Subject: Revenge is Sweet Disclaimer: Hey folks, this story is just a fantasy and I have no evidence that this actually happened, but we can all dream. Stay healthy and practice safe sex! Happy reading. Revenge is Sweet In a dining room in Rome Taylor Fritz collected his lunch tray and carefully made his way between the tables. Silently moving in behind the tall Californian, Frances Tiafoe took hold of the side of Taylor’s shorts and in the blink of an eye, whoosh, Taylor’s shorts were around his knees. “Shittttt.” Taylor gasped, his eyes darting around in a panic to find the closest table to him. Placing his tray down at the nearest table Taylor pulled his shorts up hurriedly while Fernando Verdasco’s wife examined his meaty globes through compression pants which left nothing to the imagination. “Oh my gaaad. You douchebag!” Taylor whined, turning to find Frances’ cheeky face beaming back at him. “I’m gonna get you for this.” Taylor spat angrily. In a locker room somewhere in America “What do you mean?” Frances replied, confused looking at Reilly Opelka who stared back at him with a judgmental expression on his face. Taylor moved in silently behind the African-American tennis star and in the blink of an eye, Frances’ pants were down around his ankles. Reilly moved in to hold Frances’ wrists as dumbfounded, the Marylander looked around startled at the unfolding events. “Don’t fight it.” Reilly grinned. Taylor took hold of Frances’ firm arse cheeks and spread them, the African-American’s dark skin led to a beautiful, tight looking entrance. Taylor held Frances’ cheeks apart with his left hand while he spat on his right index and middle fingers. Taylor’s gooey fingers approached Frances’ ring and pressed at the Marylander’s entrance. The beefy black boy felt his ring begin to expand as Taylor’s fingers forced their way into Frances’ warmth regardless of any permission he was willing to give. Frances conceded defeat and clenching his teeth, the Marylander pushed out his tight, pink hole. Taylor’s fingers slid in further still, beyond the first joint, then the second joint until, “yeah, that’s a nice tight, hungry ass.” Taylor chuckled as his knuckles pressed against Frances’ smooth skin. Frances gave a gentle groan as Taylor’s fingers edged forward and backwards with some difficulty at first, the bottom’s tight ring sucking hard on Taylor’s fingers as they slid back and forth. Reilly released Frances’ wrists and lowering his own shorts and boxers to his knees, Reilly revealed a flaccid, cut 7-inch cock in a bushy nest of dark brown pubes. Placing his head on the back of Frances’ head, Reilly slowly guided the Marylander’s face down towards the pale piece of soft meat hanging down in front of him. Frances could feel his own tool stirring into action as Taylor fingered his sweet hole but it was Reilly’s bare tip moving slowly towards his mouth and carefully sliding between his lips which made Frances (and Reilly) begin to harden. Taylor forced his fingers deep into the African-American’s hole causing Frances’ mouth to open wider still with a sharp yelp. Reilly’s cock landed on Frances’ bottom lip and began to disappear inside the bottom’s wet mouth. Frances relaxed after the initial shock of Taylor’s intrusive finger, the African-American allowed Reilly’s long, cut cock to slide straight to the back of his throat and swab his tonsils. Taylor and Reilly shared a grin as their eyes connected for a second before returning to watch Taylor’s fingers descend all the way to the knuckle. Taylor’s pale fingers contrasted beautifully with the African-American star’s dark ass cheeks as they plundered his hole. Frances coped with increasing ease; the young stud focused entirely on pleasuring Reilly’s hard 7-inch cock which pressed deep into his skull. “Fuck yeah.” Reilly murmured, his wet head throbbing in appreciation of the black boy’s amazing oral skills, sliding his tongue along the underside of Reilly’s shaft while his lips pulled at the outer skin. Inside Frances’ hole, Taylor wiggled his fingers then slid them back and forth his eyes narrowed in and intently watching the way Frances’ ring clung to his fingers. The busy black boy allowed soft moans to leave his nostrils whilst he bursa yabancı escort sucked on Reilly’s hard cock. Taylor’s cock gave a strong pulse within his sweaty shorts, hungry for Frances’ deliciously tight hole. The way the black boy’s dark ring swallowed his pale fingers looked so enticing to Taylor. The moment he had fantasized about for so long was about to come true and the way Frances’ hole seemed to adjust to his intrusion had convinced Taylor that the Marylander was ready for him. Taylor pulled his finger free from Frances’ hole and moved from underneath the sexy black man. Frances remained focused on the rock hard 7 inches probing his skull, watching Reilly’s bushy, brown haired crotch swinging into his face. Taylor guided Frances’ arse down towards the bench onto his knees then standing up behind the bottom he lowered his shorts just beyond his buttocks, the Californian revealed his own rock hard 8 inch, cut cock. Reilly grinned, “fine piece of wood bro.” “Thanks.” Taylor chuckled in reply, taking his cock between his fingers and rubbing it slowly a couple of times. “Spit in my hand?” Taylor offered Reilly who did so, dropping his thick warm mucus into Taylor’s palm. The West-coaster ran his slick palm along his sword for Reilly to watch in awe as it began to glisten with his saliva. Taylor knelt on the bench and between is black t-shirt and black shorts, his hard cock poked out high and hard. Carefully lining himself up, he placed his head at Frances’ entrance and steadied himself. Frances could feel Taylor’s presence focusing itself behind him and he braced himself, pushing out and waiting to feel the burn. The Californian pressed his weight forward allowing it to lean on Frances’ hole, gradually increasing the pressure until Frances’ tight black ring caved in and Taylor’s 8-inch cock began to sink inside the beautiful bottom. Frances’ urge to scream was blocked by Reilly’s hard cock filling the black boy’s airway. Taking full advantage, Taylor wasted little time getting as deep into the bottom as Frances’ body would allow. Within 5 slow, deep thrusts forward, both Taylor and Frances could feel the top’s crotch kissing Frances’ perfect round arse. Frances glanced up at Reilly, a look of submission in his eyes as two hard white cocks entered his muscular body. Frances slurped and choked on Reilly’s cock every few thrusts of the Michigan man mountain’s 7 incher. Reilly grinned down at the submissive black boy taking his dick, resting a back hand on Frances’ shaved head, he encouraged the bottom to swallow all the cock Reilly could feed him as Reilly’s hips swung back and forth. The pair of them noticed that as Reilly’s thrusts increased in dominance, the Michigan star’s hairy balls began to cannon into Frances’ chin, abusing the African-Americans talented throat. Behind Frances, Taylor slowly added speed to depth. Holding Frances’ cheeks apart to view the black boy’s gorgeous pink entrance, Taylor rammed all of the weight his toned, 6’5″ frame had to offer. Frances wanted desperately to squeal with delight as Taylor’s cock pounded his beautiful hole, but Reilly’s cock tasted too damn good to ignore. Brushing Reilly’s hand aside and closing his own hand around the back of Frances’ neck, Taylor began to assert his dominance over the bottom. Reilly watched on with a hint of jealousy as Taylor’s weight bumped Frances’ throat further along his shaft. Frances’ beautiful, dark lips clung tightly to Reilly’s shaft as they sucked, drinking the sweaty flavour of Reilly’s throbbing 7-inch cock. The 6’11” man mountain threw his head back and groaned with pleasure as his wet head tingled with joy. The warmth of Frances’ salvia dribbling down his long shaft pleasured Reilly further still as he cursed the heavens above. Reilly looked down to the opposite end of Frances’ body, the image of Taylor’s long, 8-inch white cock sliding into Frances’ deep, dark mounds looked so good. In his own mind it was Reilly’s own cock filling the black boy’s incredible body. Frances couldn’t think of a better situation to be in, thick meat entering him from both sides made his own cock rock hard. Even better, Frances enjoyed the way both men choked him simultaneously, bursa sınırsız escort Reilly with his long hard cock and Taylor with his strong, hard grip. The bottom felt his cheeks ripple with every thud of Taylor’s powerful, sweaty frame. Frances wanted to scream, to beg for more but Reilly’s raging monster choked the air out of him. Frances even felt he could back his arse up, up into Taylor’s angry crotch but the weight of the powerful top prevented him. Taylor pounded as hard as he could, Frances needed to be punished, showing his undies to the world. No, Frances loved it, he loved his mate’s long, white cock shoveling violently between his tight brown walls. The tightness of the black bottom made the whole situation even more irresistible; Taylor’s nuts were full to the brim with his seed, every stroke inside Frances’ warm arse brought him closer to shooting. “Fuck me.” Frances whimpered feebly, struggling for breath as Taylor dominantly gripped the back of his neck. Reilly’s cock slipped free of Frances’ mouth and hung down in front of him, wet with Frances’ spit, the 6’11” man mountain took hold of his long hard cock and began to stroke. “Look at me.” Reilly barked down at Frances. Taylor reduced the pressure on the back of Frances’ neck allowing the bottom to look up at Reilly. The sight in front of Frances’ eyes was one to behold, the lanky tennis stud had his legs spread just wide enough to keep his shorts held up by his thighs while his long white cock hung from the gap between his sweaty red shirt and sweaty black shorts with a nice bush of sweaty brown pubes for the background. “Oh gaaaad.” Taylor groaned as his balls began to tingle, the horny top slammed his crotch into Frances’ beautiful black cushion 3 more times before pulling out and jerking his cock rapidly. The Californian aimed his head straight down towards Frances’ dark cheeks and threw his head back. “I’m gonna cum!” He cried before releasing a long, deep grunt. “Fuck!!!” Taylor’s balls exploded firing his thick white cum out of his throbbing head and over Frances’ contrastingly dark cheeks. Frances couldn’t see it but he could feel the action happening behind him. Taylor’s cock began to spray silky ropes of his seed which squirted across the Marylander’s firm buttocks. Shot after shot landed, sticking to Frances’ beautiful black skin, the creamy whiteness of Taylor’s jizz shining under the bright locker room lights. Reilly watched on as squirt after squirt shot from Taylor’s thick head, coating Frances’ arse with his seed. The shots continued to fire as Taylor milked himself dry, Frances could count what he thought was 7 ropes of warm cum trickling across his skin. “Fuck yeahhhhhhh.” Taylor growled, pulling his shaft to shake the last few drops of cum from his head. The sight and sounds of Taylor’s orgasm had helped Reilly on his own journey to his climax. “You ready for my load in your face?” Reilly sneered, pointing his cock towards Frances’ face and clenching his teeth. The Marylander took a last glimpse of Reilly’s cock to appreciate its beautiful shape before closing his eyes and bracing himself. “Oh yeahhhh.” Reilly groaned as hot cum shot from his balls, through his shaft and began to explode across Frances’ beautiful face. Reilly stopped beating himself and held his cock directly at Frances’ face as the fireworks began. Cum squirted hard like cannon fire across Frances’ smooth, dark features. Viscous white ropes of cum clung to Frances’ face as Reilly unloaded his balls. The tall Michigan born tennis star cursed to the sky as he held his cock steady, blasting yet more ropes of his cum across Frances’ eyelids. Frances jerked his own cock as warm cum sludged down his dark skin. The slutty feeling of Reilly’s warm jizz, coating his face made the tennis star pulse excitedly. “Fuck yes.” Reilly spat one more time as his hairy balls squeezed out one more glob of thick, white cum across Frances’ lips. The 6’11” man mountain jerked his softening cock, squeezing the last pearls of his seed out onto the locker room floor. Taylor grinned towards Reilly as the Michigan star returned to the room, The white Americans looked at each other and smiled, proud of their görükle escort efforts and sharing a high-five while knowing they had given Frances all the love he needed. Frances’ eyes zoned in on Taylor and Reilly’s pits as the pair high-fived. Jumping up from the bench between the pair, he jerked himself rapidly while moving his face into the gap between Taylor’s arm. The Californian pulled his shirt over his head and dropped it to the side, then raising his arms above his head, his bushy pits were exposed for Frances to enjoy. Inhaling the pungent, manly body odour trapped within Taylor’s pits, Frances felt his cock throb angrily. “Yeah, smell my pits.” Taylor hissed. Frances grinned to himself as he sucked in Taylor’s fragrant odour but in defiant 1-upmanship, the Marylander pushed his tongue into the dark bush of hairs and dragged it North tasting Taylor’s sweaty pit. Recovering from his own recent orgasm, Reilly hitched his own shirt up to expose his own bushy pit. Frances’ eyes locked onto Reilly’s exposed pit and pulled it towards him, two manly armpits were just the catalyst he needed to reach his cliff. Frances’ nostrils sucked Reilly’s scent, then returned to Taylor’s pit for another long drag, [oh fuck I’m in heaven] Frances beamed whilst he clenched his loose hole. The pain of his abused hole, the smell of two sweaty armpits and the feeling of his fist sliding along his raging boner all resulted in a final growl of happiness before Frances’ nuts exploded. Swearing into Taylor’s sweaty bush, Frances released his load all over the locker room floor, “fucking hell I’m gonna shoot.” Both Taylor and Reilly looked down to witness Frances shudder before his cock exploded. “Oh gaaaad.” Frances groaned as his big, black balls hugged tight to his body and unleashed their contents in a powerful rain of thick white cum. The grey locker room floor turned white with rope after rope of Frances’ cum. The African-American took another long whiff of the sweaty white pits while he jerked himself. 6 Thick globs of cum were preceded and ended with a pair of smaller shots from the black star’s throbbing head. “Ughh.” Frances groaned one final time, pulling his foreskin back to ensure he was completely empty. Pushing away from Taylor and Reilly, Frances glanced down at the mess he’d made below and chuckled. “Oops.” “Can’t take you anywhere, can we?” Taylor frowned, shaking his head. Reilly peeled his sweaty shirt off and threw it over Frances’ cum, mopping it up while Frances took a drink of water. “Time for an ice bath I think ” Frances beamed, rubbing his tenderised arse cheeks as he did so. “Ice bath time.” Taylor agreed, glancing at Reilly who nodded, glad for the chance to give his muscles some recovery treatment. END Thank you for reading, I really hope you enjoyed the story. 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