Road Trip Rogue Ch. 05


Ch. 5: Jealousy Motivates

I went back to the living room and at first I didn’t see anyone. But Paula was standing alone at the kitchen window looking out toward the pool. Apparently everyone else was already outside, including Sharon.

Without turning Paula said, “Come look at this. I told them there are too many bugs out there for me and I want to stay inside.”

As I approached I could see Paula’s expression was a mixture of thrill and anticipation. She enthusiastically hugged me across the shoulders as if we were comrades. “When she realizes you’re not going out there I bet she comes back in here with us.”

“Who?” I asked, watching our friends getting into the water with their margaritas held high.

Paula dropped her arm from my shoulders and turned to me with disgust, “Sharon, asshole. I’m sure as hell not talking about your wife. She doesn’t give a shit if you go out there or not.”

Paula turned back to the window and her face lit up, “Here it comes. Just watch this. Here it comes!”

Ozzie, Robert, and Ellen were in the water but Sharon was still standing on the deck. She slapped at her legs as if mosquitoes were biting her. She said something to the three in the water and then turned toward the house.

“I knew it!” Paula jumped up and down in the middle of the kitchen floor. “I knew it.”

Suddenly Paula was all business. She led me out of the kitchen by the elbow. “You’re going to kiss my ass for this. Now go in the guest room next door and make a little noise after Sharon comes in.”

She shoved me into the dark guest room where I could see the swimming pool lights through the curtains of the back window. I reached for the light switch but Paula slammed her hand over mine.

“Do not turn the light on.” she pointed toward the swimming pool, “They’ll be able to see.”

As Paula walked away she said over her shoulder, “You probably have about 45 minutes. I’ll let you know if someone decides to come inside.” She was already in the hallway when I thought I heard her say “Oooh, you are going to fuck her so good!”

I have to admit that I was still confused. I couldn’t get my mind to comprehend that Paula might have arranged this whole thing. But I did manage to follow her directions and coughed loud enough for Sharon to notice. She hustled in and asked accusingly, “Are you two in this bedroom?”

The darkness caused her to almost run right into me. I caught her and tried to affectionately pull her to me but Sharon was surprised and confused, “Where is Paula?”

“She’s watching to make sure the others don’t bother us for a while.” I still had my arms loosely around her but she was resistant.

“Oh. I thought you and Paula …”

Sharon relaxed slightly in my arms and we looked into each other’s eyes. She felt warm and soft and I was still worked up from our dancing.

“I am dying to see your tits,” I choked out.

So I’m not the smoothest talker in the world. Sharon pulled away from me and walked toward the window.

“Everyone’s right outside,” she said as if I were crazy. She peeked between the curtains then stood perfectly still for a long moment. While still facing the pool she gritted her teeth and growled, “Your bitch wife is sitting on my asshole husband’s lap.”

I slipped and almost fell down trying to get to the window. Sharon moved away in disgust as I shouldered past her. There was my beautiful but not so innocent wife sitting on Robert’s lap with one of her feet balanced high in the air and a margarita glass in her hand. They were on the top step of the pool and Robert’s two hands were dangerously close to my wife’s breast and pussy. She actually looked like she was grinding her butt against his crotch. Ozzie was right there laughing with them and even he was closer to my wife than I thought was proper.

I had a hard time absorbing what I was seeing. I turned toward Sharon, pointing over my shoulder in disbelief. But on making eye contact with Sharon I froze. She grinned and slowly rotated her shoulders. It took me a second to realize that her top was off. Her naked tits swayed left and right, slightly lagging behind the movement of her torso.

Sharon had great tits and she knew it. They were about the size of two big grapefruit halves, which I consider to be large, especially compared with what I was used to. Her nipples were small and dark and made me think of brown Hershey’s kisses.

“You have the most beautiful tits I’ve ever seen.” I croaked. I could tell from her expression, she knew I meant it.

This was one occasion when I took my time enjoying the sight. I gently approached Sharon and she continued her erotic dance until her nipples were grazing against my bare chest. I lifted my knee and firmly pressed it against her pubic bone, moving her back toward the bed.

“Wait,” she whispered. “I want to see you.”

I stepped away and slowly dropped my bathing trunks. Sharon’s eyes grew wide and she smiled at my rigid cock. I knelt in front of her and she escort sincan never took her eyes off my dick. Sharon was still wearing the bottom half of her two-piece bathing suit and I intended to remedy that. She started breathing rapidly, anticipating what I might do. I wrapped my arms around her quivering buttocks and pressed my cheek against her pubic area. I could feel the heat from her protruding pussy mound. I kissed her right on her moist center. She flinched and giggled.

I calmly lowered her swimsuit bottoms to the floor and she stepped out of them. I could detect the faint aroma of Sharon’s pussy. She had sparse, light-colored pubic hair. Her mound had a definite outward curve which was accentuated by her blood-engorged pussy lips. I placed my mouth right on her slit and ran my tongue up the length of her vagina. With a sigh she relaxed into me, tilting her head back.

My hormones were soaring with the knowledge that we’d had sex before and were getting ready to have sex again. I wanted this hot vixen on the bed and I wanted it right then. As I began to stand up I extended one arm between her legs. I was able to lift Sharon with my forearm at her groin and my other arm supporting her torso.

“Shit. Shit.” Sharon yelped with her legs flying in different directions while straining to look toward the floor as she wrapped her arms around my neck. Despite her surprise she clearly trusted me to carry her. I easily hauled her across the room and set her down somewhat crooked on the bed. Red-faced and smiling, she looked into my eyes, breathing heavily with excitement.

I crawled onto the bed next to Sharon with my dick bouncing up-and-down as if it was looking for the target. I was not used to exercising restraint. But I remembered from our time in the car that Sharon liked things slow and gentle. And I remembered how much I liked it too. Still on my knees I straddled Sharon’s legs then bent forward to kiss her breasts.

She closed her eyes and moaned, her entire body writhing below me. With just my fingertips I touched her scalp, face, eyelids, neck, breasts, ribs, hips thighs, and her vagina, at which point she tensed beneath me. Likewise, Sharon was busy running her hands lightly over my torso. Throughout this teasing process I tried to keep my penis from touching Sharon. It surprised me when I felt both of her hands lightly close around my cock.

“Dave,” she whispered huskily as her fingers continued to drive me crazy.


“I can’t have sex with you tonight.”

Oh no, not again. We went through this last time. Sharon did not use birth control and she could not have sex during her ovulation days. My body sagged with disappointment.

She hurriedly added, “But as you know we can get damn close.” With that Sharon gave me a couple of nice, firm strokes. “Let me have an orgasm first, and then I promise I’ll give you a blow job or anything you want. Is that okay?”

I tried to keep my discouraged feelings out of my voice, “That will be wonderful.”

Sharon didn’t waste any time. I was still hovering above her on my hands and knees. By arching up she was able to press her mound against the shaft of my cock. She used a gentle grip on my dick and slow undulations to stroke herself. I gave a guttural cry—it was tough being so close to the target but so far away.

I was very aroused but I took a moment to simply admire Sharon’s skill in bed. My body trembled above her as I watched and learned. She alternated between closing her eyes in ecstasy and looking meaningfully into my eyes with passion. Her face was flushed and her relaxed full lips had turned a darker color. The movement of her breasts was tantalizing and I would occasionally extend my head down for tender nipple kisses, causing her to moan with appreciation.

But what held my fascination was the movement of those hips. Sharon was an obvious expert at stimulating herself using the shaft of a dick, without actual insertion. And she rolled her pelvis up down left and right while her butt was bridged in the air. The sound of our labored breathing excited me as I looked down at her flexing stomach and slightly protruding hip bones. This kind of acrobatic teasing was all new to me.

Sharon stopped moving and seemed tense. “Dave, I can’t help it. I’m afraid about our being totally naked while my husband and your wife are just outside in the pool. Would you look out the window just to make sure everything’s okay?”

I trotted to the window very much aware of my nudity. I imagined that Sharon was checking out my muscular butt from her vantage point. I felt pretty good about that because I had spent a lot of hours in the weight room and knew I looked good.

The curtain supports rattled as I looked out. Paula in the next room responded immediately to the noise, “You two don’t need to worry. I’m keeping an eye on everyone at the swimming pool.”

“Okay, thanks Paula.” But I went ahead and looked outside. Robert and Ozzie were being very chummy with my wife. ankara escort Robert was in the process of hugging her from behind in order to toss her through the water to Ozzie. All three seemed to be having a very good time.

“Everything’s fine out there.” I announced as I wheeled around toward Sharon. I flexed my chest a little bit as I trotted back toward her, thinking she must be admiring my abs or pecs. But her attention was riveted on my bouncing cock. I could have gotten that without all the weight lifting.

I took a running leap and dove on the bed to rounds of giggles from both of us. Sharon opened her arms to me. I settled down on top of her and simply allowed my legs to fall outside of hers, pinning her to the mattress. We moaned and wallowed against each other with our first real nude hug.

Sharon showed me her expertise in that embrace as well, reaching behind me and assertively gripping one buttock in each of her hands. With such a commanding grip she could have been guiding a horse. I followed her lead and she squirmed enthusiastically beneath me. The entire time only the shaft of my cock was touching her vagina.

Sharon seemed to think we would be satisfied just like that our entire time together. But we had been through this routine before and I was greedy. I wanted to be between those legs. I moved over to press one leg onto her knees. Sharon stopped all movement to consider this.

Our breathing was still hard but Sharon cautioned me in a normal tone of voice, “Dave, this playing around without actually having sex will require discipline.”

In my marital bed it was my wife who acted responsibly and exercised discipline when it came to birth control. I was lacking in that area. But I was burning up to get between Sharon’s legs. “Okay, I’m fine with that.”

“Good.” Sharon looked seductively into my eyes and smiled, “This is going to feel really good.” She spread her legs and as I climbed between them she caressed my sides with the insides of her thighs.

“This makes me really hot,” she said, “so I might act like I’m really carried away but I’m just having fun. No matter what, do not go in and do not come.” With that comment Sharon finished wrapping her legs and arms around me and I responded by grabbing a double handful of her ass. We pulled tight against one another, grunting in desire. Apparently she wanted me between her legs as much as I did.

After a long moment of our naked bodies pressed together, we relaxed slightly. I could feel the shaft of my cock nestled against the wet spot of her pussy, and I wished I could just slide my dick in there. Sharon spoke in hushed tones, “Okay, now for the really fun part. Give me a little room so I can handle that wonderful dick of yours.”

I knew what was expected of me. I propped up on my elbows and knees just enough so she could place her hands between us and guide the head of my cock. She maneuvered her hips and my member so that my dick head moved to her clitoris. Sharon closed her eyes and tilted her head slightly back as she smiled to herself and groaned. I groaned with her.

She spent a fair amount of time bathing the head of my cock with every part of her clitoris. I trembled above her with our torsos barely touching. I could sense tension in Sharon as she anticipated what was next. Sharon became breathless and frantic.

“Okay, okay, okay,” she gasped, maneuvering the head of my throbbing cock toward the hot entrance of her pussy.

We both groaned loudly as my dick’s head touched against her hot moist entrance. Sharon’s entire body stiffened as she absorbed the sensation. I flexed my butt to make the head settle firmly on the entrance without quite going in. Sharon flinched at first but then sensuously gyrated her hips.

“I love this right here.” Sharon breathed as she moved the head of my cock all around her juicy entrance. I groaned in agreement and began to move my body to go along with her undulations.

She moved her hands from my member and placed them at the top of my butt. We moaned as I lowered my torso on her and we continued to writhe against each other. It was excruciatingly tense to be right at the entrance of her pussy and not be able to go in; but I have to admit it was exciting. That’s when she began to talk dirty.

“Work that fucking dick around.” she pulled me a little tighter with her arms. She spread her legs as she commented, “Just think, if we wanted to, you could slide right in.”

“Yeah,” I grunted. Talking during lovemaking was something else that was new to me, and it was a little distracting.

“Fuck, yeah…God, it would feel good; just like it did when you stuffed me full in the backseat of the car.”

I realized that if we were going to talk I needed to say more than yeah. So I spoke the truth. “I think about that all the time.”

“Me, too,” Sharon smiled. I leaned down and we kissed passionately to mark the moment.

“Do you remember,” Sharon asked dreamily with her eyes closed, “we were doing this etimesgut escort bayan same thing when I let you push that big cock-head just inside my pussy?” Sharon actually started pushing against me and I had to pull deftly away to keep from going in.

I was confused. I couldn’t tell if she really wanted me to slip in or not. My vocal chords almost wouldn’t work as I croaked, “Sharon, do you want me to give you just the tip?” I waited and began to think she was not going to answer.

“Yeah, stick that fat dick in me a little ways.”

Before I was able to do anything the pace of her breathing immediately began to hasten. It occurred to me that in her marital bed Robert must be the one to exercise the control.

I was learning to like her crude language as I propped up on my arms to get this right. Sharon was looking up at me with wide eyes. Her breathing was so fast that her luscious tits were bouncing. Our genitals were only just touching but I felt like her wet pussy was sucking on the head of my straining dick. Sharon was moving her pelvis around so much I had to pay attention just to maintain contact.

With very small, clinching movements I applied pressure to Sharon’s pussy lips. She was very wet so I knew it wouldn’t take much to force those lips apart and enter. Sharon was trembling and extended her hips up toward me.

She yelled out as the head of my dick fell into wetness and was enveloped by her pussy lips. Sharon was so loud that I automatically glanced at the doorway. Even with my vision clouded by lust I saw Paula leaning calmly against the frame in her pink bikini, sipping a margarita. She did not look away when I spotted her and in fact had a very good view of me extended up on my arms with my cock wedged part of the way in Sharon’s grasping pussy. I did not waste time on Paula because I had the hottest female on the planet squirming underneath me and connected to the end of my cock. Sharon and I trembled as if we were being tasered.

“Go in a little further and hit my G-spot.”

Sharon’s legs were spread wide on the bed and her hands pulled on me. It was only an inch or so to her G-spot but I made sure to go slowly. Her pussy was so hot and ready for me that I had to concentrate to keep from easily sliding in too far.

“Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck.” Sharon seemed to be cheering me on as I sank to the right place. “Yes!”

Suddenly I was in trouble. I could feel my balls churning. It didn’t help that Sharon was showing all that enthusiasm. Without warning I pulled completely out of Sharon.

“No!” she objected, her face twisting into a frown.

I quickly scooted down and buried my mouth right on Sharon’s pussy. I didn’t waste any time and launched into a furious licking of her clitoris. Her thighs slapped together over my ears, and then she relaxed slightly, taking in the pleasure.

After just a few moments my balls calmed down and I mounted Sharon again. This time she was not surprised. When I got in position above her she had her hips up off the bed and we were both desperately hunching against thin air. Somehow my cock found the target and we both groaned. Sharon settled back into the bed and I followed her. Then I slowly descended partially into her hot wet pussy until I about reached her G-spot.

These were her rules and that meant less than two inches of my dick was wet. But I gently worked those couple of inches the best I could, with Sharon squirming and groaning the whole time. Then I felt trouble boiling up in my loins again .I bounced away toward the foot of the bed. This time Sharon moved to get in position, draping her legs off the end of the bed. I knew exactly what she was doing because my wife liked the same thing. That position caused Sharon’s pelvis to rotate slightly which would make for an easier orgasm.

As I was placing my mouth on Sharon’s vagina I was able to take a mental picture. Her mound was up high and gyrating slightly for me. Her pubic hair was sparse and blond, and her pussy lips were swollen. This time I paid more attention to what I was doing. With one hand I spread her pussy lips so that my tongue had better access to her clitoris. I slipped two fingers of my other hand into her vagina and stroked her G-spot. She grunted and shoved her pelvis up, knocking my head back.

When it was time to mount her again we had our routine established. As soon as I lifted my face up from her vagina she quickly moved both of her hands to busily stroke herself. As my straining cock approached her pussy, Sharon used one hand to guide me into position as her other hand was busy on her clitoris.

“I’m going to have a really good orgasm like this,” she breathed. I slowly and easily sank the couple of inches into Sharon’s very hot very wet pussy; and her fingers never stopped moving as she moaned,” Oh, yeah…”

After a few turns of suck-n-half-a-fuck, I calmed down and was no longer on the edge of orgasm. By that time Sharon was really enjoying this routine and so was I, so we kept it going. On one of the half-a-fucks Sharon and I were both a little overeager and I accidentally went in further than I was supposed to. “Oops.” we both exclaimed, and I quickly pulled back to the allowable two inches deep.

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