Double Penetration

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Author’s Note: This is just a quick flash story about, well you’ll get it in the end, just like she did.


When I walked into the bedroom, I knew she wasn’t expecting me by the wide-eyed look she had on her face. Other than that, she looked beautiful sitting up, her arms outstretched wrists tied to the headboard. She had on a nightgown of wispy white that allowed her exposed nipples to show through the material. Her legs stretched before her, her ass on three pillows, angled to either side of the bed restrained by soft rope. She wore no panties showing me she had shaved before dressing. She opened her mouth to scream but I got there before she uttered a peep, placing my hand over her mouth.

“Not a sound, not a sound and I won’t hurt you,” I whispered.

Slowly I took my hand away from her mouth. She just stared at me her mouth hanging open. I gently caressed her face as I sat on the edge of the bed. She jerked her face away from my hand turning it away from me. I smiled as I traced a line from her ear down her neck to her silk covered breast. She shivered and tried to move away from me. She was unsuccessful. I circled her nipple with my finger watching it draw up and harden before my eyes.

“God you’re beautiful,” I whispered.

She shivered at my words and shook her head wildly. She sniffled as tears started to stream down her cheeks. I continued to circle her nipple with my finger and watched her breast flush with her excitement.

“I…” she started to say.

“Shush,” I told her. “No noise, whispers only my dear.”

“I…you…you can’t do this to me! He will be back any minute now,” she whispered hoarsely.

“No, he won’t. He’s sitting on a lonely, little-used road, out of gas. He won’t be here for hours, even if he started to walk when I passed him.”

Her eyes widened when she heard that, she started to shake not knowing what to do. I smiled at her as I pulled her mouth to mine. She was stiff-lipped as I tried to kiss her. Taking her nipple between my forefinger and thumb I gently squeezed until her breath escaped her lungs.

“Oh god, please no,” she cried as she tried to catch her breath and I continued to gently squeeze her nipple.

They were so sensitive after an hour of sucking and then being clamped tightly. I gently moved my finger down bursa escort her stomach watching the skin flinch and her muscles clench. When I was almost to her vagina, she sucked in her breath and looked at me with her pleading blue eyes.

“No please don’t, this is so wrong, so wrong…” she started as my finger slowly moved through her pubic hair. So blond, so thick, it was a beautiful sight to behold. My breath caught in my throat as I finally touched the bump of her clit just below the top of her slit. She sucked air in through her clenched teeth as I rubbed my finger back and forth.

“No, no, no, oh god, please don’t,” she whispered as her legs shook pulling against her restraints.

“It was so nice of him to bind you up for me like this. So nice indeed,” I told her.

Wiggling my finger, her hips started to buck a little. Small movements up and down as my finger moved from side to side. Her head was now down as she watched my finger move ever so slowly down her slit toward her vaginal opening. I could see that it was extremely wet and slightly gaping open. I wondered if it was I causing that or had it been from his earlier escapades with her.

“Please, you shouldn’t be doing this. Not to me, not to me,” she pleaded.

“Why not? You do things like this with him. Just look at the way he left you?”

“But…but he was just going to be gone for ten minutes,” she cried, tears rolling down her cheeks to fall on her breasts.

“Shit happens, but he would never think of that. He just thinks of himself. Just himself, never anyone else,” I almost screamed.

“Shush, you’ll wake the children,” she scolded me.

“Yeah and you wouldn’t want them to find you like this, would you… whore!”

That hurt her. More than if, I had hit her. She glared at me as I slipped my finger inside her. Her hips had stopped moving. She just sat there allowing me to slide my finger into her body. I slid a second finger in next to the first. She bit her bottom lip as I smiled at her. Wiggling my fingers inside her soon had her panting in excitement, her eyes lowered to watch my fingers wiggle. You would never know by looking at her that she was fifty-five years old. She was a beautiful woman and mother who looked to be in her late thirties. Her skin was smooth and silky. Her body was slender and she had the look of an athlete.

“Oh god, oh god,” she whispered shaking and shivering with passion. “Please stop, please stop.”

“I don’t remember you crying out for him to stop,” I said harshly.

“I…I…god, oh god, we can’t, bursa escort bayan not now, not anytime,” she said just as harshly.

I wiggled my fingers faster inside her body, not wanting to stop. I was enjoying bringing her up and down. Her head bowed forward again as she shook with the beginnings of an orgasm. I smiled as she started to gush onto my hand. Her head flew back as her body tensed. Her arms pulled on the restraints, her legs jerked against the ropes holding them spread wide.

“My god why are you doing this to me,” her voice quavered with her orgasm.

“Why? You ask me why?”

“Yes, why?”

“You prance around here in those skimpy outfits. Take showers with the bathroom door open. Go out and sunbath in the skimpiest of bikinis and you want to know why?”

“Oh god,” she cried out again as another orgasm caused her body to shake and jerk with the pleasure she was feeling.

I started to slide my fingers out of her. Then slammed them back in as hard as I could. She bit her lip to keep from screaming in pleasure. Her head was shaking back and forth, hair flying. Her body shook consumed by her orgasm. I continued my stimulation of her pussy with my fingers. Sliding slowly out then slamming them in as fast as I could, with each slam, her orgasm gripped her.

“Yes, yes,” she croaked.

She was ready. I slowly removed my fingers from her body crawling up between her legs. I pushed my sweats down, releasing my hard member. She watched it bob as I crawled forward over her.

“No, you can’t put that in me, it’s not right,” she whispered hoarsely.

“You want it and you know it,” I told her.

“No, we can’t. Not here, not now,” she cried.

I flipped my penis up and down her vagina. She jerked as I hit her clit. She was gushing as she watched me line it up with her opening. I slipped between her lips just an inch and stopped looking her in the eyes. Her head snapped up when I didn’t continue to penetrate her. Eyes of fire met mine.

“Well aren’t you going to put it in?” she asked her voice harsh with passion.

“In a minute, I want to enjoy every inch of you,” I told her.

I slipped in another inch and stopped. She started to buck her hips trying to impale herself. I smiled as I slid in another inch. She was grunting and moaning with her frustration. She wanted him to fuck her and fuck her hard, but he left before fucking her.

“God damn it, put it all the way in you bastard,” she whispered.

“I will sweetheart don’t get impatient,” I told her as I slipped another escort bursa inch into her.

“Fuck me you son of a bitch, fuck me,” she cried quietly in frustration.

Smiling I slammed the rest of my cock into her body. She moaned loudly but bit her lip to keep from screaming out. She was really hot and wet. It felt so good to have my cock buried inside her. I pressed against her as I tried to get as deep as I could inside her. She moved her head forward and gently bit my neck and licked my ear. I kissed her lips hard. Her lips parted. I pulled my cock out and slammed into her again. She screamed into my mouth as I mashed her clit between our pelvises.

“Oh god,” she whispered pulling her mouth from mine, “we shouldn’t be doing this. God that feels so good. So good, please don’t stop.”

I slammed into her again. She moaned as I hit bottom. For the next twenty minutes, I kept slamming into her. Her pussy got wetter and wetter.

“I’m cuming darling,” I said to her softly. She moaned at my words. She then moaned again as cum splattered her cervix.

Her hips bucked as I pressed against them. She bit my shoulder as her orgasm racked her body. I smiled as my balls emptied into her. She was so beautiful when she had a good orgasm. I pushed her head back so I could watch her face as she came.

“You pervert,” she said as she stared into my eyes.

“Me, you enjoyed it just as much as me.”

“He’s going to get suspicious running out of gas so often.”

“Yeah, well we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it,” I told her as I pulled my softening cock out of her now gooey pussy. I pulled up my sweatpants as I backed off the bed.

“You can’t leave me like this,” she said.

“Like what?”

“Tied up, leaking cum from my pussy.”

“Then how would you explain how you got loose when he gets home?”

“Shit, shit. How am I going to explain my pussy full of cum?”

“Tell him you were ravaged by a stranger who wandered in and found you all tied up.”

“I couldn’t tell him that. Now untie me before he gets home.”

“Mom…fine,” I said untying her legs.

I untied her wrists. She shook her arms to restore her circulation. I sat there looking at her and smiling. She reached forward, pulling me into her arms. Our lips met in a passion-filled kiss. Her tongue pushed its way into my mouth. I grabbed her breast and pinched her nipple gently. She was a good woman and a good mom. My step-dad was an asshole but she loved him for some reason. He was always making her do things, things that put her in danger. Things that could embarrass her, tonight was just an example. She was lucky I had found her. There were some rough characters in the neighborhood, characters who would not treat her as nice as I.

The End

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