Revenge, a mothers love part 2

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Revenge, a mothers love part 2I stood beside Hannah my daughter. She held my hand. It was a dour overcast day. A day for a funeral. We were both dressed in black. Black heels, too high for the occasion of a funeral, but exactly right for the funeral of a pimp. Tailored back dresses, short, coming to our mid-thighs, black coats, dyed mohair, expensive, but we could afford them. Thanks Charlie. Black silk underwear, classy, which felt good against my skin, felt good against my smooth pussy. Stockings of course, what a pimp would expect me, us to wear. Hannah wore her first suspender belt. I watched as the coffin of Charles Standish was lowered into the grave. Charles Standish. Charlie. Champagne Charlie. My pimp. My former pimp.The priest intoned the funeral rites, “In nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti,” as he spoke he looked at me, his eyes seemed to search deep into my soul. I shivered…………I gripped the knife. I forced it under his ribs, forced it into him. His eyes flew open, wide. Panic. It was harder than I’d thought. I pushed harder, even as his cock continued to ejaculate deep inside me, and it was deep, he’d pushed up, and pulled me down, and in doing so allowed me to put the knife where it needed to be. I pushed again, and as I did, his back lowered out of its arch. That forced the knife in the last millimetre. Life faded from him, I watched as he died.“This is for selling Hannah, selling her body to be a whore, its wasn’t yours to sell, you bastard.”…………………I shivered again, and Hannah squeezed my hand. I crossed myself, with my gloved hand. Through my half veil, I saw a woman looking at me. Her gaze like that of the priest seemed to bore deep into me. She half smiled. I looked away, looked at the others, who had come to pay their last respects to Charlie. Charlie, the man who had forced me into prostitution, then sold me to another pimp, and sold my sixteen year old daughter into the bargain……….. I felt him ejaculate inside me, pulsating, and as I felt his cum, hot and deep inside me, so I looked into his eyes, as they glazed over, as life left him. I pushed the knife harder. His cock, no longer hard, softened………. I looked up, startled, as the earth landed on top of his coffin. Rest in Peace Charles Standish. “Rot in hell Charlie!” I thought.We walked through the graveyard, hand in hand. Neither of us spoke…………………I lay on the bed. Ambrose was still hard even though he had just come. Viagra. I was on all fours on the massive four poster bed. I felt him behind me, felt the mattress give under his weight as he manovered into position. I felt his hand on my cunt. I shivered with anticipation. Then his cock, as he rubbed it on my wet pussy, rubbing it upwards, up to my anus. He pressed it against my sphincter a slight push, I gasped as he entered me. I arched my back, savouring the feeling.“You like that, don’t you?” Ambrose asked“Mmm, I fucking love it, deeper,” I moaned.“Do you like watching your mother being fucked dear?” Binky asked.“Its exciting Binky, can we stay a little longer?” Hannah asked.I looked up, she stood at the foot of the bed, naked, her nipples erect, her eyes wide. She was naked, apart from her strappy heeled shoes, the same as I wore. A faux diamond choker tight around her neck. Attached to the choker, a silver chain, a lead. A lead which Binky held in her hand. “Look Binky, its all the way up her bum!” Hannah said. “And she loves it!”“Yes dear, now kiss Mummy goodbye, we have our own fun to find, you want to find some fun, don’t you Hannah!” Binky said.“Yes, please Binky.”Ambrose stopped fucking, his cock deep in my anus, as Hannah kissed me, kissed my lips. Her lips were so soft.“No Hannah, kiss Mummy properly, there’s a good girl.”“Sorry Binky,” Hannah said.She kissed me again, her lips soft, and wet, her mouth open this time, her tongue flicked into my mouth, finding my tongue. Our tongues entwined, as she French kissed me. “That’s enough dear, you two can make out another time,” Binky said.Hannah broke away, as Ambrose began thrust into my arse again.“Make out?” Hannah asked. She was so young.“Yes dear, some friends of mine want to see you and your Mummy fuck each other, you’d like to do that, wouldn’t you dear, for me.” Binky said.“For you, Binky, I would,” Hannah replied.Binky led Hannah from the room, led her naked, on her chain, I watched as my daughters pert bottom disappeared from view.I walked from the room. Ambrose had fucked me. Fucked my arse, my cunt, my mouth. He was still hard, hard but exhausted. “Give me an hour darling, go and see what fun the others are having, then come back and tell me all, especially Mummy darling!” He instructed, waving me away with his hand.I walked naked through the house, my heels echoing on the wooden floor. I walked on, on through the house. I met Walmsley, polite as ever.“May I get you some refreshment madam?” He asked.“Thank you Walmsley, may I trouble you for a mineral water?”“Certainly madam.”I stood, waiting. The door opposite me opened, a man staggered out, the worst for wear, walked off along the corridor, in just socks, and his shirt, which just covered his naked bottom. Inside I saw Sophie, suspended from the ceiling by a rope, her toes just reaching the floor, her back criss-crossed by red welts, her mouth gagged, as another man, canned her naked bottom, she squealed as it struck.“Ah there you are madam, your mineral water.” He held it on a silver tray, poured the cool water from the bottle into a crystal glass, a slice of lemon, and an ice cube already there.I gulped it down, and replaced the glass on the tray.“Thank you Walmsley, thank you very much,” I said.“If there is nothing else madam?” He asked.“Where is Binky?” I asked, hoping he’d tell me.“Her ladyship is in blue room madam, with your daughter. The blue room madam is at the end of the corridor, up the flight of stairs, the second door on the right.”“Thank you Walmsley, thank you very much,” I said.The corridor was long, or so it seemed that night. I reached the room, quietly opened the door. They were there, Binky sat in a large leather buttoned armchair, naked, her right leg hooked over the arm. She looked beautiful, no, was beautiful, her mane of red curly hair shone, and hug down, almost to her nipples. She held the silver chain, the chain that was attached to my daughters choker. Hannah sat at her feet, her lips on Binky’ labia, as around them several huge black men fucked Binky’s friends, as Binky watched, as Hannah pleasured her with her tongue.“Ah there you are darling,” Binky said, smiling. Hannah looked up, smiled at me, before turning back to Binky’s smooth pussy, her tongue busy. “Chloe darling, come here!” Binky instructed. I walked to them. “You are just in time.” “Time?” I asked.“Yes dear, for three of my black men to fuck you, all at once, we’d like to see that wouldn’t we Hannah!”“Oh yes Binky, we would!”……………….We sat together in the club. People mingled. Chatted, laughed. Small talk.“We shouldn’t have come Hannah,” I said.“Why not?” Hannah asked. “Because I murdered him,” I thought, but said, “I hardly know anyone.”“Well he knows you, perhaps he fucked you?” Hannah said.I looked up. She was right, he had fucked me, him and the girl who was on his arm. “Chloe, nice to see you here, and who is this beauty?” Steve asked.“This is Hannah my daughter,” I said as he kissed me on the cheek. He kissed her too, kissed her cheek, as she kissed me, though unlike him, she kissed me full on the lips, her tongue shot into my mouth, and quickly withdrew. I remembered her, though not her name, remembered her mouth, so soft, her pussy, so wet on my face. She kissed Hannah, wondered if her tongue had slipped into my sixteen year old daughters mouth, knew it had, wondered if she liked it, knew she had. “I hear you work for de Richemont now,” Steve said.“You hear right,” I replied.“Shame, I would have liked you both to have worked for me,” he said.“Thank Charlie for that, he sold us to de Richemont, perhaps you could afford to buy us from him?” I said, knowing he couldn’t.“Maybe I will, you were one hell of a fuck, still are I’m sure, and I don’t suppose Hannah is any different.” Steve said, smiling. “Maybe we could have a little party, the four of us,” blondie said. Everyone ignored her. We all knew the answer. They moved off. “So I was right, you have fucked him, and her?… Really Mum.”“Charlie gave me to them one evening, she was my second girl, but the first I really enjoyed.”“Hi, its Chloe, isn’t it?” She asked.“Yes…..but…….have we met?” I asked.“Once or twice, at a couple of parties, I’m not sure Charlie ever introduced us properly!” she said smiling. It was the woman from the funeral, the one who had looked long and hard at me.“I’m sorry, I’m Monika,” she said, holding her hand out. I took it, and we smiled.“You worked for Charlie?” I asked.“You could say that,” she said.“Only I don’t remember you, well not with your clothes on!” I said laughing. “Sorry!”“No your right, and who is this?” Monika asked.“This is my daughter, Hannah,” I said introducing them…………………..The car drove into Harley Street. It seemed that every house had a brass plate, or plates outside proclaiming the name of the doctor, who practiced within. The car pulled to a halt. The driver opened the door and we got out. The surgery was like any other, except it was private. The smell was the same. Disinfectant. The doctor was all smiles, as well he might have been. Ambrose de Richemont was paying, Ambrose always got what he wanted, and so did his “Mummy,” and what she wanted was my clit hood removed, and that of my daughter, who sat beside me. We signed the forms, then he examined us both, Hannah first. She lay on her back, her legs high in stirrups. Naked from the waist down. Then it was my turn, as Hannah pulled her knickers back on. I felt his fingers, they parted my labia, he probed my clit.“Nurse, this one as well, the clitoral node will need to be retracted fully, there will then be no risk whatsoever.Three hours later we both left, the car collecting us, ours bums full of antibiotics, and minus our clit hoods. There was no pain, there still wasn’t, even though the pain killers had worn off. The stitches would dissolve in seven to ten days…………… “Well Paul, you’ve something you want to tell me?”“Yes Guv. My DS, Monika, you remember her?”“Don’t be a twat, with tits like that, get on with it.”“She’s having coffee gaziantep escort with Chloe Thomas.” “Keep me informed, and for both our sakes Paul, she stays away from de Richemont, clear?”“Like crystal Guv.”………………“Mummy! She found you!” Ambrose said elatedly. “Yes dear, Mummy is here!” Binky said to her stepson, a step son who was older than her by more than ten years.He still lay on the bed where I had left him, still hard after his little blue pills. We had walked around the house, led by Binky, naked but for our strappy sandals, on the end of Binky’s silver leads, everywhere couples were fucking, threesomes, or foursomes. Sophie hung, whipped, was now being fucked in turn by six or seven guys. “Now Hannah, be a good girl, and make out with your Mummy, while I watch with Ambrose.” Binky instructed her.“I don’t know Binky,” Hannah replied.“Do it dear, we’ve talked about this, you want to please me don’t you!” “Yes Binky,” Hannah said. Hannah took my head in her hands, and kissed me. Her lips, soft and warm. I tasted Binky on them, tasted her on Hannah’s tongue. Tasted her, as her tongue wormed its way into my mouth. We kissed, as mother and daughter shouldn’t, then she put her head to my breast, kissed my hard, and erect nipples, nibbling, biting. Downward she went, find my wet pussy waiting for her. Binky had instructed her well, soon she had me on the edge of an orgasm, but I would have to wait, Binky wanted to watch me enjoy Hannah’s virgin cunt, and enjoy it I did, her legs wide, her labia parted for me, for my tongue. I licked, I probed, as enjoyed each other, as Ambrose watched us with his Mummy. “Mmm, they are good darling, oh look, Hannah is rimming her, how sweet, finger me darling, will you,” Binky said, her voice soft, but husky.“Now darling Ambrose, time you fucked the little one, while us Mummy’s watch,” Binky said.Ambrose, his cock rigid like steel lay on his back, as Hannah straddled him, she lowered herself gently, his cock just touching her pussy. She guided it, guided it into herself, as she slowly, Oh so slowly allowed him to penetrate her. It shouldn’t have been like this, not like this. I cursed Charlie for selling her to Ambrose, selling my daughter. I would have my revenge, I swore then. Swore, not on a pile of bibles, but on my daughters breast, as I sucked her nipple.“Oh it hurts, Binky, it hurts,” Hannah said.“Take your time, do it slowly.” Binky said, as she fingered herself.“Mmmm, that feels, oh fuck, that’s better, push it all the way in Ambrose,” Hannah said softly.She was riding him now, not fast, but gently, rhythmically, leaning slightly forward, pressing her clit onto him. Then it all changed, suddenly, Ambrose began fucking her, fucking her hard, thrusting up into her cunt. She moaned, then gripped his shoulders, digging her nails into him, drawing blood. Excited, he fucked her harder. He rolled her over, ensuring his cock remained inside her, then he pounded her, pounded her little stretched cunt. Her breathing became heavier, and heavier until at last she cried out. “Oh fuck yes, yes, yes, I’m cummmmmmg, Mum, of fuck Mum, this is fucking greaaaaaaaat.”He fucked her relentlessly, and as he fucked her, so Binky and I enjoyed each other. She was a skilled lover, ensuring my pleasure, as I ensured hers, while Ambrose continued to fuck Hannah. “Time to fuck her arse darling,” Binky called.I was worried for her, she was covered in sweat, and had come multiple times. She got onto all fours, and readied herself. I had already forced lube into her, using my fingers. Binky lubed Ambrose. Then he penetrated her, carefully, but steadily.“No, no, it hurts, it hurts like fuck. Stop Ambrose, stop.” His cock slipped further into her.“Binky, I don’t like it,” Hannah cried out. “Mum, make him stop!”But of course I didn’t. I couldn’t.“What Ambrose wants, Ambrose gets,” Charlie’s voice echoed in my head.Her nails dug into the sheets, her knuckles white.“You’re a whore now Hannah, your holes are to be used, all of them. Now fuck her hard darling, make the little bitch scream, I do so love it when they scream,” Binky said, her voice suddenly high.Ambrose fucked her little arse hard, hard and fast, she began to groan, her breath became heavy, “mmmm, oh fuck, oh fucking hell, yes, oh fuck yes,” she cried out, as an orgasm washed over her, “ Jesus fucking Christ, oh fuck”………………………..I sat in Costa, it was a few days after the funeral. I crossed my legs, and was again surprised by the warm feeling coming from my pussy, well my clit. My un-hooded clit. It hadn’t been my idea, it had been Binky. My clit was now totally exposed, I had been worried I would lose sensation, but the reverse was true. The sensations and sensitivity had increased, and then some. Hannah too had undergone the operation with me, paid for by Ambrose. He had, had to wait to enjoy it, like us. Ten long days, toward the end of which we had both had our periods. “I wondered if you’d come!” Monika said, smiling. She hugged me warmly. It was strange, I just couldn’t remember her, but she had clearly know Charlie. The funeral had been three months after his……..death. Months during which Hannah and I had adjusted to our new life. True his death had been a month after he sold us. Sold me, that wasn’t so bad, Sophie had been right, Ambrose was kinder. Kinkier too, but altogether kinder. Hannah had quickly become accustom to being a paid whore, and was, like me happy to fuck women, or men, or both. Of course Ambrose sold us together more often than not. Tomorrow we would be filmed together for a “collector.”“Another coffee?” Monika asked.“Please, a flat white.”She returned, sitting in the booth alongside me. I felt the warmth from her thigh, as it touched mine. “I bloody hate funerals,” she said, “ but you looked gorgeous, black really suits you, Hannah too.”“Not my favourite day out either,” I replied. “You liked the dress?”“God yes, and that handbag, that wasn’t a knock off.”We chatted, chatted about clothes, shoes, and her favourite, handbags. “How long did you work for Charlie?” Monika suddenly asked.“Not long, three or four months, didn’t seem that long,” I replied.“No, I know what you mean, how did you get involved with him?”“Through a friend of mine, Sophie. Went out clubbing, ended up with him fucking me, God I needed it that night, then his mate had a turn, I didn’t want that, but it didn’t matter to Charlie of course, his other mate filmed it. The rest as they say is history.”“God, sounds awful, blackmailed you with the film?”“That’s about it. What about you?” I asked.“Oh, nothing so dramatic. Needed some cash, you know how it is, I was picking up guys in his club. Now you know Charlie, knew Charlie, he wasn’t having that.”“So, have we ever….? I asked.“Do you know, I’m not sure, but yes I think so. We were both at a really wild party at that club of his, the Grosvenor Club, I remember you, you were amazing.”“I did a few there, so you like girls?” I asked.“Boys, and girls, I never have been able to make up my mind,” she laughed. “What about Hannah, does she know about your work?”“She does now, she’s cool.” I replied. I was suddenly uneasy. It was almost as if she was cross examining me. “Are you still working?“Yes, needs must.” She replied.“I might be able to put some work your way,” I said.“If you could, I’d be really grateful, thanks.”……………“Chloe darling,” Binky said. She phoned me on my mobile, I was in the kitchen at our new home. A swanky apartment in the east end, paid for by Ambrose. Home and our place of work, as often as not. “You and Hannah, tomorrow. Your making a blue movie, together, it will be such fun. Enjoy it, won’t you. The car will collect you sweetie. Don’t be late.”I walked through, to tell Hannah. Make sure she didn’t suddenly decide to go around to her mates this evening. I opened the door, she was there, there with her friend, Ellie. Ellie was wearing Hannah’s black suspender belt, and was attaching her stocking, the other already in place. She was a pretty little thing, petite, but with a shapely bum, and small breasts. Her hands flew to her crotch, covering her white cotton panties.I smiled at her, “You look good in those Ellie, Hannah, you should let Ellie try the bra, and heels, the knickers as well, if she wants to, you do want to, don’t you Ellie.”“Oh, err, I don’t know Chloe, can I?“Yes of course,” Hannah said.“My Mum would throw a blue fit!” Ellie said. “Hannah, can I try that silver dress of yours on?” “Sure, my Mum’s got one exactly the same!” Hannah said.Hannah handed her the dress, she held it up to herself. Although she was shorter than Hannah, the dress was still incredibly short, even on her. “Hannah,” I said. “We have an early start tomorrow, so an early night, Binky insists, understand!”“Yes Mum,” she replied like a sulky teenager.Ellie had the dress on, over her undies. “Wow, and you wore this to a party!”“Yeah, course,” Hannah replied, “course I didn’t wear a bra, and just these knickers.”Hannah held the thong up.“I didn’t know you’d found that!” I said. “I lost mine somewhere.”Ellie’s eyes widened.“I wish I could go to a party, my Mum is sooo uptight, you’re so lucky Hannah.”“Ellie, if you’re trying it on, lose the bra!” Hannah said.Ellie blushed, turned her back on us, and removed her bra.“Mmm better,” Hannah said. “Not that I spent much time with it on, Binky led me around the party on a lead, and I was naked.”“Yeah right!” Ellie said, shaking her head.“No really Ellie, of course she had her strappy heels on, but otherwise starker’s!”……………………..“Anything Paul?”“Not yet Guv, but I am hopeful. Monika has made contact with Thomas. They met at the funeral, and have met for coffee.” “What’s the cover story?”“Monika worked for Standish, and remembers Thomas from a couple of parties. Intimated they took part in an orgy together.”“And she brought it?”“Seems to have done, spent an hour or two chatting over coffee, and have arranged to meet up again.”“Sounds promising. Tell her to be careful, and keep me informed Paul. You have my personal number, use if you need to.”“Will do Guv, and Guv she’s going to need some clothes, you know!”“I’ll authorise it, but we’ll use another Op to hide the purchase.”……………..Charlie was on top of me, his cock inside me, fucking me, I was coming, then his hands were around my neck, tightening. I was choking, cumming, and choking, as he strangled me, giresun escort I couldn’t breath, he was smiling, smiling down at me, as he throttled me. I woke, I was running with sweat, the sheets were soaking. I was panting, gasping for breath. “Mum, Mum, its alright, I’m here,” Hannah said, holding me. “Its alright, it was a nightmare, sssh.”I couldn’t speak, it had been so real, so real.“Come and sleep in my bed with me, its alright.”She held my hand, leading me to her room, her bed. She held me, held me until I slept………Hannah lay on her back. She was naked, her legs splayed, I held her pussy open. If I stuck my tongue out I could touch her clit. “Sorry girls, can you just hold it there a second, fucking lights.” Brian said. Then continued, “you fucking wanker, you’re supposed to have checked this before we started filming, now fucking sort it out!”As he stormed, so I looked at my daughters pussy. It was freshly waxed, as of course was mine. And like me, her clit hood had been removed, her clit stood proud and erect, not hidden. Since having the little operation, we both came more quickly, and much more intensely, so intensely, it was incredible. It had been Binky’s idea, and instruction that we had them done. I wish I’d had it done years before, it was fantastic. I flicked it with my tongue.“Mum!” Hannah said, giggling.“Brian” I called. “Sorry darling, take five, this tosser is still fucking about.”We sat on the sofa, waiting.“Brian, do you know one of Charlie’s old girls, a girl called Monika?” I asked.“Doesn’t ring a bell, and I knew most of them, fuck, I photographed most of them.”“Do me a favour?” I asked.“Sure.” Brian replied.“Can you ask around?” “Sure. Pity I don’t have her picture.”“You might have, she was at the funeral.” I said.“Ok, I’m ready to go!” Mr Lights called.We were done, the filming over.“Mum, do you think my friends will see the film?” Hannah asked.“Possibly,” I replied. “I mean it might find its way onto the net, so yes.” I replied.“Oh!” Hannah said, and was then silent.“Look luv, you wanted to be in this business, and yes your friends could find out.” I told her.“Mmm, I know.”“It could be embarrassing, I know, I nearly died when you found out what I was doing.” I said.“Wouldn’t it be fun if I could see the look on their faces when they watched it, especially Ellie, she fancies you, you know!” “You shouldn’t worry about it,” I told her.“No, I want to,” she said with a devilish look on her face.“Brian, can you do us a favour?” I called.“Depends?”“Can we have a copy of the film?” I asked.“What’s it worth?” He asked.“You want to fuck one of us?”“Hell yes,” he replied straightaway. “Me, or Hannah?”“I’ve already fucked you Chloe, so I’ll fuck Hannah, ok?” He said.“No problem, and you’ll check the photos of the funeral for me?” I said“Let me fuck Hannah, then I’ll check my tablet, alright?”“Mum, you’ve fucked him as well?” Hannah said.“And in a minute, so will you!” I laughed.It didn’t take long. Five minutes, and it was all over, Hannah cleaned herself with wet wipes, as Brian checked his tablet. I sat beside him, in just my knickers. “Here we are,” he said, opening a file.He scrolled through, pictures of me, and Hannah. She had been right, we did look good in black. Then he found her, just a couple, a side shot, and one, with her face fully in shot.“That’s her. Monika. When did she work for Charlie?” I asked.“Work for Charlie, you’re having a fucking bubble. I know her alright, she’s a copper, when I knew her she worked on the vice squad, devious bitch, now what’s her surname?”I looked at the photo. “Email me a copy, will you Brian?” I asked. “And no, I’m not fucking you for it. But get her name sweetie, and you can have both of us, deal?”“Fuck yes, deal!” Brian replied…………………. “Hi Ellie, you here again?” I said.“Sorry Chloe, but my Mum won’t have Hannah in the house.” Ellie replied.“Won’t have her in the house?” I asked, thinking that the secret was out.“It my Dad!” Ellie said.“Sorry sweetie, you’ve lost me.”“About a year ago, my Dad got a bit drunk, and told my Mum he wanted to fuck Hannah, sorry, I mean sleep with her.”“Its OK Ellie, so your Dad wants to fuck my daughter!” I said.“Oh not just Hannah, I think he likes you as well.” Ellie said.“He couldn’t afford either of us,” I said without thinking.“Afford you?” Ellie said.“Look Ellie, have you told Hannah about this?”“Yes, she just laughed, and said……well I’d better not say.”“Go on, what did she say?” I asked. “She said he could fuck her, anytime he wanted. She can be such a slut sometimes, of course she doesn’t mean it, I mean, my Dad!”“Oh I don’t know Ellie, he’s quiet handsome.”“What my Dad, yuk!”…………….“Monika, great to see you, I’m so pleased you came,” I said. I hugged her warmly, then kissed her on the lips. I felt her body stiffen momentarily, then relax, but she barely responded to my kiss. I smiled to myself. This was going to be fun. I took her hand, and led her through to the lounge. “Dance?” I asked.“Well, I…….I didn’t wait for an answer, but put my hands on her hips and pulled her close. The choice made, she danced with me, I pressed my breasts against her, then kissed her again. “I’m so glad we met,” I said. “You’ve no idea how great it is to have someone to talk to, to confide in. Someone in the business, someone I really like.”“Oh I know what you mean, me too. Its like we’ve known each other for ages.”This was going so well, I pushed on, and ran my hands down, and onto her bum, which was full, round, and shapely. She smiled again, and again I kissed her, this time longer, almost lingering. I ran the tip of my tongue along her bottom lip, her mouth parted slightly, but enough, my tongue touched hers, and I pulled back. “Mmm, nice,” I said.She smiled, then held both of my hands. “Lets talk, shall we!” She said. We sat and chatted, but whatever we spoke about she always came back to me and Charlie. “Come on lets dance again,” I suggested. She was reluctant. We danced a few slow ones my head on her shoulder, as I held her close. I looked up at her, kissed her neck, then her lips.“Are you still hard up?” I asked her.“Well you know, you’ve never enough, just when you think you have something crops up, like a bill for the car.” She said. “Yeah, at least with Charlie he could always find a punter for you,” I said.“Oh exactly, that’s what I miss about him,” she said.The door bell rang. I answered it. Two guys, two stunningly handsome black guys. I let them in.“Monika, this is Jamal, and this is Mike.” I said introducing them both. “Hi,” she said, clearly now out of her comfort zone.“Hey babe, lets dance a little,” Jamal said, taking hold of Monika before she could refuse. They danced, and I danced with Mike. He pressed himself hard against me, and whispered in my ear, “all set, just say the word.”I smiled, this was going to be hilarious.“Lets swap, then make a move on her when I give the word.”We swapped partners.“Monika needs the money. Seven fifty each! You got a deal” I said loudly, and suddenly.With that, Jamal pushed Monika back onto the sofa, her legs flew up, revealing a pair of red lace knickers. Jamal was on her in a flash, his mouth covered hers, as his hand reached for, and found her crotch, feeling he up through them. I heard a stifled protest, but he didn’t let go. “Seven hundred and fifty each Jamal,” I said. “For that you can fuck us up the arse as well, both of us!”Jamal was doing a great job, of pinning her to the sofa. His mouth still pressed hard against hers. “Jamal,” I said, “let me help you, that big cock of yours is just bursting to get in her.” I undid his trousers, pulled his wonderful cock out, then helpfully, I pulled her knickers to one side, it wasn’t easy, with her struggling, and him pressing her down. He was between her legs now, his cock hard, I rubbed it against her cunt, then guided it into her. He penetrated her in one swift thrust. How he managed to keep his mouth on hers I didn’t know, but knew she had bitten his lips, because I could see a trickle of blood, and knew it was his, not hers.Mike fucked me doggie fashion next to her, I took her head in my hands, and pulled her face towards mine. I smiled, as she gasped for air, then kissed her mouth myself, even as Jamal continued to fuck her. “Time to swap boys, I want to feel Jamal inside me, and I’m sure Monika wants Mike in her!” She was like a woman drowning, or like I’d imagine it. They swapped quickly, she was trying to get up, but the boys quickly swapped keeping her legs open, and her body pinned to the sofa. Then they fucked again. She was groaning, hers arms flew to her sides, she gripped the cushions, I knew she was coming, so did they, she tripped over the edge, and it was then that I took my mouth away from hers, hearing her for the first time.“No, no, oh fuck, oh my fucking God, I’m cummmmmmmmmmming,” she gasped. “You want to fuck her arse?” I asked. “After all its what you are paying for!”“Hell yes,” they chimed. Mike flipped her over, even before she realised what was happening to her, I quickly slapped a handful of lube on to his already wet cock, before he penetrated her anus, he slid in easily, and I knew she wasn’t an anal virgin. I reached under her, finding her little button, rubbing it with my finger, stimulating it, exciting it. She came again.She sat back on the sofa, her legs wide, a trickle of cum dribbled onto the cushion. She looked stunned.“Thanks Chloe, here’s the money, its all there, hey your friend is great, such an energetic fuck, though your cunt is tighter. Can we book you again, say next Tuesday?” Mike asked.“Its Ok with me, Monika, next Tuesday alright with you? I asked.“What?” She replied.“I said next Tuesday, the boys want a repeat, with a couple of their friends.”She just looked at me, too shocked to reply.“Yes boys, that will be great, next Tuesday!”“Wow, they were nice, weren’t they,” I said.“Nice……?” She replied.“Mmm nice, and we have a repeat booking, shall we make out now?” I asked.“What!” She exclaimed.“Look here is your share of the money,” I said as I handed the cash over to her.“I don’t want it!” She almost shouted.“You did say you were a whore, anyone would think you were a copper, the way your carrying on!” I said.“You fucking set me up, you fucking set me up!”“Like you were trying to set me up, you fucking bitch, now pick your knickers up, and get out of my house.” I said.“I’ll escort bayan have you for this!” “I don’t think so. See that camera there” ……………………….Ambrose was fucking me. He often called in the afternoon, after leaving his office, wherever his office actually was. I knew it was close bye, as that was why he had moved us into this apartment. If it wasn’t him, it would be someone he had sent. Sometimes a guy, sometimes several, occasionally a girl. In the evenings it would be someone sent by Binky, or even Binky and a party of her friends. Sometimes it would be for one of us, either or. More often than not it was a joint booking. Hannah, and me. The apartment was large, at least for the city. We each had a large ensuite bedroom, in which to entertain clients, there was a large open lounge, with an American kitchen off it. The lounge windows opened onto a decent sized balcony. “Open another bottle darling,” Ambrose said.I padded out of the bedroom, wearing just a pair of bedroom heels. Ambrose always liked me to wear heels, even at those times. I bent down, and retrieved a bottle from the wine cooler, when I heard someone behind me. I assumed Ambrose. “Enjoying the view” I said, without looking.“Oh yes Mummy,” Hannah said. I stood up, turned, “ naughty…..”With her was her friend Ellie, wide eyed Ellie.“Did I hear Hannah’s voice,” Ambrose said, walking at into the lounge, to an even more wide eyed Ellie.Ambrose, because of his pills was as ever erect. More than that, his erection was wet, and glistening from my wet cunt, a fact that wasn’t lost of little Ellie.“Hannah darling,” Ambrose enthused, wrapping his arms around her, and kissing her mouth. “And are you and your friend going to join us?”Ellie blushed. As she took in the scene before her. I would speak to Hannah later, right now I needed to rescue the situation. “Ambrose, this is Ellie, an old school friend of Hannah’s,” I said. I was going to add, who is just leaving.“Delighted, you’ll join us for a glass of champagne dear?”“Err, I…..” Ellie managed to say.“Of course you will,” Ambrose continued, “now why hasn’t lovely Hannah brought you along to any of my parties, or Mummy’s?”“I don’t know,” Ellie said, still staring at Ambrose’s wet cock.“Come and join us on the bed, or were you two naughty girls going to bed on your own.”“No, we…, we were…….” Ellie’s voice trailed away.“I should hope not! Now come along.”With a feeling of dread, I followed Ambrose and the girls into my bedroom, now carrying four glasses, and a bottle of bubbly.“Has your Mum been fucking him?” I heard Ellie whisper.“Of course she has!” Hannah replied.“Drink up darling,” Ambrose encouraged Ellie. “And Hannah, your mother has made a bit of a mess of my cock……”Hannah knew what she had to do, but would she be reluctant to do with Ellie watching?She didn’t hesitate by as much as a heart beat, taking his cock in her mouth without hesitation, as an opened mouthed Ellie watched.“Are you staying for the party Ellie?” I asked.“Party?” Ellie stammered, “I can‘t, my Mum, she‘d……..”“She’s not here. Do you want to?” I said. All she could do was nod, mouth open, wide eyed. She nodded yes.Ambrose wasn’t stupid, but he was kinky. He fucked me, again, fucked Hannah, but left Ellie alone, let her enjoy what she wanted, when she wanted, at her own pace. What she wanted was me. She kissed my lips, so gently, almost as if she was in a dream. Her lips, like Hannah, soft and warm, her tongue, moist. She touched my breasts as if they were made of glass, and would shatter. I took her hand, place it on my pussy. She looked at me, with puppy dog eyes.“Its alright, do what you want,” I said.She fingered me, touched me exposed clit, looked puzzled.“I know, yours is different, has a hood. We had ours removed, its alright, you won’t hurt it,” I encouraged her.She was unskilled, but tried her best to please me, as Hannah, now naked fucked Ambrose, as Ambrose watched Ellie and me.“Would you like to come to a proper party Ellie?” Ambrose asked her, as I sat impaled upon his cock.“I would, but my Mum would never let me,” Ellie said.“You leave your mother to me, now I asked you a question?”“In a proper party dress and everything?” Ellie asked.“And everything.”“Yes please,” Ellie replied.“You won’t keep the dress on for long, I don’t. Binky likes to lead me around on a silver chain, naked.” Hannah said.“What, so everyone can see you?” “So everyone can see me, and if they’re lucky, fuck me as well.“And your Mum……..”“Yes,” Hannah said…………………“You’ve fucked up Paul. I’m disappointed in you.”“I know Guv, and you’re right, a complete fuck up.”“What happened? How did it happen?”“Well Guv, it seems she sussed Monika out. Set her up!”“And she’s still in counselling, having had her brains fucked out by two big black bastards. Jesus Paul!”“And got paid for it in the bargain Guv.”“And as her cover story was that she was a prostitute, on hard times, all Thomas has to say is she believed the story, and was helping a friend out! It can’t get much worse Paul.”“Sorry Guv, but it can, it has.”“Tell me the worst Paul, might as well have it all now, rather than later.”“They filmed it. Filmed her arriving at the flat, filmed her snogging with the target, touching each other up for fuck sake, then filmed them fucking, even snogging each other as it happened.”“Jesus!”“A copy has been posted on the internet, its all over the shop, almost everyone here has seen it!”“Get rid of her Paul, there’s an attachment in the Falklands, send her there, in two years people will have forgotten about it.”“I doubt it Guv, you should see it, and those tits, Jesus!”…………………We were dressed to the nines. Or undressed to the nines, depending on your point of view. Binky had sent the dresses, sent it all. Ellie was excited, having escaped her draconian mother, maybe just a little over protective mother, and excited at going to her first adult party. Hannah had told her what would happen, but Ellie thought she was joking. Ah well!“You are joking, aren’t you? Ellie asked.“No, this is what we are wearing!” Hannah told her friend yet again.“What just hold-ups and high heels?”“No, we have our collars, and earrings!” Hannah replied.I’d had enough. “Ellie, we told you where we were going, you wanted to come. Its all arranged. Now the car is here, we are leaving, end of!” I said harshly. We walked to the private elevator, which would take us to the basement garage.We all wore the same, black stockings, eight denier, with thick lace tops, and black patent leather six inch ankle strap stilettos. The girls wore black patent leather collars, a ring in the centre, a ring for Binky no doubt. We got into the car, the driver taking a long, and lingering look at us, as we got in. Then smoothly he drove us through the late evening traffic.“Ah there you are, and my, how lovely you all look. And you, you must be Ellie,” Binky said, looking us all up and down, but paying special attention to Ellie.Girls, I need to speak with Chloe, alone, go and mingle, but no fucking, not yet!”They left. Leaving me alone with Binky de Richemont. She was her usual gorgeous self, her crowning glory, her mane of red hair seemed to glow under the light. She, like us was naked, naked but for her stockings, heels, and a gold torc around her neck. I had no doubt that it was what it appeared to be. Gold.“Sit with me, here.” She said, patting the seat beside her.I sat, as instructed. Always do what Ambrose wants, Charlie had told me, but it was Binky that was the power behind the throne. Binky held the whip hand, sometimes literally. “You and Hannah are performing better than we could ever have hoped,” she said. “You have proved to have been a very wise investment.”“But” I said.“But? I don’t understand?” She said.“There is always a but!” I said.She leant over, and kissed my lips. Then smiled. “No buts!”Then she continued. “I want you and Hannah to do more work for us, maybe with foreign travel, would that be acceptable?”“You brought us, brought us both. You own us!” I said.“Yes, and we intend to continuing owning you, owning you both. We won’t sell either of you, not for the foreseeable future, you may rest assured.”“Thank you,” I said.“Now, I need you to do a little extra job for me, for Ambrose as well,” she said.“As you have said, I am yours Binky.”“You’ll do it?” Binky said.“Do I have a choice, I mean a real choice?” I asked“No dear you don’t, unless you want me to sell Hannah on!” She said revealing her true self.“Don’t worry, I’ll do it.” I said……..Charlie’s dead eyes looked up at me, as life left him, his cock still in me, his softening cock, a dead man’s cock……………….“Good,” Binky said. “Soon, it will be soon. Now that girl, the friend of Hannah’s, if she performs well tonight, I’ll sell her on, will that be a problem for you?”“Sell her?…..No Binky, that won’t be a problem, not for me, perhaps for Hannah,” I said.“I’ll deal with Hannah,” Binky said firmly………………I was shopping, buying lingerie, stockings, and a few girlie essentials. All with my de Richemont credit card. I’d got everything I needed, when I remembered that really essential girlie thing. I popped into Boots. I brought for myself, as well as Hannah. I stood in line, waiting to pay, holding two boxes of tampax, when she saw me. She made a bee line for me. “Chloe, how are you?” She asked. She wasn’t interested how I was, or Hannah, she wanted to tell me something, to boast. “I’m fine Cat,” I said. “You?”“Oh you know,” she replied. “I just wanted to say, Hannah won’t be seeing so much of Ellie for a while.”“Oh really, why?” I asked.“She got herself a job, and you won’t believe with who!” She said.“Whom, its with whom,” I said.“Always Miss high and fucking mighty! Well Ellie is doing much better than your Hannah, got herself a job with de Richmount Consultants!” She said.Its de Richemont I thought, but left it. “Really, that’s brilliant news,” I said.“Yes, a trainee executive no less!” She said, “so that means Hannah won’t need to come around, if you understand.”“I understand more than you think!” I said.“And what’s that supposed to mean!” She said loudly.“It means that your husband wants to fuck my daughter!” I said though gritted teeth.“You fucking liar!” She shouted.I was ready for an argument, my blood was boiling. I was due on in a couple of days. Fucking PMT, my hormones were raging, and I felt bloated. What I wanted to say was “ Your daughter has been sold by de Richemont as a whore. I know, I know because I took her there, because it was the only way she could get away from you, and your husband couldn’t afford the price that men pay to fuck my daughter!”In reality, I said nothing. I walked out, having paid for my tampax, and said nothing.

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