Rhyley’s Summer Ends

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The summer went by so quickly. Dean fell so deeply in love with Rhyley that he was afraid to take her home knowing that his feelings were too obvious. Rhyley, on the other hand, learned so many things, but she realised that is was dangerous to bring her newfound sexuality home. If she and Dean were to continue to a physical relationship, the very real possibility of being caught was highly arousing.

Still, she didn’t want to lose Dean that way. It would be easier if he just left and no one ever knew the diference.

Dean was depressed as he took down the tent. Rhyley didn’t help him. She knew that he needed some time to work out his frustration. He wanted to take her one last time before heading home. The very idea of never touching her again was maddening. She sat on a log watching him. He looked back at her, his body betraying his mind. She looked so good sitting there, her hair blowing in the warm August breeze.

They tried to be jovial but it was useless. It was coming to an end. Rhyley silently wept. Although she missed being home, she missed the freedom and the wildness that Dean had to offer.

As the long trip wound down and Dean pulled into the drive, he sat quietly, his eyes blank. He wanted her so badly, but he knew the consequences of his actions. He got out and took Rhyley’s bag into the house while she grabbed her father’s tackle box and rod and put them where they belonged. She let out a melancholy sigh, plastered on a goofy grin and walked into the kitchen.

She frowned as her mother’s bloodshot eyes glared at her. How long was to going to take for the argument to begin this time? Yet, surprisingly, her mother said nothing as Rhyley took her bag upstairs. Dean followed her out of the corner of his eye. He felt resigned to stay put, fiddling with his fingernails as Jack, his brother, asked him about the trip. He grimaced at his nails, having bitten them to the quick. He had to sit on his hands and nothing when all he really wanted to do was take her and run. She didn’t deserve what she had there.

Run anywhere, any place, he thought.

He was jerked out of his trance by Sherry’s hateful tone.

“So, Dean, did you enjoy my daughter?”

“Sherry, what are you talking about?” Dean could smell her gin soaked breath across the table. Rhyley’s father looked at Dean then at his wife. His eyes were staring hotly at Sherry.

“Yes, Sherry, what do you mean?” Her short silence was cut by her drunken snort.

“If you can’t see it, then I guess I’ll have to explain. You see,” she walked over to Dean’s side, “I think that dear old Uncle Dean has been having naughty thoughts about your little girl.”

Dean winced at the uncle comment and continued to stare straight ahead out the glass sliding doors. He was afraid to move a muscle.

“Sherry, what are you trying to do? Rhyley and Dean wouldn’t, couldn’t, even think about it. He’s my brother, for Christ’s sake.”

“That is where you are wrong, Jack. The way he looked at that little whore running up the stairs, I could see it.”

“Have another one, you fucking lush. Take your bottle to bed.” No one had seen Rhyley at the bottom of the stairs. She heard it all. She knew her mother was hateful, but she didn’t know how hateful until now. Rhyley watched as her mother went to the cupboard, retrieved her bottle of Beefeater and headed to the upstairs. She started when she saw Rhyley there, then her fright turned to poison.

“Well, here she is, our little whore!”

“Sherry,” Jack warned her. He grabbed Dean’s arm to keep him seated.

“So, how was it? Hmmmm?” Rhyley stood quietly, listening to her mother’s rantings. She could hardly believe it was happening. “Was he as good as your father? I bet you know. You and your Daddy are pretty close. I bet you’re the reason he doesn’t fuck me anymore!”

Jack walked to Sherry and slapped her, hard. She stumbled to the steps, regained her footing and stood her ground.

“You have some balls, Jack Parker.”

“That is the first time I have ever raised my hand to you. And so help me, God, if you say another word about your child, it will not be the last!” Sherry turned around, mounted the stairs and hummed her way to the bedroom. Jack looked at his baby and held out his arms. She stepped close to him and felt his hard arms wrap tightly around her shoulders.

“I am terribly sorry, Rhyley. I was hoping you never had to see bursa escort that.”

“It’s okay, Dad. I have seen it all before.” He squeezed her tighter like only a father can and then stepped back, looking into her face.

“Forgive me. In my ignorance, I thought it was only me.” He smiled weakly and puthis hands in his hair.

“It’s okay, Dad, really. It’s not your fault. I think I am going to veg out for a bit. I’ll be in the den watching a movie.” With that, she disappered though a door in the hall. Jack sighed and thinking of his daughter, he climbed the stairs.

“Jack, don’t do it,” Dean’s calm voice lilted up to him. “She’s a woman.”

“Don’t worry, Dean. Right now I am just going to take care of a little business.”

Now Dean was left alone. He wondered about what Jack was up to, but then again, he didn’t really care. He got into the fridge and got a bottle of iced tea. He stood outside the den for several minutes until he heard a soft, “Come in, Dean.”

She was on the couch, her feet facing him. Her loose shorts had fallen away from her legs and she just didn’t know how good her sparsely furred pussy looked to him. He closed the door behind him and tried to ignore the temptation. He realised she didn’t know she was showing, but he had no intention of telling her. His cock sprang to life as he thought of the woods. The image of her thrashing against his thick chest. her moans, her face when she climaxed, it all tore him up. He frowned as his cock got harder. He wanted to comfort her, not fuck her.

He got a flash of her groaning in time with his thrusts and he moaned inwardly. He was having some difficulty holding onto his sanity watching her breathe, her smooth silken legs, ticcing with a slight muscle spasm. Even if he jeopardised his relationship with his family, he was going to take her where she lay.

“Jesus, Rhyley, you don’t know what you do to me.”

“Yes, I do.” She opened her legs a tiny bit more.

“I can’t help it. Open up for me.” Dean came to her and pressed his body over hers. He kissed her tenderly, with the touch of a true lover. He was going to make love to her, that’s what she needed. Love. He had plenty to give.

She opned her legs wide to let him in. He pulled his throbbing memeber from his jeans and teased her fat clit.

“Rhyley, I your mouth on me.” He sat on the couch next to her and held his breath. She stretched her body to him and waited for him to help her. She had never done it before and he thought it would have been too soon for her due to his size, but he just had to feel her. She was in awe of the power of him. She licked the underside of his shaft with long laps of her peach tongue. She giggled as her actions made him start to pump his narrow hips, wanting her whole mouth. m She replaced her warm mouth with her hand, squeezing firmly on his enormous shaft. She stroked him gingerly, letting her hand glide over him, darting her tongue on his head. She then laid flat on her belly, Dean still pumping his hips to her. He closed his eyes and gasped as she sucked on his hairless balls.

“Oh, fuck! AAhh, yeah.” Dean’s body twitched as she switched to his other ball and sucked again. “Oh, God, Rhyley! Put your mouth on me. Suck me, please!” She smiled at the control she had and gave in. She tucked her lips over her teeth and eased her virgin mouth over his fat shaft. She rubbed her tongue on the underside of his shaft, sending his legs into a twitching frenzy. She moved on him swiftly, then slowing, letting him savor the effort. He didn’t say a word about her technique, his excited utterings were enough. She sucked him deeper, letting her fingers wander and caress his bunched, aching balls. She trailed her hands farther and pushed her finger into his tight hole. He jumped and sighed as she exerted more pressure to sink in. She loved the way he reacted as she delved into his hot recess. He thrust his hips to fuck her mouth and her probing finger, his moans becoming louder and louder until he had to shout.

Rhyley was shocked by him as he grabbed her tank top, ripping it from her body. He knew she wasn’t ready to take all of him at once and he spasmed as he called out his lust.

“Fuck…coming….move!” He pushed Rhyley from his cock and shoved it into her tattered shirt. His first spurt shot from his body, making his back arch painfully. She took it as a sign and shoved her finger deep into his ass, fucking bursa escort bayan him with short, hard strokes. Her actions were sending him over the edge. As his climax subsided, she withdrew her finger and let him catch his breath.

“Oh, fuck, Rhyley. That was too good.” She watched him squirm and smiled sweetly.

“How was it?”

“Perfect.” His brow was covered in sweat and she brushed her hand over it. She looked to beautiful sitting there. Her face was slightly flushed, her bare chest glistening with perspiration making her hard nipples dance to her heartbeat. Her hands were gripping her crotch and when she saw him staring, her lips parted with passion. She leaned into him softly, loving how her lush body fit into his. She kissed him gently, barely brushing her mouth to his until he couldn’t stand her teasing any longer, crushing her lips to his, their tongues dancing in harmony.

Rhyley could feel how damp she was. Just the idea of being that close to Dean made her wet. Her thoughts were also pulled to the images of her riding Dean’s swollen cock, taking him slowly because he was too big for new newly aroused cunt.

She had screamed her orgasm time after ttime as Dean played with her pussy, his finely tuned tongue sending an orchestra of pleasure to her lust drunk mind. Her memories brought fresh vibrations to her well lubricated pussy. Dean watched as she slipped her hand into the waist of her shorts, her fingers anxious to get to her clit. He saw her stroke herself, her breathing becoming erratic until he thought she would faint.

He could no longer keep his hands of her. He massaged her pendulous breasts tweaking the nipples to maximum stiffness. She rode her fingers forcing Dean’s hand to skim over the tender flesh, her sighs and gasps enflamed him once again and he turned Rhyley so that her head was toward the door. She went with it, letting him guide her.

He prepared her with his fingers, trying to loosen her miniscule opening. She stared at his red, engorged cock, amazed at its beauty and power. When he felt she had opened enough, he eased into her snug hole, his eyes catching her movement as she guided him past her lips and into her depths.

She moaned in pain as he pushed into her. He always hurt her but the pain eventually stopped as she became accustomed to his girth. She had grown used to the packed fullness of his body in hers. He was so gentle with her. After the first time, he was careful when he entered her, knowing any strong thrusts would rip her apart. She never complained; she loved how he loved her.

As they moved with each other in the sensual ballet, they didn’t notice the footsteps headed their way. Jack was still damp from his shower. He had fucked Sherry until she passed out, then going to shower her scent off. He no longer loved her, her stench of hate and booze making him ill.

He felt a little better and decided to check on Rhyley. He saw that Dean’s Jeep was still in the drive and he figured he was talking to Rhyley. At times he felt jealous of how close they had gotten over the years, but he knew that a surrogate father was better than no father. He had made a personal vow that day to work less, so he could actually be there. The guilt was eating him alive. He knew she understood, but it shouldn’t have been that way.

He sighed and stopped just outside the den. Jack was worried about her. She acted liek she didn’t care, but he knew better.

It was that moment when Jack heard it. It sounded like Rhyley was in pain! His instinct came full force as he bounded into the room, stopping cold. What he saw made him numb with rage. His brother, his twin, was fucking his daughter!! Her face was contorted and her voice seemed to be in tune with her pain.

“You fucking prick,” Jack raged, his fist catching Dean on the jaw, knocking him off Rhyley and onto the floor. Dean tried to stand and Jack knocked him back to the floor.

“Mother fucker! You dirty cocksucker! How could you? She’s just a child! She’s your niece!” Jack stepped to Dean, temporarily forgetting about Rhyley. She scrambled to the corner behind the door, her eyes shut tight and her hands over her ears to drown out the visions.

“Jack, please!”

“Son of a bitch!”

“Jack, no..” his words cut off by Jack’s left fist.

“I trusted you. Rhyley trusted you.”

“PLEASE!” Dean finally cut into Jack’s anger and he stopped his escort bursa fist mid-air. Jack’s ruddy face was lit and he waited for Dean to speak.

“let me explain! Jesus, Jack. Ae you trying to kill me?” The morbid respose was:


“Jack, it’s not how it looks.”

“It doesn’t look like you were raping my daughter?”

“That is not what was happening. She wasn’t even screaming!”

Dean, I TRUSTED YOU! You son of a bitch!” Jack grabbed Dean by the shirt and threw him into the door. The impact was so hard that all he could do was sink to the floor. Rhyley turned to him, not knowing what bumped her. When she saw it was Dean crumpled on the floor, she panicked. His nose and mouth were bleeding and she used the collar of his shirt to dab at it.

“Oh, Man. Dean, shit,” she paid no attention to her father as he came closer to her. She put her arms around Dean’s neck and started to cry. She just couldn’t believe her dad couuld hurt his brother that way, he wasn’t a violent man. Dean pulled her arms down and tried to comfort her.

“I’m fine, really. You father wants to kill your uncle, the rapist.” He glared at Jack, as Jack returned his own icy stare.

“What? Dad, what are you talking about?”

“I saw you. I saw your face. Dean was smiling at your pain!” She had to jump to her feet and block him from Dean.

“Dean always hurts me, Dad, dammit! He didn’t rape me, he never has. That is not what you saw.” She glanced at Dean, embarrassed as she saw his now limp penis hanging from his shorts. Dean started to stand, keeping his weight on the door. Rhyley put her arms around his waist, but he didn’t respond. He carefull judged Jack’s emotions as it seeped into his mind what really occurred. He paled at the thought of his little girl willing giving herself to his brother.

“He tricked you.”

“No, he didn’t.” Jack didn’t want to believe it. He turned to Dean.

“Is that true, rapist?”


“WHAT? Are you saying that she would lie to me?”

“Jesus, Jack,” Dean looked away. Jack responded with a firm jab to Dean’s belly, doubling him over. Rhyley ran inbetween them, her back to her father. Dean slid to the floor, Jack’s strikes too difficult to stomach, taking Rhyley with him.

“Dad, you have to stop. I am a grown woman, you have to see that! I made this choice, no one did it for me.” This time Dean put his arms around her shoulders.

“Rhyley,” he said, “I am so sorry. I knew this would happen, I just couldn’t leave you alone.” He looked up to Jack. “I tricked her. It was all my fault, just don’t take it out on her. Please, Jack.”

“Dean stop it,” Rhyley whispered. “don’t do it like this.”

“Jack, I wanted you to catch us. I never wanted to hurt anyone, but I did.” Jack looked past Dean to see his girl, this young woman, crying over her uncle, and became angry again. He grabbed her by the hair and stood her up.

“You wanted this! Look at him! You wanted to fuck him? I don’t believe for a second that Dean was at fault for this. As you said, you are a grown woman now and you have made your decision.

“You want this,” he questioned her again as he forced her to look at Dean.


“You gave yourself to him, willingly?”

“Yes,” her reply just a whisper.

“So how many men did it take you to work your way to my BROTHER,” his eyes never leaving Dean’s.

“I won’t tell you.”

“Tell me, Rhyley!”

“It’s none of your concern, Dad.”

“Tell me, whore!” Dean got nose to nose with Jack before it got out of hand.

“She was a virgin, Jack.”

“You’re lying, too, rapist.”


“Liar,” he seethed.

“It was me, Jack, it was all me. I told her how badly I wanted her. I wouldn’t keep my feelings to myself any longer. She told me she was a virgin and I didn’t care!

“Fuck me, Jack! I am telling you the truth!”

Jack didn’t move as he contemplated what Dean told him. He didn’t hear Rhyley’s faint whisper, “No, Dean. Don’t do this.”

“I planned it. The trip, the location, what I was going to do. All my idea.” He looked to Rhyley and apologised with his eyes. “She had no idea what was happening.” Jack’s hand clenched in her hair and she winced.

“If you really want to hurt me, let’s take this outside. I don’t want her to see us this way any longer.”

Jack let Rhyley go and gave Dean a keen look. Jack’s grin made Dean frown. He recognised that smile.

“You both need punished. And I think I have figured out a way to do it so no one gets hurt again. Agreed?”

Stay tuned for Chapter 2, coming soon!

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