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the next day i walked into my lesson. harvey was at his desk and i said “no insults today” harvey watched me take my sat and said “maybe later” then my teacher came in the room and looked at both me and harvey she said ” leon, harvey you both need to look at the detention later again that i gave you both you are not allowed into my lesson until i say so”

so me and harvey collected are bag and went to the detention room harvey opened the door for me i walked in and turned around to face him and said “i want answer harvey” he looked at me with his cute face a nice brown eyes. i took his silence as the chance to ask him what with this note? you put in my back pack after about 30 seconds he said “i ment what i wrote” harvey walked up to me and gradded me by my t-shirt just above my belt i tried to hide my fear but he must have seen it becuase he said “i wont hurt you” i walked away from harvey and took a seat in the far corner facing away from him after about 10 minutes he came behind me and kneed down then put his hands on my waist i turned round and we stared into each others eyes for what felt like hours i closed my eyes and harvey broke the silence saying “open your eyes” no i said in a scared but angry tone harvey reached up and kissed izmit escort bayan me but i kept my eyes closed after hours in the detention room it was time to go home. i was so happy it was the weekend becuase i didnt have to think about harvey or kyle for a hole 2 days

on saturday me and my best friend britney went to the spar and to my shock and horror kyle was there. britney walked up to kyle and some other guy i didnt know and i said “brit no” but she didnt talk to kyle she spoke to the other guy and said you must be the little skank whore that slept with kyle when he was in a very happy relationship with leon. the guy spoke back and said “can have been that happy” to my shock britney slapped this guy and kyle too. she walked back upto me and said “im sorry leon i had to becuase i know u dont wanna hurt kyle the way u are hurting right now” i gave a little faint smile and we continued with are spar day.

when i got home my lady maid gave me a unopened letter it was harveys hand writting i ran upstair with excitement and hoped the letter it said i need to see you so i drove to harveys house and knocked on the door he open it and moved his head in a sign telling me to come in. harvey had hardly finished closing the door when he izmit eve gelen escort was kissing me he took me by my hand and lead me into his bedroom we started kissing again and i only just noticed he was topless he said to me “see somethink you like” harvey had a better six pack than me i smiled and harvey asked me how do you keep your teeth so white becuase everytime i see you are smoking or drinking a starbucks i told him i have my teeth whitened once a month harvey started kissing me again and i fell to the floor and harvey feel ontop of me he ripped open my t-shirt and i shouted “this is gucci” but he didnt care he started kissing me again and i felt his nice bubble butt he undid my pants and was a little disappointed that i was wearing boxer shorts he took my pants off and i undid his to my shock he wasnt wearing boxers after taking his pants off i climed ontop of him and he entered my butt hole it was so painfull but so nice we started kissing again and moaning then about 45 minute into it he said “im gonna cum” he trusted me must harder and deeper and filled my butt with his cum he look his dick out of me and i feel asleep on his abs about an other later i woke up and harvey had his arm around me and i was izmit otele gelen escort shocked to see there was a cover on us to stop us getting cold that harvey had taken of his bed i looked up to see harvey looking lovingly into my eyes and said u must have been tired i smiled and laid on his chest for about 30 minute but he broke the silence yet again saying i have to go because his mom would be home soon so i got dresses and went to to walk out but harvey asked if he would see me again i dint answer because i felt guily for sleeping with him when i still missed kyle i couldnt help but think is this a bit of rebound action or could this be something special starting

when i got home that night all i could think about was harvey and kyle i couldnt help but compare them strangly enought thought harvey kept winning my compares i feel asleep on my bed looking forward to monday when i would see harvey again on sunday all i did was be lazy around my house but i go a email of my friend asking if i wanted to go shopping i messaged her back saying sure sounds like fun when we got to the mall the first thing i sore was harvey with all his friends he winked at me when he was completly sure that none of his football team friends was watching me and my friend was shopping in a gucci store when kyle walked up to me and said “that was wrong that brit” i corrected him and said “britney to you” he continued and said did to me and tyler at the spar

to be continued

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