. Coming off as a sex crazed, blood thirsty nut would not go well.

“Hey Liz glad to see your up, Need anything?” I said. Silently praying she wouldn’t hate me for last night.

“Hey you, where were you this morning? I got up and you were gone.” She said poking her head out of the door to look at me.

The image of her standing there behind the glass door dripping wet was enough to give me and instant hard on.

“Yea sorry about that, had a thing in my head I had to get out.”

“Its OK, I just thought you were having second thoughts about last night,” a look of fear came across her face. She was dealing with more then she was letting me know.

After a few seconds of me staring at the floor making small circles with my right foot she said, “You weren’t were you John?”

Looking up at her, I noticed she was on the verge of tears. I walked over to her taking her head in my hands looking deeply into her eyes.

“Before we did, yes I had doubts and hesitations, but now that its done no I don’t. Nothing will ever come between us again sweetheart, nothing.”

I kissed her long and deeply. Out tongues fought hard against each others, battling for supremacy.

“Can I get you anything sis,” I said finally after what seemed like years of kissing.

She gave me a quick look and turned off the water, “John if you wouldn’t mind can I stay here awhile, I mean I understand things are starting to pick up in your life and you probably don’t have time but I can be a housekeeper while your gone. Just please don’t make me go,” her voice trailed off, as did her eyes.

As if she was looking for something far in the pendik escort distance, she seemed to have forgotten where she was.

I laughed out loud, taking a few steps back to sit on the toilet. “Sis your more then welcome to stay here, but I don’t need a housekeeper I have one already. Besides we both know how your room used to look at moms.”

I could still hear mom in my head, “Why don’t you keep your room clean like your brothers, you live like a whore, dress like one. Your never going to get a nice man and settle down unless you learn to pick up after yourself young lady.”

“What do you mean don’t make you go? Sis what happened?” I looked back to her, still staring off into space. Slowly she came back to reality, the joy and happiness that had once filled her face now fled. She looked down at the floor her shoulders relaxed, with a sigh she looked back up to me.

She slipped out of the door not bothering to grab the towel and sat down in my lap. Wrapping her arms around my neck she started her tale, “I was going to attend the signing party. The one last night where you where at the record store meeting people and signing your new album. Well I was in line with your album, god you probably weren’t even a hundred feet away when this guy started talking to me, telling me I was beautiful, what he would like to do with me. I finally had enough and walked out setting my things down.

On my way out of the store I noticed that a couple of the guys where following me out. I began to run to my car when they broke out into a run.”

She looked down at the floor. Still she told me the reason of why she had showed up on my doorstep in the middle of the night. As she resumed her story she began to shake.

“They had caught up to me just as I had began to unlock my car. They took turns John, turns raping me.”

She fell apart in my arms sobbing. I myself was in shock, my own sister had been raped while I was a few hundred yards away inside signing stupid autographs.

“The worst part is that I knew one of them. Lance McHenry from middle school, he always had a crush on me since high school. I guess it was his way of getting back at me for never going out with him. I had been saving myself John, hoping someday you would come back and sweep me off my feet. But those were just dreams, the dreams of a stupid little girl.”

“Hey Liz you don’t have to worry about anything anymore. Move in with me, stay here.” I wiped the tears from her eyes as she struggled to form words between fits of uncontrollable sobs.

“Oh thank you John, thank you.” She seemed alright now the sobs were at a minimum.

I left her to get ready while I brewed some fresh coffee minus rum. While the coffee brewed I returned to the bedroom. Not only to bask in her glory but to slap on fresh sunblock.

Damn lights, the electrician had promised that a person with photo sensitivity wouldn’t be affected. I didn’t have photo sensitivity but I didn’t want to come right out and say “hey I’m a sang vampire and have really sensitive skin don’t let the lights hurt the skin or I’ll kill ya.”

God the press would have a field day with that one.

“Hey beautiful, what do you say to you getting ready, grabbing some coffee, and heading out to buy to more then one pair of clothes.” I said after my ritual of slathering on as much SPF 80 as possible.

She spun around on her heels, “Oh John you don’t have to, I wouldn’t want to impose.” The grin on her face though gave her away, Liz had always like shopping, she didn’t have nice things, normal clothes but still she had a plethora of them.

“Nonsense your my girl now, if I feel like taking you out and spoiling you rotten I will,” a smile quickly formed on both our faces.

The drive was smooth. Of course it was my 2008 Saleen S302E Sterling Edition, cost me a pretty penny. At over one hundred grand it was meant for serve my need for good looks, as well as being able to evade any damn paparazzi.

I drove to one of the many designer stores in LA. Before getting out of the car I threw on a pair of sunglasses, it was a small chance at hope. Maybe someone wouldn’t recognize me.

It felt nice for once to be normal. Liz had so much fun while shopping. I almost died laughing when the clerk asked her if she needed any lingerie. Of course out of respect I kept my distance in the store only stealing glances when the clerks were too busy finding new things to wear for her.

The checkout had been a thing to remember. The glasses that had hid my face fell off as I leaned forward to sign the escort pendik check for the clothes. I tried to pick them up and put them on but the damage was done. Two high shrills erupted from across the store. “Well there went the evening,” I thought to myself.

“Oh my God, Jessica look who it is!” one girl who couldn’t have been more then twenty two screamed.

The girls came running over wanting me to sign almost everything they owned. I couldn’t say no, they were after all my fans, the ones who were responsible for me having the money to treat my sister with clothes.

“Hi,” I said while shoving my glasses back on.

The clerks were both wide eyed once they realized who I was. After ten minutes of chatting to them I put my arm around Liz’s’ waist and pulled her close. Hopefully that would signal to them I wasn’t interested in anyone.

The girls got the message they still hounded me with questions, but with less of a body language of throwing themselves at me. Liz introduced herself but left the word “Sister” out of the conversation.

With a slight squeeze of my arm she got my message, “Thank you.”

Then they said the magic sentence. “Please can we have just one photo for out facebook pages?”

“Sure,” I said flashing a smile. They stood on each side and I put my arms around them made a rock out face and closed my eyes, the flash would have blinded me.

After what seemed like many goodbyes Liz and I gathered our things and headed towards the car. Well that hadn’t been as bad as some spontaneous fan meetings. One girl had asked me to marry her once, she was only thirteen, I was twenty three.

“Gosh Jessica, he is so down to earth. Its like he is normal not famous,” one friend exclaimed to the other. Giggling like there was no tomorrow, sometimes female fans could be well for lack of a better word, childish.

“I know, whoever Liz is, she is extremely lucky. If I had his piece of ass in my home. Mm mm girl you don’t even want to know,” Emily said.

“They must really be in love, did you see the way he was putting himself in front of her all the time. Almost like he was protecting her.”

“Em you don’t know who she is? You went to her birthday part in the ninth grade.” Jessica explained, “Thats his twin sister Elizabeth. Eww she always said she felt special about him, god can you imagine what they do at home? Oh just wait till the reporters hear about this.”

“Its none of your business or mine what they do in their home Jessica.” Emily was angered by her friends words. Nobody deserved to have their life thrown out for the whole world to see. “And you better not let this leak to anyone, or I will tell your mom that you lost your cherry to half of the football team!”

“You wouldn’t dare!”

“Try it bitch,” Emily was serious, she remembered Elizabeth now. That sweet fragile girl, she had always been looking for someone in her life.

Jessica was not about to mess that up. With just a few clicks of her phone the photograph of John Morris, Jessica, Elizabeth,and herself was lost. Gone, having never existed.

“Fine don’t you ever talk to me again.”

Once we were inside the car it was as if we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. Small touches on the thighs, shoulders, face. It was pure magic. About halfway home Liz undid her seatbelt and leaned her head against my shoulder.

“What did you have in mind for this afternoon bro?,” she said relaxing into my shoulder.

“I intend to finish what was started last night sis, “my hand made its way down to her thigh.

Starting with gentle touches, I rubbed back and forth. With each stroke coming further and further closer to her pussy. Her breathing had deepened, letting out slow moans. Her nails dug into my arm only intensifying my rubbing.

We were finally home. Only in the safety of the garage did I kiss her. In one quick motion I picked her up, out of the car seat and into the house.

We didn’t make it to the bedroom, we needed each other then and there. With an animalistic growl she began tearing off my shirt. In one swift move she pulled my jeans and boxers off. Shoving me into the nearest chair she straddled me and slowly lowered herself onto my dick.

Her pussy was warm and welcoming, as she slid down my cock. Letting out an “Ohhh” as she reached the bottom.

She stayed there letting herself get used to being filled. I looked up and her face was mixed with feelings of extreme pleasure and pain.

While she was still sitting on my member I took one of her nipples to my mouth. Nibbling pendik escort bayan it and sucking, one then the other. Leaning my head back I kneaded her breasts until her hand came up and pulled them away.

“John somethings wrong, ” she said as she looked into my eyes.

I couldn’t figure it out. What had I done wrong? Granted I had no experience but I knew from common sense this is how its done. “Whats wrong love?”

She didn’t answer but started to lift herself up. About halfway up she stopped and a cringe shook throughout her whole body. I knew something was wrong now. She was supposed to be enjoying sex, not be in pain.

I looked down as she was still lifting herself from my cock. There was small amounts of blood all over her and myself.

“Shit, Liz what did they do to you?”

“Oh my god, John I can’t please make it stop it hurts,” she was crying now.

I picked her up and set her in the chair pulling myself out in on quick motion. I held her down as she screamed in pain.

“Come on, Liz lets get you to the doctor,” I cradled her in my arms to the bed where she layed down still sobbing.

I got my cell and dialed Craig, my personal doctor.

“Hello?” Craig sounded irritated.

“Hi Craig this is John, I was just wondering if you could come out I have an emergency,” trying to hide the terror in my voice. What had those perverts done to my sister. They were going to pay. If it took every ounce I had and every cent I owned, they would pay.

“Sure man, thats what ya pay me for right?”

I sat with her on the bed holding her hand telling her it would be alright.

Soon Craig arrived, he let himself in and made his way to the bedroom. When he caught site of the blood between her legs it set him off.

“Jesus man, I thought you would have respect for women, not cut them open to feed a psychological fantasy. ” A little more then a year ago I had tried to ask him some questions about my condition but he clearly still hadn’t accepted it.

He rushed over to her and asked her who she was and if he could call anyone next of kin to let them know how she was doing.

“She’s my sister Craig, She was raped last night.” whew here goes nothing, “She was complaining about a pain when she discovered she was bleeding thats all,” god please let him accept that. He wouldn’t believe the truth.

“Oh, sorry about jumping to conclusions man. Do you mind if we have some privacy,” he said shifting into doctor mode and slipping latex gloves on, “I need to examine her.”

“Oh please John don’t leave me,” she reached for my hand,” please stay.”

“Miss I really need to begin, John if you want to stay you can but try to keep her still.” Craig lifted the small piece of clothing and began his examination.

“Looks like nothing from here. He spread her lips and more blood oozed out. “Shit, she’s got vaginal tearing John. Whoever raped her did it very forcefully. I am assuming of course that you have reported this to the authorities.”

He gave both of us a hard stare as he set the clothing back down.

“Not yet, I was to ashamed at first.” She looked at me while speaking to him.

“Well there isn’t much I can do other then prescribe medication for the pain. ” He gave a reassuring look to Liz. “These should heal in a few days to a couple weeks.”

She looked up at me and panic set in. Putting her hands over her face she began to sob. Only after Craig had gave her two pills did she finally calm down after about an hour.

“Geez man what did you give her?” I said looking into the room. Liz was sleeping heavily having not moved a muscle in two hours.

“Vicodin, One every four hours. John,” he said taking my shoulder and pulling back outside the room,” The other was just a pill to let her get some sleep. Look John this is one of the worst cases of tears I have ever seen what exactly happened?”

I told him the whole tale. The four men taking turns raping my sister. How she had wandered for miles to my doorstep. Having a hot shower and then sleeping for most of the night and day.

“Well like I said, I can’t do anything. John I know its not my place to tell you what to do but you have to report this. Otherwise they can just do this again to another persons sister. And they,” he put his hand on my shoulder,” might not have the resources you can give her.”

He got his things and made his way to the door before turning around, “Just remember give her one every four hours, call me if you need anything. I’m so sorry man. God, four of them on someone that small it must have been brutal.”

When he was gone I called the police and reported the incident and gave them the name of the one she had known. They wouldn’t get away with this, they had picked the wrong guys sister to fuck with.

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