Ride for Pleasure


As the wind blew in our faces we rode down the lonely country road. The feel of the motorcycle gliding effortlessly down the road. I feel her body pressed against mine as we ride. We have been this way before but today is different.

Today I have a little more in mind then just a leisurely ride. I started planning this ride a few weeks ago when I overheard her telling a friend how much it turned her on when we were out on the bike. She was describing how it made her feel to her friend. She was saying how it made her little clit get so hard from the vibrations going down the road. And how if she rubbed the seat just right as we rode, how it made her get wet and cause a shuddering orgasm as I accelerated the bike.

So today as we rode I slowly reached back with my left hand and started to rub her leg. She slapped me playfully on the back and said keep both hands on the handlebars silly. I told her it was ok just relax darlin and enjoy the ride. Since it was a beautiful summer day about 85 degrees and sunny she had worn shorts and a half top. As I rubbed her leg she leaned back against the back rest and stretched. I could see in the mirror as the wind caught her top and pulled it up above her breast.

She was enjoying the feeling of the wind rushing past her nipples. I could tell cause they were getting harder. They looked so good the dark brown tan topped by her long thick nipples. They were poking straight up in the air as she started to pull her top down I said no let it stay up. We were riding in the country so no one was going to see except me. As she relaxed and let the wind blow across them I slowly felt my way up to where her shorts and her legs met.

All the time running down the road at about 60 miles an hour. I had her lean up to me so I could feel her breast on my back. Her nipples digging into my shoulders as she did so. I ask her if she want to experience something new and different. She says she is game for fun and pleasure. With that I tell her to lean back and enjoy what is to come. You have to remember there is plenty of room to relax on a Gold Wing.

As she settles in on her seat I go back to massaging her leg right where it meets her shorts. My fingers lightly playing just on the inside of her thigh. Every now and then I stop to let my fingers go back down to the back of her knee. Softly touching and swirling my fingers around the back side of it teasingly. That causes her leg to jerk as I do so. Back up her leg kneading the skin as I roam higher on her leg. Till again I am at her shorts this time I slip inside the leg of them. I can feel right where her leg meets her body and know that just to one side on my fingers are her moist lips.

I can feel her adjust her self on the seat as I play softly there. I am so glad the legs of her shorts are loose enough for my hands to get there. I look back again in the mirror and I can see that she is smiling and has her eyes closed enjoying the feelings that are racing through her body. Between my touch and the bike moving down the road the heat from her pussy is radiating through the crotch of her jean shorts. I can feel it as I rub a little harder. Working my fingers onto her mound as I start to get excited myself. Knowing what I am going to do to her. I want more freedom to move my hand around so I pull it out and unbutton and unzip her shorts. Giving me total access to her pussy. By know she is rubbing her nipples and starting to move around on the seat some. As I slip my fingers down over her mound and onto her lips. Feeling her shiver as I do so.

Slowly I stroke my middle finger along her lips getting it wet. Drawing her wetness from her hole up to her clit so that I can massage it. As her clit gets wet it starts to swell and grow harder. She moans in anticipation of the feeling to come. She leans forward trapping my hand between her pussy and the seat and tells me she is on fire. She has never felt such feeling flowing through her pussy and mind at the same time. She tells me she wants to cum.

With escort sincan that I wiggle my finger tip on her clit causing her to shudder and sit back. There now i can move my hand again. So I stretch my finger out and slip it just inside her pussy. Feeling this she pushes forward till my finger is buried in her. And her pussy is right behind me right where I can touch it all. As I curl my finger inside her I put my thumb on her clit feeling it slip and slide under the pressure. I can feel her juices start to run out on my hand as I start to stroke in an out of her.

Stroking her pussy with my finger and her clit with my thumb. I can tell it isn’t going to be long before she goes into her first good orgasm of the day. I say first because I hope to give her many today. I can feel her muscles inside her pussy gripping and squeezing my finger trying to draw it in further. With that I put the second finger in and she goes over the top. Shivering and shaking as she hangs on to my shoulders. Grinding her pussy down on my fingers and thumb.

Just as she goes into her orgasm I give the bike more throttle and it accelerates down the road faster causing her to scream out as she cums. Because as I go faster it pushes my thumb harder against her swollen clit. She tries to pull back from my hand and I just hang on and tell her to ride it out. there are more where that one came from and I want them. As she pulls back I curl my fingers even more holding her from within her pussy. My fingers rubbing her g-spot as she squirms to get away from them. Her body shudders uncontrollably as she starts into another orgasm. Those fingers knew right where to be to make her go again. As she jumps around this time it is a little harder to control the bike. I think I better find a place to pull over.

Slowly I pull my fingers from her swollen lips and they come out with a slurping sound that is music to my ears. knowing she is that wet and there is more to come. She adjusts herself on the seat trying to sit up straight only to throw herself back into shudders as her clit rubs against her shorts. I see a lane that goes back into a grove of trees. And I turn on it and go back to them. In the middle of the trees I help her off the bike and put it on the center stand.

Gently slipping her shorts off and pulling her top off also. I just stare at my lover and drink in all her beauty. Before I can say anything she drops to her knees and pulls my pants down around my ankles. She slowly takes my shaft in her hand and strokes it with her finger tip making it jump in her hand. With that she softly and slowly slips the head into her mouth. She can feel it harden in her mouth as she sucks more of it in. Swirling her tongue around the head it hardens. It is just long enough to tickle the back of her throat as she slowly lets it slide out of her mouth. teasing him with her lips and tongue. OH GOD darlin that feels so good having your mouth around my cock.

And I push back toward her she opens up and lets it slip back into her mouth all the way in. I can feel my balls on her chin as she snakes her tongue out and licks my balls at the same time. SHITTTT that feels good God this woman can give a great blowjob. With that she starts to get serious and starts to suck on me as she pumps her head back and forth. She wraps her fingers around the base of my shaft as she continues to suck.

Feeling my head in her throat I know I won’t last long. I tell her she need to quit or she will get more then she has bargained for. With that she just sucks harder and deeper into her mouth. Feeling my head swell she knows I am close. So she wraps her finger around my balls squeezing then gently milking the cum out of them. OH GOD I am cumminggggggg baby.

I scream to her as I feel the first shot come out of me and into her. It has taken me forever to get used to cumming in her mouth. She is the first in my life to like the taste of it. And it feels so good to be able to give her that pleasure as she gives me great pleasure too. ankara escort She drinks from my cock all that I have to give and looks up at me and smiles. She is so beautiful looking up at me with that (did I do good? ) look.

I pick her up and sit her on my bike seat. I slowly kiss her and run my hands down her back. Softly tracing little designs on her back as I start down to her neck with my kisses. I stop to kiss her throat and to nip at it with my teeth. As I slowly work down to her upturned breast. I lick and kiss all the way around them both never touching the nipples. She quivers as I lick the underside of them. Nipping at them and kissing where I nip.

Holding one in my hand I slowly swirl my tongue around her nipple sweeping across it making it stand even taller then it was. I love her nipples they are long and thick just right for sucking and chewing on. I take her nipple in my mouth and draw it between my teeth and bite it. Flicking my tongue over it as I do so. I don’t bite hard just enough that she can’t pull away from me. As i lick one breast I take the other in my hand and squeeze the nipple between my finger and thumb causing it to spring to attention also. As I lick and suck on her breast I slip one hand down to feel her pussy. I find that she is still wet and is leaving a wet spot on my seat. I touch her pussy and she jumps knowing what is to follow. I start to kiss my way down her tummy. Kissing and licking in small circles till I have to kneel on the gound to get where i want to be. She lays back against the backrest and spreads her legs. My what a beautiful site that clean shaven mound and those swollen lips just begging to be licked. As i cross her mound with my tongue she grabs my head and pulls it into her. Telling me she wants to feel my tongue and mouth on her pussy. I am more than happy to give her what she desires. As I slip my tongue along her slit I can taste the wettness from earlier when she came for me. The sweet nector that she has to offer me as I lick and kiss my way to her hole. Spreading her lips with my tongue I lap at her hole drinking from the well of life. I lick her slipping my tongue in and wiggling the tip as far as it will reach. Causing her to moan and pull my head close to her. As she pushes her pussy firmly against my face I slide my tongue up to her clit and engulf it into my mouth. I need to tell you my lovers clit is about an inch long and about the size of a pencil. It wasn’t that big when we got together but with my sucking on it like i do it has grown. That is why it is so sensitive. I pull it into my mouth and put it between my teeth and nip at it right at the base. Sucking it and licking it with the flat of my tongue at the same time. Causing her to spasm and shake as I do. then I lighten up and start to flick my tongue over it rapidly. I want her orgasm this time to be fast and furious as I slip a finger into her hole a I continue to lick.

She has a hold of her nipples as I lick and stroke her pussy. I can see she is pulling on them which tells me she is getting close. So I close around her clit again and suck it between my teeth and bite. Not hard but hard enough to send her over the top. As her orgasm comes upon her I flip my tongue over her clit as a boxer would a speed bag. OH GOD CUMMMMMING she yells as her juices flow down my hand and onto the bike. She lets go of her nipples and pulls my head hard into her pussy. She is not letting go so easy this time. I feel her whole body tremble as she cums.

She is making little noises sounds like a cat purring very loudly. And she still has my ears in here hands as she finally starts to come down off her explosion. I continue to lick softly as she subsides a little. I still won’t let up though cause I want her to be totally drained when I am done. I pull back long enough to put her legs on my shoulders so I have better access to her pussy. And I go right back to licking her around the outside of her pussy. Tracing her lips with my tongue and fingers both. spreading her legs and etimesgut escort bayan putting her feet on my shoulders open her up just right. I lick around her hole as I hold her lips open with my fingers.

Looking down I can see there are juices running down onto her ass. I gently start to lick them up as I lick across her taint moving toward her ass. As I lick up her juices I flip my tongue over her ass hole and she jumps and shivers. I have never done this before but it seems that she likes it. So I slowly run my tongue back and forth from one hole to the other making her quiver with pleasure. I rub her clit with one finger while I lick slowly sticking my tongue in her pussy looking for more juices to taste. I can feel her muscles pulling at my tongue even as I tongue fuck her.

I can hear her start to purr again and feel her start to buck against my face and hand. I pull back long enough to tell her CUM FOR ME BABY CUM HARD. And I go right back to tonguing her pussy. And she does cum and hard she is thrashing about it is all I can do to keep her on the bike and it upright. She is screaming CUMMMMMMING over and over again. Her whole body is quivering if one didn’t know better you would think she was have a seizure. Just as she starts to calm a little I move my thumb and suck her clit right back into my mouth. NO NO NO she says I need to rest a little.

I look up at her and tell her just one more time baby. Just give me one more.. With that I go right back to her clit which is standing hard and swollen and so sensitive when I breathe across it she shudders from the feeling it gives her. I lick across it at the same time I put my top teeth over it and I squeeze it between them. Flipping my tongue over the tip of it making it bounce against my teeth.

As I do this she jerks every time I flip my tongue. Her body spasming more then it ever has. Her mind is ablaze and she cannot focus on anything as she slowly slips into a state of overload and her mind shuts down and she spasms against me. I slowly release her legs and let her body relax. As she comes back to me I am there holding her rocking her in my arms softly stroking her nipple. I have her lay up on the gas tank with her head on the handlebars so that I can make love to her on the bike. As I straddle the seat I pick her legs up so that she is open to me. She reaches through and rubs my cock along her slit to get it wet. I look down and it is glistening with her juices and my precum.

She moves it to where the head slips in to her and I slowly rock forward and sink into her tight pussy. I set back on the seat and pull her toward me as I do. The bike rocks back on the stand driving her deeper onto my cock. As we start to rock back and forth the bike does also. It is rocking on its center stand making us go deeper with each thrust. I can feel her pulling and tugging on my cock with her muscles.

My lover’s body is on autopilot I can tell she is just purring and shaking. She has a lost look in her eyes as we continue to make love. I rock forward so that the bike stops moving and start to drive hard into her. Holding her legs out and up so that everything I have is sinking into her. As I drive in I can feel her cervix start to open as I rub against it. That brings more spasms and moans from my lover as I feel my head slip in there. I thought her pussy was tight this is unbelievable.

It feels like a warm vice has a hold of my cock. I no longer thrust hard I just rock faster. I want to feel myself cum inside her cervix and that won’t take long as tight as it is. She is cumming again it is like one long orgasm her body is shuddering and quivering on it own. Her eyes have rolled back and she seems gone from the waves of pleasure. Then it hits me I start to cum…

OH GOD YES I am cumming so hard feels like the head is exploding inside her. She screams as I shoot inside her. She says it is like fire in her. And with that she is done her mind is overloaded again and she is out. As my orgasm subsides I slide out of her and hold her to make sure she doesn’t fall off the bike. She comes back around with a jerk and says DAMN DAMN DAMN that’s all she can say… As we slowly get dressed we realize it is never going to be the same on a country ride again…

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