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Author’s Note: Very few stories on this site, including this one, are realistic, that said I get tired of huge cocks and monstrous tits that are so big that the lady would be in physical pain to carry such a load. However, I love a lady with a big butt, but still somewhat in proportion to the rest of her body. Give me average people, whatever that means, with average desires or hot fetishes. Also, I come to this site to cum, so I try and write stories with a plot and character development but don’t spend too much time before getting into the explicit.

With that in mind the following selection deals with some of my own fetishes so be forewarned it deals with a lot of ass play, as well as, foot play, unshaven women, panty play, and incest. The story could have been either in Anal or Incest, but I chose Anal as the bulk of events have to do with ass play. All characters are over 18 years of age. I hope you enjoy.


It is true what they say that guys chase after and often marry women that remind them of their mother. I can personally attest to this as I did marry a beautiful lady who could have been my mom’s twin. To take it one step further she could also be my sister’s twin. My mother and my sister were the stars of my fantasies and I came hundreds of times to thoughts of each of them. When I was a Senior in high school my dad was killed in a construction accident.

The insurance and legal settlement were enough to pay off our house but not so much to allow my mom to quit working. We did alright still living a middle-class lifestyle but the atmosphere around the house was melancholy but slowly improved as time went by. My sister, Robin, was two years older than me and was soon dating and graduated with honors from high school. The autumn of her second year of college she attended the local state university and lived at home to save money.

It was then that things began to change as, for one thing, Robin began dressing more provocatively. She was obviously attracting much attention from the guys at school as she either tended to wear short skirts and dresses or skin-tight pants that showed her panty line. Let me tell you what Robin looks like. My sister is five and a half feet tall and about 140 pounds with long brown hair. She has C cup breasts and thick thighs, but the best attribute is her very large heart shaped ass covered by size 8 panties (This I found out while helping with the laundry) which sways seductively from side to side when she walks.

I could not take my eyes off her backside and it did not take long for her to notice. It was just after my 18th birthday that the teasing and even flirting began. I would ask her what she was packing in her jeans or how she could get her pants on over that big thing. All this time my cock was throbbing at her beauty. She would retort about my skinny little ass. To my surprise I caught her not only catching peaks at my crotch but also staring at my ass.

Slowly things heated up that autumn. When we passed each other in the hall she would give me a hip check. After a few times I responded by swatting her ass as she went by. Robin would help me with my math homework from time to time but suddenly instead of sitting beside me she stood with that wonderful ass right beside my face. Pretending to lean down to examine the book I would make sure my cheek would brush her hip as I inhale to see if I could get a whiff of her womanly aromas.

The first few times that Robin helped me like this she was in jeans but then one evening she came over and asked if I needed help. It was an offer I now was not about to refuse, even if I did not need any help. This time she had gone too far as she was wearing a very short skirt. Her naked skin brushed against my shoulder and the bottom of the skirt grazed my neck. I tried to concentrate on the math but just could not resist the temptation any longer. I lifted my hand and placed it on one of her ass cheeks whispering, “what an ass!”

She quickly pushed the hand away and continued to try and tutor me. This time when I leaned in, I swore I smelled her womanly arousal. Trying to Resist her butt was killing me especially when I caught an all too brief glimpse of her purple bikini panties. As if her ass had a magnetic force my hand was drawn to it again but this time, I swiped my hand under the skirt and grabbed her cheek through her underwear. To my surprise she turned so that her entire ass was in my face and lifted her skirt showing off her panty-clad butt, “Dan you really have a thing for my ass, I’ll show you mine if you first show me yours.”

Shocked I sat there pondering the situation, trying to figure things out. Was this joke or worse a chance to scold me on what a pervert I was if I took her up on her offer? I thought for a while then it occurred to me that my hand was still on her ass and her butt was only a few inches from my face. Deciding I had nothing to lose as she would never tell anyone as it would be embarrassing for her as well. I closed the book and stood up, “You’ve got a deal, Down to our underwear bursa escort first.”

Giving her posterior a squeeze as I let go of it, I nearly knocked over my chair as I moved away from the table. My shoes were easily dispensed of as I pulled my shirt off followed rapidly by my socks and jeans. My erect manhood was trying to escape the confines of my briefs as I stood there nervously. Robin walked around behind me. I felt as if I were being inspected as she purred, “Damn Dan you have a cute little ass, so hot and sexy.”

Now my sister was the nervous one as she went back in front of me to discard her outer clothing. There was nothing seductive about her stripping as it appeared to be purely lusted driven. Even though I had seen her in a bikini this was different and caused me to audibly gasp at the beauty before me. I thought my eyes would pop out of their sockets when she turned around and showed me her ass. Nervously she stammered, “Dan, if we’re going to do anymore show and tell maybe we should pick up our clothes and go to my bedroom in case mom shows up.”

“That sounds like a good idea,” I croaked while my eyes were fastened to her erect nipples through her bra. Coming out of my daze I hurriedly picked up my clothing. This took longer than you would think as I had trouble finding one of my socks. Finally, I followed her to her room and dropped my stuff in the corner. She had also picked up my math book, so I had a reason for being in her room if mom got home.

We just stood there looking each other up and down for a couple of minutes appraising the rest of one another’s bodies. It was then I noticed her long sexy feet and the wonderful wisps of hair in her armpits. She was by no means skinny having a perfect amount of meat on her bones and thicker thighs. Sensing the moment of truth had arrived she asked, “Dan, go first, take off your undies and show me your ass.”

Turning away from her I took a deep breath and put my thumbs in the waistband of my briefs. Timidly I pushed the garment to the floor. Standing still I gave her a few seconds to get an eyeful of my butt before turning to face my sister with my cock pointing like a sword at her belly, “Fuck, little brother, you’re so damn hot. I want your cock but not until I’ve ravaged your ass!”

“Not so fast Sis, your turn to get naked! First, you need to take off the bra and let me get a look at your boobs, then unless you object, I’m going to remove your panties for you.” I know my suggestion did not sound very hot or lust-filled, but I didn’t want to risk putting an end to what was happening as my sister had been known to change her mind about many things very abruptly. Robin turned away and unfastened her bra and let it join my briefs on the floor.

I gasped at the beauty before me as she faced me. She said nothing as she tweaked her nipples. Waiting for a few seconds I went to my knees and ran my hands over her panties. This alone almost caused me to orgasm. I scooted behind her and slowly revealed her big butt. As her panties fell to the floor I reached up and touched her ass, but she quickly stepped away and showed me her furry pussy. She growled, “Not so fast mister! Get face-down on my bed. I get your ass first! “

Knowing that patience can be its own reward I scampered on to her bed and wiggled my skinny ass at her. Robin pushed my legs apart and climbed between them. As she got in position, she tossed me her panties telling me to busy myself with them while she had her fun. My sister knew me too well having caught me sniffing panties several times. With her undies in my face I relaxed while Robin began by caressing my ass cheeks and running a finger up and down my ass crack.

“This is going to be fun! You’ve got such a pretty little ass,” she snarled as she gave each cheek a swat as she pulled me up to my knees. Suddenly my ass cheeks were being flooded with butterfly kisses with her hands kneading me at the same time. This was followed by her tongue swiping up and down my crack. Then at the same time as she started working her tongue inside my rectum, she used her hand to roughly squeeze my balls causing me to moan.

“Oh fuck!” I panted as she worked her tongue deeper and deeper. Soon she was tongue fucking my backdoor and stroking my cock. Just as I thought I would orgasm Robin slithered up my body as I collapsed to her bed. My sister bit my neck and motioned for me to roll over. Instantly she thrust her tongue into my mouth kissing me with great passion.

“Do you like the taste of your ass?” I answered her by kissing her even harder. My hands were now all over her wonderful body, exploring frantically. I then settled on her ass my hands squeezed and kneaded her glorious cheeks before beginning a complete exploration of her deep crack. Finding her rosebud, I teased it with my fingertip.

“Robin, on your belly now, I must kiss your ass,” I groaned as I fondled her breasts before kissing her and sliding out from underneath her. My heart was racing as I looked down upon her beautiful form, her sleek back bursa escort bayan that suddenly jutted out to her magnificent heart-shaped ass. Her legs were equally sexy, but I could not resist her long slender feet. As I picked them up in-turn to slide her legs apart I briefly kissed and licked each of them before climbing between her thighs.

Focusing my attention entirely toward her ass I still could not help but notice the sweet aroma emitting from her pussy and the sight of the juices glistening as they leaked from her hairy slit. Not wishing to spoil the mood I ignored her pussy for the time being and placed my hands on her ass cheeks and began kneading the firm but soft and spongy mountains of ass flesh. My hands were quickly followed by my mouth and tongue. I kissed, licked, and nibbled on every inch of her cheeks.

Next, I pulled her buns apart revealing her deep crevice which emitted its own distinct odor, to me, every bit as sexy as her pussy’s aroma. Pausing for a moment, I took in the site as I admired her tiny brown winking rosebud and the small tuft of hair nearby before I dove in and licked up the entire length. Soon, my tongue was feverishly licking up and down. Robin pushed her rump up against my face as I found her puckering ass hole, swirling my tongue around the rim before finally stabbing it inside.

It was the tightest hole my tongue had ever been in and therefore it was a struggle to penetrate her bowels. After a few stabs I finally got inside, and her ass hole opened to me like a flower allowing me to tongue her dirtiest hole. Just then, Robin grabbed my head and as she held it in place rolled onto her side. This confused me until I found out why she made this move. In mere seconds I felt her feet on my cock and balls. At first, her touch was light and teasing but it did not take long before she was wildly jerking me off with her feet.

Her play seemed random, but she knew what she was doing to me as she might kick my balls one minute, stretch my cock the next, and foot fuck me the next. Since she was playing with my genitals, I thought it only natural to play with hers and reached around her hip and stroked her forest of pubic hair feeling for her pussy. This only caused her to play rougher, encouraging me. It was not difficult to find her clit as it was already swollen prior to me even touching it. As my ass tonguing grew more savage I teased and played all around her clit.

It was unreal to me how sexy it felt to have my face buried in her butt and that her ass hole had a unique taste and smell all its own, it did not taste anything like shit. My tongue was buried to the hilt as I sprayed my spunk all over her feet. Excitedly, I diddled her clit which caused her to grind her ass even harder into my face. Her entire body went stiff and I knew she was cumming. Panting she rolled back onto her stomach and demanded, “Fuck me, I want your hard cock in my cunt!”

As I climbed up into position, she got up on her knees showing me her dripping pussy. Before she could change her mind, I slowly pushed my length into her slit. This seemed like a perfect position to me as while I slid in and out of her hot wet twat, I caressed her big rump and played with her tits. Our fucking became more and more frantic as my cock became a blur. It was at this point I jabbed a finger into her bowels resulting in Robin arching her back and pushing into the invader.

It did not take long for both of us to erupt in massive orgasms crumpling to the bed in a heap. It was then we noticed it was getting dark outside. Knowing that our parents could be home at any time we scrambled to get dressed. Once dressed we kissed passionately and I whispered, “I don’t know about you, but this wasn’t a one-time thing. Think about whether you want my cock up that tight ass hole because I really want you there. Regardless there will be a bit of spanking that I am sure of!”

As I picked up the math book, we heard the front door open. Robin quickly opened her bedroom door and sat on her bed signaling for me to join her. We spread out the math book between us just before our mother came by the room. We hoped she did not smell the aroma of sex in the air. Smiling, mom commented, “Robin it is so nice of you to help your brother with his math.”

“No problem mom he is a fast learner and we are kind of having fun together,” Robin sweetly replied licking her lips. We saw mom sniff the air as a quizzical look came across her face. Shrugging her shoulders, she left us alone until dinner. We tried to figure out whether our mother suspected or knew anything. Whispering we decided that we had not had enough fun and committed to experimenting some more. Nervously we resumed our tutoring session, now the focus would be on math instead of sex.

For the next few days we were unable to follow-up on our mutual lust for one another beyond some teasing and groping. One afternoon catching her alone in the kitchen, wearing a sleeveless blouse, I wrapped my arms around her from behind and while fondling her breasts I gave each escort bursa of her hairy armpits a couple of licks. She must have been stunned as, at first, there was no reaction then she suddenly pulled away laughing and saying that I was a kinky pervert. Smiling back, I cooed, “Your pits are fucking sexy, just wanted to show that every part of your body is hot not just your fantastic ass.”

We continued to tease one another without mercy and kissed and caressed whenever we got the chance if only for a couple of seconds. Neither of us knew what had come over us but we were enjoying ourselves even though it made the Math tutoring harder to concentrate on. At the same time, we were getting frustrated that we had not been able to get into bed together again. At dinner Thursday evening mom told us she had a date Friday and not to wait up for her. Smiles instantly spread across both of our faces. I just hoped Robin did not have a date of her own.

When mom left the room, my sister reached over and gave my erect member a hard squeeze through my pants confirming that her date Friday night would be me. My reply was to playfully swat her ass. We were both grinning ear to ear at our good fortune as who would have thought a week ago, we would be looking forward to a night of debauchery with our sibling. “Robin cooed, “You had better be well-rested for tomorrow night and buy some rubbers and anal lube because you’re going to need all of it.”

If a 24-hour period could creep by any slower than what I experienced waiting for our rendezvous it would have shocked me. We tried to relieve some of the pressure by caressing one another when mom was out of sight. It didn’t help much as it also seemed to get our blood boiling all the hotter. As we watched our mother pull out of the driveway our hands were already all over each other. My sister had the good sense to slow me down some in case mom had forgotten something. After waiting a couple of minutes, we raced to my bedroom.

Having out-run Robin I reached behind my computer and pulled out the boxes of condoms and anal lube and tossed them on the bed. Robin also tossed something on the bed, but I was too enamored with her to notice what it was. When she caught up to me, she pulled me hard against her hugging me so tight I could hardly breath but instantly forgot how tight her hug was as we smashed our mouths together in a very hungry kiss. Coming up for air Robin panted, “I’ve been wet for days thinking about doing this!”

“it’s been hell for me having my cock so hard every time you’re around that it hurts with it trying to escape my pants,” I didn’t tell her that our mother had been having the same effect on me as they looked so much alike. In fact, from the backside I could hardly tell them apart and almost grabbed mom’s ass a couple of times. Suddenly, our clothing was flying all over my room as we stripped each other. My pants were hanging from my dresser, her blouse was on my computer screen and her panties landed on my lamp along with other articles of clothing.

After I shoved her onto my bed the two of us rolled around kissing and caressing as I ran my fingers through her luxurious head of hair. Soon my fingers were exploring all her hair including her armpits and pubic zone. I was getting off on the differing textures and thicknesses of her hairy spots. Robin squirmed when I suckled on her neck and worked my way to her armpits for a few moments before taking her nipples into my mouth. Grabbing my head, she guided me from tit to tit while grinding them in my face. After a couple of minutes, she pushed down on my head taking the hint I kissed down her belly.

The fragrance of her pussy was intoxicating drawing my face downward until my hands found her hairy bush. Looking upon my sister’s pussy I thought that I had died and gone to heaven (forgive the use of one of the world’s oldest clichés). I ran my hand through the virtual forest of hair then I buried my face in and sucked her juices from her hairy mound with my fingers teasing her pussy lips. Robin’s hips were already swaying to my attention as I sucked her clit into my mouth causing a moan to escape from her. The next thing I knew her hip smacked my head as she suddenly rolled over untangling her legs from my face and upper torso presenting her ass to me.

“Damn it, Fuckhead, take my ass and make it yours! Eat and fuck my damn shit hole!” Robin demanded as she thrust her ass toward me. The cheeks of her derriere parted revealing once again her tiny rosebud which I wasted no time before tackling it with my tongue while kneading her cheeks like pastry dough. Evidently, Robin wasn’t satisfied with my oral assault as she tossed the tube of anal lube to me. Complying with her unspoken demand I squirted the fluid into her ass hole pushing it in with my fingers.

Giving her ass a swat, I pulled her up to her knees and bathed my cock in the lube. Her backdoor was very tight as it took a lot of effort to sink my cockhead into her bowels. While I waited momentarily for her rear passage to adjust to its invader, I tenderly caressed her butt cheeks. Then, I felt Robin push back ever so slightly giving me the signal to proceed. So, I pushed in about an inch and pulled back a half of an inch, repeating this over and over until I was balls deep.

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