Rewarding Him at Work


Another day, another slew of bullshit meetings. His final one was just wrapping up, late as usual. As his co-workers were closing their notes and capping their pens, he was the first to rise and head to the door, trying not to let his feelings show. And he was mostly okay at that, but there is one girl who knows him more than all others. She could spot the contempt in his face from the other side of the room. Not that she enjoyed these time wastes any more than he did, but at least she was decent at putting on the face like she did. She watched him leave and continued to stare at his ass through the glass wall. Those black pants made his butt look too good not to get lost in. When he was finally out of view, she picked up her stuff and walked back to her desk.

“Enjoy yourself in there?” she skyped him with her typical sarcasm.

“Sooo much. Can we just get rid of our desks all together and have one giant meeting all day?” he replied.

“Well that wouldn’t be very fun, then we’d have no privacy.”

“When do we ever need privacy? Other than these IM conversations, but I could hide that in a meeting.”

“Hmmm, how would I give you a blowjob in a meeting though?” she snarked.

“… how could you give me a blowjob at this desk? We’re still at work.” he said, getting slightly excited at the thought. He knew she was kidding but that didn’t stop the blood flow to his cock. His pants started to show a bulge and he rolled his chair further into the desk, just in case somebody came around his cabinet.

“I can be stealthy.” she wrote, and smirked. He probably thought she was just fucking around.

“Mmhm.” he wrote, liking this conversation but also aware that if somebody requested him, he’d have a hard time getting up.

The day came to a close and people started to trickle out. It was his and her tradition to walk out to their cars together, and stick around chatting about anything and everything. He was about ready to pack his things when she appeared from behind his cubicle wall.

“Hey,” he said and smiled. “I’m just getting ready-” but before he could finish, she put dropped to her knees and put her hands on his thighs.

“Just keep working,” she whispered, and shuffled her way underneath the desk, escort sincan swiveling his chair so her face never left his lap.

His mouth stayed open in disbelief as he looked from her to the opening of his cubicle, and back to her as she disappeared from view. If anybody came around the corner, she’d be hidden. But if they came all the way into his cube, they would see her for sure. His heart was pounding and his hands began to sweat as she started to undo his belt. Everything about this made him nervous but he couldn’t tell her to stop. His dick was already trying to push its way out, clearly having no objections to getting sucked under this desk. He awkwardly placed his hands on his keyboard, clearly not going to be able to do actual work. He felt his pants being unbuttoned and her hand reach into his boxer flap. He heaved his breath in as she wrapped her hand around his cock, being much louder than he wanted to be. But he couldn’t dictate everything his body was doing right now. She was in control of the situation and his body was simply reacting.

“Bring your chair down further,” she ordered. “I need more room for my head.”

He reached down and pulled the lever under the seat, letting his weight bring it as close to the ground as it allowed. Still drawing sporadic breaths, he felt her tease the tip of his dick with her tongue. Around and around, she made his head wetter with every pass. Her hands gripped the outside of his thighs and massaged him through his pants. She dropped her tongue down and began to run it around on his shaft, feeling his dick twitching with anticipation. One last lick down to the base and she made her way back up to the head, this time taking it gently in her mouth. Her lips closed around the tip and she drew it in and out, never letting her lips leave his skin. Her tongue tickled his frenulum as she bobbed on it.

More than just his dick was twitching now, and she could feel his thighs tensing and his feet struggling to stay planted on the floor.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw his boss pop her head over the cubicle wall and his heart skipped a beat in mild panic.

“Still working?” She asked.

He felt the lips on his dick pause only briefly before continuing to slide ankara escort over his head. Nervously he replied, “Ya, just finishing up something for the south team. Shouldn’t be long.”

He clenched his jaw hard to try and avoid showing any signs on his face that his dick was currently in the mouth of his hot coworker.

His boss looked briefly like she was going to ask him if he was ok, but she only said, “Ok, well don’t stay too long. See you tomorrow,” and she disappeared behind the wall again. He let out an exhale of both relief and intense pleasure, the thrill of almost being caught arousing him even more.

“That was close,” she whispered, grabbing his shaft with a fist.

“Now that we know we’re alone…” she trailed off and he felt her grip the band of his boxers and pull down. He lifted his hips slightly so his pants could slide down, exposing all of his cock and releasing his balls from behind the fabric.

She grabbed his shaft again with more authority now and brought it to an angle that suited her. She took the tip in her mouth again but didn’t stop there this time. She took as much in her mouth as she could, holding it all in and moving her tongue side to side.

“Fuuuuuuck,” he moaned.

She reached between his legs and grabbed his balls as she repeated her technique, slow and long sucking on his dick. She wondered what his face looked like right now, but enjoyed being hidden. Up and down on his shaft with her mouth, saliva running down his thighs and into her hand where she still fondled his nuts. She decided it was time to take advantage of all this spit and brought her other hand to him, this one on the base of his dick. She moved her mouth back up to the tip, now sucking hard and faster on his head. She was pleasing him three ways, with her mouth on the pleasure point, one hand stroking his shaft and the other caressing his balls, as if she were begging them for his cum. And she was. She wanted his warm load in her mouth, and the thought of it only made her work harder. She took her hand off his cock to take him all in her mouth, working her head up and down to get every last inch in her throat. She slid it out only to force her head right back down again, this time reaching up to find his hand etimesgut escort bayan and bringing it down underneath the desk. She could feel him getting close, taste the precum in her mouth. She put his hand on the back of her head and motioned for him to move her head back and forth. She wanted him to face fuck her, and he always gave her what she wanted. Squeezing his balls more forcefully and the pressure of her lips was all she was in control of now. He had his hand on her hair, pulling her on and off his dick while also moving his hips back and forth. She knew it was time.

Above the desk, he held his breath and briefly looked around, even though it was pointless. He couldn’t stop now even if the CEO came around the corner. She had brought him to his peak and he was going to reward her. He slid his other arm under the desk and took her head in both hands, holding it in place while he fucked his final strokes into her mouth before exploding. His thighs tensed as he began to cum, feeling nothing but euphoria and her lips still managing to move around on his head. He continued to hold his breath, which was the only way to keep from crying out in pleasure.

She felt his cum hit the back of her throat and his cock pulsating. If it was possible to smile with a mouth full of dick, she would have, being pleased with herself and the feelings she knew he was having. His hands still held her head steady as his humping slowed. She sucked gently, wanting every drop of cum out of him before she pulled away. When he dropped his hands to her shoulders, she slid her mouth down his shaft one more time, then moved her head back and swallowed his load. She made a satisfied ‘Ahhh,’ and wiped her mouth. She took a second to appreciate the risk she had just taken for him, then crawled out from under the desk and stood up. On her feet, she could see over the cubicle walls and looked around to see if anybody was within earshot.

Convinced they were alone enough, she sat on his lap with his dick still out and said, “Still want to do away with these desks?” and smirked at him.

He didn’t say anything. Instead, he just looked at her with infatuation, put his hand on the back of her neck and pulled her in to kiss him. He put his lips on hers and let his tongue fondle hers, being totally lost in her. She pulled back and smirked again.

She got to her feet and started to walk away. She turned back and said, “Put your dick away, we’re at work!” and went to pack her things.

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