Rob’s Introduction to Cuckold


Rob had been sitting quietly, wrapped in only his towel, sipping a soft drink and recalling the action he had observed so far that evening in his favourite swingers club. He was only dimly aware of the man approaching, but was not expecting him to speak, when he got the strangest request of his life.

“Will you fuck my wife?” The soft Irish voice said. Not really shocked, but somewhat taken aback Rob looked up at the owner of the voice, a man of average height with a short ginger beard, dressed in the club uniform: a towel round his waist. He obviously took this hesitancy as a sign of reluctance and followed it up with, “she’ll give you a good blow job.”

The club was never short of single men looking for action and if the couple had just gone off to a room and started fooling around there would soon have been a crowd of hopefuls at the door and they could have just taken their pick. In stead he had picked out Rob to, well yes, to fuck his wife.

Now Rob was a realist, he didn’t have a massive cock and was slightly overweight, as most middle aged men are, and balding: OK, as much as he didn’t like to admit it, he was actually bald. He was no adonis but he was no gorgon either, just an average middle aged guy with a raging libido. So what was it that made this man choose him to, as he so succinctly put it, fuck his wife?

Normally single men had to go looking for action. Most couples wanted another couple to play with, not a single bloke. It was very unusual to be handed it all on a plate, but Rob was here for one thing and, one thing only. He was here for as much sex as he could physically cope with in one evening, with the main objective of getting his cock into a nice moist pussy and take his pleasure while ensuring that she got hers.

All this had only taken an instant and Rob stood up and they introduced themselves. He followed Peter, as he now knew him, to a quiet alcove where his wife was waining patiently on a red velvet bench. He wondered if this was a bit of a set up. Maybe she would not be his type. Perhaps he might not be able to maintain an erection, although that was unlikely as he had already taken a V, just in case he got lucky.

Taking a V was now a regular habit as memory of his last failure, a few weeks back, was still haunting him. It hadn’t been totally his fault because he had not long enjoyed a memorable encounter, in the puppy pile, and had a pretty massive orgasm in one of the most capable mouths he had ever experienced.

Soon after that he had been in the main play room, where a totally gorgeous lady with a long blond pony tail, fully twenty years younger than himself, was undergoing some sort of initiation. She was reclining in the leather sex swing, clad only in a highly decorated black basque, high heels and a black velvet collar around her neck. He didn’t understand what the initiation was all about but a somewhat older man was standing beside the swing conducting operations. Her pussy, closely trimmed of its downy covering, showed that she was definitely a natural blond and she was taking all comers.

Having just shot one load, his cock refused to come to attention and he had to make do with standing by the swing watching several other men taking their pleasure between her open thighs. Clearly gang banging had been the theme and he was just too spent to take advantage.

His fears were soon put to one side. She was a petite, dark haired, middle aged lady, with deep brown eyes and wearing only a well filled corset. Peter carried out the introductions and Rob was not surprised when Gill spoke with a similar soft Irish lilt.

Her deep brown eyes looked up into Rob’s coyly. She was clearly complicit in the encounter, but appeared somewhat shy. Well why wouldn’t she be? She and Rob were in the exact same situation, neither had any idea what the other would be like physically, let alone sexually, and both were about to have escort eryaman sex with someone they had never even seen before, let alone chosen.

Peter led them off in search of a vacant room, Gill followed, then Rob who delighted in following her nipped in waist and naked buttocks up the stairs. Full yes, but fat no. He was day dreaming of the front view when Peter pushed open the door of a vacant room and ushered them in.

For some reason Rob did not find it strange when all three went in together. He’d been asked to fuck someone’s wife and if that someone wanted to watch, who was he to argue. Peter closed and locked the door, then sat down in one corner of the large play area commenting that this was their favourite room. So they had done this before?

Gill turned round to face him. If her naked bum had been a delight, the front view was spectacular. Her dark brown hair was cut in a tight bob, her breasts slightly overflowed the cups of her basque and her pubic triangle was neatly trimmed so that the lips of her pussy were clearly visible.

She motioned for Rob to come closer, her deep brown eyes had taken on a mischievous sparkle as she moved in right up close, placed one hand on each of his buttocks and rubbed them sensuously through his towel while pulling him closer. One hand slid gently round to the front of his towel stroking his cock through the coarse material on its way.

“You won’t be needing this much longer.” The knot in his towel gave way, she let it fall to the floor and he felt her hot breath in his ear as she added.

“Did Peter tell you I do a great blow job? Well I do, but first I want you to undo my basque and play with my tits gently while I show you.” Rob was in no mood to argue. He fumbled a bit with the fastenings but soon got the hang of it. Finally those magnificent breasts were free and she was as naked as he was.

She was a good looking woman and confident enough to take the lead, which Rob rather liked. As he admired her pubic hair, cut neatly into a landing strip above the completely shaved lips of her pussy, she whispered in his ear.

“Be gentle with them, they are very sensitive.” Rob stared intently.

They were a good size, not huge and not small by any means, but the dark aureole were very large by comparison and each one hung down and pointed outwards in a most alluring manner. Her nipples stiffened to his touch as he took one breast in each hand and delighted in supporting the twin mounds of warm flesh.

“Well now, there’s a nice looking cock,” Gills soft lilt remarked casually as she cupped his balls in one hand, “a nice looking cock indeed. I do so like an uncircumcised cock, they’re such fun to play with.” Rob’s ‘nice looking’ cock was responding rapidly as her other hand pulled his foreskin gently back to reveal the sensitive head below.

All the while Peter sat quietly at the side wrapped in his towel watching the scene unfold. It didn’t take long for Rob to come to full erection.

“What do think of that for a cock then Peter? All a girl could ask for.” A guttural reply was all Rob heard as he toyed with her breasts. Then he felt her lips close around the head of his cock while one hand held his foreskin back and the other massaged his balls. Rob looked down to see her squatting in front of him with her knees spread either side of his legs. There was a direct view over her stomach to the landing strip pointing to the inviting lips of her pussy.

She was good at oral, very good. She sucked and licked while doing that thing some women do with their finger nails on a man’s balls, which made bolts of electricity shoot through him. From time to time she slipped his cock out of her mouth and ran her tongue up the shaft and over the sensitive join under the head before continuing with the suction and gazing up at him in the most lascivious manner.

He didn’t want to let this go too far. The warm elvankent escort mouth on his cock and the fingernails on his balls were having a predictable effect. Shooting his load into that welcoming mouth was not on the cards, tempting as it might be.

He had been invited to come and fuck Gill, so fuck her he would, and take great pleasure in doing so. All the time Peter just sat there watching his wife and stroked the front of his towel gently. Again, for some reason this didn’t strike Rob as odd.

Rob knew he had to get his cock out of her mouth or he would come so he suggested he go down on her.

“I hope you like dirty talk,” she said, “because, when I’m being eaten out I get quite vocal, I’m also quite assertive. So get down there and eat my cunt. I want to feel your tongue lapping my clit and making it swell with lust, pure animal lust.”

Peter had let his towel slip so that he was lying naked on the bed stroking his semi erect cock. She lay back on the bed with her knees bent and her legs wide apart.

Rob needed no further urging, he knelt between her thighs and lowered his face onto her sex. He was delighted with the taste of a sweet female pussy already starting to flow with anticipation. He started slowly, licking her inner thighs and just grazing the cleft between, trying to increase the tension and watch her flower open of its own accord.

Slowly the lips parted showing him a glimpse of her growing excitement. He explored her entrance with his tongue. Her arousal was obvious, whether from sucking him or being sucked, it didn’t matter. One finger slid easily into her, then a second. He curled his fingers upwards as he searched for the rough area that would signify her g spot.

He found his goal and stroked it firmly while maintaining tongue contact with her clit and got the result he hoped for.

“Oh yes! Like that, just like that. Peter, hold my hand while he does me. Don’t stop, just like that, keep going. Fuck that’s good. Can you see Peter? Watch as he fingers my cunt and licks my clit. God I’m wet. This is hot, soo hot! He’s pretty fucking good Peter, good choice. Squeeze my hand while I see if I can cum. Oh yes, oh for fuck’s sake.” One hand grabbed Rob’s head and pushed it hard between her legs as Rob’s found her nipples and squeezed gently. She clasped his head with her knees and shuddered.

“Fuck! That was good. Do you like the taste of my pussy? Was it wet enough for you? You really made me flow! Come up here and kiss me, I want to taste my juices on your tongue. Now let’s fuck.”

Rob stood and reached for a condom, but as he did so Gill took it gently from his hand, peeled off the wrapper and said.

“This is my job.” And she popped it in her mouth. Her hand reached down and she lifted his cock towards her waiting mouth and expertly rolled it on with her lips. “Now fuck my brains out, but take it slowly, I want to feel every inch as you enter me.” She turned round, bent over provocatively, and looked over her shoulder..

Peter was still playing with his semi erect cock as she presented her sex to Rob in the most wanton fashion. Rob took his queue and grasped her hips firmly and nuzzled the tip of his cock in her eager sex.

“Remember now! Slowly. Inch by inch. I want to feel every millimetre as you slide into me. Yea like that! Do you feel how eager my cunt is? Can you feel the wetness?” Rob felt the tip of his cock contact her cervix, “Oh fuck yes, that’s so deep.”

Rob took that as encouragement to start thrusting. He withdrew almost as slowly as he had entered until just the very tip of his cock was inside and then, equally slowly, he entered again as far as he could go. This gentle but deep shagging went on for some time as Rob gently increased the pace and the force of his movements.

“Peter! Peter! Stroke my tits. I so need to cum.” Peter reached for her breasts, releasing etimesgut escort the grip on his semi flaccid cock and stroked the palms of his hands over her now pendulous breasts while Rob continued to thrust slowly and deeply. The dynamic was unusual but Rob, buried up to his balls in a wet and willing pussy didn’t give it a thought.

“Now I want to be fucked mish.” Gill gasped and pulled forwards slowly. Rob’s cock slipped gently out of her pussy as she turned and lay on her back with her legs spread wide. Rob entered her again, aware that his excitement was growing rapidly. Those slow deep thrusts always did it for him and he knew he had taken himself close to the point of no return.

Some nice slow, not to deep, missionary position strokes allowed him to regain his composure. Coming before he had satisfied her was not an option. This woman had been generous with her mouth and her body, he had no intention of disappointing her.

Minutes passed in this nice leisurely fuck. Her hands started to trace over his buttocks and back very lightly and it tingled delightfully. He felt a finger gently probe his rose. She used some of her juices to lubricate his bum and slipped a finger inside. Rob knew this could not go on much longer

“Are you nearly there? You must tell me when you are nearly there!” She stared into his face. “I want to feel you cum. To feel you cum deep in my willing cunt. Don’t cum without telling me. OK? Oh fuck. Please tell me you are coming soon. Fuck I am about to ……”. This took Rob over the edge. He felt the point of no return approach. He didn’t care anymore. They had both taken their pleasure.

“I’m coming………. !” He breathed and stared intently into her eyes as he felt his body react in the usual way. He pushed gently but firmly all the way into her as far as he could. His muscles tensed and he felt the violent contractions of his orgasm intensify as she pulled her finger smartly out if him.

Somehow Gill had broken the union, she slipped from under him and with a deft movement of the hand, removed the condom.

“I must taste you now,” she said slipping his already softening cock into her mouth. “This is the best bit. ” and she started sucking enthusiastically. Normally the stimulation stopped once he had come, simply because he stopped thrusting, so this was new. It hurt, but in a good way. The sensitive end of his cock was screaming to be left alone, but she was relentless. Eventually, when she stopped, every nerve ending in the tip of his cock was screaming for relief.

“Mmmm the last drops. The best bit of all.” His pulsating cock slipped from her lips and she let him recover.

It wasn’t until later that Rob got to thinking about the dynamic. Clearly Peter liked watching his wife having sex with someone else. He had been toying with his cock throughout the whole proceedings, the blow job, the doggy positions and the missionary shag, with its unusual conclusion.

However, he also noticed that Peter had never achieved a working erection throughout. Maybe he had been struck with the dreaded ED, as almost all men are at some stage or another, and wanted his wife to enjoy a good shag.

Maybe she had demanded it, but that didn’t explain why had Peter had gone looking for someone without her? Why had she not been involved in the selection?

Maybe it was some sort of power thing because, if Gill had just wanted a shag, she could have sat in the jacuzzi for ten minutes and let her hand wander, under the bubbling water, to the lap of any one of a number of single men. A few minutes playing with the cock of her choice would have produced the desired result.

He never did really work it out but some time later he passed Gill, sitting alone. He was tempted to go and chat some more but saw Peter coming over with a single man in tow!

He sloped off casually only to hear Peter affecting the introductions. What again! She wanted more? He wanted to watch more? Who could tell, but Rob followed them discretely to one of the play rooms where they locked the door. Rob sat on the bench outside indulging in his second favourite pastime, Listening to noisy people shagging.

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