Road Trip Ch. 01


I was thrilled! A road trip? I always loved to travel. Dan had come and asked me if I wanted to take a road trip to the central plains with him. I was all for it!

We left early the first day. We don’t get to see each other all that much. How a man who spends so much time anywhere but home would want to take a trip like this was beyond me. We talked and laughed and just generally took our time.

We pulled into a hotel right before dark, and got ourselves a room. We asked the desk clerk where we could eat around there. It was a small town, but there was a nice little dive that he told us to go to. We ate and sat and talked over a few drinks. I missed getting to spend time with him. We’d been through most aspects of a relationship – started out as friends, became friends with benefits, tried to take it took the next level, but decided to remain friends.

I felt the tale-tale signs in the pit of my tummy that tonight was going to be interesting, and that sincan escort I was not going to need those toys I packed. Yes, we’ve had a past and he cannot walk by me without my pussy getting wet, but truth was, we were staying at someone’s house, and I did not feel right about screwing him there. We walked back to the hotel room. It was a breezy spring evening. The air felt fresh. I grabbed his hand as we were walking and laid my head on his shoulder. We walked in silence the rest of the way.

We got back to our room and I told him I was going to get my shower. I got in my bags and got some comfy clothes. I was feeling a little fumbly, but quickly went to get my shower. I pleasured myself over and over while I took my shower. As I said, this man has that effect on me, but it had been awhile for us, and I was not too sure he was in the same mind-set.

When I turned off the water and stepped out of the shower, I heard, what was unmistakably my vibrator. ankara escort I got dressed and there he was looking amused at my vibrator, which was on high. He looked at me and smiled and said he believed you could run a car on that kind of power. I laughed and took it from him, reminding him I like it hard. I put my vibrator back in my bag just as I heard him say, “mmmmm…. nothing like the smell of fresh showered skin and sex”. That was my answer.

He was still setting on the bed. I straddled his legs and kissed him. Running my fingers through his hair, sucking on his lips. It felt like there was a fire between my legs. I was ready for him. He had his hands under my shirt, pinching my nipples. I pressed down and felt his hardness respond to me.

He took my shirt off, wrapped his arms around my back and sucked hard on each of my nipples. I moaned, knowing I was growing wetter by the second. He rolled me over and laid me on the bed. As he kissed down my etimegut escort stomach, he pulled my pants down. I was not wearing underwear, but normally I sleep in the nude and he knew that. He slid himself off the bed and raised my legs. I felt his tongue dive right into my pussy. He moaned, obviously had gotten a mouthful.

That little hotel in the outskirts of a small town came alive that night. I screamed and moaned as he ate me and made me cum over and over. I was exhausted by the time he finished and he slid back up, sliding his cock in my pussy. He slid his arms under me, and cradled my head in his hands as he thrust into me. I tasted my cum on his lips and licked them clean.

I knew he was getting close, he set up, and pulled my legs flat up on his chest and pumped me hard. He grunted and cussed as he pumped me full of his seed, emptying every last bit into my waiting pussy. Immediately he went back down and stuck his tongue right were his cock had been, and sucked out our cum. He came back up and kissed me, dropping our cum in my mouth. We tasted amazing together.

He rolled off of me, and cuddled me as I drifted off to sleep. So far, our trip was turning out amazing.

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