rich boys love 66_(1)


Please if your here to read about sex this story is not for you

hello everyone im back. I think I am only back for one story but we will see what happens.

So in true form to my other stories. I am going to speak about yesterday. Yesterday when I woke up I have become use to not waking up next to Harvey anymore. The reason for that being is my beautiful man now has a job as an intern for my mom, Harvey has decided that we would like to learn how to become a lawyer before going to school to learn it. I on the other hand am very content with how life is at the moment. Harvey is happy, Edvard is happy and because of that I am happy, Anyway enough of the happy family stuff.

Yesterday I did something I thought I would never manage or ever have the courage to do. I went to go visit my brother in prison, When I got out of bed and got myself ready for the day I also got Edvard ready. After I took Edvard to the nannies I made my way to the prison. On my drive their I was so worried I have never visited my brother but truth be told it was Harvey who had convinced me to go see him.

Stepping out of my car I was so scared to the extent where I felt at any moment I was going to faint. Going into the prison it was like nothing I had ever experience it was a far cry from the luxury izmit escort bayan and glamorous life I was accustom to living. I was searched had to empty out all my pockets and place everything into a locker.

entering into the visitor centre I took a seat and nervously awaited my brother arrival. When he came out from the prisoners entrance and took his seat across from me. He looked at me as if he was in some kind of dream that he wasn’t sure was reality, Finally he opened his mouth and spoke to me saying ” there is no need to look so scared bruv it’s prison not death row” giving a weak smile I replied “prison is a scary place as you know I’ve never been inside one before. I have to ask is it normal practice to search everyone when they come in?” Francis’s smile widened as he said “Yes it’s common practice” (I wanted to ask why but I figured I knew the answer and didn’t want to offend my brother) After chatting with my brother for what felt like next to no time at all the head guard (I think) raised his voice and said “that’s time ladies and gents” I stood up and looked my brother directly in the eyes actually upset to be leaving him and said “Francis is there anything you need, anything I can get for you, anything at all?” Francis stood up and gave me a hug I whispered In his ear “Are izmit eve gelen escort hugs allowed?” after a few second he released me and said “I’m okay bruv I’m so happy you came to see me finally” turning to leave I parted with the final words “Francis I do love you and I miss you” leaving the prison I was searched again. I understand being searched on the way in but not so much for on the way out.

Arriving home. I opened the door to Harvey shouting “Baby is that you?” “yeah baby im home” I walked into the kitchen half expecting to see Edvard with Harvey but he wasn’t so naturally my first question was “Babe where is Edvard?” “he is at my mom’s tonight baby it’s just you and me tonight all night” Harvey said with a wink. I really didn’t want to burst my beautiful boys bubble but me and Harvey made certain promises to each other when we rebuilt our marriage and I wanted to keep to them so, I said to Harvey “I need to talk to you baby” Harvey gestured for me to take a seat “I did it today, I went to see him” Harvey looked at me kind of shocked but knew what I was talking about after what looked like careful thinking the only word Harvey managed was “and?” “and I was scared but I am glad I went to see him because if I can only build bridges with him over a izmit otele gelen escort prison table so be it” Harvey gave me a hug and said “I am proud of you baby” “Harvey?….. will you come with me next time please baby?” “of course I will baby” out of nowhere I started crying and Harvey hugged me and said “babe what’s up?” with my head on Harvey chest I said “I’m feeling very vulnerable right now baby” “it’s okay baby remember what doctor rateem said” at the same time we both said “to stop me/you from trying to keep control of everything you have to give into the facts there are things you cant control” Harvey stopped hugging me and said “how about a glass of wine and a take out? I cant be fucked to cook” “I cant can I baby when I feel vulnerable I drink, When I drink I express my feeling in a negative way” “one glass isn’t going to hurt you baby” so our night went on

later that night me and Harvey went to bed and had sex but now me and Harvey are back on tract it doesn’t really feel like just sex anymore. The sexual relations between us are more making love we are not quite there yet but me and Harvey have been working so hard on our relationship lately. Me and Harvey haven’t had a argument in a few weeks we have feel out sure and had words sure but our sex life is back to when it was when we first meet, Edvard is going up so fast and is now walking, Harvey has a job and I am working on expressing my feeling without having to drink a bottle of jack Daniel’s to do that and working on my English written.

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