Subject: Workplace Escapades Installment 2: Robbie Boy Workplace Escapades Installment 2: Robbie Boy After reuniting with Billy, and getting by with workplace sex I was hungry for more. I knew that getting someone from my past, that new me, they were more likely to come to my work for fun, but getting a stranger to come might be more difficult. I logged on to the website and started surfing one afternoon. I was intrigued by a screen name: ikissedmydaddy. Being a fan of dad/son roleplay and porn, of course I clicked on the profile. I was not disappointed. Great stats: 23, 5’10” 170lbs, 7.5 uncut cock, and hairy…WOOF! I shot him a message and just said “Hi, what’s up?”. He responded right away and we shared the usual chit-chat that happens on these sites. I could tell that he wanted to play, and knew I had to break it to him that I wanted him to come to my work. I told him and waited for his response, thinking he’d back out. “Workplace sex is HOT! I’m down!” was his reply. My thick 7in cock jumped when I read that reply. Having looked at his pics and knowing he was into this 47 yo, 6’4″, 230lb hairy dad, got my motor going for sure. He was about 45 mins from me, so I scouted out my planned escort bayan play spot and it was going to work out just fine. Then I popped a blue pill, not becuase I can’t get it up, but I wanted to last with this one… not sure how many of these work escapades I could get by with. He arrived right when he said he would. I met him at the entrance and we drove an indoor cart through the hallways into the construction zone of a new wing on our building. The workers had left for the day and it was deserted. We sat on a pile of plywood and chatted for a bit, then he leaned in a kissed me. I was rock hard in an instant. We didn’t waste any time getting as much of our clothes off as possible. Just as I finished taking off my jock strap he said, “Put your boots back on, daddy.” Damn this kid was gonna be fun. There I sat with nothing but my boots on, when he noticed a hard hat sitting near by and put it on his head. He dropped to his knees and swallowed my swollen cock. I groaned with pleasue as this boy worked my pole. He was good. He came up for air a few time to kiss me, then right back to my dick. All he had on was a white dress shirt that was unbuttoned and loose around his slim tan body. His ass kocaeli escort sticking out from under it as he knelt between my legs with me seated on the plywood. I slapped his ass a couple times, and teased his hole with a finger only to find he had a butt plug inserted into his ass. I began to push and pull on it making him groan on my cock. He started fumbling around with his pants on the floor while he continued to suck me, eventually revealing a condom. As he slid is tongue down to my balls, and sucked them in his young sexy mouth, he sheathed my sword. “Does Daddy want to fuck his boy” he asked. “Stand up and bend over this stack of wood”, I instructed him. As he did, he put the hard hat on me. I pulled the plug out of him and immediately slid my dick in to the hilt. Fuck, he felt good. “Fuck!” he shouted as I went into a full assault on his ass, pounding him hard, wearing my work boots and a hard hat. We fucked like that for a good 15 mins before I flipped him over on his back and leaned in to kiss his while filling him up again. I was gonna cum.. and soon. “Pull out, daddy, I want to swallow you.” I obliged and sat back down on the stack of plywood. He knelt in front izmit escort bayan of me, removed the condom and slid my piece all the way to the back of his throat. I could feel the back of his tongue on my cock head, milking it. I started cumming immediately and he took it like a champ. I was impressed that he swallowed it all. He came up and straddled me, planting a deep kiss on me, when his mouth exploded with all of my cum and we shared it. The little fucker had saved as much of it as he could! As he did this he slid my bare cock into his hole again and began to ride me. Soon he was shooting cum all the way up to our faces and over his own shoulder. We were covered in cum, and so was that top sheet of plywood. We were spent, but I needed to get back to work. My rock hard cock was still inside him and he pulled off with a pop, bent down and cleaned me off. We dressed, kissed a few times while doing so, and then I drove him back to the entrance. I hope he and I can meet again…I really want to taste the dick on this kid. These work place stories are all based on actual encounters that I have had. I hope you enjoyed reading. If you did, why not take time to make a donation to the Nifty Stories Archive. Keep it going for all to enjoy. If you have questions, or comments you can reach me at elf. Thanks for reading. I’m going to have to go jack off now. I have a wet spot on the front of my pants after typing out this story…

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