Road Trip


The story you are about to read is true. The names have been changed to protect the guilty.

Several years ago, the wife and I had a visit from our daughter Ann and grand-daughter Holly. Ann had hooked up with a real son of a bitch and lo and behold, gave birth to her only daughter. We tried to help out as much as we could but being 1500 miles away, we didn’t visit very often. So we decided to fly them out to California once Ann finally dumped that rascal. It was also a present for Holly when she graduated high school. She was now 19 and certainly not the sweet little granddaughter I once knew.

My heart skipped a few beats when I saw Holly as we picked up the girls at the airport. My grand-daughter was always a cute and sweet girl. But now there was no question that she was a grown woman.

She was wearing a very short black frilly skirt (kind of like what Madonna used to wear), with her big boobs spilling out her top. If that didn’t shock me enough, my sweet little grand-daughter had purple and blue hair! She didn’t just “fill out”, Holly was really chunky. Just a slight breeze and her short skirt would raise up, revealing her ample creamy-white ass!

“Hi Papa!” she squealed as she jumped into my arms.

As I gave Ann a hug and a kiss, she rolled her eyes a bit in reference to her daughter’s lewd behavior.

“Please don’t start, dad. She’s at that age.” Ann whispered to me.

I kept my mouth shut and my thoughts to myself. Little did anyone know, I couldn’t help myself from thinking about sliding my cock up that little vixen’s tight pussy!

We loaded up the car and headed home. Oh boy, this was not going to be easy for a horny old man like me!

The next day I did something I hadn’t done in years. I masturbated three times! That little tart Holly really had me going! In the morning, she jumped on my lap and damned near spilled my coffee. Wearing only a tee-shirt and panties, Holly snuggled and kissed me. My God, that tee-shirt left nothing to the imagination. Her ample young breasts strained the material and barely covered her fat little ass. Her firm little nipples poled through the fabric. It didn’t take long at all for me to retire to the bathroom, yank out my old prick, and release a big load of cum into the toilet. Afterwards, I couldn’t help but think how disgusted my wife would be if she knew what I was thinking.

Later that afternoon, Holly put on the skimpiest bathing suit to play in our pool. Round two, and I was jacking off like crazy watching her from our bedroom window. When Janet and Ann were making pendik escort chicken, ribs, and all the fixings, I entertained Holly at several games of table tennis. Just watching her wiggle and jiggle with her cute little top and cut-off jeans were enough to send me back to the bathroom. Round three and I was jerking my meat, thinking of all the incestuously nasty things I dreamed of doing with Holly.

Janet and I spent some time planning a good visit for the girls. We decided a on a road trip to Disneyland, about a four hour drive. To avoid most traffic, we thought that it would be best to drive at night. My vision isn’t the best these days, so I handed the keys of my Crown Vic to Ann. My wife hates sitting in back, so that left Holly and me in the rear. Jeez, four hours in the backseat with a hot little vixen like Holly…if ever my heart was going to give it would be now.

It didn’t surprise me at all that little Holly would snuggle up to her “Papa”. She always called me Papa instead of Grandpa. What did surprise me is what she started saying and doing. She started off by whispering how she loves being with so and so, the boys of her age. Her mother was right, she was at that age and definitely “boy crazy”. Then she started in with “Do you think I’m too fat?” and “Are my boobs too big?” remarks. With her ample young breasts pressing up against me, I couldn’t help but feel my cock grow.

It took everything I had to resist her and berate her for her lewd comments and behavior.

“Papa, do you and Grandma still have sex? Do you fuck her good and hard?” she whispered. That was it. I couldn’t help but tell her she was a little vixen and we shouldn’t talk about that. Lord help me, that little tart started rubbing the crotch of my trousers and kept egging me on.

“I bet Grandma doesn’t fuck at all, and you need to jack it off,” she teased. “Do you watch porn Papa and jack off your cock? I bet you do. I bet you jerk off your dick because Grandma doesn’t like to fuck anymore.”

“Mom, I need to pee. Can we stop soon?” Holly suddenly said.

We stopped at a rest area and I grabbed a blanket from the trunk. Not long after Holly snuggled back up to me under the blanket.

“I took off my panties Papa,” Holly purred, “I don’t like wearing them much but mom makes me.”

Thank God Ann had the radio turned on. I couldn’t believe how brazen my grand-daughter was acting! Holly wasted no time at all fishing for my cock! She took my hand and thrust it between her chubby thighs.

“Feel how wet I am, Papa,” she whispered in my ear.

Hot escort pendik damn! I had a raging hard-on feeling my grand-daughter’s sweet little pussy! All the while I could see my daughter’s eyes in the rear view mirror and my wife sitting right in front of me!

Holly took a firm grip on my cock, damned if that girl wasn’t giving me a handjob under the blanket!

“Boys like it when I do this Papa,” she cooed.

I told her she was a little vixen and if she kept it up, she was going to make her old Grandpa come. Son-uv-a-bitch, if that tart didn’t wrap her lips around my prick! I admit I didn’t last long at all and spurted my spunk right into her mouth!I hadn’t had a blowjob in years! And from my own grand-daughter!

“Gramma, can I have a drink of your water?” And with that, Holly swished her mouth around, swallowing my jizz!

Finally settling into the hotel, I was exhausted mentally and physically after the drive. What the hell was with this young gal? We planned to get up early, go to the Denny’s for breakfast then ride the mono-rail into the park when Disneyland opened.

My heart skipped another beat when we greeted Ann and Holly the next morning. I was surprised that Ann was wearing a rather revealing outfit. She’s a good looking woman and obviously hoping to find a “good man”. She gave me a big hug, as any daughter would.

“Thank you so much for doing this for us Dad,” she whispered to me giving me a kiss on the cheek.

Never in my life had I looked at my daughter in a purely sexual way. But I couldn’t help but doing so now! Ann prided herself with beautiful long red locks, her hair has been gorgeous since she was a child. Approaching 40, she still had some looks on her too! She was “cursed” with her fair skin and a plethora of freckles. Framed with rather small boobs and a very curvy butt, she’s a rather attractive woman. After what her daughter did to me last night, I couldn’t help but thinking nasty thoughts of Ann as well!

Holly’s outfit was simply outrageous! She was dressed as a sultry version of Minnie Mouse! Her skirt was very short, red with white polka dots…her chubby legs encased in black nylons. She was wearing a very tight white t-shirt, that barely contained her fat tits and belly, boasting “Daddy’s Girl” script on a pink heart logo. And in her hair was a matching red bow with white dots.

Damn! How brazen could this girl get? Any normal man looking at her would simply see “fuck me” written all over her! I guess Ann noticed my reaction to Holly’s attire.

“It’s okay Dad, we’re here to have pendik escort bayan fun and she’s just doing that to shock people,” Ann whispered. “It’s kind of a cosplay thing.”

I didn’t know exactly what “cosplay” was but I liked it! My wife simply scoffed at Holly’s outfit and that was that. She’s truly ignorant of the thoughts and desires of men and immediately took control of what we would do first…what rides and attractions Disneyland had to offer.

“Shit, Mom! I forgot my phone and HAVE to send pics to Jenn and Bethany!” Holly blurted as soon as we got into the park.

“It’s okay, Papa will take me back on the mono-rail and then we can meet up here while you and Gramma do some shopping!”

Moments later, we were riding the near empty mono-rail back to the hotel. Damn! This gal simply loved to wiggle and jiggle her fat little ass! For ANYONE to see! And boy, many men were looking from the train to hotel! Once inside the hotel room, I couldn’t help but grab Holly and tell her what a little slut she was!

“You little tart! You dare fuck around with a man like me?” I yelled.

Within moments, I had ripped open her black nylon bodysuit exposing her fat creamy-white ass and sweet little pussy.

I dropped my slacks, revealing my very hard prick. Despite any regret, I slammed Holly’s head into mattress and grabbed her ample ass.

“You like that? You little slut! You’re gonna take Papa’s cock right now!” I yelled, forcing my cock up her tight puss!

Damn! I was fucking her relentlessly, slapping her chubby cheeks until her ass was bright red! I stuck my thumb up her exposed asshole, giving her the ride of her life! I couldn’t last long and felt her twitching while I fed my spunk up her tight little hole! Damn, would the girl get pregnant? She later assured me she was on the pill, the little slut she was I didn’t doubt her.

Any chance we got, I fucked that girl to no end! When my wife and Ann went for a “spa treatment”, I prodded my cock right up Holly’s tight little asshole! She told me about never having anal sex but that wouldn’t stop me! That pink little hole, framed by her fat asscheeks, was begging to be licked and fucked! Even when Holly begged me to stop, I couldn’t help myself and pushed my cock-head right up her bung.

“Oh fuck, it’s too big, Papa!” she exclaimed.

At that point, I really didn’t care.

“Take that fucking prick up your ass!” I yelled at my grand-daughter.

“You little slut… you need this, don’t you?” I pulled her locks and spewed my jizz right up her fat little ass.

It didn’t end there. Whenever I got I chance, I fucked Holly senseless. But it only took about another year before she followed in her mother’s footsteps. She was knocked up, now 20 years old, and her “man” had left her.

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