Robbie’s Hospital Bed

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Robbie’s Hospital BedVictorious: Robbie’s Hospital BedRobbie only had one more day before he was released from the hospital and he couldn’t wait.Ever since the ‘Beggin’ On Your Knees’ incident Jade and Beck have been distant. When Tori broke up with Ryder she was a wreck and Beck was there every step of the way. He blew off Jade to hang with Tori and that didn’t make her happy at all.That’s when Jade had Robbie in her sights. When he got beat up by moms at the park Jade was there for him and when they were alone after that things started to got a little heated. Since then Jade and Robbie have been friends with benefits or cheating.Robbie was in his hospital bed smiling at the memories of all of their steamy encounters. In the shower, school, car, or Jade’s favourite on Tori’s bed. When Tori was running errands for Trina they had sex in her bed and the whole time Jade was talking dirty.’Good times’. Robbie thought with a smile.Little did he know that a predator was outside of his door and she was making her move. She was stealthy as she locked the door drew the blinds and stalked to his bedside.”Baby.” Jade said in her creepy voice.Robbie’s eyes snapped open, “J-Jade.”Jade put her finger on his lips, “Yes… and I want to have sex.”Robbie was conflicted, “Jade, the nurses make rounds.””Never mind that, we should be using this time together better,” Jade smirked.Robbie felt Jade’s hand slip under his hospital gown and grip his manhood tightly. “Hey Jade do we really have to do this here? There’s people all over this place and it’s not the best circumstances,” Robbie whined as he felt himself getting hard.”But Robbie…” She whined pouting cutely for him as she moved closer towards him. “…I haven’t been with you in a whole week, I need you right now. I don’t know why but I’ve been so unbelievably horny today, I’ve masturbated to the thought of you already today and it’s only getting worse. Please Robbie; I really need this right now.”He looked at her taken aback at her confession, she was pouting even more now.”Well, I just don’t want anyone to catch us so please keep it down, and could you try not to be too rough I’m still in bandages.”She smiled triumphantly, She knew he would gave in and there was no point forcing him to comply when she could just make him change his mind.”Well I’ll do my best but I’m not making any promises.” Jade said as she ripped off the only layer of clothing he had.She mashed her lips into his and pushed her tongue into his mouth before he could even make a move. The kiss was wild and brutal leaving Jade’s saliva all over his mouth and chin.They sat there on the bed their tongues locked in a fierce battle, Jade moaned into Robbie’s mouth as she felt him grab her breast.Jade broke the kiss and got up on her knees as she reached up her skirt and pulled down her soaking wet panties. Now Robbie was just as aroused as her, he didn’t know what it was but he felt something running through his body.A burning desire unlike anything he had every felt before pulsing through him and engulfing him making him react on his feral instincts.The second Jade took off her panties Robbie tackled her laying her out flat on her back; tuzla ukraynalı escort he grabbed her calves and dragged her closer to him. Robbie lowered his hands to her thighs and pulled her up closer yet as he buried his face in between them.Jade gasped as she felt his tongue trail up and down her saturated pink lips; unc*nsciously she started to tighten her thighs around his head which he kept in place with his hands.After what seemed like hours of teasing her, he pushed his tongue into her plunging deep inside her wet hole. She arched her back and screamed as she grabbed his head and pulled his hair desperately trying to get him in deeper.She gasped for breath as he kept pushing his tongue in and out of her rapidly, flicking it playfully at her entrance each time before penetrating her again with it. He inched closer to her and placed his mouth over her pussy.He began to suck on her soft sopping wet lips as he ran his tongue over them. He pushed his tongue inside her again this time he lashed out wildly in all directions brushing against her most sensitive spot sending her over the edge, “Ohhh Robbie, more! MORE!” She screamed as she came making her bittersweet sticky juices pour out all over his tongue and mouth.He pulled his tongue out as he lapped the remaining juices that trailed down her thighs and ass. She was now in a completely frenzy, she got up and shoved Robbie on his back and climbed over him.She pushed herself up and sat down on his face, grabbing his hair again as she grinded herself into him. She slowly started to moan as she felt his tongue rub against her clit.He nibbled on the soft nub of skin playfully as he brought his tongue around it in circles and then began to pay more attention to her lips again.Jade was struggling to breathe as she kept screaming Robbie’s name out uncontrollably. Robbie’s tongue was wiggling inside of her touching all the right places and making her only want him more.He brought his hands up to her thighs and one slowly moved to her ass, he continued to run his tongue around her clit as he unexpected pushed his middle finger into her tight asshole.She moaned at the sudden pleasure and pushed herself harder onto his face, she was rocking her hips making his roaming tongue move up and down inside of her. “Oh Robbie, you know what I like”, she moaned out just as he pushed another finger inside her ass.He pumped his fingers forcefully in and out of her making her scream even louder at every thrust. Robbie was having the time of his life, the thought to do half the stuff that was going on now had never even occurred to him before Jade set her eyes on him.He pumped his finger even harder as he tried to force another one inside of her, she scream as she felt him trying but allowed him to do so. He was nibbling on her clit still as he forced the third finger inside her tight asshole.Jade was moaning in a mixture of pleasure and pain and she absolutely loved it, which only turned on Robbie more.His actions now were all so natural to him and he loved it, and more importantly to him, Jade was enjoying herself. He continued to lap at her wet pussy with his tongue as he heard tuzla rus escort her scream, ” I’m-m-m Cum-m-m-ing.”Her juices squirted out and covering his entire mouth and some of his chin, he didn’t know why but he had suddenly longed for her taste. It was almost like he needed to know what she tasted like but now that he had a rather large sample he was satisfied.He pulled his fingers out of her ass and just laid there for a moment enjoying her semi sour juices that he loved so much. Robbie licked his lips as he contemplated what she tasted like, her juices were slightly sour but there was definitively a very sweet aftertaste to it.Without warning Robbie sat up completely throwing her onto her back again, he got up and got on top of her while he grabbed her thighs and spread her legs.Her eyes went wide as she felt Robbie thrust into her with so much force that she bounced further away from him in the process. He reached out and grabbed her hips to make sure she wouldn’t move, he leaned forward as he adjusted himself and began to pound her sopping wet pussy viciously.Jade arched her back so much that it barely was touching the bed anymore, her mouth was open but she had finally lost her voice. She dropped back on the bed gripping the edges so tight that she lost feeling in her handsJade’s breasts would bounce from the impact with every thrust, it felt like she couldn’t breathe anymore and she knew she was close to another orgasm.Robbie was driving himself into her with such force that he seemed to reach so deep into her that he was in her stomach. His eyes were full of lust and now he was barely aware of what he was even doing.He looked down at Jade, her mouth was open and her eyes were gazed over as if she wasn’t even conscious anymore. He reached out and pinched her nipples as hard as he could to see if she was ok.She yelped in pain at his actions but didn’t do anything to stop him from continuing. Robbie smiled.Robbie wrapped his arm around her waist and sat back up bringing her on top of him without even pulling out of her. He leaned forward and took her right nipple in his mouth without even slowing down his pumping into her. He started to suck as if he truly expected milk to come out, he continued with a fierce determination when his needs weren’t met.Jade who had been whimpering softly was now moaning as loud as humanly possible while Robbie punished her nipples with his mouth. Jade had been slowly grinding herself into him but began to gently bounce on his throbbing cock.Robbie released her nipple and kissed her before letting his tongue trail down her neck before he instinctively moved to her pulse. He covered it in his saliva and without warning brought down his sharp canines into the center of it.Jade screamed again but her voice was almost completely gone so Robbie didn’t even notice. He tasted her blood and it filled him with delight, he slowly retracted from her shoulder.He stared at the vein that seemed to be pulsing and vibrating as if it wasn’t stable and could explode at any second. Robbie was snapped out of his gaze as Jade leaned forward and wrapped her arms around his neck.He looked at her escort bayan as she bounced harder and harder on his erection, a thin layer of sweat was blanketing her brow and her lips were slightly parted as she panted heavily.A smile crept on his face as he looked at her, she rested her forehead on his shoulder as if she was about to pass out.”I Love you”, Jade said in a tired but warm voice.There were no words that could accurately describe how Robbie felt as he heard that confession of love come from the woman he had fallen for. He wrapped his arms around her and brought her closer to him so she had to raise her head from his shoulder.She looked up at him and into his eyes as he continued to buck up into her and she pushed herself down in perfect rhythm. “I love you too, Jade.”She looked like all the problems in the world were dissolved by his words, her face illuminated in a warm smile and she opened her mouth as if she was going to speak but only a moan escaped her mouth.She moved her arms around to Robbie’s back and he could feel her nails digging into his skin to the point where they drew blood. She winced and bit down on her lower lip trying to muffle her oncoming screams as her eyes close and all the muscles in her stomach contracted.The sheer power of her orgasm made her completely collapse in Robbie’s arms as she began to tremble and scream. Robbie groaned as he felt her juices literally shot out of her and the wave of pressure of her inner walls tightening with the feel of her warm juices sent him overboard.He pushed her back on her back as he shoved himself as deep as he could when his hot seed began to shoot out of his pulsing member filling Jade up with his cum. Robbie groaned as he felt wave after wave blast from his cock and he twitch in pleasure until he finished.He pulled out of Jade and dropped himself down on his back that had to have been the most intense sexual experience he ever had. The strangest part was that he bit Jade; he didn’t realize how much she enjoyed the vampirism.It was a natural occurrence for biting to happen during sex with Jade but she was always the one doing the biting.”What’s wrong?””It’s nothing, you’re just so beautiful,” he said, smiling because for once he felt liked he belonged.She smiled and pushed herself off the bed pulling down her skirt which was pulled up so high that it looked more like a wrinkly belt. “Here, you keep these to remind you of me for the night.” Jade said as she handed him her panties which had only gone from soaking wet to damp.She frowned as she looked at the shirt and sighed, she walked over to her coat and put it on, actually buttoned it up for once. She walked over to Robbie’s bed and climbed back on it.”I have a surprise for you,” she said cheerfully. “Get better for me; I’m going to let you sleep.””Alright Bye Jade,” Robbie said as he watched her walk away and unlock the door.”I love you,” he blurted out as she was in the doorway.She turned around and gave him a smile, “I love you more,” and she turned around and left.Robbie couldn’t help be feel like he was on top of the world, he didn’t think he could be so happy in his entire life and now he felt like everything horrible that had ever happened in his life was worth it just for the hour of pure bliss he just experienced.He relaxed in his bed; he could very well use a nap after that physical exertion.Little did he know, but Jade had planned, that Jade was not on the pill anymore.

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