ROAD TRIP! PATRICIA DISCOVERS MY SHIFTER…Patricia is fucking my brains out tonight pulling out all the stops her body soft but demanding I could barely keep up with her and that usually only means one thing she is going to ask me to do something I probably won’t enjoy doing and this is compensation sex not that I am complaining mind you Patricia’s compensation sex is always unbelievably hot and especially dirty she’ll do things she normally doesn’t ask for but knows that I like!… Tonight she wants to be tied up spanked and then ass fucked right away I know somethings up but I went along with it hey I’m not stupid I’ll take all the hot nasty sex she’ll give me! So I played along and tied her to the bedposts with a couple of silk neck ties that she had given me then I propped her sweet little Chinese ass up on some pillows piling them under her belly so that her ass was sticking up high and vulnerable…then I rubbed my hard cock between the cheeks of her ass and when she asked me to stick it in I slapped her ass hard my hand left a red imprint on the right cheek of that lovely milky white butt cheek and I heard her gasp I followed that with a backhand across the other cheek now she had matching red marks on her pretty bottom “So whats going on baby? What are you not telling me?” She just shook her head no she wasn’t ready to give up that information yet but she would oh yeah but only after I make her suffer a little more…So I went and got my leather belt I climbed back onto the bed with it and let it slip across her ass cheeks she gasped as she knew what was coming “Anything to tell me now?” I taunted her but she just shook her head no like I knew she would so I let her have it I brought the belt lashing down across her buttocks and made an X with two stripes racing this way and that across her upturned bottom still no confession from Patricia so I gave it to her good spanking her bottom red with that belt I could see her flesh ripple with each lash and heard her moaning as her ass got tender and began to glow a delicious shade of red she took it for awhile longer but when I placed a few across the lips of her pussy she folded “My Mother asked us to come for a visit!” Patricia gasped out as one more stroke fell across her sweet little snatch…I knew it! Her Mother lives out in Arizona she likes the dry climate out there the woman lives like a hermit out on top of a bluff in a beautiful log cabin the view is spectacular and if it wasn’t for her I would love to go there! She never approved of me I was Anglo and not good enough for her daughter she always gave me the stink eye whenever we have to visit Patricia knows I hate going there but she also knows that I love her and would do anything for her so that’s why I’m getting the special sex tonight well I was going to make the most of it! I had her where I wanted her and now she was going to get it and get it good! Her little Asian türbanlı adıyaman escort ass was glowing from the punishment it just got and it looked so damned hot and sexy like she knew it would and my cock was aching to enter her so I threw away the belt it hit the wall with a slap and fell to the floor beyond the tangle of black beautiful hair I knew she was smiling she had me trapped like she always did the sexy little bitch God how I loved her! I saw her sweet pussy just oozing fluids begging to be fucked but no she was going to get a good ass fucking first Billy was going to get his right now…So I dipped my cock into her hot little pussy I felt it grip me tight and I slid it in all the way coating my cock with her love fluids and I heard her gasp with pleasure a couple of strokes later I pulled it out practically dripping then I grabbed her little red ass with both hands my hands looked so white against her red skin and brought my cock up against her asshole I heard her sharp intake of breath as she prepared herself for what was coming I slowly began to force my cock head into her impossibly tight bum hole it resisted me mightily but surrendered in the end as my cock slid past her anal ring I heard her cry out and saw her hands knuckles white gripping the silk ties I knew she was suffering a little but also knew that she liked to more than a little to have her body taken and used she gave herself up to it and in the end she always loved it! My cock is wrapped in her tightness as I slip deeper into her hot little bum and it is really hot I can feel the heat baking off the cheeks of her well abused ass and that just turns me on even more so I pull back and slap her ass a few more times just to hear her moan but there is lust in her moaning and I know she’s really into it now so I just give it to her really hard pumping my hips into her I can hear our skin slapping together with every down stroke and I hear her going “OH! OH! OH!” which means she’s getting ready to cum so I bite her on her neck sinking my teeth in but not breaking skin I would not mar the perfection of her lovely neck but I am going to leave a serious love bite she’ll be wearing a scarf around her neck when we visit her Mother Ha Ha if the old crone knew what I was doing to her daughter right now she would have a coronary Hmmm maybe I should send her a video tape…LOL just the thought of her screaming gets my balls jumping and I’m ready to fill Patricia’s sweet little ass full of cum so I reach under her and finger her clitoris all it takes is a few good rubbings before she is off to the races and as she cums so do I and my balls release their heavy load deep into her bowels I finish cumming and untie her I turn her over and settle down on top of her Patricia’s eyes are a little glazed but shes there and her arms encircle my neck as she smiles “So we’re türbanlı adıyaman escort going to see Mom huh!” I say looking into the wonderful dark pools of her eyes she nods her head reaches up and kisses me then I realize I have another erection and that it has just slipped into her pussy with the help of her tiny hand that is! I just say “Ok” and as the sweetness of her pussy takes me away to a place few have ever been I still feel like the luckiest man alive…So the next day was Saturday and we got ready to go to visit Arizona I looked forward to the drive and the beautiful vista’s along the way so we piled our road crap into the trunk put our little cooler in the back seat with drinks for the road and a few sandwiches for a little picnic along side one of those stunning vista’s I told you about and off we went…I have a 1969 Pontiac GTO fully restored candy apple red, mag tires, four on the floor! My stick shift has a real eight ball attached to the shifter a friend of mine rigged it up for me you can buy them that way but its not the same this ball was the one that I sunk to win a tournament some years back it was a three corner bank shot and I sunk it perfectly much to the chagrin of my competitor a trophy adorns my mantel in honor of that moment! I always leave my street screeching tires and most of my neighbors don’t even mind that car is so pretty most guys cream in their jeans just looking at it and with a hot chick like Patricia in the shotgun seat I am one lucky S.O.B! We fly out onto the interstate and she puts on our favorite road song “Born To Be Wild!” and we sing along with Steppenwolf as the miles slip away then I feel Patricia’s hand in my crotch sometimes she likes to play with my cock as we cruise along and I’m okay with that so she takes out my cock and strokes it hard then she pretends that she is shifting my car with it and I make Waa Waa noises like she is shifting gears and my powerful engine is responding after awhile she gets bored and leaves my cock alone I know she’ll be back so I leave it sticking out bobbing to the music…She begins to play with my stick shifter rubbing her hand up and down it she likes the vibration inside the eight ball and suddenly she gets a mischievous look on her face and reaches under her skirt and pulls off her hot little lacy black panties I think Uh Oh whats she up to now? Then she climbs over putting her knee on my thigh and with her other knee on her seat she is perched above my shifter she raises her skirt so I can see and puts her pussy against the eight ball she moans as the vibrations course through her horny little snatch she begins to rub it up and down and I fight to keep my eyes partially on the road so we don’t die in a car wreck I see her getting wet the eight ball is glistening and slick with her juices and then we hit a bump in the road and I hear Patricia türbanlı escort adıyaman say “OH!!!” I look over and the entire stick is buried in her pussy and I’m like WOW and I expect her to lift herself off of it but she doesn’t instead she just moans and tells me how she is cumming thank God we are the only ones out on this road right now it being so early but I see a light up ahead and we’re going to have to stop but Patricia is still cumming and you can’t stop her once she goes shes gone so I get an idea and reach over and grab her ass I hit the clutch and using her pussy to move the shifter I bring the car back down to first moving her ass where I needed it to go and finally we’re stopped at the light Patricia looks at me smiles gives me a big wet kiss and as the light turns green I hit the clutch and Patricia shifts the stick still in her pussy into second, third then fourth gear see she knows how to drive this thing I taught her everything about this car and she handles it like a pro! A few cars pass us and Patricia pulls down her skirt so all they see is a pretty girl perched between the seats with a huge grin on her lovely face what a ride this is but I’m getting horny just thinking about her on my stick and I decide I have to fuck her so I pull off down the next dirt road and we find a meadow with a huge Weeping Willow tree and we park there and I help Patricia off my shifter and I grab a blanket from the back seat spread it out under that tree I lay her down pull up her skirt her hands are on my belt opening my pants pulling them down I fall on top of her and my cock knows the way inside as I slip into the hot wetness of her she cries out and startles some birds that fly away squawking their frustration at us for disturbing their roost I could care less my cock is having a great time fucking my sweet Patricia and her lovely Asian face is aglow with lust I pull up her top and bite her nipples making her cry out she loves that it always makes her cum and it does arching her back she digs her heels into my ass and I cum along for the ride filling her with hot cum we lay there for a bit then Patricia cleaned herself up and we had a little picnic under that beautiful tree after we just lay there staring up into the branches talking, kissing wrapped in each others arms I never wanted to leave this spot but we had to continue our trip so we climbed back into the GTO… I let her drive for awhile I love to see her shifting those gears making my baby talk winding us up to cruising speed I smile and nod off for a bit I always feel super relaxed after I cum and so with a big shit eating grin on my happy face I fall asleep…some time later Patricia wakes me up we have arrived at her Mothers and we go up and ring the bell and to my surprise her Mother greets me with a big smile on her face and gives me a hug Uh Oh whats going on here she must have a problem that she needs me to fix probably the toilet is clogged or something…I ask to use the bathroom because I really have to pee and she says I can use it after I fix the toilet I go in to the bathroom and there it is…So I go get the snake from the utility closet yes I’ve done this before and go fix the shitter but you know what? After that amazing ride with Patricia I don’t even mind!

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