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Subject: Robbie and I Chapter 3 Robbie and I Chapter 3 Introduction: All parts of this story are true, the names have not been changed, but I will not divulged more than that, no cities or last names. If reading about Male/teen male sex bothers you then I suggest you do not read this story. My name is Mike and as you may remember, I had just started a sexual relationship with my step-daughter’s friend, a 15 yr. old boy named Robbie. I would suggest that you read the first 2 chapters to see where we are in this part of the story. As I said before, I decided to write this down as it played a major part in my life and it will always be cherished. I didn’t see much of Robbie for a few weeks, except for around the neighborhood. I was thinking of him quite often, but I wanted him to come back only if he wanted to. Spring was in full bloom and Stephanie (my ex) and Yogi (step-daughter nickname) were gone out of town for the weekend to visit their family. I was working a new shift and was unable to go, so on the weekend I stuck around the house cleaning some of my stuff when I heard a knock at the door, I yelled “come in” then waited to hear who it was. “It’s me Mike” Robbie yelled from upstairs. I was really happy to hear his voice. I came up and Robbie was smiling when he saw me, “miss me?” “As a matter fact Robbie I have, what’s up?” I said, “My mom is going out tonight and my little brother is going to his friend’s place, and I was wondering if I can come hang out with you, I asked my mom and she’s alright with it if you are”. I asked “really?” “Yep” Robbie answered with a smile, “all you have to do is call her” he continued. I grabbed the phone and called Robbie’s mom, “hi Angie! It’s Mike, what’s up?” “Hi Mike, was wondering if Robbie could stay with you, I know it’s short noticed but he was supposed to stay at his friend’s place tonight cause I’m going out with the girls and his plans fell through”, she said, “Angie I don’t mind at all, Robbie and I can spend some guy time together” I answered. “Thanks Mike I appreciate it, I know he’s old enough to stay by himself but we usually come here after going out for a few more drinks and I don’t like waking the boys like that” she said. “I figured it was something like that, he can go pack his stuff and come straight back if he likes, I got some stuff to do and I can use a hand” I gave Robbie a wink as I said it. “Sure Mike, if that’s what he wants to do, I’m heading for supper with the girls before we go out, thanks again Mike” Angie said. “Oh shoot” just remembering, “I’m heading to my cousin’s place out by the lake in the morning to go fix his sauna, if Robbie wants to come do you mind if I bring him, we’ll be out all day” I asked. “Sure Mike, if he wants to go, he can let me know when he comes back for his stuff, thanks again Mike”, she said, I answered “you’re welcome Angie” As I got on the phone I was looking at Robbie who was just beaming, “oh cool” he was saying as he was practically running out the door to his place to get his stuff for the weekend. I went back downstairs to finish was I was doing sporting a semi while I was thinking of the fun I was going to have with Robbie over the next 24 hrs. or so. Robbie came back with his stuff and he came downstairs right away to help with what I was doing, we were done in a few hours and by then it was time to make supper. I started supper and by time we were done doing dishes it was already going 8pm. “Wow a day, I could use a shower, what about you buddy?” looking at Robbie. I think Robbie had the water going before I was even upstairs he was so excited. I got in the shower and Robbie was already touching me and wanting to kiss. As soon as we kissed, both of us were hard in an instant. We washed each other thoroughly and after drying each other off, headed to the bedroom. “Mike I got something’s I want to show you” as he went to his bag searching. He pulled out a small bag and out of that he revealed what looked like a 4 inch butt plug and some lube. Being really surprised I asked him “where in the hell did you get that”, “it’s my mom’s, I use it all the time, it vibrates and it feels great, you’re going to love this” he said as a matter of fact. I was thinking to myself, Angie is pretty kinky as well as her son, something I would find out someday, but that’s not for a couple of years yet. Then Robbie went over to the computer turned it on, turn around and said “I have that one of those videos on my email for you to check out, it’s my favorite, and I think you’re going to like it”. I sat in the chair by pc and waited for everything to load up, and then Robbie brought up his email, click on the one with video and played it. The scene was kayseri escort of a boy about Robbie’s age and size on his knees in front of a well hung man about my age I would have guessed, the man’s dick was at least 8-9 inches and hard, and the boy started sucking that dick, my cock was really hard as I watched. Robbie got on his knees and started sucking my cock as I continued to watch the video, the scene lasted about almost 15 minutes with it ending after the boy was fucked hard and the man cumming in his mouth. I almost blew my load into Robbie’s sweet mouth, but after the video was finished I picked up Robbie and laid him down on the bed and started to suck his 4 inch dick which was really hard and it was pulsing in my mouth, Robbie suggested that we 69, which we had never done yet, I laid on my back with Robbie’s light frame on mine and we sucked each other’s cocks, as we continued I looked up at Robbie’s little hole and started to lick him hard and deep. Robbie moaned and sucked my cock even harder, so I continued to eat his cute, clean, hairless ass and he would suck my cock harder and harder till I blew my load, Robbie moaned as I shot my load in his mouth, Robbie kept sucking till I was finished. After he rolled off he asked me if I could use the butt plug on him while I blew him. I laid him on the bed and grabbed the lube and dapped some on my finger and spread it around his little hole, and when he was nice and lubed I stuck my finger in his ass to further lube him. I then reached for the butt plug lubed it up, turned it on and slowly started playing around his hole with it, “Mike, it’s ok to just slowly put in, I’ve done it plenty of times” he said. So with that said I started to slowly insert it and I got to admit I got hard watching him take it up his ass, as I work it in all the way, Robbie was moaning and saying how good it felt, his dick was pointing straight up to prove that point. I started to slowly move it in and out and as I did I started sucking Robbie’s dick again. I progress to increase the speed of the plug in an out of Robbie’s ass as I continued to suck his cock, and after 5 minutes Robbie arched his ass right of the bed and moaned hard and long as he shot a big load in my mouth, I swallowed Robbie’s cum and licked him clean as he slowed his breathing and returned back to this plane of existence. When he was finished and I pulled the plug out his ass as he looked at me and said, “Holy fuck Mike that was awesome, I never came so hard, I felt I was cumming straight from my ass”. Watching him get off so hard really turned me on and again I was really hard. Robbie looked at me and said, “It’s your turn want to try it” I said yes and Robbie grabbed the butt plug and went to the washroom to wash it off with warm soapy water. He returned and asked me to get on all fours on the bed. I did as he asked and he came up behind me and started licking my ass, he was sticking his tongue deep inside me like you would when eating pussy while he was milking my cock. After a few minutes he stuck a finger in my ass and was licking my balls as he continued to milk me. Then Robbie asked me to lay down with my legs up, he applied some lube to his fingers and lubed my asshole sticking his fingers inside of me as he did so, then he reached for the butt plug and put some lube, turned it on then pressed it against my asshole and I moaned as it vibrated through me. Robbie started pushing it inside me and it was a feeling I’ve never forgotten, as he got it all the way inside me he stopped looked at me and pulled it out a bit then back in, it took a minute but when he had a good rhythm going he took my cock in his mouth and started blowing me. I was glad that I had already cummed once as I could enjoy this longer. Robbie would take a breather and stroke my cock for a few minutes while he continued to fuck me with the butt plug, then he would resume sucking my cock, sometime he would lick my balls as he stroked me. I tell you the feeling was incredible, and after about 30 minutes as Robbie was sucking my cock, I grabbed Robbie’s head started humping his sweet mouth till I came harder than I had in a while. As I was coming down from that great cum, I looked at Robbie and said, “I understand what you meant about cumming from your ass, that was awesome Robbie” I reached over and brought him to me to kiss him hard, as he kissed back I could taste my cum on his tongue. After we cleaned up we had a little snack while watching TV in the bedroom. It was getting late and I suggested we turn in because we had an early morning. Robbie asked me where he should sleep, I looked at him puzzled and said, “with me silly, where else”, he keçiören escort kissed me and cuddle up to me as we spooned, just before falling asleep I was thinking to myself how I was loving the time I was spending with Robbie, not just the sex, but the closeness we were experiencing. The Next Day We were up early, cleaned ourselves up, ate some breakfast, packed some food for the day, we picked some more supplies at the market on our way out and off we went for the day. My cousin’s place is about 30 minutes from town on one of the Great Lakes, Robbie and I chatted about sports, school and other things of interests as we drove down to the lake. Robbie asked what we had to do out there and if we were going to be alone, I told him that as far as I knew my cousin was going to be there all day and we had to fix the roof, steps and deck of the sauna, a few odds and ends, and a good clean up. Robbie asked if we were going to get a chance to use it, I answered, “I hope so, I brought towels, body wash, shampoo and conditioner, would be a waste to do all the work and not get a reward”. Robbie smiled his cute smile as we continued our drive. We got there just after 9am, and after getting all the tools out and the material in place we set off to do the work, first thing was the roof, which didn’t take long, I got Robbie to clean out the sauna as I did the roof, by the time we stopped for lunch we had the roof fixed, the sauna clean out, the old deck and steps ripped off. Robbie and I ate our lunch and relaxed for an hour, it was Sunday after all. After lunch I got Robbie to fill up the water bin in the sauna and to get some dry wood so we can light a fire as it takes a couple of hours for the sauna to start getting hot and by the time we were to finish the new deck and steps we should be able to step right in. Robbie was so excited that he ran to the lake without a pale which made laugh out loud, he came back up the little hill smiling, grabbed the pale went back to the lake shaking his head. My cousin told me after lunch that he had to leave and wouldn’t be back till dark, “where are you going?” I asked him. I got some things to do in town and then I’m going to a friend’s for supper”. I was surprised to hear this, but happy upon hearing it as I knew Robbie and I would be alone for few hours to enjoy ourselves in the sauna. My cousin thanked me before he left and Robbie was just finishing filling the water bin as my cousin was leaving, “where is he going Mike?” he asked. “He’s got some running around to do and then having supper at his friend’s, he won’t be back till dark” I said, smiling at Robbie as I said it. Robbie looked at me smiled back and said “cool”. Robbie got the dry wood we lit the stove and I got Robbie to gather some wood from the wood shed, and as he did that I started building the deck, the deck and steps weren’t a difficult task and were built in a couple hours, By the time we had all the work done, the tools put away and everything cleaned up the fire in the stove for the sauna had been burning for about 3 hrs. I made sure Robbie kept feeding the fire all day so the sauna would be nice and hot as well as wetting the walls so it wouldn’t be so dry. “Well Robbie were done, you did a great job in helping me, thanks, now are you ready to take a sauna? I know I am”. “Fucking right I am Mike” was his answer; I went back to the car and grabbed our gear. As we were getting undressed in the change room Robbie said to me, “I didn’t bring a pair of swim shorts”, “neither did I Robbie but I did bring us a couple of towels each” as I stripped everything off, “but I did bring us some clean clothes”. Then we stepped into the sauna and man alive it was hot in there, first thing I did was to throw some water on the rocks and get some steam going, then I removed my towel and sat down and laid back, relaxed and took in the steam, Robbie did the same and sat next to me. I would splash water on the rocks some more and got a good steam going. Robbie and I started talking as we relaxed, “Mike I really enjoy spending time with you, and I like sucking your cock and you sucking me, but can we do more?” I had an idea where this was going and I started to get hard as I asked him, “like what Robbie? What else would you like to do?” “I want you to fuck me, I got the lube in my bag” Robbie answered. I soon as Robbie said all that I was hard as an iron bar. Robbie stepped out into the change room and returned with the lube in hand, then he got on his knees and starting sucking my cock like the cock-sucking champ that he is. Then he got up and applied some lube to my cock and as he was stroking my dick applied some lube to ankara kendi evi olan escort his ass. He asked me to lie down so he could mount me, I don’t know if I was ever so excited as I was then, anticipating Robbie lowering himself on my cock. Robbie mounted me and raised his little ass up and grabbed my cock and guided it to his hole. Then Robbie started to slowly lower himself on my rod, fuck he was tight, but I was hard and it was going in, it took a few minutes before he was down all the way. When Robbie was in all the way, he stopped and took a deep breath. I could tell he was ready, and with that he started to go up a little then down, as he progressed he would go up higher and the go down harder, about 10 minutes in he was fucking himself on my hard shaft and I was starting to meet his strokes. His cock was hard and pointing straight up and I was thinking to myself how fucking hot that was, we kept fucking hard and Robbie did something I’ve never seen but had heard off, he started cumming, and cumming hard, his first spurt shot straight up about 2 feet and landed on my chest then his cum just seeped out of cock, it looked so yummy. Robbie stayed hard as we kept fucking; I now had his ass cheeks in both my hands and was bouncing his ass off my cock, fuck this is great I was thinking. I was getting close to shooting my load and it was going to a big one, I could feel it coming from my toes, “Robbie I’m going to cum” I said, Robbie leaned in and whispered “cum in my ass, please!” He started kissing me and we continued to fuck, then it happened, I started to cum and as I did I held Robbie tight and we both moaned into others mouth, I could feel Robbie’s dick pulsing as he was cumming again. Robbie and I held each other for a long time after and kept kissing. “Robbie that was fucking amazing, I don’t remember the last time I came that hard while fucking someone” was all I could say. “Me too Mike, I came twice while you were fucking me” Robbie answered. “I know I felt it on my stomach while we were kissing, I can’t wait to do that again” I continued saying “lets’ wash up and rinse off, but we can take out time”. Robbie and I did exactly that, after we were done in the sauna, I made us a quick supper with the provisions we had brought with us, left the rest for my cousin, and before leaving made sure everything was cleaned up in the kitchen, and in the sauna. We drove home as it got dark, it was almost 9:30pm when we got home, and I made sure Robbie went to his place to let his mother know he was back safe and sound. I unpacked and did some laundry, Stephanie and Yogi were not going to be home till tomorrow afternoon and I had the day off, it was a holiday tomorrow. As a sat on the couch I heard a knock, then the door opened and Robbie walked in, “my mom says I can come watch TV with you” he said, “but I really want you to fuck me again” he smiled. I got up, closed and locked the door and brought Robbie upstairs. I laid him on the bed and started making out with him, I undressed him then I undressed myself. I was feeling very aggressive, grabbed Robbie’s head and guided it to my cock; Robbie took my cue and started sucking me off while I was still holding his head. Moaning I asked Robbie if he brought his lube with him, he said yes, taking his mouth off my dick long enough to answer me. I took Robbie and laid him on the bed, this time I was going to be on top, fucking him. I took the lube and spread it across his ass which felt a little looser, I smiled at this, and then I applied some lube to my cock. Then I lifted Robbie’s legs high and aimed my prick at his hole and started to push in, it went in rather quickly and I started fucking him right away, as we got our groove going I pinned him down and started fucking him hard. Robbie was moaning and asking me to fuck him harder, fuck this is so hot I was thinking to myself, I really liked having sex with this boy. I kept fucking him harder and harder and after about 20 minutes was ready to blow another load, Robbie was cumming again without touching himself as I started to blow my load deep in his ass. We both groaned as we came, I’m sure the neighbors heard us. I collapsed on Robbie and we held each other like lovers, just as that we had become, I was his lover and he mine, we were going to continue seeing each other for some time. Robbie and I got dressed, went downstairs and we watched some TV till Robbie left, I kissed him goodnight as he asked when the girls were coming back, “not till late afternoon tomorrow” I answered, “Cool! I’ll be back in the morning for another fuck, maybe you can do me on all fours” was his reply. Robbie left and returned the next morning and we did fuck one more time with him on all fours; again it was another great fuck ending with another good orgasm. I was lying on the couch when the girls came in, Stephanie looked at me and asked “long weekend?” I looked at her and said “I did everything I had to do and more” I was grinning as I said it.

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