revenge is served


Just a note, I love writing stories, but it is harder than I thought it would be. I have learned and for those who follow my stories thanks. The hardest part is trying to put your feelings of orgasm into words. There is so much going on in that 30 to 45 seconds of bliss, it’s very hard to describe. Some of the Authors on this site are very good writers and I want to give my compliments to them and thank them for their stories.

I just considered myself another teenage American boy, wanting a blonde headed Barbie girlfriend to impress my friends and provide a relief of sexual tension. What we actually get is something different and overtime we learn that sometimes we just want sex from anyone. . Rarely do we get the sexy blonde goddess of nymphomaniacs, especially if you weren’t given talent to be athletic. I was part nerd, thin, and definitely not part of the “in” group, but sometimes fate can deal us something totally unexpected.

Finally I got my driver’s license and was able to date girls although none of them were serious relationships; we hung out and had a great time. We had our own little group and the main focus every Friday and Saturday was to get alcohol, hang out down town, then get laid. The first two were easily achieved the last one however was more difficult to conquer.

This was my normal weekend routine until a stranger moved into our area. He was 15 and a sophomore and immediately he got into trouble, although not intentional it seemed trouble followed him. His name was Scott and we met in the school office. I was an aid at that time and he had to come and talk to the principle, although I like girls, somehow I was attracted to him. Things seemed to settle down for him. It was never anything serious, for example, one day our teacher was sick and excused herself. When she returned to the room he blurted “hey Mrs. Smith., are you missing something this month”. The class busted out with laughter and off to the office he went. He was blonde haired and blue eyed, and his hair always needed to be combed. Scott had a carefree attitude; nothing ever seemed to bother him. He was very small and kind of scraggly looking, immediately snubbed by the popular group. We started talking in the office and grew to be great friends.

He would ride home with me every Friday after school and usually stay until Sunday when his mother made him return home. We would ride around chasing girls and drinking on the weekends. It was easy to date girls but they always seemed to have to return home about 9 or 10 and so we rode around until we got tired and back to my house and listened to music and played Atari 2600. Yes we didn’t have near the things kids have today but we still had one hell of a good time. We would talk about girls and their stuff between their legs and how we dreamed of screwing them. We usually ended up getting into a wrestling match and my mother would stomp in telling us to settle down or else. We apologized and soon as the door shut we giggled at her, and usually went to bed soon after that.

Things were going good, I had a girlfriend, considered to be one of the top ten girls in school. We went to the movies, and Scott always tagged along with either one of her friends or one of our female friends. I noticed he would often talk and joke about girls but he never had a relationship. We went to the movies and parking later. I finally was scoring, we were kissing and I would put my hand between her legs and she kept moving it. I did finally get her succulent firm tits free. I was kissing and sucking them in my mouth causing her to squirm and moan. They were so soft and firm; her nipples were perfect not too big and not to small, I was totally in love with her and was growing more in love with her every minute that was passing. I finally had my hand between her legs and rubbing her crotch and could smell her musk on my fingers, as her wetness was seeped through. I could feel her wetness seeping through her jeans as she moved against my fingers. Our tongues intertwined and then I would lower my head onto her tit again and start suckling. I would suck in as much tit as possible and then flick her nipple with my tongue. Her lust began shutting her mind out, all the sudden her friend knocked on the car door, “I have to be home soon”. “AAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUGGH”. I was screaming inside. My girlfriend stopped immediately and pulled her shirt down. “I love you so much”, I said to her. “I can’t go home without feeling you baby”, it didn’t work. She said she loved me too and we would continue later. I took her and her friend home and then Scott and I went to my house. I didn’t feel like riding around, I was hard and wanted to relieve myself.

Scott and I went inside, my sister was in the shower so I just went to my bedroom. Scott followed me into the room and shut the door. We got undressed and he looked at me, “you’re hard.” Being sarcastic, I replied, “ya think”. My underwear was stretched to the max. I got in the bed and pulled the covers over me. He got the sleeping bag out and turned out the light. We started talking about the events of the evening; I was describing her tits and scent in full detail. I was getting harder and Scott wanted more details. I told him I was too tired and wanted to sleep, he teased me, “you’re gonna jack off aren’t you”. “Nope”, I replied, but I was already pumping my hard cock. He suddenly jumped in bed with me and said “I’m cold”. He would sleep with me sometimes, I had my blanket and he had the sleeping bag. This time he crawled under the blanket with me. “What are you doing”, I asked. “Just laying here”, he replied. I was shocked, the only thing we had on was our underwear. I could feel his soft legs against mine and he made no effort to move away. He laughed at my situation, and my hard cock. Shockingly he said, “I’m going to jack off”, “not in my bed you’re not”, I replied forcefully. He started making pumping motions and then slid his underwear off. I pushed him close to the edge of the bed and he rolled on top of me. I could feel his hard cock next to mine. It was exciting and weird all the same time. I threw him off and said, “man stop being gay”. He said he wasn’t being gay and that I was being stupid and got right back on top of me and then we started tickling each other inadvertently rubbing our cocks together.

I was really hard now and Scott started taking off my underwear. I fought him off halfheartedly and let him take them off as we wrestled on the bed. I then rolled on top and started fucking him, our cocks rubbing together and I kept saying, “I bet you like that don’t you gay boy”. We fought back and forth for a while then we stopped and just laid there breathing hard. We have seen each other naked before but this was different. Scott broke the silence, “so you’re not cut”. “nope.” I replied. He said, “Does it bother you, having that skin like that.” “It bothers me that I don’t look normal, but no, it doesn’t bother me, it feels good when I rub it”. With an intrigued voice Scott ask, “What does it feel like?” “It feels like skin”, I nervously replied. “Can I feel it”, Scott asked and with that I felt his hand wrap around my cock
I just laid there motionless as he moved the skin up and down my cock head. It couldn’t move very far up and down my hard cock. I was in shock and just laid there asking myself what I should do. Should I just throw him off me or what? I told myself to calm down and relax as he pumped my cock, my head was spinning, my cock was aching, and I really wanted to lose my load. I reminded myself he was my friend and we should be able to share our feelings. “Scott” I said, “yes” he replied. “I don’t mind you doing this as long as you promise you won’t tell anyone else.” “I won’t tell a soul” he stated as he stroked my cock. My curiosity got the best of me and I found myself wanting to feel his cut cock. I have seen plenty of boys in the shower and their cut cocks but never got to touch one. “Hey Scott, can I feel yours?” I asked. “Yeah” he replied. So he flopped around and we were in a 69 position. I reached out and took his cock in my hand. It felt smooth; the head was very soft but hard at the same time. I worked my fingers all around his cock and the head was very big compared to the shaft. The moon lit up the room fairly well and I could see his veins and I traced them with my finger. Scott on the other hand was working mine hard pumping and stretching my skin, “careful” I stated. Unbelievably Scott said, “you’re so thick”. Scott wasn’t well built in the cock section either. Maybe 5 inches and sort of thin izmit escort bayan but did have a huge head. My head was slightly smaller but much thicker shaft. My shaft does narrow down toward the base though. I was also a couple inches longer.

I started feeling the pressure building and so I started pumping Scott harder. I felt his hand relax and slow down a little. He was enjoying my pumping action. I took my free hand and lightly rubbed his balls. He immediately responded by tensing up. I still couldn’t believe that I was jacking another guy. Scott moaned, “im cumming”. He sent about 6 or 7 good ropes of cum along my arm and chest. He almost hit my face and mouth. “Scott”, I said surprised. He apologized and snickered then went to work on my cock. I laid back and just imagined my girlfriend jacking me. He was masterful and when I started cumming he worked his thumb just below the head of my cock in a circular motion. I just quivered as I sent ropes into the air, hitting both of us.

We got cleaned up, “not a word, or I will kick your ass”. “I know”, Scott said. I took Scott home and decided that I couldn’t do that again. Next weekend was approaching and I mom asked if I wanted to go my aunts or stay home. Mom said “we are going to see your aunt and thought you might want to come along”, “Is sis going?” I asked, “of course she is, she is too young to leave her here.” “Then I’m staying home.” I stated excitedly. I called Scott and told him so we immediately planned a little party.

Finally it was Friday, the family left and I had the house to myself. I had a couple of friends stop by, my girlfriend came over and we watched movies. I was able to get a 12 pack for us and a bottle of peach tree for the girls. My girlfriend and I excused ourselves to my room and started to pick up where we left off. I got her shirt off and started on her tits, they were so perky. I was trying so hard to get my hand between her legs but again I was denied. I climbed on top and pressed my cock into her crotch. I just had shorts on and knew she could feel me. I started working and grinding kissing her lips and tits alternately. I almost came inside my shorts so I stopped and then lay beside her. I kept kissing her and then took her hand and tried to place it on my cock. She took her finger and sort of out lined my cock in my shorts, I thought to myself fuck at least Scott worked it and pumped it. Suddenly we saw lights on the wall and a heard knock at the door, “your parents are here”. We hurried and went to the front room pretending to watch the movie. Her parents knocked again and I answered the door. My girlfriend had to leave and Scott and I was left alone.

We finished off the beer and I was feeling the effects of the alcohol, Scott was too. He came over and sort of tackled me and we wrestled, he was squeezing my cock and copping a feel. “I’m going to bed” and took off down the hall. Here he came and crawled in next to me. I didn’t even resist this time and we started jacking each other again. I couldn’t help myself I needed relief and Scott wanted to help. We were at a 69 position again but this time I felt something warm wrap around my cock and knew he had wrapped his mouth around my cock. Oh God it felt so good. I was getting a blow job from Scott. He continued sucking and then stopped and started licking my balls. It almost sent me over the edge, all I could do was squirm and moan a little. I felt my balls tighten and I stated that I was cumming and attempted to move his head away but he just motioned my hands away from his head and continued sucking. I let loose in his mouth and felt him choke, but he kept sucking. He could only fit about half of my cock in his mouth and used his hand on my shaft. After I came in his mouth my feeling of guilt exploded inside of me. I felt so ashamed of what I done, the feelings of guilt was overwhelming. He moved his cock toward my mouth but I couldn’t take it in. I just jacked him and he seemed pleased. I rolled over and he did too. I had a knot in my stomach and kept thinking that I was weird and if my dad or mom found out they would be so ashamed of me, and my girlfriend would surely dump me. I knew this was the last time I ever touched a guy. I was so worried about my friends finding out and so nervous because I was doing something sinful and shameful. This was the lowest point of my life.

I didn’t talk to Scott the next couple of weeks. I focused on my girlfriend and finally fucked her. I was in love with her and knew we would be together forever, and then she shattered my life. I was the victim of being dumped. The guy she dumped me for was a dick.. He was more of a rebel bad boy type. I was a nice guy, enough said.

Scott and I started hanging out again, he was a good listener. I told him all about the breakup and my feelings for her, cried and everything. He was very supportive and it felt good to have such a great friend. We started hanging out more and I found out that dad and mom was leaving town again and I would have the house to myself. I immediately called Scott and told him, we started planning a party. It seemed everyone was busy that weekend so we decided just to road trip and cruise some local towns. The weekend was here and I was finally psyched again after getting dumped. We got some alcohol and rode around. Nothing much was happening so we decided to head home and save our money for tomorrow night, it had to be more exciting than this.

We got back home and we looked through the movies and found some new ones. We both undressed to our underwear and finished the beer off. Scott asked if we had any more to drink and I said no, then I remembered we had the left over schnapps. There was well over a half of a fifth. We started passing the bottle to each other and I was feeling the effects. I punch Scott in the arm and thanked him for being a good friend. He punched me back and then we started wrestling. We wrestled each other’s underwear off and eventually were stroking each other’s cocks. I stopped and rolled on my stomach, “Scott, I don’t know about this”, I said. I was hard and wanted to get off but still had guilty feelings. “No one is going to know” Scott replied. “Yeah but its kinda weird” I retorted. He moved over and started writing on my back with his finger and I wanted me to guess what he was writing. It felt so good and my dick began to pulse again. “Look man, I just want to have fun, and it feels better like this than doing it by yourself”, Scott said soulfully. “You know, I hate it but your right, and it’s just between us, right?” Scott reassured me it was just between us and then straddled my ass and kept writing on my back. I could feel his hard cock resting between my ass cheeks.

I couldn’t move as Scott started rubbing my back and moving his cock in between my ass cheeks. He would pull back then slide up. His cock was so soft and firm and he would slide up far enough that I could feel his nuts pressing against my ass. I buried my head in my pillow, it felt so good, I couldn’t believe I was enjoying this so immensely. I laid there and just relaxed. His hands were caressing my back and were working their way to my ass cheeks. Scott placed his hands on my ass cheeks and moved them apart allowing his cock to touch my anus. It felt wonderful and for the first time in my life I wanted to have a cock in my ass. Scott would slide it up and then down and point his head at the entrance and push. Then he would allow it to slide up again and repeat the process over and over. Each time he would slide up he would leave my ass cheeks open so I could feel his nuts touching my anus. I got up and said I had to go to the bathroom and would be right back. I got the vasoline and lube my ass up good and returned. I still had some in my hand and rubbed it on his cock, and then I lay on my stomach and continued watching the movie. Scott immediately went back to what he was doing but this time I felt his spit hit my asshole and then he started rubbing up and down. He withdrew and I adjusted my hips a little higher, I felt the head of his cock touch my asshole. I knew this was going to be it. There was no turning back; Scott was going to fuck my asshole. He pushed and I felt his head starting to enter. It was becoming uncomfortable quickly and he felt my resistance and stopped. I adjusted and tried to relax, he pushed again and I buried my head into my pillow. I was breathing hard and felt my anus pop. I knew he was in. It was burning and the pain was horrible as he continued. He started pumping. “Hang on a minute” I said. izmit eve gelen escort “Ok, do you want me to stop and pullout?” he asked. “No”, just slow. My mind was confused. One part of me was screaming about how nasty it was to have a cock inside of me, and the other part wanted it more. It was ok for women to have a cock in them trying to reassure myself. I relented and felt my body wanting all of his cock. He started pushing again and finally he was all the way in. I could feel his balls against mine, fucking awesome. He started pumping and I heard my self-saying, “Scott this feels so fucking good, you broke my ass cherry, you dick!” He pumped harder. I could feel his cock hardening inside of me; he grabbed my hips and really started thrusting. My anus was still burning but there was a good feeling to it as well, he stopped, pulled out and got on his feet, crouched and reinserted his cock. This time he didn’t go slowly, “fuck, careful” I shouted. “Sorry” he replied and never slowed down. I could feel his hardness and he would pull back just before he popped out he would thrust and I could feel a small pop each time. He started breathing harder and pumping faster, now it was uncomfortable again but I didn’t want to say anything, I figured he was close and then I felt his cock really tense. We were both grunting and breathing hard, he squeezed my hips and screamed “fuck yeah im cumming”, and then I felt the warmth inside me. The warmth eased my pain and burning. I was grinding him best as i could and could feel his cock throb and each time the warmth become more intense. His balls were resting just under my ass and he was pressing in as hard as he could. I felt him shake and then thrust forcefully 2 or 3 times then relaxed and withdrew his cock with his seed seeping out of my ass.

We both just laid there breathing hard, my guilt had returned a little and realized I was just ass fucked, but I didn’t say anything. I felt so demoralized again, but quickly buried my feelings and asked Scott, “how did it feel? Bet my ass was tight”. “Oh god”, he said, “that was the best feeling I ever had, way better than jacking off.” I agreed, it is better and now I wanted to fuck him. We went to the bathroom and cleaned a little and I turned and said, “Are you ready”, “I think so just go easy” Scott said sheepishly. “I will Scott.” I said reassuringly. We went to the living room and he got on the floor with his ass sticking up. I had the vasoline and rubbed it all over my cock. I took a little on my finger and poked his anus with it. I then got some spit and let it dribble down to his ass. I stroked his ass a little and then I attempted to insert my cock. Scott tensed immediately and I stopped. I kept rubbing it and applying pressure; he would wince and adjust and finally put his ass in the air and spread his cheeks. I place the head at his entrance and started in, again he winced and fell forward a little, as my head popped inside. “aww fuck it burns”, Scott said trying to catch his breath. “just relax, I will stop and see if you can adjust” I reassured him. We waited a bit and then I grabbed his hips and pulled toward me and I started pushing again. I pulled back and then pushed again getting real close to the thick part of my cock and Scott screamed, “I can’t fucking take it, It is burning really bad, can we stop for a minute?” I pulled out and he curled up. “I’m burning, it’s burning”. “I know”, I said. “It burns just a little then stops and starts feeling good.” Trying to boost his confidence and I was fucking hard and wanting to get my rocks off. We laid there for a little while and he started stroking my cock. “Can I suck it again?” Scott asked. “Sure” I said and rolled onto my back. He wrapped his lips around my cock and then took his tongue and went around the head, he started sucking hard and had his hand at the base of my cock pumping it and he would go down till he gagged. It took maybe 2 minutes and I was cumming in his mouth. He tried to swallow most of it but still had some dripping out of the corners of his mouth while I was cumming and I took his hand and made a jacking motion and he continued jacking me hard until I quit cumming.

We got us something to eat then and started watching movies again. We finished off the schnapps and started talking about everything. “Do you think we should stop this or what”, I asked Scott. “Dude, its just fucking sex, have fun and quit worrying”. “You know your right Scott, it’s just fucking sex, and skin is skin, on a dick or pussy, it’s just skin. What wrong with us having fun.” I stated as a new feeling had come over me. Scott and I started wrestling again, our underwear was off and we were stroking each other getting on top each other and fucking each other’s cocks. “Hey let me write on your back and you guess what I am writing”, I was trying to be sneaky and get my cock back in his ass. “Ok”, Scott said and rolled onto his stomach. I immediately straddled his ass letting my cock rest in his ass cheeks. I started writing and he would guess and I continued getting lower and moving his ass cheeks apart until my cock was touching his anus. I took my cock and pointed at his entrance and put just a little pressure on it and leaned over and kissed his back. He cooed, and started grinding me with his ass, the whole time I was licking and kissing his back and neck. I finally worked my tongue down the beginning of his ass crack and let a bunch of my spit works its way down to his anus. I took my cock and started rubbing it between his cheeks just like he did me. He was getting hot and grinding me. I got up and said I would be back; I got some vegetable oil, figuring it would be slicker and rubbed my cock and his ass good. I pointed the head of my cock at his anus and started in. Again it was burning and he would move away. “Ok, im going to let it rest against your ass, just try and relax don’t move,” I said. “ok”, Scott replied, “I will try.”. I pulled his hips up and place the head of my cock at his anus and started in. This time I reached around and started stroking his cock. I could feel the head slide in and I kept gentle pressure on his ass. I was stroking him and could feel him getting hard. He started moving with my strokes and I could hear his moans of pleasure. While I was stroking him I figured if he tries and moves out from under me I’m going to fall with him and hopefully stay inside. I was moving the head in and out of his anus and could feel him tense when the thick part was getting close. I was really in him now and I just about to cross his threshold and slide my cock in when he drew in a big deep breath of air and let it out. I stopped stroking him and grabbed his hips. “I really am trying but it hurts. It’s burning and feels like I am tearing or something.” Scott pleaded. “I know Scott, but trust me it feels better once it is in. You were hurting me but I let you do it” I retorted. Scott replied “you’re a lot fucking thicker”. “Yeah but your head is big”, I replied back. With that he put his head in the pillow. I started putting more pressure and I could feel his anus stretching more. It felt like he was rubbing my cock raw, so I could only imagine how he felt. I felt him stretch again allowing the thick part of my cock starting to pass the entrance of his anus. I figured he was going to move so I grabbed his hips really hard and pushed. “aaaauuuuggh” Scott screamed and his hips buckled and I followed allowing my chest to fall on his back the whole time holding his hips and forcing my cock in. I felt sort of a pop and as we landed Scott was writhing with pain. “Relax Scott; do you want me to pull out?” “No, just don’t move”, Scott cried out. I started to withdrawal and he squealed. “Stop, please stop”. He was gripping the pillow, I felt so bad but in another sense I also felt good. I slowly started working back and forth and he relaxed. “I fucking love you Scott, this is great and I am so happy were friends” I said. I couldn’t believe I said that but I wanted to fuck him badly. “I love you too, just slow, its feeling better.” I started fucking his ass slowly; he was griping the pillow hard as I was pumping and pushing my cock deeper in him. Each time I thrusted he groaned “oh fuck it hurts, oh fuck it hurts”. I tried going in really deep so my balls could touch his but he jump and screamed so I didn’t do that again. I was pumping steady now and he was getting used to it, I could feel his anus stretching and the whole time it was tight against my cock. It was like a tight doughnut, and then it hit. My balls tightened and I was getting izmit otele gelen escort close. I started pulling out further and Scott screamed “stop, stop please”. “I am almost done” as I pounded him. “It feels like I got to poop, please hurry” Scott said. I had pulled his hips back up in the air gripped them tightly as I was pulling almost all the way out then thrusting back in with his tight doughnut keeping a firm grip around my cock. It was as though I could feel his skin stretching every time I withdrew and thrusted. He was starting to enjoy it, as he moved around a little still moaning and cringing. Finally I was at my climax and thrusted hard and all the way in, his hips buckles and we went down again my chest on his back and I was trying to pump him the best I could and he was wincing and writhing but I couldn’t stop I felt my seed spill and I know I shot a good 7 or 8 times while his ass contracted around the base of my cock. This was the best orgasm of my life, which I was young so I didn’t know it existed until now. I was done and started to withdraw and he winced again. I had some dirt and blood on my cock, I immediately showered. He followed me in there. “its kinda hard to fucking walk you know” Scott said. “I am sorry man but that was the best orgasm I ever had, dude you rocked my cock. I said trying to make the situation better. It worked. “Really, it was that good.” Scott said. “Oh Scott I love it and I am really sorry if it hurt you, but you hurt me a little too you know.” “I did”, Scott said more confident. “Yes you did” “can I get in the shower” Scott asked. “Of course, I will wash your back”. He got in the shower and I washed him and we were both getting hard again and then we got out and dried off. “Dude I am ready for bed” I said to Scott and turned the TV off and went to bed naked. Scott followed me in and lay down beside my underneath the covers.
He was naked and pushing his cock into my leg. He was hard and I was semi hard. We started talking about girls, sex and stuff, I apologized again for hurting him and he told me not to worry about. I felt his hand stroking my cock and wanted to push him away but I didn’t, I just let him stroke me as I drifted off to sleep.

I awoke to Scott holding me and his morning wood buried in my ass cheeks. I rolled over and he was in a deep sleep. I looked at him and he was so boyish looking. We were just a year apart but he looked much younger. I played with his hair and found him very attractive. He had turned my world upside down. I wondered if he done this with someone else. He had some brothers and thought maybe they messed around or something. Oh well it didn’t matter he changed me for the rest of my life. I would never judge anyone for being gay again. I got up and used the bathroom was eating when he walked in. He got something to eat and said he wanted to go home. I got dressed and after we ate I took him home. I was now home by myself and found that I was missing Scott. I called some friends, tried to call a few female friends but no one answered. I finally settled in and watched TV, it was really too cold to do anything else.

I was lying on the couch dozing off and dreaming about last night, it was really good and my cock was getting hard again. I went from being straight to being bi in the blink of an eye. I never dreamed that I would have done that and yet I am dozing off thinking of Scott’s cock and sucking him off and getting sucked off. I was startled when I awoke and the phone was ringing. “Hello”, I answered. “Hey can I stay with you again”. It was Scott. “Yeah be there shortly” I answered. I got a shower and headed to his house. He had a bag and got into the car.

We rode around visiting all the spots we normally visited. It was colder than normal and town was dead, even for a Saturday night. “Do you just want to get a pizza and some movies and head to the house?” I asked Scott. “Yeah, I was hoping we could party a little but hell its dead guess we can have our own party”. Scott reached into his bag and pulled out a pint of JD. “What, where did you get that”, I asked? “I found it in my brothers room, it has been there for a while I think he forgot about it” he laughed. We ordered a pizza then got some movies that had tits and sex scenes then to the house. It was going just like last night, we were in our underwear and underneath one blanket on the couch and we were touching each other and pretending not to notice. I had my foot rubbing Scott’s crotch and he was doing the same. I was the one initiating sexual contact this time. I wasn’t worried about being gay or what anyone would think. I was going to be with Scott, and I was going to give him head! We broke the pint out and after a couple of drinks I was ready.

I moved over to Scott and told him that I better check his dick out. His underwear flew off exposing his already hard cock. I started stroking it and he immediately responded and was rubbing my head. I took his head in and sucked it and let my tongue flicker over it and he moved his hips upward trying to get more of his cock in my mouth. I continued playing with it and held the shaft with my hand. I slowly stroked it and licked his head. He was musky, and our first encounter it turned me off but now I was inhaling it. I rubbed his cock all over my face and then I started licking his balls. I tried sucking on them but he was tender. I placed them in my mouth and let my tongue roll them a little. He was moving all over the couch. He was bucking his hips up then I found the sweet spot. I run my tongue on the underside of his nut sack. “ohhhhh” he breathed. “oh my god that feels so good, lick it there, lick it there” he said wriggling. I ran my tongue all over that spot and I could feel his crinkley skin tighten up. I worked back up to his cock and notice his nut sack was drawn up tight, his nuts had virtually disappeared. I went back to work on his cock and I was just amazed by the smooth texture and his soft blonde pubic hair. His head was flared out so I ran my tongue around it. I felt him tighten up and sigh, so I stopped. I took his shaft and squeezed hard making his head really big then I took his cock back in and started working my mouth around it. I knew he was close so I took my tongue and placed it just under his head of his cock and pressed it to the roof of my mouth and the started up and down. he was moaning and then rotating his hips. His cock was hardening with every pump of my mouth and I couldn’t force much down without gagging. He was groaning and wriggling. “ohhh suck it suck it there, fuck it feels so good, auuuuhggg im going to cum”. Scott was going to push my head away but I grabbed his hands and held them. His cock got extremely hard and I could feel his veins on my lips. I tried to tighten my lips around his cock and keep it pushed up with my tongue but Scott was moving too much. His shaft was hard and he was jerking now forcing his swollen hard cock head toward the back of my throat when I felt a pulse and his warm seed hit the back of my throat. His hands was squeezing mine and he was rotating his hips the whole time he was grunting, he lifted his head off the couch and screamed awwwww, I felt a force hit the back of my throat almost choking me, then another and another, I had to move my head back as I swallowed but he shot too much and I couldn’t swallow it, his seed was salty and slightly sweet, thick and warm. I swallowed and he finally slowed down and I could catch up. Some of it had ran out the corners of my mouth. I started rubbing his nut sack and Scott just laid there and moaned spent and exhausted. I grabbed his shaft and squeezed real hard sending another little shot of seed. I started pumping again with my mouth on the head of his cock and Scott come alive, “I’m too tender, I’m too tender” he shouted as he pulled out of my mouth shooting a huge stream of cum. I moved up and just started kissing him. Our tongues doing the mamba and both of us naked holding each other tightly and grinding our cocks.

Scott and I enjoyed more sexual experiences together, although we never admitted it I would say we were in love with each other. We never mentioned it in school or talked about it other than when we were alone. We grew apart as I was still interested in girls and he was too. He got into recreational stuff and I went off to college. We lost touch for about 15 years but one day I seen his brother and he said that Scott was disabled and kidneys were failing from diabetes. He gave me a number but it must have been old or something because when I called it was out of service, I even tried switching some numbers with no luck. I have a fond memory of those days and a friend that changed my outlook on life.

There is another part to this story and currently working on it thanks for your patience

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