roadside ass-istance…part 1


roadside ass-istance…part 1as i was driving home, thinking about malcolm, i saw a car on the side of the road, ahead of me. as i got closer, i saw a very cute black woman standing by the side of the road, looking very irritated. i slowed down & pulled off the road behind her car, then got out & asked her if i could help. she asked if i could give her a ride, because she couldn’t get a tow truck 2 come out 4 at least an hour. i told her 2 hop in & she gave me her home address, saying that she would just call the towing company when she got there. as we cruised along & chatted, she told me that her name was angela & that she would make it up 2 me 4 having 2 go out of my way. i commented that she had a very beautiful name, which was fitting, because she was one of the most beautiful women i had ever seen. she was about 5’3″ with long, curly red hair down 2 her waist, a very cute face, small tits, a tiny waist, a sexy bubble-butt & thick, smooth, firm thighs. she was wearing a tight, tan silk blouse, with no bra & i could see that her nipples were tiny little hard bumps. her short skirt was dark brown leather, showing most of her thighs & she was wearing very high heels on her small feet. her face was gorgeous, with green eyes, a small nose & very thick, full lips, glossed 2 match her long fingernails. if i was looking 4 a woman, i would have jumped at the chance 2 get 2 know her alot better. she kept talking about re-paying me 4 helping her out, even though i told her it wasn’t necessary. she just looked in2 my eyes again & grinned rather wickedly…when we pulled in2 her drive-way, angela invited me in 4 a drink, saying that it was the least she could do. i walked inside with her & she told me 2 have a seat. i sat on the couch as she went 2 get the drinks. her living room was very sexy & interesting… a****l prints everywhere…very sexy. when angela came back in2 the room, she had kicked off her shoes, exposing her cute little toes which were painted 2 match her fingernails & her blouse was now unbuttoned all the way down 2 her waist. when she bent down 2 hand me a drink, her blouse drooped open & i could see her small, perky, a-cup breast, with it’s tiny, rock-hard nipple. the areola was only the size of a quarter & the hard, little nipple was no bigger than a pencil eraser. she sat down next 2 me & laid her hand on my thigh, lightly scratching the material of my jeans with her fingernails, sliding her hand 2wards my crotch. i laid my hand on hers be4 she got 2 far & told her that i was very flattered that she was interested, because she was very beautiful, but i couldn’t, because i was finally living the life of a gay man. i blushed, as i told her i loved cock…she leaned back & looked me in the eye, smiling. she asked if i had always been gay & i told her that i had been married twice, be4 i finally figured out what i really wanted. she seemed truly interested & asked me more questions, which i answered as well as i could, then she asked if she could ask me sexual questions. i told her that i had nothing 2 hide. angela asked if i had a steady man & i told her that i liked a few, but there was no one that i was committed 2, at the moment. then she got down & dirty, asking if i liked 2 suck cock. i said that i loved 2 suck cock, the bigger the better, because i loved the feeling of a long, hard cock stretching my throat & i loved the taste of cum. she asked if i liked ass-fucking & i told her that i loved feeling a nice cock in my ass, filling me full of hot, thick man-juice. i also told her that i loved 2 have my cock sucked & that sliding my cock in2 a nice, tight asshole was fantastic, 2. she asked how big my dick was & i told her that i was just an average sized guy, six inches long & fairly thick. she smiled & said that she loved average cocks, because big cocks were just 2 much 4 her tight, tiny holes. angela then wanted 2 know if i was a size-queen. i grinned & said that i might be, because i loved big cocks, especially black ones. she then asked what sizes i had experienced, so i told her all about malcolm. i also told her that alot of my lovers were smaller, all the way down 2 a tiny, 2-inch tv, akiko. she smiled & asked if i had ever experienced any other trans-gendered encounters. i said that akiko had been my only one, but i would not mind it happening again, because she had been very sexy & it seemed like the best of both worlds… a sexy woman with a cock…angela was quiet 4 a few minutes, as if she was considering adiosbet yeni giriş everything, or thinking of a new question. she finally spoke again, asking me if thirteen inches would be a good size. i grinned, telling her that it would be fantastic, especially if it was thick & black. she giggled, jumped up from the couch & told me not 2 leave, because she would be right back. i stayed where i was, sipping my drink, until she walked back in2 the room, naked, except 4 a zebra-print loin-cloth that hung 2 her knees. i watched her, not knowing what 2 say, as she walked 2ward me, then turned around, showing me that the back was a thong, the thin cloth separating her sexy bubble-butt cheeks. i told her that i had always loved a woman’s sexy ass in a thong, as she put on some music & started 2 dance over 2ward me, shaking her little titties & her thick, firm thighs. when she was right in front of me, she stopped, then turned her back 2 me & started giving me a very sexy lap dance, rubbing her ass all over my thickening crotch. i guess i wasn’t completely over sexy women, after all… angela whispered that i must really like her ass, as she slid her ass-crack up & down the length of my hardening cock, then rocking her firm ass from side 2 side, driving me crazy with lust.just as i was starting 2 have a small crisis of conscience, angela turned 2 face me, her crotch right in front of my face. as she pulled the loin-cloth 2 one side, i noticed a rather large bulge in her thong, tucked back between her firm thighs. as her hips swayed 2 the throbbing music, i slid my hands up her big, firm thighs, up 2 her tiny waist, & then pulled her thong down her sexy legs, revealing a large, tell-tale bulge of dark flesh pushed back between her pressed-2gether thighs. as i slid her thong down 2 the floor, she stepped out of it & spread her feet wide on the floor, making her thick thighs separate & her fat, circumcised cock swung free, almost slapping me in the face. my eyes went wide & angela giggled, stepping closer 2 me. her soft cock was about seven inches long & very thick, black as night, with a twisted vein running down the left side. be4 i could say or do anything, she started pulling my shirt over my head, throwing it across the room, then pulled me 2 my feet, unbuttoning my jeans & pushing them 2 the floor, freeing my quickly hardening cock. i stepped out of my jeans & sandals at the same time, as my hands went 2 her tiny waist, pulling her closer 2 me. as our mouths connected, our tongues twisted 2gether, dancing 2 the sexy rhythm of the music. her mouth tasted of raspberries, sun-ripened sweet & just kissing her took my breath away ! angela giggled & whispered that she told me she was going 2 make it up 2 me 4 being so kind 2 her… i finally agreed !!!as we kissed, her hand slid 2 my cock, stroking it gently, making me grow completely hard & i slid my hand 2 her crotch, my other hand sliding in2 the split of her firm ass. i started 2 slide my hand up & down the length of her cock, making her start 2 harden, thicken & lengthen. as it grew, i could tell that it was going 2 be my kind of cock. when she was finally fully hard, her long, dark cock was thirteen inches long & very thick…she was huge !! my favorite part was that her massive dick stuck straight out from her crotch, then curved down about half-way out her length, with her girthy cock-head pointing down 2ward the floor. just looking at her was making me so fucking horny, wanting 2 taste my new lover’s jumbo black anaconda. all i could think of was swallowing her big, curved cock, feeling it all the way in my tight throat. i kissed her again, then slid my mouth 2 her ear, whispering that i wanted 2 taste her. i sat back down on the couch, reaching up & grabbing her tight ass, pulling her 2ward me, bringing her obscenely curved cock closer 2 my face. i slid 4ward, my ass on the edge of the cushion & slid my tongue out, licking the wide-open slit on the fat tip, tasting a slippery drop of pre-cum. angela moaned & rocked her firm hips 4ward as i opened my mouth as wide as i could, taking the massive head of her fat, black pole in2 my drooling mouth. after holding her there, getting used 2 her wide girth, i took hold of her sexy ass tighter, then started 2 pull her 2ward me, forcing her thick prick over my tongue & in2 the back of my tight throat. her wonderful size was stretching my mouth 2 the limit & i couldn’t wait 2 feel it deep in my throat. as i breathed through adiosbet giriş my nose, i pulled her ass further, forcing the giant head 2 slide in2 the opening of my throat, then further, inch by agonizing inch, until my lips were pressed hard against her smooth-shaved crotch. angela gasped as she watched the whole length of her huge member disappeared in2 my mouth & throat, whispering that no one had ever been able 2 swallow her whole cock be4. she stared in amazement as i winked at her, then pressed on her hips, making her pull back out, letting her sweet staff fall from my lips. i told her that i wanted her 2 fuck my face, slowly at first, then as hard & fast as she wanted 2. i slid my mouth back on2 the fat head & opened wide, as she slowly pressed her hips 4ward, sliding her thickness back in2 my hungry throat. i could feel the thick ridge of her glans sliding in2 me, opening my throat, filling me with what felt like yards of hard, throbbing black meat. when her crotch touched my lips again, she pulled her sexy ass back, dragging her fantastic tool back out of my throat until just the leaking head remained stuffed in my tight-stretched mouth. i could taste her sweet ooze every time she pulled back & her cum-hole dragged on2 my tongue, giving me a sample of what was 2 come. i couldn’t wait 2 taste her cumming in my mouth.after about twenty long, slow strokes, angela started 2 move faster, long-stroking my tight throat, her hands gripping my head as she sawed in & out of my open oral cavity. my hands were gripping her tight ass-cheeks, pulling them open wide, as i pulled her in2 me, trying 2 take her magnificent cock even deeper in2 my horny body. i slid my hands further back, sliding a finger all around her puckered asshole, making her move even faster in my sucking mouth & throat, then i pressed further, sliding a finger in2 her tight hole, making her jam her hips 4ward, driving deep in2 me. as i twisted my finger in deeper, gripping her ass tighter, she started 2 groan, hammering her cock in2 me as hard & fast as she could move her muscular ass. i slid my finger out, then slid my hand between her legs, sliding my finger all the way in2 her ass, finding her prostate & massaging it hard & fast, making her gasp & pound in2 my throat even harder & deeper & i could feel her balls pull up tight against her, 2 tell if she was close 2 cumming. i could tell that she was moving 2ward the edge. i started ramming my finger in2 her tight pucker, the tip hitting her secret spot with each stroke & i felt her cock swell up further in my throat, as she reached the point of no return, her thick shaft pulsating as her spermy splooge started 2 travel through her incredibly long cock. just as she screamed that she was cumming, i pushed her hips back away, dragging her out of my throat, clamping my lips tightly behind the head of her fantastic spear. just as i locked my lips, i felt the first spurt splash on2 my tongue, filling my mouth with delicious liquid love. she tasted fantastic, thick & sticky…she tasted like a whole mouthful of delicious pre-cum. i gripped the thick base of her pole with both hands, as she emptied herself in2 my hungry mouth, drenching my teeth & tongue with her sweet gift. i gulped as fast as i could, taking her tasty juice deep in2 my belly, as she continued 2 spray in2 my hot sucking mouth, filling it over & over, with what seemed like an endless supply of delectable dick-juice. finally, her orgasm started 2 subside, shooting less with each hard spurt, until she was finally drained & her magnificent penis started 2 soften in my mouth. i pulled her deep in2 my throat one last time, then let her slide from my lips, her huge appendage swaying in front of my face. angela’s legs were quivering, as she leaned 4ward 2 kiss me, tasting her cum on my tongue, then she slid 4ward on2 my lap, straddling my thighs, her sexy ass hovering over my throbbing cock, whispering that she wanted 2 feel me deep inside her i caressed her sexy ass & sucked her tiny hard nipple, angela reached over 2 the end table & pulled a bottle of anal lube out of the drawer. while i rolled her rock-hard nipples between my fingers, she sat back on my knees & started 2 smear the cherry-flavored lube all over my swollen cock, sliding her hands up & down the shaft, then smearing it all over the leaking head. she leaned 4ward & kissed me again, then lifted her body 2wards me, sliding her nipples against my chest as she lifted her ass above adiosbet güvenilirmi my greasy cock. i grabbed her firm, round butt, pulling her ass-cheeks wide apart as she lowered her sexy ass 2ward my throbbing cock. she moaned lightly as the slimy tip of my cock-head came in2 contact with her dark little pucker, then started 2 press herself downward, forcing her sphincter open, allowing the slick head of my cock 2 slip in2 her wonderfully tight asshole. when my cock-head slipped inside, i groaned, because her ass was so fucking tight ! angela smiled at me, as she started 2 press herself further down, taking another inch of my shaft in2 her hot tightness, then she started 2 move up & down slowly, taking just a little more of my raging erection inside her with each downward movement. she giggled as i told her that she had the hottest & tightest ass i had ever been in & i groaned again, as i finally felt her sweet ass resting against my hips, completely engulfing my rock-hard prick with her glorious ass. i was starting 2 think that i would love 2 spend alot of time inside this sexy bitch !!with my prong still firmly imbedded in her ass, angela slid her feet up on2 the couch, on either side of my ass & gripped my shoulders as she started 2 lift herself up & down on my slick cock, sliding all the way up until my cock-head was just about 2 slip out of her, then sliding slowly back down, taking my full length deep inside her again. her ass was so hot & tight that i could not believe the intensity & as she continued 2 move on & off me, i reached between our bodies & grabbed her thick swollen cock, pulling it up 2ward my mouth. the curvature was perfect 4 what i had in mind, because when angela was at the top of her long, slow strokes, i could just slide the first few inches of her tasty pole in2 my cock-hungry mouth. as my lips encircled her fat prick, she moaned & stared straight in2 my eyes, smiling & licking her full lips, then she held herself up, keeping just the head of my cock inside her as she rocked her hips back & 4th, sliding a couple more inches of her magnificent anaconda in & out of my sucking mouth. i was gripping her ass again, holding on tight, helping her stay up as i lathered her fat cock-head with my tongue. after a few minutes of stroking in2 my mouth, she lowered her ass again, burying my cock in her ass, then rocked her hips back & 4th, making my throbbing prick grind back & 4th on her sensitive prostate. i had my head bent 4ward as far as i could, keeping just the massive head of her delicious pole between my lips, as my tongue circled around & around, making her writhe with pleasure. i loved the taste of her sweet pre-cum, which was oozing out of her as my cock massaged her inner hot spot. as i squeezed & massaged her fantastic ass, angela started moving up & down again, sliding in long, slow strokes, while i kept sucking on her tasty, leaking erection, which was butting in2 the opening of my throat every time she lifted herself up on my cock. her ass was massaging me so wonderfully that i didn’t know how much longer i would be able 2 keep from cumming deep inside her. she seemed 2 sense that i was getting close, because she started 2 move faster, sweat pouring off her sexy body as she slammed her cock in2 my mouth, then slammed her ass down on2 my raging cock, over & over, harder & deeper & faster, until i groaned around her fat cock-head & she ground her ass down on2 me, rotating her ass in circles on me, as my cock started 2 throb & pulsate. i locked my lips behind the ridge of her glans & just as my own cock started 2 swell & ejaculate, spraying huge ropey strings of white-hot cum in2 her tight, gripping ass, angela’s cock erupted, filling my mouth with her slippery, tasty cock-juice, coating my teeth & tongue with delicious liquid love. our orgasms were in perfect unison, as i could feel her spurts hitting the roof of my mouth at the same time my cock was ejecting it’s massive blasts on2 the tight walls of her squeezing rectum. she kept rocking her sexy ass, milking every drop out of me, as i sucked her sweet nectar deep in2 my belly, still marvelling at how sweet & delicious she tasted. i swallowed every drop, letting it slide down my throat slowly, as her big, fat cock started 2 soften in my mouth, until it was finally 2 short 2 hold on2 & i let it drop between us. angela kept rocking her hips on me, keeping my cock buried deep inside her until i was completely drained & my sticky goo was starting 2 ooze out of her exquisitely tight ass, sliding on2 my balls & down 2 the cushions below. she pressed her sexy body against mine, mingling our sweat, as she kissed me, sliding her tongue deep in2 my mouth, our tongues dancing 2gether. we whispered WOW at the same time…

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