Road Trip Ch. 02: Ross


AUTHOR’s NOTE: Arthur is 60, Kent 38, Pearl, 37, Cherry 36, Rose, Renee and Ross are 18 years old. The characters are a family introduced to Literotica Readers previously in the cantos of the epic poem “O Mother Dear”.


The Subaru’s tires hummed on the highway surface. Pearl drove, chatting with Cherry in the front seat. Ross dozed off and on behind Cherry. About two hours into the 400 mile trip to Los angeles, Ross was jossled awake and saw Aunt Cherry, half turned and leaning over the seat back, shaking his left knee. “Wake up, sweetie! I need you to do something for me,” she said with an intense look.

“Sure, Aunt Cherry,” Ross answered, “What do you want?”

“For some reason I have a tension headache and it just won’t quit,” explained Cherry. “Can you spread your knees out so I can tip the seatback down and slide the seat back a bit? Maybe if I am laying out flatter I can relax.”

“Um, well, I guess so,” fumbled Ross, not totally sure about the logistics, let alone the possible benefit.

“OK, tell me when you’re ready, Ross,” Cherry said. “I don’t want to bump into your legs or anything.”

Ross scrunched his butt back in the seat as far as he could and spread his knees to their most comfortable extreme limit and said, “OK, go ahead.”

Cherry pushed the passenger seat back on its rails, lowering its back, to end up with her uppper body and the seatback almost resting on Ross’ lap while her headrest was at his chest. “How are you doing, sweetie,” she asked. “No pain or anything?”

“Nope, Aunt Cherry,” Ross smiled in surprise, “actually it’s Very confortable.”

“Good,” Cherry went on, “then maybe you can do one more thing: Use your fingertips to rub my temples in slow little circles?”

“Uh, sure,” Ross answered. “Ill try. It sounds easy enough.” Ross did not say how attractive and distracting he had long thought his aunt to be, or that he was pleased at this impromptu opportunity to enjoy a view down Cherry’s ample cleavage. Cherry just smiled up at her nephew’s face. Closing her eyes, she inhaled deeply and exhaled slowly, elevating and lowering her breasts in their bra cups, partially revealed by her strategically unbuttoned blouse.

Ross began to move his middle and index fingers to apply light pressure to his aunt’s temples, in small circles as instructed. His unfettered view of Cherry’s pale pink-skinned bosom, softly rising and falling above the edge of her baby blue bra, combined with the tactile sensation of his pendik escort finger contact. The result was a throbbing pulse in his groin followed by discomfort as his downbent dick grew turgid with no room to staighten out. Ross shifted his legs nervously, trying to adjust himself without using any hands.

“Are you OK, sweetie?” asked Cherry, imagining correctly the nature of Ross’ predicament.

“Um, yeah, yeah, Aunt Cherry,” he quickly replied, ‘but if you could just lean forward a moment, my knee itches real bad and I have to scratch it or I’ll go nuts!”

“Quick thinking, nephew,” Cherry silently commended, as she raised the seatback enough for him to lower his right and and surreptitiously rearrange his now fully engorged cock. He still had a problem because his dick was pressing against his belt buckle having already pushed its head up from his shorts. Ross managed to undo his belt and jeans’ fly to give himself room before Cherry plunked the seatback down and again reclined against his torso. “Comfy now, Honey?” she inquired solicitously, as Ross resumed the scalp massage.

“Yes, thanks, Aunt Cherry,” he lied, staring at the hypnotic rising and falling swell of his aunt’s breasts. Somehow they were even further exposed. He could plainly see the top have of each of her areolae while her now stiff nipples pushed against both her bra and blouse material to clearly announce themselves.

“Mmmm, that’s nice, sweetie,” Cherry murmurred. “Can you move your thumbs to rub under and behind my ears? Oh, yes, just…there! Thanks!”

Ross was getting decidedly warm as Cherry rolled her head on her neck and hummed indistictly, but with obvious pleasure. Soon he noticed his balls starting to ache and again he invountarily hitched his hips. “Another itch, Honey? I can sit up and you can scratch it,” offered Cherry.

“No, really, it’s all right, Aunt Cherry,” Ross blurted, secretly enjoying this new interactive state with his aunt.

“You know, Cherry, I could use a break, too,” interrupted Pearl. “Could you take over the driving for a while?”

“Absolutely,” replied her sister, returning the seat to its standard position and abruptly exposing Ross’ knob pinned as it was to his belly by his boxers.

“CRAP!”, Ross thought, in a panic, “my pants are open, my boner is sticking out, Mom’s pulling over to switch seats with Aunt Cherry…they’re gonna see me!” Ross was unaware of the sisters’ conspiracy and his impending doom. Rather, he was confused by the sudden end escort pendik to his lucky peek-and-rub session and he felt oddly stranded.

Pearl stopped and the women exited the Subaru. Pearl traversed the rear to the passenger side while Cherry walked around the hood and settled in behind the steering wheel. Adjusting her mirrors, Cherry grinned at a flash of white in the rearview as Ross hurried with something near his waist. Pearl opened the back door, poked in her head, kissing her son’s cheek, and asked, “How are you doing there, Honey? Would you like to come up front…I could sit here for a while if you’d like the change?”

“No, Mom, it’s cool,” answered Ross, hoping his letterman’s sweater, which he had hastily grabbed and thrown across his lap, was adequate to mask his hard-on.

“OK, well you just let me know,” continued Pearl, seeming not to notice Ross’ groin as well as the view her bent posture afforded her no longer little boy.

Ross, however, was painfully aware. Spying his mother’s pendant breasts, confined only by her navy cotton halter top, he felt the warmth from her breath and the brief flutter of her lips on his cheek. His cock throbbed, the back of his neck got hot and his mind filled with fantastic thoughts of imagined and improper acts.

Pearl put her right hand on Ross’ right leg just above his knee and squeezed, pushing herself back from the car. Outside, she raised her arms, stretching high, then bent to touch the toes of her mules. Returning upright with a sharp snap, she twisted her waist left and right with her arms bent backward to thrust out her chest. “Whew! I needed that!” she exclaimed, relaxing to a normal stance before getting in the front seat. “And now,” she continued, “for a little nap.” Ross’ thigh still burned where she had touched him.

In their late thirties, Pearl and Cherry were less than a year apart and proud they had maintained youthful figures. As Ross watched Pearl’s short calisthenic routine, he studied her hips, her ass, her waist and how loosely the bows of her halter were tied. Cherry, again in the rearview mirror, noticed the admiring looks he gave her sister and smiled. “Well, we’re off again,” she said to all and then added, “that seat, flipped back, is really great for a snooze, Sis.”

Pearl twisted in her seat to look at Ross. “Will that be OK with you if I lay back like Aunt Cherry did?”

“Uh…yeah, Mom, of course. That’s fine,” answered Ross, adjusting his cock under his sweater in anticipation.

Pearl pendik escort bayan tipped the seat, slid it on its rails, and lay supine much as Cherry had earlier done. To Ross’ delight there was an even better vista than he had hoped. Pearl’s perked up nipples lifted the halter’s surface from her unbound breasts leaving nothing to his imagination. Below her halter top, bare and tantalzing, her toned tummy and indented belly button invited Ross to scan further and consider the faintly outlined camel-toe divided by the zipper of her tight jeans.

Pearl’s voice intruded on her son’s speculations, “My shoulders and neck are still stiff from driving, sweetie, would you just rub them a little bit for me?”

“Sure, Mom, but it might be a little awkward,” Ross said, “Maybe you could come in the back with me?”

“Oh no, Buddy,” chimed in Cherry, “I’m not stopping until we get to the motel. Besides, you gave me a great scalp massage and it shouldn’t be too hard for you to reach your mom’s shoulders.”

“Just try it, Honey,” Pearl suggested, “If it gets too hard for you, well, we’ll just leave it be.”

It seemed weird to Ross, but every time his mother or aunt said the word ‘hard’ his dick jumped in his shorts. “No, it’s OK for me,” Ross hurried to explain, “I just wanted to get a good angle so you’d like it more, Mom.”

“That’s nice of you, Ross, but don’t fret, ” Pearl assured him, “I know it will feel good.”

Although he had failed to get his mom in the back seat Ross was elated at the opportunity to substitute her shoulders for Aunt Cherry’s ears and temples. Leaning forward he had enough space to cradle the seat edges in the crooks of his elbows giving him surprisingly easy access to Pearl’s neck and shoulder tops. Moreover, his position put his face beside the headrest so his nose took in the coconut and honey scent of her shampooed hair while his eyes were virtually forced to stare at her essentially naked tits. “Mmmmm…I think this is going to work out very well,” Pearl said dreamily, as Ross began to manipulate her muscles by broadly pinching them between his fingers and thumbs.

“Hey!” laughed Cherry, “You’re making me envious. All I had time for was a little scalp job before you bailed out on the driving, Sis!”

“If you want, Aunt Cherry,” Ross heard himself say in a an oddly husky voice, “I’ll rub your shoulders, too.”

“Throw in a back rub and it’s a deal, Buddy,” Cherry promptly agreed, “but wait ’til we’re at the motel. Your mom is practically asleep and someone has to drive!”

Ross continued to massage Pearl until her even breathing confirmed she was asleep then he settled back to contemplate his increasing lust for his mother and for his aunt.

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